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Dan and Joe
Frank and Tony Do Something New

by Brhmsj

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Dan and Joe – Frank and Tony Do Something New

Nothing was said about ball squeezing for a couple of days after that first time in Frank’s bed. The brothers thought about it a lot. Tony had liked it, even with the discomfort, something which baffled him a bit. After a while he figured that since he liked spankings, and those hurt, this was just another painful-yet-fun thing to do. It was Frank, too, which made it special. He had every intention of giving Dan and Joe some squeezes before long.

Frank, too, was giving it some thought. He had no idea what made him do it, but doing it was exciting, as was Tony’s reaction. He naturally accepted that sooner or later Tony would do the same to him. It’s what they did and was only fair.

The middle of the week with homework done and bedtime approaching Frank was in the boys’ bathroom. They boys almost always were in there together at this time of night and sure enough Tony came in only a couple of minutes later. Frank was naked at the sink, Tony in his open robe so that he could pull it shut in case Mom came up while he was in the hall. She rarely did. Door shut, Tony hung up his robe on a hook, next to Frank’s. There were adjoining sinks, something Dad made sure of having in the house so that the boys would not be in each other’s way. Making as if he were going to his sink, Tony came up alongside Frank, reached around, and took Frank’s balls in his hand, slowly applying pressure. Frank’s reaction was immediate as he fruitlessly tried to maneuver himself to escape the grip. Tony said nothing; Frank was making small yelps now and then as Tony applied pressure and then backed off, then squeezed harder again.

Even with all the pain and wishing Tony would stop, Frank, as had his brother, was getting excited by this. Tony was already hard from holding his brother’s balls. Frank was rising as Tony worked him. When Frank was fully hard Tony slowly eased his grasp, let go, and gave Frank’s now-sore balls a couple of taps underneath, which made Frank jump.

The brothers gave each other a long look. There was no question now that this would be a regular part of their fun together. After a few moments of this Frank quietly said, this means war. Tony gave him a big smile, which Frank returned. They finished up and went to bed, both masturbating furiously once they were alone.

Saturday Tony had plans to see Joe and Dan, as usual, and Frank was planning his usual with Carl. He was eager and nervous about this as it was their first real time together since sharing their spanking stories. There was still much to learn about each other.

Tony arrived in the bathroom for morning ablutions just as Frank was finishing in the shower. Mom and Dad had been up for a while and were not in evidence at the moment. As Tony was going about his business Frank finished and dried off. That done he walked up to Tony, on his left side. Without speaking he reached in front with this left hand and wrapped it around Tony’s balls. No squeezing, but a firm grip. He felt Tony’s body stiffen in reaction, but there was no comment or protest. His spanking hand free, Frank now used it to deliver some stinging swats to his brother’s bottom. The reaction was just what he hoped for. Tony would jerk in the natural effort to escape the swats, with the result that his squirming had the same affects as if Frank were, in fact, applying pressure. Between the pain in front and back, Tony was dancing, as best he could, caught up in a flood of sensations back and front.

Now it was a contest as to whether Tony would beg Frank to stop. That was not Frank’s original intention, but he could tell that Tony was determined not to give in. He was right. Frank watched his brother’s reactions closely. He stopped when he sensed Tony was moving from pleasure from the pain to true discomfort. The spanking stopped and Frank loosened his grip on Tony’s balls, but did not let go for a moment.

Feeling returned to normal Tony said, fuck you in tones of amusement, not anger. Yes, his brother was causing him pain but both knew they would never truly hurt the other. At some point there would need to be some talk about this new game.

In the meantime Frank said yeah, right in response, his tone matching Tony’s. Frank let Tony finish up while they chatted about other things. Then they went their separate ways.

As he walked to Joe and Dan’s houses, Tony was uncertain what he should say about what had gone on this morning. He’d admit to the spanking; likely his butt still would be red. The trio gathered at Joe’s after lunch. Tony showed off his butt which really was back to normal. Fortunately his friends did believe him as they knew Tony and Frank enjoyed doing some playful spanking together now and then.

Well, I guess that means you get to give a spanking or two, Joe said.

