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Trashing The Tulips

by Christophorus Volkov

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Jim loved being a loner most of the time.

He’d been alone since his last break-up in 2004. After so many years without a serious lover, his friends had tried to play matchmaker many times, but Jim never could connect with someone. No one seemed to like what he was into. Those that did were either many miles away or in a relationship.

While he was attending a basketball game, Jim twisted his ankle going down the stairs at the stadium. It wasn’t broken, but it was a very bad sprain. After four long weeks, his problematic joint just wasn’t showing any improvement.

With an injured ankle, Jim couldn’t walk long distances, so that meant that for now, he could no longer mow his grass. It was starting to get out of hand, and, as someone that prided himself on a beautiful lawn with an amazing flower garden, Jim decided to hire a local landscaping company to do what he couldn’t do.

Arrangements were made, and contracts were signed. Jim could now rest his tired ankle while sipping lemonade on his porch and watch the young men of the mowing crew mow his lawn. He laughed to himself at the thought of it.

On Thursday morning at 8:00 am on the dot, Larry’s Lawn Legends pulled up in a big silver pickup truck. The driver, presumably Larry, hopped out of the driver’s seat. A young blonde-haired kid climbed out of the bed of the truck and immediately went to work. The driver came to the passenger side and bumped the door startling the third member of the crew to life. With a dour look on his face, he climbed out of the passenger’s seat.

Jim opened his screen door and stepped out onto the porch. His massive front yard was full of shaggy grass, and he couldn’t wait for the guys to attack it.

Name’s Larry of Larry’s Legends. You called about us mowing here?

Yes, I’m Jim.

This here’s Austin. He’s my hard worker. This other one’s Camden. I’m kinda doing his daddy a favor by hiring him, so if you see him lollygagging, let me know, said Larry with a chuckle.

Austin, the blonde haired one, barely looked up and was working hard to get the necessary equipment off the trailer. Camden, the dark-haired one, moved slowly.

Jim led the group around the yard with specific instructions. He was careful to point out the flower bed of perennial plants that he didn’t want touched. To some people, they looked like weeds, but to Jim, these plants, tulips and imported grasses were beautiful.

If you know any good help, let me know. I’m about to lose these two. They just graduated from high school last year. Both of them took a year off to help me.

Jim did the math in his head. That made both of the hotties helping Larry of legal age. Now, he wouldn’t feel so bad ogling them.

I noticed you’re limping. You ok? asked Larry.

Yeah, I’m fine. I just sprained my ankle last month really badly, and it’s not getting better. I’m supposed to be inside propping it up, but I can’t really sit still.

I know what you mean. I messed up my roter cuff a couple of years ago, and my boy Cletus had to take over for a while. The wife liked to kill me because I was eatin’ all her food and sittin’ around so she couldn’t see her soaps.

He assumed Larry meant his rotator cuff, but he wasn’t sure.

The crew got to work, and Jim decided to set himself up on the back porch. He poured a big glass of lemonade, and he propped his foot up on the table. The porch was screened in, and it had a nice ceiling fan. It always ran nice and cool there.

Larry was working in the front lawn, and Austin and Camden attacked the backyard. They were talking very loudly over the weed trimmers.

At first, Jim couldn’t hear exactly the conversation, but, as they got closer to the house, he could hear that they were talking about sexual conquests from the night before.

So, did you fuck her? asked Austin.

Hell, yeah, I did, said Camden. I fucked her right in the backseat. We did it all night, man. The only thing that stopped us was that I heard a car pull up next to us. We thought it was the cops, and I was getting her right up the ass. It was ten times tighter than her pussy, man. Anyway, when I heard the car, I stopped for a second. The guy got out, and he was walking his dog at fucking midnight man! Who does that shit? She was like I think you better stop. I was like ’no way honey’ so I pulled it out and fucked her in her pussy until I was about ready to cum. Then I put it back in her ass and blew my load, you know, so she won’t get pregnant.

Wow, I’m not sure it works that way, bro. You need to wear a raincoat all the time, said Austin.

Nah man, it’s cool. She told me she doesn’t get pregnant, man.

Austin interjected with amazement and wonder. You fucked her in the ass?

Yeah man. I blew my load right up there.

How many times have you done that?

Camden thought for a moment, With this girl? Man, she’s easy. Maybe four or fi...

Austin nodded his head towards the porch and looked up realizing Jim could probably hear their conversation.

Jim, who had inadvertently been stroking his cock through his shorts, smiled back and nodded, Hey, I was a young man once, myself. Don’t worry about it. You guys pretend I’m not even here.

What Jim didn’t tell the boys was his unconscious stroking and their hot story produced a raging boner. Jim couldn’t help imagining Camden pounding that girl in the backseat. He could see the young man naked from the waist down and what must be a brilliant, round ass pounding away. He was just about to imagine the orgasm when he heard a knock on the screen door out front.

