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Character Dads
2 – The Traditional

by Bud Johnson

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Character Dads (Part 2) – The Traditional

Like Ted, there are a number of older men you will spank young men who seek them out. It is rare to have a Dad ask a friend to do it for him as what happened with Ted. But it does occur.

Here we meet Lew. He was a solid mathematician back in the 1980s. Over 6 feet, 200 pounds on a swimmers build body, conservative family man who wears horn rimmed glasses, he believed in bare bottom spankings whole-heartedly.

He was from the conservative state of Ohio. He votes a conservative ticket, also married, and a regular Congregationalist, he too was ask by his friend Albert to give him a hand with his 19 year old do nothing son, Eric.

At the time Eric had been living at home saying he was looking for work but has had several traffic violations (speeding mostly). He stays out late, sleeping until noon, and was seen by several different practitioners hanging around some seedy parks at all hours through the night.

He denied it to his father Albert who was a slight sized man. Albert knew that Eric lied to him about it. Was he even really trying to find a job? Albert had his doubts. He has advised the boy that starting in September he was going to have to pay some rent to contribute to the family.

September came and went. Eric claimed he didn’t have the money for rent because there were no jobs available in town. Albert again knew he was lying because two of his friends had some low paying manual jobs available that he knew from their church.

He’d had enough.

The following Sunday he sought out Lew and explained to him what had been occurring at their home. Lew said that he could have a private old fashioned talk with the boy if Albert got Eric over to his house one day the next week.

Lew knows very clearly that he’d want to discipline the boy on that day. Albert got nervous, hedged a bit, but agreed to see if he could come by with Eric this Saturday.

On Wednesday of that week Albert talked to Eric. He explain that he didn’t see any other choice for Eric and that Lew needs to have a talk with him or he’d have to find a place to stay.

At first Eric thought he could stay at a friend’s house. But his friend, also 19, was working at the local Penny’s store. His hours had just been increased too. His friend wants 50 bucks more than his Dad as he found out.

He was screwed. Lew also called Mr. Patterson had a reputation of being a hard spanker, very strict with guys his age and even older. Eric is aware of that fact. He didn’t see any other option though. On Saturday morning he and his father Albert made the journey to Lew’s house. Eric had never been spanked before. He was scared to death!

His father Albert didn’t believe in spanking kids. But his Dad told him on the way over on Saturday, You’re older enough now and I have tried all that I know to do. Maybe Lew will get through to you.

They talk about a lot of things. Eric had to admit to himself too that he could try harder. He is curious as to how it is going to feel.

Albert said, It’s going to hurt son. My Dad spanked me with his razor strap up to my 21st birthday. I remember I still cried then too. It hurts son!

He may use his belt on you.

Eric is actually sweating with worry. In the back of his mind he’s thinking he can take it. But Mr. Patterson is a strong 50 or more year old man. The stories he used to hear at his high school were from his oldest son who was in Eric’s class.

He described growing up as cool until you screwed up. He would talk about how his Dad, Mr. Patterson would follow the same routine. He’d be sent to wait in his bedroom. The wait might be up to an hour. Then his Dad would knock loudly on the door while opening it at the same time.

He would be given a long lecture, verbally chastised while his Dad pulled his trousers down, and order him to lie over the back of a chair. He would be lectured some more and then, his whipping would begin. Tommy told me that he always cried and that his whipping didn’t end until he did.

Eric sounded very apprehensive now. The two pulled up Mr. Patterson’s driveway. Lew has just finished mowing the lawn. He greeted them at the driveway. Come on inside gentlemen. We can discuss what we are going to do

Everything was proper. You wouldn’t have a clue as to just how intense of a morning this will be for all three of them; especially Eric.

Mr. Patterson invited them to sit to talk in the living room. Albert explained all the details of what had happened after Eric finished high school. Eric sincerely apologized saying how he would try harder. It was shallow.

Lew said clearly with authority, I want to treat this just like I would if you were my son. In fact we’ll use his bedroom

He looked at both Eric and his Dad. To Albert he said, It’s up to you. You can be in the room to watch or you can wait down here until we’re done. He will be crying.

Lew looked directly at Eric. It is nothing personal son but you will be crying before we are through. Tommy always does.

Eric looked down at the floor. But...but I have never been spanked before

He looks at Albert and queried, You never spank your kids?

Albert nodded and said, I’ll wait down here if you don’t mind. His grandfather used to spank me so I know how embarrassing it is.

Okay then. He clears his throat.

With a slight change in affect his tone deepens. Tommy’s room is the first one on the right down the hallway. Eric? Go into his room, close the door, and wait for me. I’ll be there in a little awhile.

Eric was getting a hard on! It was freaky! He went down the hall to the first room on the right. He closed the door. In the room there was a desk with a chair, a single bed, a bean bag chair surrounded by posters of Deep Purple.

Eric sat on the bed. He grew more nervous by the minute. It must have been at least a half hour but it took forever. Finally, he hears the pounding on the door as it opens wide. Mr. Patterson was still dress in Saturday work cloths wearing a different thick leather belt. Eric’s gut sank at the sight. His hard on had disappeared long ago. In the back of his mind he just wants to get this over with.

Mr. Patterson starts into a diatribe. So you’ve never had a spanking huh? Well son, these are designed to hurt. A lot!

He looked the young man over. He said, Work is tough to find these days. I know this and so does your Dad. But being lazy with excuses only causes you more problems. Like what is happening today.

Mr. Paterson is pleasant but firm. He starts getting down to business of meating out his punishment.

Stand up son. We walked over by the high end desk chair.

Come over to me son. Eric shakily moves off away from the bed over to Mr. Patterson. Once he is within arm’s reach. Lew took a hold of his waist and tugs he towards the chair. He masterfully undresses Eric’s bottom half. He orders him to stretch across the back of the chair.

Eric knows better than to try to get out of this. He does exactly as he is told. While he is bent across the desk chair Mr. Patterson talked some more. Eric really didn’t hear what he said. The next thing he hears was a swishing of the doubled leather belt just before feeling its searing shard sting across his bottom cheeks.

Whish! Whipth!!! Whack! Crack! Crack!!!...

Eric howled! It continues.

WHIPTH! Whack! Crack! Whoop! Whap!...

The boy begged for him to stop but all he heard was a hold still or simmer down son.

Whipth!!! Whipth!!! Whipth!!! Whipth!!! Whack!!!)))

Eric’s sweat poured off his face. He hyperventilated. The whipping just continues as his cries turned into a lulling moan. Tears ran out of his eye ducts.

Whop! Crack! CRACK!!! Whipth!!! Whop!!!)))

Eric cried.

Whop! Whack! Whop! Crack! CRACK!!!)))

<End P2>

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