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Chad's Boys
Part 24

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 24
Christmas Break Begins

Nick and Keith felt satisfied with the year-end discipline spankings they shared. When they had a few days’ distance from it they had a long talk. Both felt it was a good experience, both getting and giving. Unspoken, both felt a new closeness from this; what that meant was still being sorted out in their minds. At the moment Nick wasn’t sure how he wanted to approach this new aspect of his friendship with Keith when he talked to Eric or just what he’d say. He had time.

It was a few days before Greg and Eric had their first anal sex. They wanted a night when there were no morning classes. Eric topped Greg first. Things were slightly awkward, but they worked together to make it go well, which it did. Eric was amazed at how it felt to be in his friend; the pleasure was such that he took his time working himself to climax. Greg, beneath him, was savoring every moment of it. He knew he wanted this regularly, and from Eric.

Eric done, they had some quiet time holding each other, not wanting to lose the moment. Greg had gone soft, but as time passed and he contemplated what he’d be doing to Eric his hardon returned, quite full. Are you ready? he whispered. Eric replied, yes. Can’t wait.

Once they were positioned Greg kept in mind how it had gone with the positions reversed and things proved less awkward. Both had the same responses to the now opposite sides of the process. It just felt so right to Greg to be in Eric; Eric loved how it felt in him. As had Greg, he knew he wanted it regularly, and from Greg. Greg did his best to take his time but excitement was overwhelming him and soon he shot. After a few minutes rest they cleaned up, switched beds, and held each other close. They could talk about it tomorrow.

Christmas break was quickly upon them. Eric and Greg were disappointed at the possibility of having to be apart for three weeks, but plans were underway for Greg to spend New Year at Eric’s, maybe even staying until school resumed. Greg had heard enough about Keith that he was eager to meet him. He’d met Nick briefly, but now he could look forward to naked time with Eric’s brother. He was curious how the brothers would compare.

Nick was done with classes when it came time to get Eric so he went with Chad. Technically classes ended on the 22nd, but Eric’s Friday classes had been cancelled, as all the professors wanted to get out for Christmas. They had planned ahead and scheduled extra sessions earlier in the semester, so all the work was done.

Chad and Nick drove out the 21st and stayed overnight so as to get an early start home the next day. By chance Greg’s dad was in the same hotel and the three discovered each other in the lobby. Greg’s dad said he’d check with the boys and they all could have dinner together. Eric and Greg liked the idea. Chad had the larger car, so eventually all were piled in and on their way to the same restaurant where Eric and Greg had met with Professor Dyer. Would he be there tonight?

The professor was not, but Eric and Greg still gave each other a few glances, remembering their previous meal there. Nick made a point of sitting next to Greg and they easily struck up a conversation; both felt they knew the other already, thanks to Eric. Eric found himself between the two fathers. Occasionally the dads would sort of talk over his head to each other, getting caught up in mutual interests, but otherwise he was pleased to be part of their talk and felt he could be more than just a bystander. Both fathers enjoyed chatting with him. Chad could not help but notice the strong resemblance between father and son, both men deserving a good look. As he had before, he wondered what might be going on between Eric and Greg. He certainly could understand if Eric had any feelings towards Greg, the boy was handsome and a pleasure to be with. As always, he would not pry. Chad even wondered, briefly, if Greg’s father might be available under the right circumstances.

The next day the trio from the hotel left together to retrieve their sons and brother. Eric and Greg had made sure to make their real good-byes earlier, so could settle for a good-bye handshake in front of their fathers. Nick smiled as he watched it, knowing full well what the true situation was.

Back home, Eric made time for Mom, catching her up on college life. She was finding the partially empty nest harder than expected, given that Chad had always been the more doting of the two. This took them right up to dinner so other than putting his bag in his room, Eric had no time upstairs with Nick. Both were eager for time alone together but managed to patiently bide their time. Dinner done, the boys went up to Eric’s room.

