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Chad's Boys
Part 25

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 25
Greg Visits and Four Boys Have Fun

It had been arranged for Greg to spend New Year’s with Eric, the holiday being the following Monday. There had been talk of Greg staying all the way through until classes started up again, but he realized that he should spend a bit more time with his family, plus he didn’t want to make himself a nuisance for Eric’s parents. So the plan was for a Wednesday to Wednesday visit. Greg’s parents had an extra car, so Greg drove himself. It was about a half-day drive, but an easy one and he enjoyed the rare times he could drive, especially long distance, by himself.

When Eric initially discussed the visit with his parents there was some uncertainty as to the sleeping arrangements. They had no actual guest room, though Uncle Ben used a bed in the den downstairs when he visited and Mom was not away. Between visits the bed was put in the utility room to make more room. Eric’s parents weren’t too happy with banishing Greg alone to the basement and didn’t think the boys wanted a whole week of camping out. Chad offered, well, he could go in with you, I guess, watching closely for his son’s reaction. Eric betrayed nothing, just saying that he knew his bed was big enough, which made them laugh as everyone knew that Eric had shared it with Nick many times. So, that was set.

Eric promised to wait for Greg’s arrival so that they could have lunch together. He got things organized so that all he had to do was put it on the table. His parents were back at work, so he and Nick had the house to themselves and were left to make their own meals, which they did happily. Greg said he should be there by two o’clock and, in fact, pulled into the driveway at one-thirty. Eric was wearing sweats so that he could go outside to meet his friend and was out the door as soon as he heard the sound of the car arriving.

Greg got out of the car and the boys hugged, both saying damn, it’s good to see you again! There was only one bag to carry in; Greg had packed lightly, knowing that he wasn’t going need much of a wardrobe for the week. Back inside, Eric showed Greg where to leave his boots, found a hook for his coat, and they went into the kitchen.

Let’s get your stuff upstairs first. Lunch is ready. All I have to do is put it out. You can help.

Sure, said Greg, enjoying this bit of domesticity with his best friend. The idea of sharing something as ordinary as this with Eric felt natural. A bit exciting, too. What would also feel natural would be getting out of clothes shortly; he felt sure he would be soon.

His surmise was correct. Eric only had sweatshirt and sweatpants to get off; Greg a bit more, but in less than a minute the two were naked, hard, and hugging, then kissing. After a few minutes Eric pulled away and said we need lunch first. Greg reluctantly agreed. Erections bobbing in front of them they went downstairs and lunch quickly was on the table.

Meantime, Nick and Keith were downstairs, also naked. They had agreed to stay there until Greg arrived and Eric called them to meet him. Keith had arrived late morning, as all three had slept late. It was vacation, after all. While Eric was fixing lunch he was quite sure he was hearing the sound of bare hand to bare bottom downstairs, though there were no tell-tale sounds of yelling.

It was true. Nick and Keith decided that since Nick was home without parents every day that week, they’d start their visits off with a quick trade of swats. Not maintenance, not punishment, so fifteen became the lucky number. Nick gave Keith an efficient spanking, fifteen straight through. Keith kept quiet so Eric wouldn’t hear, but his leg kicks were enough for Nick to know that Keith was feeling it.

Positions switched, Keith was a bit more deliberate on Nick with three sets of five, each set given at a slower pace, but perhaps a firmer delivery. Spankings done, both boys agreed it was a good session.

They knew when Greg had arrived and were making bets on how long those two would be upstairs before getting lunch, with the loser getting another spanking. Both were off by quite a bit, as Eric cut things short, as we’ve seen. So the twenty minutes or more that the young pair estimated was way off. They laughed – a spanking each for this bet!

Lunch out and the table ready, Eric called down and invited Nick and Keith up to meet Greg. Lunch was for all four so that they could get to know each other. Eric and Greg had stayed hard, which had Greg a bit embarrassed for this first meeting, but he thought about it and realized that all four would be hard together quite a bit over the week, so what did it matter. Nick and Keith emerged, both impressed with Greg’s erection, which caused the inevitable with the younger boys getting hard, too. Eric introduced Keith and Greg, then four erect boys sat down to lunch. The chatter was lively, with talk of the holidays so far. Talk of other matters would come later.

