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Rob's Summer Adventures
Part 4

by Brhmsj

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Rob’s Summer Adventures – Part 4
Jay’s spanking history

Nothing was different at work. Jay treated Rob as he always did and Rob followed suit. He noticed that Jay did not invite him to lunch today. No matter. He knew Jay would be otherwise occupied that night, as it were. At 5:00 he left quickly. He hadn’t had a chance to talk to Billy yet. Dinner was usually around 7 and he knew it was the same for Billy, so there would be time to talk before.

Rob was home before Dad. He ran upstairs to his room and stripped down, as he did most days. Lying on the bed he called Billy. He was relieved that Billy was there and had time to talk. The whole story of the previous night came out.

That’s awesome! Billy said when Rob was done. Wish I could be there.

Me, too, said Rob. He really would have liked sharing that with Billy, and to see Billy’s reactions.

Is he really going to spank his friend?

It seems like he is, Rob replied. I don’t know if he’ll tell me about it or not. I guess I just have to wait and see. He says he’d spank me if he thought I deserved it.

Wow, hot! said Billy. He, too, was intrigued by the idea of being spanked by someone older. They continued in that vein, then Rob got out the other bit of info that he wanted to share – just how big Jay looked.

Damn! I gotta get over there! said Billy, the envy clear in his voice. They laughed.

I don’t know, said Rob. He does know a bit about my friends at school because Barry asked some questions about whether I fool around at school. I said I did, but not much more than that.

Well ask him if I could see his tub! That should work, Billy said, egging on Rob. Rob laughed and said it was worth a try. They chatted a bit more, then finished.

The next day at work around 10:00 Jay stopped by Rob’s desk and quietly asked if Rob could join him for dinner again. I hope your father won’t think it weird that you’re going out with me twice in a week.

I don’t think so, said Rob. I’ll let you know. When he took his morning break he called Dad at work, saying that he’d had yet another invitation. Dad seemed amused but said you’re old enough to take care of yourself. Just be home by 11 because you have to work again tomorrow. Rob promised he would, knowing that Jay was responsible in such matters. As he went out for lunch he stuck his head in Jay’s office and confirmed that things were fine.

When the work day ended Rob sensed that Jay didn’t want to leave with everyone else, so he flipped on a computer game to kill time. After about ten minutes he felt Jay’s firm hands on his shoulders. It felt good and he relaxed into Jay’s grip. Neither spoke for a minute or two.

Alright kiddo, let’s go, Jay said. I’ve prepared a pizza. We can eat and get in the tub again. I know you like that. Rob agreed that he did. The ride to the apartment was quiet, but not uncomfortable. Upstairs Jay said he had a couple of quick things to do before he put the finishing touches on the pizza.

Go ahead and get undressed, he said in a matter-of-fact tone. They both now knew each liked being naked and already felt comfortable together nude, so Rob was more than happy to be out of his clothes. He was down to the bedroom and back quickly. Jay smiled when the boy returned. Jay had some interesting magazines on his coffee table which kept Rob’s attention. About twenty minutes later he realized that Jay was coming into the living area naked. The both smiled.

Jay sat on the couch and indicated that Rob should join him. Lean back against me, he said. That’s good, as Rob settled in. Jay put his arms around Rob, hands on his chest, sometimes lightly stroking in a brotherly rather than sexual way. Rob couldn’t remember feeling quite so comfortable with another man. As he held Rob, Jay talked about Barry, again apologizing for letting things get out of control the other night.

Really, Jay, it was no problem. I really liked it!

Good. I have to admit I enjoyed watching. Rob blushed a bit and stiffened a bit, too. Jay was positioned just right to catch the stiffening and could sense the blush. He was pleased. Now he explained a bit more to Rob about his friendship with Barry. They were close friends, probably closer to each other than to any other friends. Jay explained about why he still spanked Barry and how it continued to be important in Barry’s life. The spankings weren’t regular, though sometimes more often than other times.

As he listened, Rob shifted a bit to get closer and Jay held him a bit tighter.

One thing that Barry knows well is that if I have other guests when he’s here, unless it is specifically for playtime, he has to control himself. It’s not just here that he can let his urges take over; he’s done it in some inappropriate places. He knows how old you are. I told him it was hands off, but you saw what happened. Rob nodded. So, if you were wondering, I did give him a good spanking last night. There’s no need to tell you all about it, but I can assure you that he was well chastised when he left and will be better behaved the next time you see him. Unless you want things otherwise, which is up to you.

Thanks, said Rob, uncertain as to what was the best response. They were quiet for a few minutes, just enjoying their physical closeness. Rob still wasn’t sure quite how he felt sexually towards this older man, but certainly enjoyed the comfort of being held. A few times Jay lightly kissed the back of Rob’s head. After a few minutes Rob asked would you really spank me, too?

