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Chad's Boys
Part 26

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 25
More Christmas Vacation Fun

Four boys slept late the next day. Eric’s parents were long gone by the time anyone made it downstairs for breakfast. Keith’s parents had a chance to visit friends out of town for a couple of days. They suggested to Chad that Keith be sent to relatives who lived close by, but Chad said he and his wife were enjoying the houseful of boys and more time with Keith was hardly a problem. That settled, it meant that Keith would be there right through the holiday. Chad, in particular, was loving having four sons for a while. He told Ben all about it, with the expected response of some envy on Ben’s part. Chad would be visiting Ben after Eric was back at college, in part to give his wife some time alone after the hectic holiday weeks.

The boys were enjoying that they didn’t have to get dressed, and that there would be a few more days of sleeping late and not putting on clothes. At the table Greg brought up something that had been on his mind after seeing a few websites.

Is there a hairbrush in this house? he asked. No one needed to ask why he wanted to know and three teens shifted a bit in their chairs as the mention of a hairbrush brought that tingle to their butts.

Eric responded, Y’know, I don’t know if Dad has one. You know, Nick? Nick had no idea. Certainly neither he nor Eric ever had one. There was some memory of a bath brush years ago, but that seems to have disappeared.

Well, Nick said slowly, now that you ask... He looked at Keith, the other two wondering what this was about. Stay right there. He dashed upstairs. He and Keith had not had a moment that felt right to open their present to each other. This seemed as good as any. Nick was quickly back down with the gift-wrapped box.

Keith smiled. I guess we really all should get to enjoy it.

Who gave you that? asked Eric.

We did, Nick and Keith said together, then laughed. Nick continued. We wanted something special together for Christmas. Just like you guys, we’d been reading about paddles and hairbrushes and stuff, so we... well, you’ll see. He put the box on the table and he and Keith worked together to unwrap it. The box was plain as the brush had not come with its own box. Nick opened it and brought out the brush.

Wow! Cool! the older boys said.

And just think, the first use will be on Nick while I spank the smirk off his face, said Keith. Nick wasn’t quite sure what he thought of that, but they’d bought the brush together for just such use.

We’ll have more time after lunch to use that, so let’s wait until then, Eric suggested. He knew they would find the anticipation would only add to the brush’s effect, but it was true that having more time would be best. Before any spankings, though, all four needed showers. Eric again pulled rank and said he and Greg would go first.

Save some water for us, Nick teased.

Don’t worry. We’ll shower together, so that saves water. Greg had hoped that showering together would be the case and knowing now that they would be in the shower together had him hard. Kitchen cleanup was done quickly and all four went upstairs, Eric and Greg heading for the bathroom. Morning wood had not been dealt with in either room, so all four were ready. Eric and Greg washed each other, taking care not to miss a spot and soapy hands were stroking hardons. The excitement of showering together combined with the soapy hands made for quick ejaculations, but they were having too much fun to care. As he turned off the water Eric said to Greg, Ever been smacked on a wet butt?

You better not! Too late, as a quick smack hit Greg. It was no effort to return the favor, both agreeing that the wetness added to the sting. That done, they dried off with Greg heading first to Eric’s bedroom. As Eric left the bathroom he called to Nick that the room was free, then joined Greg in his own room. Greg said he’d show Eric some of the spank sites he’d visited.

When Nick and Keith got into Nick’s room Keith said, I didn’t cum yet today! I really need to. He was hard, so his need was evident. Nick said to relax and wait until they were in shower – that would be more fun. Keith hadn’t thought of that, so tried to relax while they waited. In the meantime they surfed the net a bit, seeing what sites of interest they could find. There certainly were plenty of spank sites!

When Eric called out that the bathroom was free the younger two quickly were down the hall and under running water, also washing each other all over. Keith really did need it as he shot almost as soon as Nick soaped up his cock.

No self-control! Nick teased. Keith shrugged, took to washing Nick, and Nick shot almost as quickly.

Guess that’s two of us, Keith teased back. They laughed.

Water off, they started to get out and reach for towels. Nick was tempted and gave Keith a quick swat on the wet butt.