A pleasant time was had and with all four helping, cleanup was quick. When the parents got home there would be no sign that a meal had been prepared and eaten, which was how they liked it in this family. Eric said he and Greg wanted some time together, which got a smirk from the younger boys. I heard that, you two. Don’t think you won’t pay for it. Laughter all around. Nick and Keith were eager to be together again, anyhow, though this time they also went upstairs, to Nick’s room to play computer games. Since a second round of spankings were coming that afternoon, the games would be played to see who would get edged the longest, winner getting the long one.

Keep the noise down, you two, said Eric as the pairs separated upstairs. You, too, shot back Nick. All laughing, they went into respective rooms, doors closing behind them.

Hardons lost during lunch were back immediately in Eric’s room. The two were on the bed, rolling around, kissing and hugging. How long this lasted they had no idea, but were feeling exhausted by the time they let up. This without having a spanking or an orgasm yet! There was plenty of time for both. As they rested, both realized that they now were listening to hear if noises were coming from the other room. What little they heard sounded like playing computer games. Well, there were better things to do right here.

As they lay there, just enjoying their closeness, Greg said quietly, Eric, I want you to fuck me. Now. Eric’s hardon felt harder and he slightly hyperventilated just at the thought of being in Greg again after their separation. He fully intended for that to happen at least once over this week, so lube was already at hand. He gave Greg a quick kiss, then retrieved the lube. Greg was on his back and lifted his legs. Eric lubed Greg and then himself and slowly pushed his erection against Greg’s eager hole. He entered faster than ever before, not that they’d done this many times yet. Their level of excitement was such that Eric shot very quickly, but neither complained.

There was time spent lying together, savoring the moment. Eric hugged Greg closer and whispered I want the same from you.

Of course. I can’t wait!

Now Eric was on his back with legs up. Greg prepped them both and quickly and easily was inside. His excitement level was heightened by just having been entered and he, too, shot quickly. Again, no complaints. That done, both fell asleep, holding each other.

Down the hall, Nick and Keith were having fun with the game. No victor emerged, nor did they care. The edgings would be fun, whatever. First, though, another round of spankings for both losing the bets. This time Nick received the first round, very much a duplicate of what he’d been given earlier. Positions reversed, Nick decided to give Keith a bit more than he expected. It was all Keith could do not to make any noise. It was unspoken, but they didn’t want the older boys to hear noises that sounded like reactions to pain from spankings. Those would come when all four were spanking together.

Spankings done, Nick got Keith on the bed and dragged out the edging for quite a while. Self-control was forgotten and Keith let out a long groan when he let go, shooting way up his belly. They paused, wondering if they were heard in the other room. By this time, even though they didn’t know it, Eric and Greg were asleep, so didn’t hear.

Cleanup, then a switch of positions. Keith got his revenge, with Nick moaning long before he shot, which also was a noisy event. The idea that they’d be heard got them laughing but, as they found out later, nothing was heard by the sleepers. They did not fall asleep, but enjoyed lying together on the bed for a while, then noticed the clock and that five o’clock was close. Parents would be home in the next hour or less. They went down the hall and Nick tapped on Eric’s door.

The tapping was the first thing Eric and Greg were aware of since falling asleep. Eric got out a groggy wha? with Nick replying it was he and Keith. Waking up a bit more, Eric invited them in. The bed was big enough for four and soon was holding four. Nick tickled Greg lightly on the ribs to get him fully awake. As Eric knew, Greg could be ticklish. Greg told Nick he would get it for that! Nick just giggled, knowing it was true. Nothing had been discussed, but all four knew that some four-way spanking was in the offing. If not tonight, then tomorrow, and who knows how many more times.

Mom and Dad are going to be home soon, said Nick. We probably should put on some sort of clothes.

Bummer was the general response, but they knew he was right.

Keith, do you have to go home for dinner? Eric asked.

Not really. If it’s OK for me to eat here I just have to let them know.

