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Chad's Boys
Part 27

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 27

The day after the hairbrush spankings really was uneventful. Bottoms still were sore enough that spankings weren’t given. Some fun fingering and wanking was had by all, with Keith and Greg giving each other some special attention. They had fun, especially as it let them watch the brothers do each other, along with getting a feel for a different partner, but both knew that they preferred their own partner. Still, fun was had and no harm done.

In bed that night Greg was in a serious mood. He and Eric were holding each other, enjoying the warmth of each other’s bodies.

Am I your boyfriend? Greg asked, after thinking it over for a while.

Who said that?

You almost did, Greg told him.

Eric blushed. Is that what you want?

Yes. I think I do, though I’m not really sure what it means, to be boyfriends.

Greg, I don’t know either, but let’s be boyfriends anyhow. Does that make us lovers, too? A couple?

I guess it does, said Greg, thoughtfully. Let’s not worry about it. Let’s just be us for as long as we can.

Sounds good to me, said Eric. They held each other closer and fell asleep.

Nick and Keith weren’t being quite so romantic, certainly there was no discussion of being boyfriends in that room. Sleeping together for so many nights in a row felt very good. They didn’t know what to call it, but were coming to realize that this was special. Nick already had wondered if this could survive going to college next year, especially if they went to different schools. He put it out of his mind, kissed his friend, and they fell asleep.

Saturday brought some new fun. Chad and his wife spent the afternoon shopping in preparation for the holiday. They always had New Year’s at another couple’s house where there was a small gathering. Eric and Nick heard comments a couple of times in recent years that made them wonder if some same-sex partner swapping was going on. They knew about Chad and Ben; no one ever knew what their mother did on her outings with the girls. Nor did they care to know. The boys were young and caught up in their own doings, so gave little thought to what the parents might do, plus it’s always difficult to imagine one’s parents having a sex life!

So, that meant the house was free all afternoon. The boys had dressed for breakfast, but as soon as the parents were gone, clothes were off, of course. Keith announced that the brothers were due their spankings for bad language. Keith would give one spanking and he enlisted Greg to administer the other. After some debate Keith got Eric and Greg got Nick. All four went downstairs where two chairs were set up.

Bad language really should be a hairbrush offense, now that we have the hairbrush, Keith announced in his best effort to sound stern and adult. No one was buying the attitude, but they refrained from laughing. All did accept the seriousness of the situation, though. This will be a proper punishment spanking, and we all know what that means. Twenty-five good smacks for each of you.

That done, Eric took his place over Keith’s lap and Nick was over Greg’s. Hand only, the spankings were done simultaneously, though with different pacing, so rarely did a pair of smacks land at the same time. Greg gave his twenty-five straight through, no break, though he did vary the tempo. Keith took more time, using his preferred technique of two sets of ten, delivered differently, then a good hard five to end it. He thought this was no less than Eric deserved under the circumstances.

No swears were heard, though a pair of brothers were yelling a bit by the time their spankings wrapped up. Both admitted they were well spanked and had deserved what they got. Before the afternoon was out, they’d see to it that Keith and Greg were spanked, having plotted already how it would be done.

Around four o’clock, knowing they only had about an hour left before the parents returned, Eric announced that Greg and Keith were unspanked, noting that they had not had one since the hairbrush, two days ago. Those two weren’t all that happy at that news, but this was all part of the fun and they figured that it wouldn’t be so bad as they weren’t being punished. Eric and Nick’s plan, though, was the surprise.

Greg, you will spank Keith, then Keith you will spank Greg. This will be fun to watch. Greg and Keith looked at each other. This was a bit diabolical on the part of the brothers – after spanking those two they had to spank each other and find the balance between making it a good spanking and risking a good whacking from the other, or being too easy to easy and getting a spanking from one or both of the brothers for not doing a good job. And being watched trading these spankings!

Greg chose to spank Keith first. His plan was that if Keith was sitting on a sore bottom he might not spank so hard. It was agreed that each would get the standard twelve. Greg had fun parceling out four sets of three, making each set unique, as unlike the others as possible. By the end Keith was responding both with good cries of ow! and with some leg motion.

That spanking done, Eric saw to it that they changed places without much time in between. Yes, Keith’s butt did hurt a bit, sitting on the hard chair. He did his best to ignore it. He chose three sets of four. It might not take quite as long, but he could build up each set more fully. Greg wasn’t sure by the end if his plan really had worked – he felt it!

