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Cocksure in Cartegena

by Christophorus Volkov

Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 20 Nov 2017

Crouched low in the dark, Liam waited for the target to emerge from the swanky nightclub. The spy shut one eye and looked through his sniper scope as one person after another appeared at the door.

The Agency’s youngest agent often got the most daring missions. At 24, Liam had graduated from the academy for the Agency and was immediately sent to field work due to his physical prowess and excellent performance.

Athletic and nimble, Liam had long-been a free runner, and that experience served him well as he was tracking down some of the world’s most notorious baddies. Just recently, the Agency had dispatched him to Syria where he worked behind the lines to take down a particularly nasty group of ISIS-loyal militia members.

Liam stood a little shorter than average and weighed right around 68 kg or 150 pounds. He was ripped full of lean muscle with powerful legs and a bubble ass. A cock of about 20 cm or eight inches hung between his athletic legs.

Whatever his physical prowess, he had an excellent work ethic. Forty-two times he had been dispatched since graduation, and 42 times he had been successful. He had earned the admiration of the Administrator.

Now, he was lying in wait to take out one of the most active fundraisers for some of the most nefarious cybercriminals. Nikolay Alesnarovich was known only as the Fat A on the dark web, and his money was responsible for some of the worst things going on behind the scenes.

The corpulent Russian had a passion for alcohol and young go-go dancers, male go-go dancers. Liam had tracked Nikolay to this nightclub in Bucharest, Romania. He meticulously planned out everything from his sniper position to his escape route. Everything had to be perfect or else the top-secret operation would be compromised. Liam would have only one shot.

The door to the club opened, and Nikolay stepped into Liam’s sights with two young men on either arm. Nikolay was dressed in a massive gray suit with a pink tie and pink dress shirt. On his head, a pink fedora was cocked to the left.

Liam admired the Russian’s fashion sense for a moment before he squeezed the trigger, and his sniper rifle fired a round. It hit Nikolay in the chest. The two dancers on either arm watched in horror as the man who had promised to make them rich clutched his chest and fell to the ground gasping for air. In seconds, he was dead. The rich Russian’s henchmen quickly knew where the shot came from and moved toward the building from where Liam fired the fatal shot.

Liam quickly disassembled the rifle, placed it in its carrying bag that was disguised as a guitar case, and hurried for the back fire escape. He quickly descended the steps to the back alley, but his car wasn’t waiting. SHIT! thought Liam. Apparently, the Bucharest police had towed his car as it was illegally parked.

Nikolay’s henchmen were fanning out and quickly running into the building where Liam had fired the fatal shot. Liam had little time before he was also dead, captured or exposed.

Thinking fast, he decided to attack this thing head on. Maybe if he walked right up to the scene of Nikolay’s death, he might throw off suspicion. Still carrying his sniper rifle in the guitar case, Liam walked calmly out of the alley and down the sidewalk. He crossed the street, and he walked down towards where Nikolay was still lying bleeding from the chest wound. The two scantily-clad male dancers huddled together. Liam made eye contact with one of them briefly, and he could detect a slight look of relief in his eyes.

What happened? asked Liam to one of the bystanders in perfect Romanian.

Someone killed this man from that building over there, said the bystander, pointing up at the window where Liam had fired the fatal bullet.

Pity what this city has become. You aren’t even safe grabbing on go-go boys any more, said Liam with a chuckle.

He turned around and walked back towards the corner. The plan worked for now. He hailed a cab and headed for the airport. As he rode past the alley where he fled after offing Nikolay, he noticed the Russian’s henchmen were now right where he was just a couple of minutes earlier.

At the airport, he boarded the Agency’s private jet. Once aboard, he fell asleep for the flight back to London. What a night! he thought as he drifted off to sleep.

The plane landed right on time at Heathrow, and there was a car waiting for Liam to take him to the Administrator’s Office near Piccadilly Circus. He knew the drive well even though he had been with the Agency only a short time.

The Agency itself was hard to describe. It was a privately-funded organization with government ties. Liam didn’t ask questions. He just did his job.

Liam’s car had reached London proper, and it pulled up to the Administrator’s Office exactly one hour after leaving Heathrow. Liam thanked his driver, grabbed his bags, and ascended the staircase inside the non-descript storefront where the Administrator’s Office was housed this month. It was kind of a joke among the Agency’s agents that the Administrator loved to move her office. She claimed it was for security, but Liam thought it was just because she was cheap.

There was a secret code to enter to get into the office. It was known only to the agents of the Agency. Liam entered it, and the door opened. The Administrator’s assistant, Isaac, sat there typing out a report.