I’ll ask Mom, but it looks like she has plenty of food. This would make it much easier to get downstairs for playtime after dinner, rather than having to wait for Keith. Keith was sleeping over in any case. He’d brought his sleeping bag, leaving it downstairs, but Nick suggested they sleep in Nick’s room, since Eric and Greg were together in Eric’s bed. Keith was excited as the prospect, though a bit nervous as to what Nick’s parents would think. As it turned out, other than Chad being amused, they thought nothing of it. Given his same-sex experiences in high school and college, Chad had no trouble with his boys going in that direction. In a way he rather liked it. His wife had never said anything about wanting grandchildren, so it seemed she didn’t care what directions her sons went, if she even gave it much thought.

Nick and Keith went back to Nick’s room to pull on some clothes. In Eric’s room, the other two did the same and all were dressed when they went downstairs to greet the parents. Greg had not met Eric’s mom. He and she were pleased to meet, with Mom commenting on now having four sons in the house. Greg felt a thrill of pleasure hearing her say that. He felt so close to Eric now that it seemed appropriate. One more sign that they were meant to be together, even if they were yet to view it in quite that way.

Dinner was pleasant. Chad particularly enjoyed watching the four boys interact, the pairs being obvious, which was not surprising given their ages and the circumstances of their friendships. He picked up on Eric and Greg having a particular closeness though by all outward appearances it was a natural camaraderie from their months as roommates. He could sense something extra, despite appearances. Chad wouldn’t ask, in any case. He knew a bit about what Nick and Keith were up to but, again, did not pry. Chad fully expected that there would be soiled towels in both bedrooms in the morning. He smiled at the thought which Greg noticed and wondered what it might mean.

After dinner the four boys cleaned up the kitchen, giving the parents time to relax. Then downstairs. The TV was on upstairs, so they felt safe that minimal noise likely would not be heard.

Older spanks younger, Eric announced.

Fine. You’ll regret it, shot back Nick.

Greg, you’re the guest. You want to redden my little bro’s bottom? Eric asked his friend.

I’ve been dreaming about it all week, Greg replied, giving Nick a grin. Nick laughed. He wanted to spank Greg as much as Greg wanted to spank him. Nick also wanted to get his hands on Greg’s cock, especially now that he’d seen it hard.

The agreement was that spankings would be one at a time so that everyone could watch. Greg sat down and beckoned Nick who draped himself over the lap. Greg had spanked Eric, so he guessed that he could give Nick something similar. Having Nick’s butt up close, he was fascinated to see how much it was like Eric’s. He had taken a good look when both were hard and noted similarities there, too, but butt-wise they almost were twins. That was incentive enough.

It was also agreed that these would be maintenance. It had come out that both pairs were doing the same maintenance, so this worked ideally. That decided, Greg now was ready to give Nick a good spanking of four sets of three. He did his best to make each set different, where he struck, how hard, how fast. By the end he had Nick squirming a bit, which was most satisfying. Eric took great pleasure in watching this. Keith had seen Nick get spanked over Thanksgiving, but still enjoyed watching a second time, especially with a different spanker.

When it was time for Eric to spank Keith he had not forgotten that Keith had escaped over Thanksgiving and there was something to be made up here. Keith was quite startled by the twelve he received. Eric was much firmer than Nick! At least, it seemed that way. Nick could not control a smirk as he watched. Greg took it in quietly. Keith was a new person, so seeing his responses to a spanking was also new. He liked what he saw.

Keith was rubbing his bottom when he stood up, which added to Nick’s smirk. This time, however, the other three saw it. You’ll pay, said Keith quietly, in a tone that showed he was quite serious about it. Nick wasn’t scared. They’d had plenty of payback times already. Maybe he should have been a bit nervous.

A time-out followed in which Nick and Keith compared their spankings. Both were impressed by the older boys and said they looked forward to repaying the favor. Now it was Keith’s turn to spank Eric. The prospect of this excited him immensely, so much so that he was the first to pop a boner. Nick smirked again. Keith inwardly vowed that Nick would have trouble sitting tomorrow afternoon. Eric duly got over Keith’s lap, enjoying the feel of Keith’s hardon, which got his own started. Keith took a moment to think about just how to proceed. Given what he had received, he decided quickly. By the end of just twelve Eric was reacting vocally, to the delight of his three spectators.

