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Ben and Ed
Patrick's Humiliation

by Brhmsj

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Ben and Ed – Patrick’s Humiliation

I haven’t posted a story about these two for quite a while. They haven’t been without adventures and here is one of them.

Things quieted down for a while after Mark’s visit. Ben and Ed still had fun together. Ed was spending more time at Ben’s because Scott was more involved with Patrick, so the three of them weren’t spanking together as often. It was this preoccupation with Patrick which led to an interesting afternoon.

One thing Scott learned quickly about Patrick is that he craved spankings. Scott had never seen anyone quite like this, but it was fine with him, he enjoyed spanking Patrick. He also enjoyed that Patrick often stayed overnight, sharing Scott’s bed. On those occasions Scott had the pleasure of spanking Patrick and putting him to bed, then starting the lad’s day off with a warm-up spanking.

Scott also noticed that Patrick wanted to be humiliated when possible. That time Scott made him suck Ed and Ben, Patrick seemed almost to revel in the humiliation of being made to do that. So, Scott decided that having an audience for his spanking would give the lad a proper sense of humiliation. To that end, he told Ed and Ben to stop by around 2:00 on Saturday afternoon. All he told him was that it would be a clothes on event, which certainly had an air of mystery about it.

At two o’clock the guys let themselves in. Scott had been doing some early prep for dinner and was just finishing up. Good timing. Sit down. Beer? Wine? Soda? Refreshments were produced and the three chatted amiably. So far Scott had not explained what was on his mind and he deftly kept the conversation away from that, to the point where the guys gave it no thought. Promptly at three o’clock the door opened and Patrick came through.

Seeing Scott’s friends, Patrick froze in the doorway.

Come right in, young man, said Scott in the firm tone he always used with Patrick. The young man did. He looked at Scott who merely nodded, the sign that indeed Patrick’s clothes were to come off immediately, even with others there. He undressed and placed his folded clothes on the counter.

It’s time you have an audience who will appreciate your discipline, Scott said. I have provided one. Patrick went a bit pale, but said nothing. Ready guys? Scott asked Ed and Ben. They said yes. Scott took Patrick by the ear and down the stairs, Ben and Ed following. So far they’d seen Mark spank Patrick, but hadn’t really seen Scott working with him. Once in the spanking room Ben and Ed sat on the couch where they had a good view of the proceedings. Scott sat in the spanking chair, unceremoniously yanked Patrick over his lap and started right in with a strong hand spanking. Patrick was small and easy to handle. It also meant that a spanking affected him quickly and in short order his legs were kicking and he was yelling as each smack landed. Scott continued steadily until the boy seemed close to tears.

All through this Ben and Ed watched with an odd fascination. Other than with each other, or with Scott and Fred, they had not witnessed a spanking, and certainly not in this way. Seeing Scott’s technique was of interest, but they did feel some sympathy for the lad getting the hiding. Spanking done, Patrick was abruptly brought to his feet and marched, again unceremoniously, to the corner. Scott had him put his nose right up to the wall. Patrick was totally compliant, and did nothing to touch his already sore butt.

Returning to the chair, Scott spoke with Ed and Ben in a voice meant to be heard by the young man in the corner. Patrick needs regular spankings. Not just for his bad behavior and naughty thoughts, but as a reminder that he is to be a compliant boy and do what he’s told by me and other adults. Ben and Ed said nothing. It is overdue for him to have a proper audience. I’m sure he’s happy to have you here. From the corner came a sob. Perhaps he wasn’t so happy. Yet, he knew he wanted it.

Help me select a good paddle. He and I have a favorite. Patrick wasn’t so sure he’d use that word. Since you get to watch, you should make the choice today. Ben and Ed went over to the familiar chest with the paddles and other implements. After looking over the paddles and some consultation, they picked one that they knew was very effective. They knew from first hand experience!

Paddle selected, Scott indicated that the guys should sit down again, which they did. Scott crossed over and took Patrick by the arm, bringing him back to the chair. Scott sat down, with Patrick standing in front of him. He showed the boy the paddle, saying nothing. Ben and Ed could see that Patrick was trembling slightly at the sight of the implement about to address his already sore bottom. Scott was used to this and felt it was exactly how the boy should be reacting.

Silently, now that the viewing of the paddle was complete, Scott pulled Patrick over his lap. He rubbed Patrick’s bottom with the paddle for a moment and then WHAP! Ed and Ben jumped at the sound!