Jay chuckled. I said so, and I meant it. I’m not sure what you might do that would warrant a spanking, but I would not hesitate – in the appropriate setting – to spank you if I felt you deserved it. I might spank you for no other reason than I think you need a spanking. If I do spank you, you will be as naked as you are now. Rob’s previously slightly stiff cock was now at full mast, something not lost on Jay. He smiled to himself, knowing that he had a boy in his arms who very much wanted a spanking. It could be work related, but I won’t spank you at work. It would be here.

Instinctively Rob said Yes, sir. Jay chuckled at that. No need to call me sir, kiddo.

OK. Do you spank at work? Or spank guys from there after work?

Do you think these are appropriate questions? Jay sounded stern. The first time he had with Rob.

Well, I just. . .

You are a curious young man. Perhaps it’s time to do something about that. I’ve found a good reason to spank you, Jay said with a smile. He had been hoping to find some reason, no matter how flimsy. He made Rob stand. Jay moved to the middle of the couch and gently guided the boy over his lap. Rob was very nervous and bothered that he’d upset his new friend. Jay delivered about twenty light swats to Rob’s bottom. Rob was relieved that it didn’t hurt much, but suspected that if there were a repeat he’d feel it.

Spanking done they resumed the positions they’d be in before. Satisfied? Jay asked as he lightly stroked Rob’s chest. At least for now? Another enigmatic comment.


Let’s get that pizza ready. I’m hungry and I’m sure you are, too. They got up and Rob helped with the final prep before the pizza went in the oven. Their erections had returned as they worked. Jay’s hardon definitely was bigger than any of Rob’s pals! Even with the spanking Rob now was having warm feelings toward Jay, different from those he felt for his other buddies, especially Billy who was the most special of them. Just enjoy it, he told himself.

Pizza cooking, Jay asked Rob what he wanted to drink. Both settled for seltzer and took them onto the balcony. Rob was still hard and now enjoyed the sensation of being hard outdoors, something he hadn’t done since camp, either. By the time the timer sounded both had receded. Jay took the pizza out of the oven and set it down to rest for a moment. He handed Rob dishes and silverware to take out, following right behind with the pizza. Rob was impressed by how much Jay had loaded onto the pizza – homemade crust, too – and how good it tasted!

Dinner and clean-up done, they resumed their positions on the couch. Anything you want to ask me? Jay offered. Rob wasn’t ready to tell all about Billy and the guys at school, but did want to know if Jay had buddies he played with. Jay chuckled.

Of course. Not just Barry. Sometimes I have a group here and we all get naked and have a good time. We even squeezed five into the tub once. That was tight! They both laughed at that image. For the moment that was all the detail he chose to share about them.

When I was in college I did have a man who I guess I could call a mentor. I met him the end of sophomore year and left for the summer having promised to look him up when school started up again in September. While nothing happened the couple of times we met before summer, it was clear that he wanted to take me under his wing sexually. At first it was disconcerting but over the summer I realized that I was ready for it and looked forward to what an older man could teach me. He did, too. I won’t go into detail, but most weekends that school year I spent at his house, sleeping with him at night. He liked for me to be naked all weekend, which I was glad to do as I already enjoyed being naked. It was no effort to fulfill that request! Other than in bed he’d stay dressed most of the time. I liked that, too, as it made him seem more fatherly, in a way.

Anyhow, he let me bring my books and I could do my homework, so the weekends were productive in many ways. If it hadn’t been for him I never would have spanked Barry. Yes, along with everything else he spanked me when necessary. The first couple of months I got spanked a lot! However, I learned the rules and the spankings were less frequent. I quickly realized that the spankings did me good and helped set me up for adulthood. Sometimes, for fun, he would give me a sensual spanking just to get me excited, which they did. For me it made for more exciting sexual play.

Rob had been hard for most of this and Jay again had his hand lightly around Rob’s arousal.

I hope none of this has freaked you out, Jay said.

Oh, no. I like hearing about all of it.

Jay gave Rob’s dick a slight squeeze. Yes, I would say you do! Again Rob was feeling he might shoot, even without any overt inducement. After a moment Jay told him to get up. They both stood. Rob, lie back on the couch. We need to take care of this. Rob didn’t need to be asked twice.

Jay pulled up a chair and gave Rob a long, slow edging. He didn’t know Rob as well as Billy did, but he was older and more experienced and guided Rob to an orgasm rivaling the one from Billy earlier that summer. Jay let the boy lie still for a moment before cleaning him up. That done, Rob dropped off to sleep. Jay let him lie there for about a half-hour until it was time to take the boy home. Lightly kissing him on the forehead, Jay woke him up and said it was time to go home.

I don’t want to, Rob said drowsily.

Well, you have to, kiddo, Jay said. Rob knew he was right. Now, hop to it or you might just be getting a real spanking sooner than you expected. So, it seemed Jay did expect to give Rob a real spanking at some point.

Jay took him home, pulled up in front of the house, and gave Rob a quick kiss on the cheek. See you tomorrow, he said as Rob got out.

Yup, Rob replied.

Once inside and naked in bed Rob thought that perhaps he’d found a mentor for the summer and speculated on what that might mean. He didn’t know it yet, but was right, he had found a mentor, a relationship which continued right up until it was time to start college.

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