The next day was December 23, so the following days through Christmas night would be busy for Nick’s and Keith’s families. Keith, though, said he would stop by when he could, maybe even on Christmas. Eric liked the idea that he’d get more time with Keith and that Greg and Keith would meet during the break.

As the boys quickly undressed Eric said I didn’t think I was ever going to get out of these clothes! Me, too, said Nick. Now naked, Eric did his unpacking and the boys had some idle chatter as he did. That job done, they climbed into bed, early as it was. Lying close together as they had for all their lives, they began sharing stories of what they’d been doing since Thanksgiving, and really the entire fall.

Both were fascinated by the almost identical spanking agreements they had made with their partners. Boyfriend was not a word either was going to use yet, even though Nick had already described Greg as Eric’s boyfriend to Keith. A thorough discussion of spankings ensued, culminating with Nick confiding the serious discipline spankings he and Keith had given each other a couple of weeks before.

Sounds like it really hurt! Eric said when Nick finished.

Believe me, it did! But it was worth it. The, without thinking, he blurted out, it gives us something special to share. Having said it he was a bit embarrassed.

Eric was nonplussed. It’s good to have things to share, was he response. Nick felt relieved. Eric shared more about Professor Dyer. That was the restaurant where we had lunch with him. I thought he might be there and I could introduce you. Nick was disappointed because he was curious about this obviously much-loved professor but also to see someone who might be regularly spanking his brother. Another time. Eric filled in Nick about the developments with the professor, including the visits of Daniel and then Billy and Rob. Still, no one had decided to take the plunge, though Daniel was the most curious. Eric talked a bit more about Billy and Rob than he had previously; there was more to tell now, and better to tell it when he and Nick were together, rather than on the phone.

Tell me more about Daniel, Nick said.

I think I’ve told you everything I know at the moment. I hope you can meet him someday. He’s red all over!

Cool! Do you think you and Greg will ever spank like that?

We haven’t discussed it. You know we did agree on discipline as needed, but so far nothing like that. Who knows, we might need it someday. Or I might to give you one.

Only after I’ve given one to you! They got laughing at that. The evening was passing quickly and they were a bit surprised to hear their parents come upstairs. Chad could tell that Nick must be in with Eric. He tapped lightly on the door. Eric called him in. All through their lives Chad had enjoyed the closeness which let them be together in bed, even sleeping together sometimes. Nice to see that college hadn’t changed things.

Sleep well you guys and keep the noise down. Good to have you home, Eric.

Good to be here Dad. Love you!

I love you guys, too. With that he left, shutting the door behind him.

Eric felt the conversation had reached a point where he could tell Nick about the newest development with Greg. He wanted to share it and decided that waiting until later in vacation would only seem like he was hiding things, which he didn’t want Nick to think.

Something else has gone on that you should know about, he said. Nick just asked what. Eric then told the story of that night with Billy and Rob.

They really did that? Nick asked. He’d seen stuff online, but somehow, as with Eric, doing it had not occurred to him. Besides, he and Keith were having too much fun now with what they were doing.

Yeah, they did. It was kinda hot watching, too. They did it, though, because they wanted to show us how to do it. He let that sink in.

So, you and Greg. . . you. . .

Yeah. It was out and Eric was comfortable now. I gotta tell you – it’s awesome!

No shit! Wow. Nick didn’t know what to think. If Eric thought it was great it must be, but he still wasn’t thinking of it as something he’d do with Keith. Or anyone else.

I’m not going to do it to you, Eric said, sensing Nick’s uncertainty. It’s just for me and Greg. He could feel Nick relax. However, I can still finger you, kiddo! With that he adjusted his position so he could get his finger on Nick’s hole. The focus changed and fingerings occupied them quite some time. Both shot copiously. Spent, and tired because it was so late, they curled up together on Eric’s bed, sleeping late into the next morning.

