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Dan and Joe
Carl Spends Time With the Boys

by Brhmsj

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Dan and Joe – Carl Spends Time with the Boys

It was Thursday and everyone was already looking forward to the weekend. Carl was walking out the school building, not sure what his plans were between then and dinner. As he came out he saw Dan and Joe just a ways ahead of him, apparently walking home together. Carl caught up with them and ask if he could join. They were glad to have him along for the walk.

After the usual small talk Carl said, Frank has told me a bit about you guys and the naked fun you have, and that you’re good pals with his brother. The boys smiled at each other before Joe answered.

Yeah, we do. We hear you and Frank like being out of clothes yourselves.

Carl laughed. Yup. I’m still kinda new at this, though. So, like. . . well, I was wondering if I could hang with you guys sometime. A glance between the boys.

Sure, why not? said Dan. Wanna come over now? We’re always naked at one house or the other.

That would be awesome! This was just what Carl hoped they’d say. As they walked the boys filled him in on their unusual domestic arrangement and the fact that they were pretty much always naked at home. Carl could hardly believe it. He couldn’t imagine hanging around naked at home, especially if anyone else were there. He was getting the hang of sleeping nude, but that was it.

There is one stipulation, Joe said in a tone that Carl found enigmatic.


Yes. There is a price for joining the naked group. Not much, just a good spanking.

In surprise, and maybe even a bit of shock, Carl stopped. Dan and Joe noticed and waited for him. From things Frank had said it seemed that his recent spanking might not be such an unusual event. Was Frank spanking with these guys? In any case, these two were talking about spanking him! Faced with a choice, Carl had to think fast. He thought these guys were cool, even if younger. He wanted to expand his naked activities and with more guys. Yet, his last experience with spankings had been quite unpleasant. That was a spanking from Dad, a well-deserved spanking. A spanking from these guys likely was more for fun. Would it hurt that much?

Do I get to spank you guys? he asked, hoping to get things on a somewhat more equal plane.

Ha! said Dan. What makes you think you can spank us? Carl couldn’t help but see a twinkle in his eye, though, which suggested that ultimately there would be spanks all around.

Well, I am older, he answered, in an attempt to pull rank. The guys just laughed.

Come home with us, get naked and spanked, and then we’ll see, Joe said, promising nothing.

Somehow it did seem worth it to Carl. He wondered if Frank, or Tony, did any spanking with these two. Alright, it’s a deal, he said, nervous but excited at the prospect. He’d seen these guys naked a few times when they’d had gym class together, but not often as they weren’t in the same grade. As had many boys at school, he’d noticed that both were uncut, which intrigued him. None of this j/o buddies were, and any other friends he’d seen naked in the locker room were cut, too.

The three went on to Joe’s and Dan’s houses. Both were empty, but Dan said his parents likely would be out longer, so they went up to his room. Joe and Dan, per usual, automatically undressed. They always did as soon as they were home. Carl was eager to undress and needed no further encouragement; he wasn’t far behind in nudity. A few minutes were spent sizing up each other. Dan and Joe hadn’t given much notice to Carl the few times they’d been in the locker room together as they inevitably were busy with themselves and other classmates. They enjoyed this opportunity, mentally comparing Carl’s development as an older boy to that of Frank, their only other older naked buddy. Carl, at eighteen, didn’t seem much different than they were at seventeen, which really was no surprise.

Let’s get down to business, said Dan, seating himself in the chair. Over you go, buddy! Carl was startled that this was starting so quickly, but then again, this would get it over with faster. Having only been spanked by Dad, he was a bit unsure about getting over someone else’s lap, but soon was in position. Dan admired the older boy’s butt. Maybe not as tempting as Joe’s or Tony’s, but he knew it would be a pleasure bringing some color to these buns. Which he set out to do.

SMACK, SMACK, SMACK. No warning. Carl jerked in response to the first swats, more in surprise than pain. So far not as bad as one from his angry father. Dan kept at it, at an easy, steady pace, the sting mounting a bit and color coming up. He continued until Carl felt it was starting to get uncomfortable, without being painful. With no warning the spanking stopped.

Get up, Dan said. Carl did, glad that it hadn’t gone any further. Before he could say anything, the boys switched places and Dan said time for part two. Carl again was startled and now a bit nervous – this could start to hurt! Slowly he placed himself, this time sure of how to do it, but hesitant about the results. The spanking from Joe was much the same as that from Dan, but now the sting was mounting. Still nothing compared to a spanking from an angry Dad, but he knew he was getting spanked. Joe had the pleasure of getting some vocal response as Carl began to let out with an ow each time Joe’s hand connected.

The boys looked at each other as the spanking went on. Dan nodded, indicating that he felt the color was good and it was time to stop. Joe agreed and the spanking stopped. Both boys felt Carl’s bottom to judge the heat, which was good for the level of spanking he’d received. Carl, for his part, found two hands on his butt felt very good and Joe could feel a hardon starting to push against his thigh. In silent agreement Dan and Joe didn’t let Carl up for a while. Joe could feel himself getting hard in response to Carl’s hardon. Dan sensed what was happening and soon was a full mast himself. Carl knew that Frank had played with these guys and they, in turn, knew that Frank and Carl jerked off together. Otherwise Carl wouldn’t be there now. Carl couldn’t see Dan, but could feel that Joe now was hard. When he finally was released and stood up he was happy to see that they all were hard. The sexual excitement, for the moment, took away his thoughts of spanking these two.

Spanking over, Joe and Dan happily chattered away now with Carl.

You edge with Frank? Dan asked. Carl blushed slightly at the directness of the question. However, he had no trouble admitting that they had been trying it.

Cool, said Joe, let’s give it a go. Joe gave Carl a slow stroking, giving the boy a new and exciting combination of sensations with a sore butt and the increasing need to shoot as he was being edged. His orgasm left Carl feeling spent, but being young he recovered quickly. He watched Dan torture Joe to a climax that satisfied everyone. Carl tried his hand on Dan, as it were. Once he did shoot, Dan complimented Carl on his technique.

Everyone done, the boys sat on the bed. Wow, what an afternoon! said Carl. Thanks guys. I hope we can do it again.

Of course, both guys said, meaning it, too.

I need to get going, but we’ll talk soon. Thanks again. Carl dressed, noticing that neither Joe nor Dan showed any signs of putting their clothes back on. So, um, you guys naked a lot at home?

They both laughed. All the time, basically, said Dan.

Wow again! That is awesome.

We like it and our parents don’t care, so why not, said Joe.

Lucky you, Carl said as he finished dressing. See ya soon. He was out the door.

Dan and Joe agreed that this had been a most enjoyable time and that it was fun to add to their circle of naked, and spank, buddies. They could tell that Carl needed work on the spanking aspect of things, but felt that it would not be all that difficult to get him on board. As it turned out Carl was happy to join for j/o time, but never did get the thrill from spanking, getting or giving, that the others did. That changed a bit when he took a summer job after graduation. That is another story.

Back home, Carl called Frank, glad that his buddy did answer. He told Frank about his afternoon and Frank opened up about some of the things he did with the boys, and with Tony.

Shit, why didn’t I know about all this sooner? Carl asked.

Well, you do now! Frank said. Hey, I gotta go, see you in school tomorrow. Call ended both boys went about their business. More adventures were to follow.

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