Jim slowly rose and lumbered through the house to the door. It was Larry. Well, we’re almost done, said Larry. The boys are finishing up the backyard. I did the front. If you’re satisfied, we’ll settle up.

Larry’s Lawn Experts had a policy. If a customer wasn’t satisfied for any reason, Larry would do anything to make it right.

It was about that time that things were about to go very bad for the boys.

The two shirtless guys came around the side of Jim’s home from the backyard glistening with sweat. We’re done, Larry, said Austin, flecks of grass on his face and across his six pack of abs.

Camden was a little beefier. He was in good shape, but his abs were less defined. He was about three or four inches taller than Austin at just over six feet. He also outweighed him by probably about 20 pounds. He wore a pair of red basketball shorts that clung to his sweaty ass like plastic wrap. Jim could see every curve.

Austin wore a pair of white shorts. His ass was not nearly as defined as Larry’s, but you could see when he turned around that he wasn’t wearing any underwear. There was clearly something interesting in the front of his shorts. Jim noticed the outline of Austin’s mushroom head and big balls.

Larry chugged a bottle of water on Jim’s porch as the two boys were putting away the equipment and trimmers on the flatbed trailer. So, take a look around. Let me know if we did everything right.

Jim limped down the four steps and walked along the side of his flower bed in the front yard. The yard looked spectacular. It looked like a finely-manicured golf fairway. Somewhere around the side yard, things started to look a little different. The backyard, which the boys had mowed, looked like a drunk had mowed it. The lines were uneven, and Jim noticed that a couple of his tulips had been clipped by a mower blade.

At that point, he noticed the major damage. At the point where his cable television cable went into the house, the wire had been severed at ground level presumably by the weed trimmer. Jim went in the back door and grabbed his phone. Instantly by the display, he knew the wi-fi service had been knocked out.

Larry was waiting on the porch when Jim limped back out the front door. The experienced landscaper could tell he was looking at an unhappy customer. He motioned for the two boys to come up to the porch.

Someone ran over my tulips and cut my cable line, said Jim.

Seriously? I’m so sorry, said Larry.

Jim led the landscaping delegation around the house, and Larry’s heart sunk. He knew he was in trouble, and his crew was responsible.

The beautiful afternoon suddenly grew very bad for the small business owner and his perfect five-star online review.

Boys, did you guys do this?

Camden looked down at the ground, and Austin didn’t say a word. Answer me! demanded Larry.

I think it was like that before, said Camden, his deep voice quivering. Yeah, we may have hit the tulips, but I don’t think we clipped the cable.

Austin remained silent.

So, you’re calling our customer a liar?

Well, he was spying on us the entire time. I think he was jacking off or something watching us, Camden reported. Austin said nothing.

That’s preposterous! said Jim. I’ve never been so embarrassed in my life. Anyone with ears could have heard you talking about your sexual encounters last night.

So, you guys are lying and now I’m hearing you were unprofessional in your conduct?

We were just talking, said Camden.

So, you admit it! You were talking about a sexual encounter while representing my company!

Just cut the shit, Camden. We’re toast. Yes sir, we did it. Yes sir, we cut the cable and ruined the tulips.

Shut up Austin!

Larry shook his head. He looked at Jim. I’m so sorry, sir. We’ll make this right.

Austin and Camden knew what was coming. When they signed on to work for the company, Larry promised to pay them handsomely, but he said he would punish them physically if they brought irreparable damage to his company.

No, it’s ok. I’m not mad. I know these things happen. It’s tough to get good help these days, Larry, said Jim trying to smooth it over for the boys. Secretly, he knew he was going to enjoy watching what would develop, but he did feel bad for the young men.

Sir, these boys have to learn to pay attention at all times on the job. We are going to teach them that, Larry said. Then he barked, Take everything off! Shoes, socks, everything.

Jim’s eyes grew big. He looked at Larry’s physique. He was probably just a little older than Jim, but he was a picture of health. His work uniform was tucked neatly into his shorts revealing a flat belly and a hint of a six pack.

Reluctantly, in Jim’s backyard, the boys started to strip off their clothes. Since they were both shirtless, that didn’t consist of much. Austin pulled off his grass-stained sneakers and his socks. He grabbed the white shorts and pulled them down. His gigantic flaccid cock flopped out under his trimmed pubes and over the waistband. He tossed his shorts aside and put both hands over his manhood. Camden took off his black shoes and socks tucking the socks inside of the shoes. He pulled down the red shorts revealing a nice pair of boxers. The boxers came down last. His cock, much smaller than Austin’s, was semi-hard. His balls hung low between his hairy legs.