Spankings done, the boys congratulated each other on jobs well done, while Eric and Nick agreed, saying it was a pleasure to watch. That done, they dressed so as to be ready for the parents’ return. When they got home Mom and Dad unloaded various things and put away the perishables. Mom was having dinner with the other wives and spending the evening doing some prep at the home of the host and hostess, so she would be out until at least ten o’clock and in the past it had always been later. She had dinner fixings all set, having done that in the morning, so all Chad and the boys had to do was heat it up and eat.

During dinner Chad said, since Mom is out, how would you boys like a naked movie night? Eric and Nick agreed readily, of course. Keith had a good memory of the previous naked movie night, so was more than happy to do it again. By now he’d happily let Nick’s dad see him naked, anyhow. He knew he’d never do this with his own dad, so was glad to take advantage of the opportunity.

That left Greg who wasn’t sure what he thought. He knew about the naked nights, but it never occurred to him that Eric’s dad might want to do some during his visit. What none of them knew was that Chad wanted to see naked the one of the four he had not seen so far, that being Greg. He knew the boys were naked most of the time, but had not intruded, nor had any reason to pass by when they were undressed.

You’ll love it, Eric said, encouragingly. Seeing that everyone else was up for it, Greg said sure.

After dinner the five loaded the dishwasher and the other kitchen chores. Chad said they could pick the movie. Eric and Nick knew what their father would not enjoy, but had no trouble finding one that would be enjoyable for all. In the den they undressed and waited for Chad while Eric set up the DVR. As he often did, Chad undressed upstairs and came down already nude. Greg was a little nervous about seeing an adult male naked in this kind of setting, but knew he was the only one who hadn’t. He decided he’d just go with it and it turned out that he liked what he saw. Chad was in good shape for his age. Greg could see similarities between the boys and their father, and the differences, too. All three were individual, yet definitely related.

There was just enough room on the couch for five. Chad sat in the middle, Eric on his left, Nick on his right. Greg sat at one end next to Eric and Keith at the other. Chad got a good look at Greg before they sat down and he, in turn, liked what he saw. Greg was a bit hairier than his own boys, or Keith, but not a cub or an otter (terms Chad was vaguely aware of). A nice sized package, much the same as Eric’s, with good full balls, not too snug. Just right, he thought. Eric was lucky.

If Greg noticed that he was being checked out by the adult, he showed no sign. He and Keith were the last on the couch and Eric hit the remote. As Chad often did, he had an arm around the shoulder of each son; a fatherly touch. After ten minutes or so he became aware that Greg’s arm had joined his arm around Eric’s shoulder and that Eric had shifted slightly into Greg’s embrace. Chad gave no reaction, discretely removed his arm, and to himself thought this is what I suspected, feeling pleased for his son. For some time he had felt quite sure of what Nick and Keith were up to, if only by the additional messy towels after the weekends when Keith visited. Now he thought, no wonder Eric gladly had Greg sleep with him.

As teens do, erections rose and fall over the course of the film. Chad had not seen Keith hard and this was his first time naked with Greg. Given the arrangement and the low lighting, it was tricky to get a good look at those two. From what little he could tell, both boys were about the same as his own boys, whose erections he was quite used to by now. When Eric and Nick hit puberty and their penises seemed to take on a life of their own, Chad was careful to let them know that this was normal and to be enjoyed. By the time that happened the boys were nonchalant about their nudity, having been that way for so long, and quickly adjusted to this change, laughing about it often. Inevitably they’d popped boners in front of Chad, who let them know it was fine, he’d been the same at that age. For him, though, there was the pleasure of watching their erections develop over the years to become fully adult.

Before the film started Chad also took note of four very fine butts. Again, he knew those of his own boys well, and found the sight of two new ones an equal pleasure. He wasn’t sure if there was, perhaps, a bit of color in all four. Color that would come from only source. So, the boys were taking after their father in more than one way. He kept his resolve not to pry.

Movie done, he sent the boys to bed, reminding them that they’d be up all night tomorrow. No one argued. Chad hugged and kissed his sons, then offered a hug to the other two. Both were hesitant. Chad was understanding and did not press the matter, but suddenly Greg turned and let himself be enveloped by Chad, returning the hug. It felt good for both, especially as they were both naked. Greg didn’t get hard; this wasn’t Eric, but he felt safe and loved by this older man. Keith didn’t want to be left out and took his hug, too, enjoying it immensely once he gave in to it. He hoped there would be more.

Upstairs, in separate rooms, Eric and Nick were being interrogated about their relationship with their father and the fact that they hugged and kissed, and did it naked! Both brothers said it had always been that way and it would never change. Then some other hugging and kissing went on, followed by four solid orgasms. No sooner had the last boy shot, but Mom got home and she and Chad were upstairs going to bed. Chad noticed that all the lights were off, so did not disturb the boys.

The next day was December 31.

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