Ow! That was a good one! Eric said as he stood and rubbed his butt. Keith glanced at Nick, both silently agreeing that it had been worth it to see Eric get that. Now it was Nick’s turn to spank Greg. He took his time getting Greg settled over his lap, enjoying the intimacy with his brother’s boyfriend. Greg in position, Nick spent some time considering the task at hand, wondering how it will be for Eric to see his little brother spanking his boyfriend. Twice now, that word had come to mind! He’d have to give that some thought later. Back to the spanking. He could be nice, but why? Twelve hard crisp smacks came down on Greg in quick succession. By the end Greg was crying out ai, ai, ai as the last few landed. Nick felt good about a job well done.

When standing Greg, just like Eric, was rubbing his butt.

That was hot! said Keith, still hard. Eric had boned watching Greg get spanked. Greg and Nick now weren’t far behind. So, the next round of decisions – who would stroke whom. This was tricky. If older/younger switched that meant Eric and Nick, who knew each other well. So, the pairings stayed as they were. Again, one at a time so all could watch. Older were stroked first. Eric and Keith eagerly watched how Nick handled Greg, given that neither had experienced the other sexually. Nick, too, was curious as to how Greg would respond, knowing that Greg and Eric were regularly doing this to each other. He quickly had Greg excited, which only made him excited and he feared he would spontaneously shoot. He didn’t, and got a good explosion out of Greg.

Eric had towels at the ready, so Greg cleaned up quickly. Now Keith worked on Eric. He took note of how Eric’s responses were similar and different from Nick’s. Some felt comfortably familiar, others were new and enticing. He got Eric to lift up his hips when he shot, which brought a round of applause. Greg had done this a couple of times and always loved seeing it. He vowed to work to make it happen more often.

Apparently nothing had been heard upstairs or, if it had been, it was ignored. It was time for the younger boys to cum. Greg eagerly went to work on Nick, using the technique he used on Eric, enjoying Nick’s reactions, some familiar, some new. Greg’s technique proved good as Nick, like Eric, arched his back as he shot. Keith was impressed and a bit jealous that he hadn’t made Nick do this yet. He would! Eric had fun toying with Keith, knowing that Nick was watching. Keith managed to stifle a yell as he shot. Nick liked what he saw.

Still no unwanted sounds from above. Now the boys were a bit tired, no surprise, so spent some time talking quietly, getting to know each other better, especially Greg who was the newest. It wasn’t long before Greg felt like he’d known Nick and Keith for a long time, and all were feeling the same about Greg. He shared some of his story with Nick and Keith, telling them about his brothers. He had saved some big news, even from Eric.

I’ve been waiting to tell you guys, especially Eric, so now’s the right time. I said that my brother Artie and I share a room. I’ve been sleeping nude for a long time, but Artie never seemed comfortable with doing it, though he didn’t care if I did. Well, since I left home, he’s been sleeping nude all the time! He was sleeping nude when I got home for Thanksgiving and he was cool about me seeing him. Positive reaction all around. Eric knew this already, after the Thanksgiving break.

There’s more, Greg said. I don’t know what’s gotten into him, but the first night I was back for this vacation we got into bed about the same time and he said wanna jack off with me? A unison wow followed that revelation. So, we did! Every night. He’s got a great cock, too. I was envious of you two having a brother to jerk off with, and now I do, too.

Eric was delighted for his friend, but with a slight twinge of jealousy that Greg was doing that without him. It passed. Why should he care? He was fooling around with Keith before Greg arrived. Now Keith was feeling a bit jealous as he didn’t have a brother at all.

You think he’ll want to spank, too? Nick asked.

I dunno. I guess I need a way to bring it up. He’s got a great butt.

No surprise, said Keith. You do, too.

Thanks and you do too, especially red! Greg shot back, to laughter all around.

Before they knew it, it was eleven-thirty. Chad called down that he and the boys’ mother were off to bed and for the guys not to stay up too late. Eric said they wouldn’t. After a decent interval to make sure the parents were settled, the boys gathered up their clothes and went upstairs without dressing. In the hall there was quick round of kisses good-night, with Greg and Keith taking a little bit longer, enjoying sharing this with someone new. Nick and Keith were off to Nick’s room, Eric and Greg to Eric’s.

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