Ooooowwwwww! from the victim. Scott gave him a moment to catch his breath and then again WHAP followed by a long cry from Patrick. Another pause and then the paddling started in earnest. No longer so hard, but steady, building up the agony simply by its steady repetition. As the paddling continued Patrick was kicking and squirming, instinctively trying to escape the blows, but it was easy for Scott to hold him firmly in place. This did not last as long as the hand spanking. Scott had plans. Again, just as tears were close he stopped. Patrick stood and waited.

Getting up, Scott went to one side of the room and brought a sawhorse into the middle of the room. Patrick, you know what to do, he said. Yes, sir, said Patrick, the first time he’d spoken all afternoon. He draped himself over the sawhorse, butt up high.

Now, my friends, you can help me with this project, Scott said to Ed and Ben. Select something from the chest and we can finish this. The guys thought perhaps Patrick had suffered enough, but Scott knew best, so they went along with it. Scott took his time before this part of the discipline began. Implements chosen and taking turns, the three delivered one or two swats per person, for about five minutes. Patrick was yowling, but this was all part of the routine. He wanted to be yelling just as much as his spanker wanted him to yell.

Well done, guys, Scott said, bringing this segment to an end. He stood up Patrick and held him by the arm. After a moment, another hand spanking began. Patrick was jumping with every swat, his penis bouncing up and down, all watched by Ben and Ed. This was the finale and Scott skillfully brought his boy to tears, which both desired. Patrick started bawling, but did nothing to escape. Scott took the boy in his arms and let him sob it out. This was the most intimate part of an already quite intimate proceeding. For Patrick it was this ending of sobbing in Scott’s arms which most made him feel that he belonged to Scott. It was a wonderful feeling. He’d forgotten that Scott’s friends were there, watching.

Are you my good boy? Scott whispered in Patrick’s ear.

Yes, sir, the boy replied.

Yes, you are. Patrick tears subsided. Guys, we need the couch now, Scott told Ed and Ben. They stood up. This now was another part of the discipline that was special for Patrick. Scott let him lie down on the couch where a soothing crème was applied to Patrick’s bottom. Then Scott would cover him with a light blanket and inevitably Patrick would fall asleep for an hour or so.

Now that Scott and Patrick were so regular and familiar with each other, Scott tended not to respond with a sexual excitement until he had Patrick in bed, where it was Patrick’s duty to service well. Which he did. So, Scott was not hard. He had no trouble seeing that Ben was straining in his pants; not so clear about Ed. Perhaps the reality of seeing it left him limp. Scott made a mental note of this, giving some thought as to how he could take advantage of this situation at another time. They proceeded upstairs and sat around the table, a new set of refreshments served.

Patrick needed that very much. He always needs spanking, but he needed to have an audience. He may not have shown it, but he was very much humiliated by having to share this intimacy. Not to worry, he needed that humiliation and I am glad to help him with these needs, as you know.

Ed piped up, does your father discipline you for your treatment of Patrick? He should.

Scott laughed. In fact, yes he does. It’s pretty dreadful, but worth it for the pleasure I get dealing with Patrick. Anyhow, dad knows that by now spankings do nothing to change my behavior! They all laughed at that, agreeing that it was true for all three. I need to redden your hot bottoms soon. It’s been way too long.

Oh, we’re taking care of that, don’t worry, Ben said.

I’m not worried, but we all know I need to be spanking those butts of yours. They all laughed. It was true.

About an hour after they’d come upstairs they heard movement on the stairs and Patrick appeared, looking a bit groggy from his nap. Scott inspected the lad’s bottom, which looked no worse for the wear, but was sore to the touch, as Patrick’s gasps when Scott touched him proved. Patrick helped himself to soda in the refrigerator and joined the others, but standing the whole time.

You two have plans tonight? Scott asked.

There’s a ballgame on, so we’re going to watch, said Ed.

Naked, of course, Scott said with a grin.

Most likely, said Ben. Even if Ed didn’t, Ben preferred to be out of clothes when relaxing around the house, be it his own or Ed’s. Most times Ed’s stripped down, too, and never minded that Ben was naked.

Bedtime with red butts, boys, Scott said, with a smirk.

Oh, that’s likely, too, Ed said, with a wink. They thanked Scott for everything and went their way as Patrick was donning an apron (still otherwise naked) to help Scott prepare dinner. Patrick would stay overnight. He reveled in the comfort of Scott’s body next to him in bed. There would be another, lighter, spanking the next day, but it was coming from Scott and that made the lad happy.

Back at Ed’s, dinner was enjoyed with plenty of wine. After dinner Ben went upstairs and got rid of his clothes, leaving them with his overnight bag. He returned downstairs to the den where Ed, just about naked now himself, had the game on. After their exciting afternoon and so much wine, the dozed off in front of the tv.

Both slept well, and there was time in the morning to spank and wank, both of which occurred.

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