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Dan and Joe
Two Twin Spankings

by Brhmsj

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Dan and Joe – Two Twin Spankings

The phone rang at Mr. Bailey’s house. He answered and a man’s voice on the other end said, This is Gustav Schmidt. I live on the other side of the neighborhood and we have met a couple of times.

Of course. I remember you. Nice to hear from you.

After all these years it seems we should meet finally. I believe we share some interests, too. I’d like to have you join me for dinner some evening, as fits your schedule.

Most kind of you. Calendars were consulted and an evening was set, just a couple of days hence. By the end of the call the two men were on a first-name basis. Mr. Bailey hung up wondering if among those shared interests there was one in particular – spanking.

The evening proceeded as might be expected. Mr. Schmidt did not serve cocktails but did have aperitifs which were his preference. Mr. Bailey appreciated them also. Over dinner their conversation took in many topics. The men learned about each other and even before the subject of spanking came up they discovered they had quite a few similar interests. In many ways similar backgrounds, too.

Dinner finished, Mr. Schmidt suggested they move to the living room. Wine glasses replenished, they made themselves comfortable.

Mr. Schmidt led off the discussion. You may know that every summer I employ a high school graduate to help me with yard work and other tasks. This gives whomever a good job before he goes to college. Mr. Bailey nodded. He had heard about this, but not much else. This summer, and now this fall, I’ve had two boys working for me who have come into your orbit, I believe. He named Carl and Tony.

I’ve never met Carl, though I know his good friend Frank. Frank and his brother Tony I’ve come to know quite well.

I can assure you that Carl is a fine young man. As are Frank and Tony. Carl introduced me to Frank on a couple of occasions. From Tony I’ve learned that you and I are in agreement on just how teenage boys should be disciplined and developed.

Mr. Bailey’s eyebrows went up. I had a strong suspicion that this was at least one area of mutual interest for us, he said with a smile, which was returned by his new friend. Conversation now turned to spanking philosophies which kept them at it for quite a while. The evening grew late, but neither wanted to end it.

Having covered, for the moment, their philosophies, Mr. Schmidt turned to a related matter. I believe you know another two boys, Dan and Joe.

Oh yes, said Mr. Bailey with a chuckle. As I think you have discerned, I have spanked all four of these boys. Never Carl, however. I feel my spankings have done them all a great deal of good.

I’m sure they have. I had the pleasure of spanking Carl over the summer and I can assure you that he benefited mightily from it. Both men laughed as they considered their work with these young men and their own attitudes towards it. Mr. Schmidt continued. I have to admit I’m curious to meet them and know more about them. Carl, Frank, and Tony are quite fond of them and seem to have good times with them. The parenting situation is unusual, though it seems effective.

Yes, it is unusual and it is effective. Those two are like brothers, twins. They may not be blood relations, but they are closer than many brothers are.

Speaking of brothers, tell me about your sons. I never married and always have had to make do with surrogate sons, as it were. Mr. Bailey gladly talked about his boys, life as a single parent, discipline. Mr. Schmidt was quite interested to learn that even now that they were in their twenties, Mr. Bailey applied his firm hand to his sons and that it was met with appreciation.

I have some boys who’ve returned to me during their college years, Mr. Schmidt said. A couple who have settled nearby visited through their twenties, but it seems they all move on eventually.

Nothing wrong with that, especially if they are passing along the fine tradition. The men smiled at that. Let me see how things work out with Joe and Dan so that you can meet them. They’re good kids, but given to rowdiness at school and seem to find themselves in detention about once every six weeks or so. I’ve made an agreement with the boys that any time they get a detention they will be spanked by me, so as you can guess, Joe and Dan have had a few. Even Tony had to get one, in his case for negligence. He’s more careful now! Chuckles at that one. I feel sure detentions will happen again. Perhaps you can join me when I apply the firm hand. Mr. Schmidt liked the idea. The men settled into conversation about other topics and when Mr. Bailey departed they felt like good friends.