Good morning, Isaac.

Ah, it’s always a pleasure to see you, Liam. Might I say you are looking a little less perfectly-dressed than normal.

Liam had not even had time to change out of the non-descript attire he was wearing to accomplish his mission a few hours before. Oh yes, I’ve come straight from the field, said Liam.

I hear it’s very difficult you to come straight for anything, said Isaac with a wink.

Are you trying to seduce me, Mr. Coffing?

I would never do that, Mister...Mister...what is your last name anyway? asked Isaac.

You know we agents don’t have last names any more. That’s so James Bond. So, you can just make up one for me, answered Liam.

Well, since I’d like to see you strip that down for me, I’ll call you Liam Payne.

There’s only One Direction to go after that, chuckled Liam. He and Isaac enjoyed the art of the flirt.

Their playful banter was interrupted by the Administrator over the intercom. When you boys are done with foreplay, please send...Agent Payne is here please, Isaac.

She had heard their entire conversation.

Damn surveillance. She’s always listening.

Well, we could give her something to watch someday as well, answered Liam with a wink.

My God, you are incorrigible, said the Administrator again. Get in here now, Agent Liam.

Liam walked into the Administrator’s Office. She was a tall, thin woman with dark hair and green eyes. Her name was a closely guarded secret of the Agency, and there were many around that world that didn’t even know that one of the most powerful spies in the world was a woman. She worked her way up through the ranks and became the Administrator six years earlier.

Good job in Bucharest, Liam. We are able to confirm that Nikolay is in fact dead. Many of the projects he was funding are now in chaos. It seems that he did not think he was touchable. He left no contingencies for his untimely passing.

That’s good news, said Liam. It was a pretty easy operation, really. I had some problems on the escape.

Oh yes, I know. I received a report from the Cardinal. He was impressed with how you dealt with the car issue and made your escape.

The Cardinal, ma’am?

Oh yes, the Cardinal is based in Rome. He’s over our operations across Eastern Europe after the death of Agent Fong.

Yes, that was very sad what happened to him. Tragic.

It just goes to show you that you can’t trust your instincts always. A random turn down the wrong street can cost you your life.

I still have many questions about his death, but it did seem to be a random thing.

We all do, but the street scum that killed him said they were only trying to rob him. It’s a pity. You survive over 300 missions abroad, but you make the wrong turn down a back alley in New York City and you get jumped and killed.

What was he doing in New York, anyway?

The Administrator swallowed hard, I can’t tell you that. It’s top secret. I’ll just say that it’s Trump-related.

Liam nodded. The new American President had been a boon for the Agency’s coffers. Many hired them to investigate claims against him and his family. So, do you have my next assignment? asked Liam.

You have done an amazing job so far, Liam. Take some holiday time. You have earned it. Take a few days to yourself. We’ll be in touch.

Thank you, ma’am, but, if it’s all the same, I’d like to continue working, said Liam. He had no family, and time off made him think too much. The lack of family made him a perfect super-agent, but it made him a dreadfully lonely man.

We insist you take this time to unplug. We don’t expect you back here until we contact you in two weeks. The world is yours. Our plane will take you anywhere. said the Administrator.

I’ll think it over.

Enjoy yourself, Agent Liam. Find yourself a place where the boys are cute, and the hotels are cheap...or is it the other way around?

Liam smiled back, Thank you for the vacation time.

A few minutes later, Liam was back in his flat. He showered, shaved, dressed and packed a few things in his carry-on bag.

He would go where the wind would take him.

A few hours later, he got off the plane. He didn’t know exactly where he was. He just told the pilot to take him somewhere warm so he could lay on a beach for a week or two.

Bienviendo a Cartagena, said the sign. Liam had landed in Cartagena, Colombia.

Dressed in a tight-fitting white shirt and a pair of khaki shorts, his outfit was perfect for the location. Liam jumped in a car and directed the driver to drive him to the beach.

He thumbed through his e-mail messages, and he opened one from Isaac. Hey stud, I have booked you at the Hotel St. Croix. Enjoy your stay, but hurry home...I’ll be waiting. Isaac was all bark and no bite. He was a sweet guy, but he was way too nice for the kind of love Liam craved.

Hotel St. Croix, please. senor, answered the driver. Muy bien, senor.

A few moments later, Liam pulled up in front of the Hotel St. Croix, a beautiful and luxurious hotel right on the beach. After tipping his driver, Liam began to walk towards the main entrance. From his right, he noticed a man approaching at a fast pace. The man got a few feet away when he flashed a gun on his hip.