Hm, spank both of you. That’s a new idea. I like it. You first, Joe, since you brought it up, Tony said with a bit of an evil smile. Joe took his accustomed place, naked boy over naked lap. This really was just a fun spanking, as would be Dan’s. Tony knew that Joe got his maintenance on Friday nights, confirmed that he had this week, so didn’t plan to be too rough on his buddy. Nonetheless a nice steady rhythm of SMACK SMACK SMACK landed on Joe’s butt. Not too many, but certainly enough to give Joe something to think about. When Tony had elicited a good yell from his pal he ended this spanking.

Spanking done, Joe stood and rubbed his butt a bit. Dan now was the naked boy over the naked lap. Tony knew that Dan would be spanked tomorrow night, but did not see that as any reason to go easy. He did not. He quickly achieved the same steady rhythm he had with Joe, only a bit harder. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. Dan was feeling it and his grunts and body language both attested to that. Joe was rather enjoying the show; both always enjoyed seeing the other spanked, except when it truly was a serious punishment spanking. When Dan was allowed to stand up his butt had a nice glow, which Joe complimented him on, causing great laughter.

Both spankings done, the boys turned their attention to Joe’s computer. When regular spanking entered their lives, all four boys had spent time online looking at sites about spanking, many with amazing pictures. They’d told each other of favorite sites and often compared notes when new postings showed up. Joe’s searches had taken him further afield into sites about and/or depicting hetero and male-male sex. He had quickly passed over the hetero sites without realizing that he was. The ones with two (or more) men had him fascinated and he was learning a lot, all of which he’d shared with Dan so far and now was eager to show Tony. All three marveled at pictures and videos of men engaging in oral sex, fingering, butt plugs and dildos, and even anal sex. The last had particularly fascinated Joe.

Tony could feel his heart beating faster as he watched. Have you guys tried any of this stuff? he asked.

Well, we did taste each other’s dicks, Dan said. Not sure why we didn’t do it years ago. He and Joe laughed.

Did you put a finger up or. . . well, you know. . .

No. Not yet, at least, Joe admitted. What do you think?

Tony blushed at the direct question. Well, I guess I have, y’know, touched myself there when I jerk off, but. . . No one said anything. Joe and Dan had not, but they rarely masturbated without the other, and had not thought of touching there when getting stroked by the other.

After a few moments of that silence they found themselves looking at some anal sex pictures. Joe had found a site which explained a lot of this and after they’d looked a bit he flipped to that. Almost breathlessly the three read all the information. Again, there was silence. It was some time before anyone spoke.

Finally Tony broke the silence. So, have you guys, um. . .?

No, both said in unison, though not an emphatic denial. Really simply quite factual. All three were aware of how the denial had been said. More silence. None of this was because the boys were particularly uncomfortable but rather that this was all so new they didn’t know what to say. Tony didn’t know what he thought; this was his first time with any of this. Oh, he’d heard talk at school, but it never went far and was just talk.

Think it hurts? Dan asked. His friends had no answer. Certainly the guys in the pictures seemed to be enjoying it. By now all three were good and hard, so that needed taking care of. The afternoon passed quickly and Tony needed to get home, with a promise to try and see his buddies tomorrow.

Back at home he had about an hour before dinner. Frank was back at the house just after Tony. He came in to Tony’s room to tell about his afternoon with Carl. You’re turning into a real pair, Tony joshed.

Yeah, I guess so, Frank replied slowly. That mild embrace was still on his mind. Nothing had been about it said this afternoon, but he still wondered both how he felt and how Carl might feel. Tony shared some of his afternoon, mentioning the spanking websites but leaving out the rest. Frank and Tony knew that both looked at those sites, but they hadn’t discussed it much. Now they did, enjoying comparing reactions to different sites and pictures. When Mom called them for dinner the computer had been erased and switched off.

Saturday night and Sunday were uneventful until the boys found themselves home alone late in the afternoon. Each had been studying in his own room so as to have a relaxed evening. As soon as they heard the door shut, both undressed and went back to work. When he felt sure their parents were not likely to pop back for something forgotten, Frank went to Tony’s room.

Hey! Up for a little spanking fun? Frank asked.

What brought this on? Tony asked back.

Nothin’. Just we haven’t in a while and, well. . .

Sure. Who first?

I’m older, I’ll spank you first. Tony was fine with this. Since yesterday he’d been thinking a lot about the anal sex he’d seen on the computer and an idea was forming in his mind. Frank needed payback for the ball squeezing spanking he’d given and Tony had said fuck you with an ambiguous sounding response from Frank. He wondered if Frank had discovered any of this. He would have said if he had. Then again, Tony hadn’t said anything to Frank.

