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Alright Uncle Don
Part 1

by Bud Johnson

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Alright Uncle Don

Alright, are you gonna spank me

Oh, yeah youngster – Hard!

And it began.

Whap! Whap! Whop! Whop! Smack!! Whack!! Whoop!!!))) ...

He didn’t let up either. Once he started, Tommy felt the sneer of his Uncle Don’s hard wood paddle as it took over the duties of his palm. The pounding became fierce, fast, and by and large, intense.

Whap! Whop! CRACK!!! Whop! Whop! Whop!)))...

If this happens again you’re getting’ the strap! Uncle Don warned.

Tommy’s snot and tears were flowing freely down his cheeks and face. The 18+ kid was getting his due. This Uncle really laid into his bare bottom but good.

Secretly, Uncle Don had a hard on raging.

Whap! Smack! CRACK! CRACK! SNAP!!!)))

Tommy hollered until his screams seemed to mute themselves. Uncle Don had warned him that he was not listening to any of his past excuses. He was to get it good, hard, long, and until he cried.

At the end, Tommy was crying.

The last few smacks with that paddle had set the younger man to sobbing like a teenaged miscreant. He told him to get up off the school desk, pull and fasten his pants back on, and march into the bedroom for the rest of the day. He’d check on him later. Uncle Don left him in the bedroom really crying and to think about all that just happened. He was forbidden to play with himself.

* * * * *

The saga with Uncle Don the spanker continues. Tommy was relatively new to Don though they had been watching each others posts for years. Both men were seasoned in the spanking scene so today Tommy was taken by surprise when his new Uncle realistically tore into his bare butt with an unexpected vigor.

Don usually likes his boys to act like a receptive, respectful teenager who knows that his duty is to take a serious spanking with what ever implement his Uncle chooses. It is to be unquestioned once Don has ordered it. A real Dad, Uncle, or teacher would not switch up.

The attractive 62 year old proper, customarily styled man has been into delivering realistic corporal punishment for decades. He prefers to act most like an old school British headmaster or teacher but occasionally likes to act as the younger man’s paternal figure. Sometimes a Dad or an Uncle but a loving, strict, hard, respected, firm, and always in control man.

But he doesn’t play. The paddlings or whippings he delivers are realistic regardless of the age of the boy. It gets him hot. It doesn’t matter if the boy is 18 or 80. He connects to certain men this way. Sex is another story.

Many guys will see him one time and that’s it. Reality is very different from a fantasy spanking. Most guys never expect what they receive. The fantasy differs greatly from the authenticity of a real spanking. Don has been doing this for close to 45 years.

Tommy has for maybe 20 years. He is around 35 to 40 years old which is what Don likes. Older boys tend to take it harder than new ones. While it is easier to bring a younger man to tears, it is very satisfying at any age. Tears usually come from the fear element of not being in control. Don knows this and can deliver it with a passion most people don’t quite understand.

Tommy didn’t. Not truly in what he has just experienced today. But he had been searching for it a very long time. Tommy and Don have a natural rapport that two men (any age) rarely have. It is inside the lost child within. They have reached it today.

Tommy is a bigger than average guy. He’s pretty strong himself so a consensual role play or facsimile is what could work. The two had connected in this special way and both knew it. It is a rarity. Don is really turned on. While it’s always stimulating, he usually holds on to his internal sexual drive controls.

Don will again today but he guard is weakened. Downstairs, as he waits an appropriate period of time, his hard on won’t go away; at least not immediately. It finally subsides but it took awhile. For a man at 62 that also says something. Exactly what he is not sure but he will continue his normal routine through dinnertime.

Tommy and he had agreed that he would stay over for the night and leave the following day. His usual routine for sons or nephews is that they will eat dinner together, watch a little television, help the boy shower before bed, sometimes give another OTL spanking at bed time, and send him to bed just like a naughty teen.

The premise this time was a note accompanied Tommy home that day from school. The note described a typical teen vandalism stunt that was said to have occurred. Now, this feels trite to Don after what he felt after the boy’s paddling this afternoon. He has reach something within the boy that Don doesn’t often see.

Sexually, Tommy is not Don’s type at all. When Don has sex it is usually with a man closer to his own age. Sex with younger guys feels awkward to him. He put it out of his mind. There are rules to illusions too.

Tommy, on the other hand, was having difficulty restraining himself. He wants, so badly, to touch is own hard on that has popped up remembering the paddling he just took from the nice looking Uncle Don. The man in the perfect image of a conservative, well kept, no-nonsense man. Tommy lays in the bed thinking, but not touching himself.

Emotionally, he is not sure of what exactly the experience tapped into. He thinks this man is hot but he also respects him like an Uncle. There is a warmth surrounding this house and the man. It is more than just alluring. He lay there quietly.

Tommy’s butt also deeply aches. He wonders if he can take the other spanking he knew might be coming at bedtime. He doesn’t belabor the thought though. An agreement is an agreement. He new this when he started.

He remember a few years ago when he broke with this sacred convention. He was with a man who had spanked him almost as hard as he was spanked today. He was meeting him 6 months later and some events in his life were distracting his attention.

He told the man at that time after 3 or 4 cracks that he couldn’t take it. The man stopped as requested but he was really bummed out so-to-speak. In turn, the man didn’t want to see him again when he tried to set another meeting up. Conventions work both ways. Tommy had to let it go. A good connection was blown forever.

2 or 3 hours later, there is a knock on the closed bedroom door. Uncle Don released Tommy from him restriction time. Nothing much was said. They went for dinner and had a nice time.

That evening they watched a movie on the VCR. Airplane! Per Tommy’s request. But then it was off to the shower as soon as the movie was over.

Oh God...

Uncle Don talked calmly to Tommy, scrubbed his back side and crotch, tossed him a towel and told him to dry off. Uncle Don asked, Did you pack a pair of pajamas like I asked you?

Yes Sir! Tommy replied enthusiastically.

Don guided Tommy by the upper arm down the short hallway to the bedroom. Once there, he dug through his bag and pulled out the pajamas – tops and bottoms. He quickly put the pajama top on then slowed, glancing at his Uncle as he started to work the bottoms on.

As expected Uncle Don started to speak. His voice was deep but what he said was this. I noticed in the shower that your bottom looks and feels pretty tender. I think we will for go your second spanking tonight.

Tommy breaths a relieved, deep sigh.

<End P1>

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