Mr. Scott?

It had been a long time since anyone had called Liam by his real last name.

Who’s asking?

You are required to come with me. Come quietly and don’t make a scene.

Sir, I’m on vacation, and you aren’t my type. Please, you don’t know who your dealing with, so you best turn around and go.

I know all about you Liam Scott. I also know what you did in Bucharest yesterday.

Was it yesterday? I lost track.

Come with me. We just want to talk.

I’ve seen this movie before, sir. You take me somewhere, and I talk to your boss. He gets mad, and my nuts end up as a chew toy for his Doberman. Plus, I think that you’re on security camera with me right now. My employer is very powerful and is omniscient. She knows where I am.

Mine is more powerful, and he knows all about her.

Liam knew he had little choice, but he wanted to see where they would take him. The entire Agency could be at stake.

At gunpoint, Liam was taken to a white, windowless van in the parking garage. He was placed into the back of the van where three men began to work him over tying his hands behind his back. With Liam face down on the floor of the van, they put a hood over his head and stripped him naked.

When the van reached its destination in the countryside Liam was pulled out of the van by his ankles and fireman carried into a cement block building. He was bent over a sawhorse with his chest and stomach resting against the narrow board, and his ankles and wrists were secured to the legs of the horse. He could feel one of the men grab his balls and pull them over the side so that they hung down between his legs. Little did they know, this is exactly the kind of thing that turned Liam on.

In London, Liam spent his time not fighting crime as part of the underground sadomasochism community. He liked it rough and hard. The harder the better, and that made him a perfect spy. You would have to kill him to torture him enough.

The thugs removed his hood, and he was in a dark, dungeon-like setting. He heard water dripping in the background, and he could feel the presence of others watching him though he heard no sound.

Hello, we have been expecting you, said a voice from the darkness. He detected a distinct sound of a Russian accent.

Who are you?

That is very immaterial. I want to know the identity of the Administrator. We know you were sent by her to kill our comrade in Bucharest.

I don’t know the Administrator’s name, so you might as well torture me. I’m glad I killed your fat fuck friend.

Suddenly, he felt a hand grip and squeeze his balls. Don’t talk about him that way. He was my lover.

Well...uh...I guess you...uh...should know. He died...with...uh...ah...go-go dancers on his arms. They were cuties...too...uh...You can grab my favor and stroke me off...while you’re back there.

The grip tightened. It felt like his balls were going to pop. Hand me the whip, said the Russian.

Oh God...please no...not the whip...please....don’t whip my, said Liam, half-heartedly.

The hand grabbing his nuts relented. Now he felt the Russian approaching his head. He pulled his hair back forcing Liam to look up into his eyes, I heard this about you. I know you like this pain. Well, we have taken this into account. He stopped and the henchman handed him an object. Inside this suppository, there are some bullet ants. When we put this inside you, you’ll have about five minutes to get it out of you before the capsule melts and you get some of the world’s most powerful stings inside your rectum.

Sounds exhilarating, said Liam.

His flawless skin beaded with sweat. His taut body and muscles rendered useless by the ropes.

So, do you want the creepy crawlies or do you want the whip. One way or another, we’ll extract the information we seek.

You might as well whip it. Whip it good.

Well, you are a problem that has come along in my life. Diego...he’s yours.

The big henchman stepped forward and wasted no time cracking the whip across Liam’s round ass.






Liam’s cock was starting to grow, and the precum was visible as it worked its way out of his urethra and dripped on to the ground. Soon, his cock was its full, thick length.

The whipping continued.





With each hit, Liam’s ass grew more and more dark and deep red.




The whipping continued until Diego’s arm was tired. Liam’s ass was a crisscrossed mess of marks and wheals.

I’m bored, said Liam. If you’re not going to give me a reach around, can you just untie me and let me do it myself?

The Russian couldn’t believe what he was seeing. This beautiful young secret agent had just been whipped until his ass was bleeding, but he was unfazed by it all. Your file said you were crazy. Now, I see why.

Paulo, ready the plumbing snake.

The plumbing snake was a long, think metal tube connected to a motor. It never failed to get a man to talk. Most times, the threat was enough. This particular tube was modified so that it did no permanent internal damage, but, for most men, it was painful enough to make them sing like a bird.

Paulo grabbed the instrument and began to feed the tube into Liam’s tight hole. The young agent could feel it feed inside him centimeter by centimeter. How far is it inside him now, Paulo?

About 20 centimeters, sir.

If you want me to talk