Nothing quite set in his mind, Tony took his place over his brother’s lap. Both still found this exciting and soon a hard boy was spanking his hard brother. It didn’t take long for Tony to start letting out with ow, ow, ow, as his brother’s hand came down repeatedly on his bottom. Even so, both were having fun with this. Frank was older, but in their spanking fun they always were equals, unless Frank pulled age to spank first as he had today, other than that they always stayed equal in how they spanked each other.

A nice sting was building up in Tony’s butt, along with a nice color. Frank didn’t drag it out too long, just enough for a sting that would last at least until bedtime. That done, Tony stood up and waited a few minutes before sitting down. It didn’t hurt much. Both had stayed hard, so Tony took a moment to get Frank’s erection adjusted between his legs, teasing just a bit. That taken care of, Tony started to spank. A brisk set of SMACK SMACK SMACK came down on his older brother’s vulnerable bottom. Tony made sure he got some ow, ow, ow out of Frank, too, noticing all the while that Frank’s erection was not subsiding. Nor was his. These two really enjoyed this!

Frank now the beneficiary of a good sting and good redness, the boys got up on Tony’s bed. While he’d been spanking, Tony’s vague plan took shape. On the bed Tony started to lightly rub Frank’s butt and up his back a bit.

Mm, that feels good, said Frank, savoring his brother’s touch. Tony grabbed a tube of crème, along with the lubricant he often used when masturbating, and gently rubbed the crème into Frank’s butt. Frank was too wrapped up in his pleasure to notice that Tony now had two tubes in hand, not just the crème.

Spread your legs a bit, Tony said as he massaged. Frank, now feeling erotic pleasure from this, naturally did so, letting Tony’s fingers slip between his cheeks. After a while of this Tony stopped, took up the other tube, and generously applied lube to his hard cock. Without warning Frank he then applied a bit to Frank’s hole. Frank jumped, startled by this intimacy, but it felt good and he went with it. He thought it odd that Tony was parting his cheeks a bit more, then, startled again, he realized something hard was pushing against his hole. Or rosebud as some of the sites Tony had seen called it.

What the fu... he said, though he only half-heartedly tried to turn away. Tony laughed. That’s what it is, bro. I owe you big time for what you did to me the other day, and poking your red bottom is just what you deserve. He was surprised at how he was talking. Neither boy knew what to expect now. Tony would not blame Frank if he were angry. Frank, however, said nothing and didn’t move. Tony gently pushed against Frank’s opening which helped his brother relax and receive Tony’s erection. As Tony worked his way in Frank found he could relax a bit; both boys were getting very excited by this. Tony really didn’t know what to do once he was fully in. As Frank relaxed into it he said don’t move – that feels good. Tony stayed still; he also was enjoying how it felt.

After a few minutes desire took over and he slowly started moving back and forth, bringing himself toward climax. Under him Frank was make sounds of pleasure. In his excitement Tony quickly let go with a groan, then heard Frank let out a similar groan beneath him. Tony felt himself going soft and pulled out.

He rolled off and they lay together quietly. Tony broke the quiet. You OK with that, man? I don’t know what came over me, really.

Fuck, yeah! Frank replied. It hurt a little at first, but it was awesome once it worked. He rolled over, exposing the evidence that he, too, had shot.

I should spank you for messing my bed! Tony said and they both laughed. Fortunately the sheets had been pulled back and Frank had not cum on the blankets or anything. Then, seriously, you really OK?

Yes, I am, Frank said with conviction. Things really have changed, haven’t they?

Yeah, I guess so, Tony replied. He got up and grabbed a couple of towels and the boys cleaned up as best they could. Finished, they lay down again and held each other for a while. After a while they got into a long discussion, mostly about the ball squeezing, both agreeing that despite the pain, it was exciting.

I wonder if I could make you shoot just by squeezing, Frank said. Tony answered with a hm, curious if it could happen but not sure how much pain it would take to do that and how he’d feel about it. After a bit he said, if you do it to me, I get to do it to you. Frank said of course.

Could I do this to you sometime? Frank asked later. Tony knew what he meant.

I guess we can try.

Cool, man. Frank was wondering how he could make it a surprise for Tony when the time came. Mom and Dad will be back soon. We should get dressed. Frank returned to his room, both boys reluctantly dressed and all was normal when their parents returned home.

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