The detention situation did develop though not as anyone expected. School policy, which Dan and Joe knew well, was that a sixth detention resulted in a note to the parents that their child was receiving regular detentions. Inevitably a sixth detention was given to the pair, per usual due to some wise-guy behavior of no real consequence but still deserving of disciplinary action. After being released the boys duly reported to Mr. Bailey who was not reticent about letting them know he was displeased with this ongoing behavior. In a break from the usual routine he told them to report on Sunday afternoon rather than tomorrow. They were fine with that.

The next day the boys were at Joe’s, out of clothes as always, in Joe’s room doing homework. About five o’clock there was a stern knock on the door and both fathers entered, each holding a piece of paper. Ominously, Dan’s father also was holding Dan’s paddle.

Joe’s dad led off. We have both received notes from school that you boys have now had your sixth detention this year. This is quite unacceptable. What is this one for?

Well... Joe said.

Well what?

Dad, we were just fooling around. No harm done. People get so crabby!

Dan’s father now spoke. Someone must have felt there was an issue or you would not have been in detention. The boys looked at the floor, abashed. Dan’s father continued. We really have no choice in how to deal with this. The boys had stood up when their fathers entered and now were shifted uneasily as they stood. The paddle told them all they needed to know.

Joseph, get your paddle. Joe did as told, retrieved the paddle and handed it to his father. The men sat in each of the chairs their sons had been using. Let’s not waste time here, Joe’s father said. Reluctantly two boys went over their fathers’ laps. They were already naked, so no need for the ritual of undressing for their discipline.

The fathers passed over hand spankings and started in with the paddles. They worked steadily, bringing authoritative WHAPs with the paddles onto their respective sons’ bottoms. Joe gave in to yells first, but Dan was not far behind. Now a steady rhythm of paddles on flesh followed by cries of ow! filled the room. WHAP WHAP WHAP. Neither father lost energy, both were intent on making this a most memorable event, hoping it would cure these two of their rowdy behavior at school. At least their grades weren’t suffering because of it.

WHAP WHAP WHAP. Now the boys were beginning to wonder how much more they could take. The sting had come fast, thanks to the paddles. The repeated swats kept the pain mounting, as intended. Yells turned into Dad! No! Please! I’ll behave! This let both fathers know they were getting through to their wayward sons. When each thought they were about to start bawling like babies, the paddling stopped.

Joseph you are stay here in your room until tomorrow. No dinner for you. And no computer, either! Joe looked at the floor, his shame obvious.

Daniel, the same goes for you. Get your clothes on and then right up to your room. You, too, will forfeit dinner tonight. Dan slowly dressed, his clothes hurt his sore butt! Both boys spent the night alone in their rooms, reflecting on their paddlings. Each, at some point, realized that there would be a second round from Mr. Bailey on Sunday. Maybe behavior should change?

The rest of the week was uneventful with the boys sticking to the straight and narrow. Their spankings definitely had a stronger effect than any past discipline relating to school behavior. Sunday they knocked on Mr. Bailey’s back door right at two o’clock. They were invited in and immediately noticed another older man rising from his chair as they entered.

Mr. Bailey made introductions. This is my new friend, Mr. Schmidt. We have discovered that we should have been friends long ago, but no time like the present. The boys shook hands. This was Mr. Schmidt, the one who had spanked Carl, Frank, and Tony. Why was he here now? That was explained immediately.

Mr. Schmidt has heard quite a bit about you and wanted to meet, so I told him I would arrange it at an appropriate time. Joe and Dan weren’t sure they liked that last part of it. You are here for the spankings you’ve earned for your bad behavior at school.

Joe said quietly, our parents were told because it was our sixth detention. We were spanked hard by our dads.

Any hopes that this admission would mitigate today’s circumstances were dashed.

It seems to me that reinforcement is called for, which is what you’ll get today. Now, no more stalling. Up you go and be ready. We will each be spanking today. They knew what that meant and reluctantly mounted the stairs. In the interim Mr. Bailey explained this ritual and that the boys would be naked and waiting for their discipline when the men joined them. Mr. Schmidt liked the sound of this. A new twist on a time-honored tradition of discipline for teens.