When they did wake up they realized that their parents were out, so didn’t bother to dress when they went downstairs to the kitchen. Coffee had been left for them and the scrounged around for something to eat. About eleven o’clock Nick’s phone rang. It was Keith asking if he could drop in.

Sure, Nick answered. Drop your clothes at the door! Keith knew that meant the boys were home alone. He hurried over and let himself in the kitchen door. Shoes off, jacket over the back of a chair, his clothes quickly were on the seat of the chair. Naked, he went over and gave Eric a brotherly hug of greeting. Great to see you again.

You, too, said Eric. Oh, here’s a note from Mom. She says they’ll be out until at least three. With a gleam in his eye he added, looks like we can get some maintenance in. The other two readily agreed. Why go upstairs when they had adequate chairs in the kitchen? Keith said he wanted to see Eric spank Nick. Nick agreed under the condition that he’d spank Keith and make sure you remember it! he added, with a smile.

Nick shrugged and got over Eric’s lap. Eric knew the drill (Keith knew about Eric and Greg’s arrangement also), so Nick got three sets of four, each set a bit harder. No reactions from Nick but when he got up he said I’m gonna get you for that, bro, to laughter all around.

Since I’m seated here you can over now Keith, Eric said. He pulled rank and overruled Nick because he wanted to spank Keith, and thought it might be more fun for all if the brothers both spanked each other. Keith soon was in position. This trio set of four were all a bit harder than Nick had received and Keith knew it. By the end he was grunting. Keith got up and said good job. I predict a few revenge spankings before vacation is done, and you are getting at least one! Eric laughed. He knew it was only fair.

Nick, your butt ready to sit down? Keith now asked. Nick said definitely and it was Eric’s turn. He took his time getting over Nick’s lap, teasing his younger brother a bit. Finally Nick warned him of the consequences and Eric was in place. Between the spanking he gave Nick and the dawdling to go over Nick’s lap, his twelve definitely were the hardest of the day, and Nick did get quite a reaction.

Spanking over, Eric got up and said, good job, bro. Spanking Keith definitely has you in good form. Nick beamed with delight at the compliment. Now, let’s get upstairs. I want to get my finger in Keith’s bum. All agreeing, up they went. This was the second fingering session for Eric and Nick in less than twenty-four hours, but that did not diminish the fun. Eric gave Keith an expert fingering which had the boy writhing in erotic ecstasy. Nick waited as long as he felt he could before reaching under and bringing Keith to a loud, explosive climax.

Nice teamwork, said Eric. Nick pulled out the towel under Keith so that he could lie down. From his prone position Keith said it sure was! He got up and said he had been looking forward to getting a finger into Eric. Eric was happy to oblige. He was impressed with Keith’s technique. Nick was perfectly happy to stroke off his brother again, this time working with his best buddy. Eric let out a long moan as he shot which let Keith and Nick know they’d done a good job.

Holy shit! said Eric when he’d caught his breath. You guys are good!

Who does Nick? asked Keith.

Well, I stroked him off last night, so I’ll finger. Well, I fingered him last night, too, he said with a laugh, but you’ve done one already, so it’s my turn.

After their time together all fall Keith had a good idea of how to handle Nick. Eric, of course, knew how to finger his brother. Between them they got a great show out of Nick who sounded almost in pain when he finally was allowed to let go. You guys have had a lot of practice! Eric said, impressed with all he’d seen and done that afternoon.

Cleanups done, they lay on the bed together, enjoying the closeness and talking about all the things teens do. At one point Keith ran downstairs to retrieve his clothes. He still was uncomfortable about being naked in front of Nick’s mother, though he’d been assured she wouldn’t care (she wouldn’t). Around three he said he needed to get home and was gone by the time the parents returned, so the trip downstairs really hadn’t been necessary.

The next days were so busy that Keith didn’t do anything other than say hello quickly and have a couple of short phone chats with Nick. The fun would be after Christmas.

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