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Alright Uncle Don
Part 2

by Bud Johnson

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Alright Uncle Don (Part 2)

Off to bed with you. When will I see you again? Uncle Don asks. This was different for Don. With most overnight guests he remains a consummate teacher – a bit cold or aloof, but not this time.

Keen, Tommy enthusiastically said, As soon as I can arrange the time at work

He was letting him off. While he still hoped for some contact that night, he was freed from enduring another heavy beating. It was more like a beating. Tommy felt relieved.

He tried to satisfy this Uncle Don but Don just told him to relax and fall asleep. He had put his arm across the younger man’s shoulder. It was kind of an uncertain gesture in Tommy’s mind but a sincere one. Tommy then went to sleep.

He left the next day promising to return as soon as he could. A week became a month and then it was almost 6 months before he could get the time off of work.

Finally, they met again. Don greets him dressed in a sporting jacket type robe with and Seersucker Pants on below in seeing the younger man, opening the front door with an admonishment. Next time, use the side door Tommy.

He flung out his robe pockets with his hands earnestly. There was anxiousness about him. He was less cool or connected than last time, though his cloths did not project this. Now he was 63 having just had a birthday a week or so ago.

Are you going to wish me a happy birthday son?

Oh! I didn’t know! Happy Birthday, Sir.

It was a week ago Tommy. I don’t think I ever mentioned it before.

Don motioned Tommy in. Tommy handed him an envelope. I won’t need this boy. We both know why you’re here.

His gruffness returns.

Confused Tommy looked down and gave an unassertive, Oh...

You’ll accompany me to the discipline room shortly like we did the last time that you were here.

His tone wasn’t ridged or tense like usual. If anything he was more relaxed. Don was seated on the couch. He patted the cushion to his side and said, Come on over here and let’s talk awhile

So far this was a little weird but not completely out of character for Uncle Don. Tommy sat on the couch next to his Uncle. Uncle Don put his arm across the younger man’s shoulder.

It has started. He leans into Tommy’s ear and tells him, You’re going to get a strapping this afternoon you know. It has been too long. Far too long for an insolent young man. You know this, don’t you agree son?

Without a second to waste Uncle Don continues. You’ll be showered first before we begin, understood?


Tommy didn’t exactly know what to do next. He just gave an assertive, Yes Sir!

He waited for Uncle Don’s instructions. With a firm slap to Tommy’s thigh, Uncle Don starts in with the orders. He guides the younger man upstairs to the bathroom. He undresses him as he had the last time he was here. He places him into the shower stall after starting the water. He was extra thorough with the bar of Coast soap, deep into him rectum, and all over the boy’s body. Towards the end Uncle Don begins to talk.

You’re ready for some firmer guidance from me Son. I think you are ready. Deeply eyeing the boy, their sets of eyes meet. Tommy’s drops to the bottom of the tub, Don’s are steady.

Insolence is serious bad behavior. You and I have talked weekly however I have also kept in mind all of your behaviors and attitudes recently. You are due this strapping.

He tossed him a towel.

It is going to hurt but you trust me don’t you?

Um...y-y-yes Sir! Tommy is completely off kilter. Don likes that.

That’s good son, very good. When tossed him a towel in the past he usually has the boy get dressed in pajamas.

Not this time. This time no cloths were provided. He took a hold of his upper arm and pulled him to the infamous discipline room naked. Uncle Don placed a large cushion on the desk top and hauled the younger man’s body over its center. Once he was in place Uncle Don dictated some final instructions.

You are to lay there still until I have finished your punishment. You know you have been very naughty – bad as you will. We are going have you atone for that, understand?

Tommy could see out from the corners of his eyes as the man garnished the leather strap off the wall. He gave it a loud snap in the air. He pulled back and let loose a furious storm of cracks. It was methodical.

Whipth! Whipth! Crack! Snap!!! Whipth! Whipth!!! Whipth!!!)))...

He howled incessantly! This hurt like nothing he ever experienced before. Hyperventilation ensues. The air was ferried! But he dug his toes into the floor behind him and took it.

Whipth!!! Whipth!!! SMACK!!! WHACK!!!)))Whipth! Whipth! Whipth!!!)))...

Uncle Don’s breathing was rapid too and Tommy’s sweat and mucus dripped to the floor from both of them. Don’s sweat was also intense through it all.

Tommy managed not to fall off the desk as the pain of this punishing barrage kept going on and on. Tommy’s butt became like raw meat to the eyes. His beating continued on for a very long time. Finally, it ended.

It was then that Tommy started to sob. This time Uncle Don never left the room. His erection was like an iron. He drops his Seersucker slacks off to the floor. Tommy felt him entering his rectum slowly and calmly. Tommy tightened up some as he really wasn’t expecting this right then.

He took it in. He accepted him completely. Yes he had just been beaten but he also felt a sense of relief. His rectum was good and clean as Don had attended to it thoroughly in the shower. He moaned then, but was able to refrain right now.

It didn’t take too long for Don to climax. After that, everything seemed to go back to how it usually was. He and Tommy went to bed but another first happens there. Yes Don put his arm across Tommy’s shoulder but with his left hand he cups the boys cock and balls.

Everything from there was natural.

<End P2>

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