Camden was much less concerned, it seemed with appearance. His lightly haired chest and slightly rounded but muscular stomach ended in a happy trail of hair down to a thatch of unkempt pubes. Austin’s smooth chest and sculpted abs showed he was naturally smooth or that he shaved or waxed his body hair.

The boys stood embarrassed in front of the two adults. They looked around. With Jim’s secluded location and his large lot size, it was unlikely anyone without a set of binoculars would see them or come their aid.

What now? Let’s get this over with, said Camden.

SHUT UP MAN! Austin snapped at his friend giving him a look that said, Don’t piss him off more!

Truth was Larry couldn’t have been more pissed, and the thought of having two young, hot men in his backyard was extremely exciting for Jim. His cock started to grow inside his briefs.

Larry walked to the cable box, This is already broken, right?

Jim nodded, and Larry produced a box knife from his pocket. I’ll pay for this repair, said Larry. With that, he lopped off about three feet of now-useless cable that used to connect Jim’s cable outlets inside the house to the world before I was ruined by the boys. He carefully pulled it from the side of the wooden home.

Austin, you were honest, the quiet one of the two boys was clearly ashamed by the pronouncement and that he was even in this situation. Truth be told, it was Camden’s negligence that caused both issues. Take this cable, and beat his ass, said Larry pointing to Camden.

This fucking snitch is going to beat my ass? asked Camden.

I’m tired of your mouth. Shut the fuck up, and bend over! said Larry to his insolent employee.

With a smirk, Camden did he was told. He bent over and placed his palms on the wood siding of the home. Austin, quietly fuming inside, walked behind his friend and pulled back his arm. He began to lash Camden’s big round ass.







With every whip of the cable, Camden’s bravado broke more and more. Jim watched as the big round lightly haired glutes began to show small welts from the cable.




I’m soor....









Austin was having none of it. His cock was growing as he was spanking his co-worker, and Jim could see that Austin was a shower and a grower.

Larry spoke up, STOP!

Austin, not hearing his boss, continued to swing back and hit Camden’s ass.





Larry stepped forward and grabbed Austin’s arm. In an instant, Austin snapped out of his trance, Oh, I’m sooo sorry, Camden!

He really was sorry. He had almost had an out of body experience for a moment.

Camden turned around with a bright red face and tears streaming down his face. He put both hands on his ass, and he started to rub his cheeks. The pain was intense from his ass, and his butt was so warm that he felt like you could fry bacon on it. He took a look over his shoulder and saw an ass covered in welts and red marks. His cock, still flaccid, hung low between his legs.

Now I get to spank him, right?

No. It doesn’t work that way, Larry said, shaking his head. He was honest, and you lied.

Jim was amazed that all this was going on right in his backyard. This was the stuff that the expensive porn sites would charge hundreds to download. Jim was enjoying the show, for sure. His cock nearly burst through the fabric of his underwear and shorts while Austin striped Camden’s ass.

Your name is Jim, right? Larry asked.

They had established that earlier, but Larry didn’t seem like a details guy, so Jim nodded.

Ok, Jim. Get me a few of those fresh cut tulips.

Jim limped over to the damaged tulip patch that had been either chopped by a mower blade or cut by the weed trimmer. He gathered up a few of the plants that had been cut at the stem. Slowly, he walked back over to Larry and handed him the flowers. His ankle was hurting, but he didn’t notice.

Larry asked the boys to lie down flat on the new grass. Camden and Austin dropped to their knees and then moved forward to the prone position. The way they were laying, Jim could tell the difference in their backs and bodies. Camden’s back was muscular with a small patch of dark hair right above his ass. His ass rose like mountains from his back and then dropped back down abruptly into his hamstrings. Austin’s back was more defined, and the slope of his ass was more gentle. He appeared to be nearly hairless from the neck down. Jim wondered what Larry had in store for the young men on the ground.

Boys, open those cheeks, said Larry.

WHAT? protested Camden as Austin complied with the request straight away.

Open your cheeks. Spread ’em.

Austin’s smooth hole almost hid from view. It was basically a tight dot directly in the middle of the lower valley between those wonderfully sloped cheeks. Camden, who finally complied with the request, had an untamed and hairy hole. It looked a little used, to be honest.

Larry took four tulips and placed two of them in each of the boy’s anuses. Austin took the humiliation like a champ. Camden yelped as the stems were pushed up his hole, AHHOWW!

Don’t they look nice? asked Larry.

Jim smiled and nodded. The boys were suddenly flower vases with tulips standing straight up out of each of their rectums. It was a funny sight to see.

Larry surveyed the situation. I think tweedle-dumb has had enough. This one, though. We’re just getting started.

Larry pointed to the screened-in porch and gestured as if to say, Do you mind if I get