Ow! What was that about?

Just wanted to find out how much it hurt, Nick said with an evil grin.

Keith gave Nick a good, resounding smack. Now you know! Nick agreed, it hurt!

Dried off they knocked on Eric’s door and joined the other two. They guys got laughing when they found out that everyone had received a wet-bottom swat. There was discussion of doing more of that before Greg left. After that, a lot of online research went on that morning, with all four discovering a great deal about spanking that had never occurred to them. How much would become part of the lives no one could say, but all four showed a great curiosity about paddles.

Between having a late breakfast and all they were learning online, it was after one o’clock before anyone felt hungry. Eric said he’d go down and check out things, but the others could hang there for a while. After checking out the refrigerator and finding plenty for sandwiches and the like he called upstairs and his brother and pals, all naked, joined him.

Eric set about getting everyone organized to put some lunch on the table. Over lunch they talked about some of the things they’d seen online. Now that the brush had been revealed, there was much talk about hairbrushes and paddles, with all showing signs of great curiosity about such implements. Lunch done and order restored in the kitchen, they went downstairs, Keith bringing the hairbrush which had stayed on the table after breakfast, sitting there for all to see during lunch. Once downstairs, there was discussion as to how many swats were appropriate. Fifteen was the magic number again. This had to be more than maintenance, but given the lethal nature of the brush, the number should be lower than a punishment spanking.

This agreed, Nick reluctantly went over Keith’s lap, Eric and Greg watching avidly. Now that the moment of truth had arrived, Keith wasn’t quite so sure. This was his best buddy! The memory of the smirks came back, which was all that was needed. He started slowly. With the brush he could make good contact with a flick of the wrist, which he did for number one. OW! from Nick. Everyone knew it was working. A few more and Nick now was saying shit with each strike, which escalated to shit, shit, shit by the end. He wasn’t crying, but this was about the worst spanking he’d endured so far, other than the serious one Keith had given him before the holidays.

Standing, he furiously rubbed his sore butt. I won’t forget, he said. Keith knew he wouldn’t, but it was worth it.

Now Keith was feeling smug. He’d given one brother the hairbrush, why not the other? Eric, step right up! he said. Eric thought to protest, but a glance from Nick indicated that it was OK and things would even out later. So, also reluctantly, Eric went over Keith’s lap. For variety’s sake Keith changed his style a bit, yet still had Eric letting out with shit a couple of times before things were done. Now standing next to his brother, Eric was also rubbing a stinging bottom.

Now, you two, you know what the rules are around here for bad language, Keith said, now feeling a strong control over the situation, without considering the consequences. You’re too sore now, but before the holiday I’d say we need to address the bad language. He looked to Greg for approval. Greg said nothing, which Keith read as agreement. Eric and Nick felt sure that Keith wouldn’t tell on them, but also that a spanking from Keith was preferable to Dad finding out and delivering one himself.

The brothers had been spanked with the hairbrush; Greg and Keith yet to be dealt with. Keith knew better than to push his luck any further, though he happily would have spanked Greg, too. Eric, a bit recovered, took charge. Neither he nor Nick were ready to sit, but Greg was ready to administer the goods to Keith. Very reluctantly Keith stood, let Greg take the chair, and slowly placed himself over Greg’s lap. Now that neither of them were getting it, Eric and Nick both started to bone up as they watched. Greg had a moment of debate as he looked at Keith’s lovely bottom, pale and ready for color. He could take Nick’s revenge for him, or save it for Nick. Let Nick have his fun.

Nonetheless, Keith now received fifteen memorable swats with the hairbrush. Greg decided that dragging it out would be the most effective, so was slow and deliberate, without being particularly hard in the smacks themselves. Even so, Keith was feeling it! He didn’t yell any obscenities, but by the end was hyperventilating a bit. Now Nick was the one feeling smug, knowing that the last spanking had been saved for him to give. Keith joined the brothers, standing and rubbing his butt.

