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Alright Uncle Don
Part 3 – The School Days Trip

by Bud Johnson

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Alright, Uncle Don P3: The School Days Trip

Uncle Don actually prefers the traditional English school master role when he can find a guy that is into it. Punishments like mouth soaping, writing lines, and/or corner time are good in context to Don. Being a coach with a sloppy, lazy student is also a fantasy he likes to play out from time to time.

He, in reality, is a teacher by trade at a local high school in town. They even allow for corporal punishment of naughty students in the southern state he works in. But it is pretty regulated to be in accordance of both state and school policy. Don also decided after the one time he did give out swats to a freshmen early on in his career that the entire hullabaloo it caused wasn’t worth the practice.

He did discover it was embarrassingly a turn on for him at the time. This is back when he first started teaching. By the late 1970s, personals ads had become popular and therefore possible it was possible to meet grown miscreant want-to-bees.

He was married for a time but his wife caused him some problems when she discovered he had a lot of various paddles and other corporal punishment implements stored at the house. These were mostly stored away from curious, peering eyes. She was not at all interested and was repulsed with the discovery. It ended in their divorcing.

Once he and she divorced, Don devoted a small room in his new place of residence explicitly devoted to CP discipline activities. He found a few guys into playing out the English school type fantasies back in the 1980s and onward. It was his major sexual turn on from then on.

He managed to find a few guys who were gay and into it that also liked to service him. But mostly he’d meet straight guys that were often married and had a secret fantasy. That was acceptable for him.

Once the internet came into being the number of recipients really increased. He never charged for it though he could have if he wanted to. But it wasn’t legal to charge money. The law considered it a form of prostitution. That is not even mentioning the problems it could cause to his life from unfriendly eyes. Don was always cautious and has never run into any problems legally or otherwise.

He was/is strictly a spanking top. That helped particularly in the 1980s when A.I.D.S. was happening. There were many wanting to meet then for a short period or a few years around 1990. Authenticity was getting inconsistent though.

A typical scene he’d like to act out with other guys was really elaborate in those early days. A formal school caning would be done with the boy dressed in authentic school uniforms he ordered from private English schools in the mail. He’d have a teacher’s graduation gown on and a few less expensive boy uniforms made for the older boys.

Caning is tricky too. It took practice and most guys can’t handle a real caning. It was rare to find one that could. Don lost patience with that fetish. Paddling was hot and was as good as strapping too.

The actual youngest guy he ever met that even tried a scene with him was about 20 though in fact, he looked to be at least 25! Don didn’t care really. He likes men. For sex he usually likes guys close to his own age at the age he was at the given time. His type is usually close to his age or even older than he was. In some ways, that made a scene even hotter. But now at 63 now, he doesn’t think about that as much as he used to. A bare butt is a bare butt!

Attitude is what makes a boy a boy. Respect and proper behavior are what matter. Everything else is secondary.

One issue he ran into that was a challenge to work out has to do with him living in a house that was used for school style discipline. The simplest way that Don has dealt with this is by having the boy report for punishment to him as the teacher as if it was ordered for at the boy’s school.

Johnny was a favorite younger man Don used to see as a regular. A typical paddling event was with Johnny ringing the doorbell, reporting to Don the teacher to report for a good paddling.

Don would be dressed in the formal black teacher’s robe with the loose wide veneer sleeves. Don has hairy, muscular, with lean arms. He’d verbally reprimand Johnny for his misdeed, march him up to the punishment room (dressed in a tight school boy’s uniform.

He’d order him to bend over the desk with his legs either spread out or tightly together, and dish out a predetermined number of hard swats: usually from 3 to 20.

If the boy tries to protect himself with his arm or sneak a cushion between his shorts and bottom, he would then receive the same number of swats again on his bare behind!

That could be a lot of, CRACKS! Johnny and Don met on and off for a few years. It was typical of a meeting with the Headmaster Don.

It was around 2000 when Don ran into some men (married) who wanted to be treated like bad little boys getting a spanking from their Daddy. Most of these were a turn off to Don but he’d act them out. Guys wanting the school boy treatment were not always available.

He met Alfred in 2004. Alfred was 45 when he was 50. He was a nice guy and he could take a good realistic bare bottomed spanking. Don grew to like the man. He was his type too which helped a lot.

One day after a good paddling for being caught skipping classes with Don acting as the head master Alfred broke down and sincerely described how he wanted to be treated like a 10 year old and given a good, hard spanking after his Dad pulled his pants and underwear down to his knees. He asked that Don be his Dad and put him across his lap for the event.

Don apprehensively did this and got a raging hard on by doing so. Alfred felt the hard on while across his lap. He offered to take care of it, and did! One thing lead to another and the two men ended up having sex naked in Don’s spare room. Don also fucked him.

Ever since then, Don occasionally gets together with another man as his Daddy. He has spanked heartily a few men this way over the years. He likes it now.

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