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Character Dads
3 – The Last

by Bud Johnson

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Character Dads Part 3

Larry had three houses over the years he associated with Kyle. One house location was on Huntington, one on Turnbull, and one in a condominium in Southfield. When Larry disciplined, this was not all that often, it was carried out in one of two rooms with his retrospective locations.

During these times, Larry was between 54 to 70 years old. His vigor remains consistent regardless of age. He was a hirsute of a man; mustached, large in stature with an average height at around 5′8″, and of a pure Belgian heritage. His deep voice and assertive disposition grabs a younger man’s attention.

Naturally a strong man having been raised on a farm, a person would think he would be passionate with his intimacy. The opposite was true.

He was extremely formal, procedural, ridged in his mannerisms, but had a subtle paternal nature build about him. He cared. But boy your backside would feel the wrath!

Kyle met Larry over 30 years ago. Larry might have known Kyle’s real father through the business man’s consortium. But that’s not important. Over the years Larry and Kyle formed a strong bond – at least Kyle felt that way. One could never be sure of what Larry might have felt just about anything. He could laugh and joke in a formal kind of way but he kept his feelings close to his chest.

The First House

Kyle was in his twenties when he was introduced to this infamous den. It was expected. They had prearranged for the meeting.

Neither knew exactly how to go about what they both had learned was there mutual interest. Spanking. Larry thought that he wanted to give one to the younger man. Kyle has always fantasized about receiving them.

Apprehension was ruling the day. The two were awkwardly nervous and unsure of themselves. But they settle on acting out a kind of role play where Larry would be Dad and Kyle, his naughty teenaged son.

The scene was acted and Kyle was sent to wait on the couch in the den. Fear became the new order of the day in the twenty something young man. Larry’s deep voice accelerated all intensity and emotion up to this point. His voice was deep and authoritarian echoing in Kyle’s mind like a pawl over the radius of his house. There was a doom: a fear for what was to transpire in this room.

The scenario was kind of a silly one. Kyle was supposed to have broken a fence outside in the throws of a temper tantrum. Teenagers don’t throw temper tantrums. He was to be disciplined for both. If it had happened, to the minds of a realist, that would call for a very sound bare ass spanking with a paddle or belt. Larry used neither and hurt his hand more than Kyle’s bottom. What a disaster!

So later that day they tried the act again. This time with a slipper. During the wait in that den the first time Kyle flt a lot o emotion all mixed in with his subservient sexualization. This second time was kind of flat.

Larry had entered the with his masculine arms folded across his chest. It was this hot look that grabbed at Kyle. But he wasn’t expecting much. Larry fell into some natural instincts as he stayed in character. He used his deep voice naturally and assertively.

He also stripped the young man from his waste down. The placement of the larger Kyle was a natural across the girth man’s lap. Up to this point both were involved but less excited than during the first go around.

But Larry tapped into a natural paternal instinct. He let go into giving a hard bare bottomed spanking with the sole of this slipper. The slipper must have been too light because had he used a tennis shoe, Kyle would have been howling! It was genuine enough that they met from that point on.

There friendship grew slowly over the years. I started to meet about once a month. Kyle learned well to be a good boy and Larry grew stronger in the confidence of disciplining another younger man. The two men role played a lot in those days.

The Second House

Sex had not been all that eventful for either of them. Larry was a divorced man, didn’t like French kissing, but liked to be serviced now and then. Kyle accommodated him though he sought other men for sex too. So did Larry. They understood thus with each other.

The spankings were all heavy paddling or intense strapping in the second house. Kyle learned to really cry and that excited Larry. A lot! In Kyle’s early 30s, playing house boy role plays were interesting to do.

The two got into enemas, control orgasms for Kyle, and restraints a couple of times. The roles Larry chose to play were different too. Coaches, teachers, policemen, and other authority figures fit Larry emotionally removed state of mind. The spanking discipline increased exponentially as time moved forward.

One of the last father and son role plays they did was exceptional. Kyle had stayed over that Larry’s ranch house for a few days. He decided to call him unexpectedly from work one day when he knew that Kyle was off from his job.

The phone rings unexpectedly in the empty house. Larry said, Kyle? I found a stack of pornography next to your dresser. You know I forbid that.

Kyle easily picks up that Larry is into the Dad role. He replies, Yes Sir, I am sorry Sir. It won’t happen again

Larry retorts over the phone. Óh I know it won’t happen again. Ever! You are to spend the rest of the day in the den thinking about what you have done. I’ll be home right after work to punish you severely, understood?

Yes Sir. Kyle plays a tepid irresponsible teenager. He goes into the dreaded den as his Dad has required. A revitalized fear and respectful loathing comes over him at it would any real teenaged boy.

About 2 hours later, Kyle hears the car pull into the garage followed by the distant muffled door slam. The sound of the house door rattling sends a shiver down his spine. What will he use?

Kyle can hear drawers opening, pacing, and other delaying motions for the next 15 to 20 minutes. But Kyle remains waiting in the den know he will be facing a familiar intensity.

The den door opens. The deep voiced Belgian man announces with several restraining bents and a razor strop in his hands. All the movement he was hearing makes sense now. Then, Larry sentence pronouncement:

Son you are to be harshly disciplined tonight. Harder than ever before. We are going to tie you down in 4 point restraints and you’ll have to take this punishment no matter how you plea. Understood?

Kyle froze. Time seems to stop. He became petrified.

Larry took a direct charge of the situation. He laid Kyle over the base of a wooden bar stool and proceed to secure his arms and legs right into that stool. Kyle didn’t protest. In fact he didn’t say a word. He felt paralyzed emotionally, spiritually, and physically. His fear was intense yet he knows Larry pretty well now. He doesn’t like this but he trusts him.

The strapping began before he was really. They often do. But this was a razor stropping for a cold start. He didn’t even try to conceal the pain that he felt. He hollered and screamed.

The actual strapping was less than 10 minutes but it was so intense he voided on himself.

It was after that final CRACK!!!))) BEFORE Kyle could control himself.

Larry released the restrains, He cleaned him up and put him to bed the a bad little boy. He left him alone lying in bed, to finish up the tearful remorse – real or not, it did not matter.

Instead of being serviced right away, Larry attended to Kyle’s needs. He was a master when it came to giving Kyle a hand job too. That helped.

The Condo

By the time these two would meet in Larry’s third place, he was 70 and Kyle was in his mid 40s. They met less often in those final years. Age regression had become a normality. Kyle’s spankings were still vigorous but usually without any real role play involved. They knew each other very well.

Larry had grown fond to spanking men across his lap after yanking his pants down. Often he’d throw in a pre punishment clothed paddling before putting his bare bottom across his lap for a good hairbrush spanking. It was pseudo homey.

Just before Larry turned 71 the two stopped meeting. Larry moved one way and Kyle another. They exchanged cards at holiday time.


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