What to do with Greg? Even with what he’d seen, Greg wanted to find out how that brush felt on his bottom. Nick announced that he thought he could sit down now. He did, though a bit gingerly. In place, and still feeling it a bit, he gestured for Greg to take his place, for the final round. There was no need to handle Greg roughly, but by about number eight Greg knew what the brush felt like and his legs were kicking away. Eric took note; Greg hadn’t kicked a lot in the past. Keith done, now Greg joined the standees, rubbing his sore butt. Nick was happy to stand again as he still was feeling it.

Was this a good purchase? Nick asked, looking at Keith but really addressed to everyone. Despite their pain, the others nodded yes. I agree, said Nick. Now you two have to get one, he said to Eric and Greg. They looked at each other.

Or do we want a paddle? Greg asked, with a smile.

Let’s think it over, said Eric, smiling back. Later they agreed to wait until they were back at school, search the web, and order a paddle online. That agreement made, they laughed as they had both gotten hard at the thought.

For now, there were four sore bottoms. They trooped up to Eric’s room where they could all lie face-down on the bed. In place, they discussed the brush. All agreed it was a serious weapon!

Don’t let any parents know about that! said Greg. More laughter as they all agreed, though none of them thought their fathers were likely ever to use a brush or paddle.

Around five they dressed, knowing that Eric and Nick’s parents would be home soon. After the afternoon’s chastisements, they dressed more nicely for dinner, something not lost on Mom who appreciated that her now-four sons were looking good for dinner.

After dinner the boys were back upstairs, Nick and Keith in Nick’s room, Greg and Eric in Eric’s. Clothes were off and each pair entertained themselves with computer games and some more research. Around eleven Nick and Keith went to Eric’s room, knocked quietly, and were invited in. Eric and Greg were already on the bed, so the others joined, Nick and Eric ending up in the middle, with their friends on the outside. Not much was said as they enjoyed their closeness. Just after eleven-thirty Chad tapped on the door and said good night, and don’t be noisy! Eric assured him they wouldn’t, and they heard Chad go into his own room and close the door. The parents were in for the night.

The boys chatted quietly for a while. After a bit all were yawning and next Greg and Keith were aware that Nick and Eric had fallen asleep. They looked over the brothers at the other at just the same moment, which confirmed that they were still awake. Greg pointed to the door. Both quietly got off the bed, left the room shutting the door quietly behind them, and went into Nick’s room.

No reason to disturb them, said Greg. We can just as easily sleep here. Do you mind?

No, not at all, said Keith. The idea of sleeping with Greg seemed both a bit naughty (after all, he was Eric’s boyfriend) and hot. They climbed into bed, not getting too close together, the intent truly was to sleep. There was a bit of you ok and the like as they settled in.

Greg, said Keith, I just want to say. . . um. . . I want to tell you... well, you have a nice cock. He finally got it out. Greg said, thanks, man, I like yours, too.

Cool. Well, good night.

Good night. Those admissions were appreciated but neither boy meant or interpreted them as a cue for sex. Each sensed they’d get time to play before Greg went home, whether with the brothers or alone was yet to be seen.

In the morning Eric and Nick were startled to wake up and realize they were alone in Eric’s bed. Well, look who’s here, said Eric. Nick smiled and said it was good to be sleeping together again. Eric agreed. They must be in your room, Eric said. Let’s find out.

Their parents had long since left for work, so no need to dress. Nick opened his bedroom door and there were Greg and Keith, still asleep, on opposite sides of the bed which made both brothers happy.

Hey guys, time to get up! said Nick. The two in the bed rolled over and had a moment of uncertainty as to where they were.

Wow, we fell asleep down here, said Keith, forgetting that they’d purposely moved last night.

Eric gave Keith a playful poke. What are you doing, sleeping with my. . . my friend? He almost said boyfriend. Greg noticed, but said nothing. Keith laughed.

You guys were hogging the bed, so we had to sleep somewhere, he said in retort. Eric went to Greg’s side of the bed and climbed in next to him, wrapping him in a hug, with some kissing. On the other side Nick and Keith were doing the same, both couples oblivious to the other for a while. After some minutes of this Nick announced he was hungry and it was off to find breakfast and plan the day.

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