The boys immediately were aware of two chairs waiting, both with a paddle on it. Another paddling! They looked at each other with very unhappy faces. Still, they knew the agreement and clothes were removed and neatly stacked as always. They stood by the chairs and in a moment the men arrived. Mr. Bailey gave Mr. Schmidt a moment to size up the now-naked boys. He liked what he saw and noted that these five friends were all good looking, nicely developed, and most spankable.

Mr. Bailey took the chair next to Joe, with Mr. Schmidt taking the other. Nothing was said, the boys knowing well their part, and dutifully they went over laps. There was added trepidation when they waited. The usual nervousness of what they knew Mr. Bailey would administer, now with a new concern as to what Mr. Schmidt might do. Dan was about to find out.

SMACK SMACK SMACK. Hand spankings were the beginning. The boys’ bottoms had recovered from the earlier spanking, but the memory of it was still fresh, making this one something more than their usual times in this house. Joe was getting just what he expected. Dan knew quickly that Mr. Schmidt delivered a spanking of the same quality as Mr. Bailey. As their fathers had previously, these two men delivered the spankings in a steady rhythm, each expert at mounting the sting gradually. Nothing was said, but each man chose to save the yelling for the paddles and let the boys stoically take this first segment. The men nodded at each other, instinctively knowing when the hand spankings were sufficient.

The boys were instructed to stand and retrieve the paddles which had been placed on the floor. That done, Mr. Bailey said you need to change spanker, don’t you think, boys? As if the answer could be no. Now a new trepidation set in. Dan knew only too well what awaited him over Mr. Bailey’s lap with the paddle. Joe had no idea what to expect, hoping it would not match the paddling his father had doled out. Boys over a new lap the men delivered paddlings that, unhappily for the boys, matched the ones they’d received earlier that week. The satisfaction of two boys crying out with each swat was quickly achieved. WHAP WHAP WHAP. The paddlings were of a steady rhythm like the hand spankings. The pain was bearable, just, but the humiliation of a repeat of their previous discipline was not. The yells changed to No, please! I’ll be good! then morphed into hints of sobs. The men were in silent agreement as to where to take this, given the signs. A few more smacks of the paddle and almost simultaneously our young friends were in childish tears. They’d cried for Mr. Bailey but now for both this was an added humiliation, crying in front of a stranger. They were allowed to lie there for a while. When the sobs subsided Mr. Bailey told them to go to their respective corners. You know the rules! The boys did as told.

Come, join me on the couch, Mr. Bailey said to Mr. Schmidt. The men sat and admired the view of their handiwork. Two very red bottoms, warm and sore. The boys knew not to touch and were doing the inevitable shifting of weight in the vain attempt to ease the pain. To a spanker always a happy sight. Quietly the two men compared the spankings they had given, the boys discerning very little of what was said.

Fine bottoms, Mr. Schmidt said. I have to admit that I rather envy you having had them to work on for so long.

Ah, but you’ve had far more bottoms looking up at you from your lap over the years than I have, Mr. Bailey pointed out. The men chuckled, causing the boys added discomfort. After what seemed to the boys like an excruciatingly long time they were called back to face the men. Mr. Bailey was surprised that they were not hard. The embarrassment of a new spanker must have affected them more than he expected. After the boys left Mr. Bailey told Mr. Schmidt about what usually happened after a spanking and expressed his disappointment that his new friend had not seen the boys hard.

I’m sure I will, replied Mr. Schmidt.

No doubt, said Mr. Bailey.

However, back to the story. The boys stood in front of the two men, hands at their sides. Mr. Bailey delivered a stern lecture on behavior. More embarrassment. The boys shifted nervously as they listened but said nothing. Lecture done, Mr. Bailey said that he and Mr. Schmidt needed some time to discuss things and that the boys could go home. The men went downstairs.

Uncomfortable from the paddlings, Joe and Dan dressed slowly, their briefs adding to the sting. Once dressed they went downstairs, made their good-byes and quickly were at Dan’s, in his room and naked. The soothing crème emerged and each comforted the other. Still, though, no erections.

Back at Mr. Bailey’s the men compared notes. Mr. Schmidt was most grateful for the invitation. I hope you can do it again often, Mr. Bailey said. Both thought it a good idea.

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