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Chad's Boys
Part 28

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 28
New Year’s Eve

The boys slept quite late that morning. Late enough that lunch really was breakfast, or breakfast really was lunch, something like that. They knew they’d be up late, maybe all night, so sleeping late was good. Mom and Dad’s party was always a dinner party, so they’d be leaving around five. The boys knew that as soon as the car was out of the driveway clothes would be off and stay off until they heard the parents return.

New Year’s spankings were on the agenda, of course, to be parceled out over the course of the evening. Once the parents were gone and clothes were off there was a serious discussion of what order, when, and who would spank whom. It was agreed that, regardless, Eric and Nick would not spank each other, so that gave it some definition right away. Should there be a spanking, or two, before dinner?

The honor of giving the first spanking went to Eric, based on his being the oldest. This meant that Keith or Greg would get the first spanking. That decided, it seemed fair that whichever of them did not have a sore bottom would get to give the next spanking, which could be given to either of the brothers. Eric wasn’t safe from getting spanked next just because he gave the first one. Eric took some time to both relish and consider this unique situation. He enjoyed spanking both of those boys though of course he knew Greg’s bottom better. All four boys had round, firm bottoms, ideal for spankings, so whoever had the pleasure was spanking a most spankable butt. For Eric it really was a toss-up, he knew he’d enjoyed either one.

For the moment the plan was to eat later than usual and in the meantime find some computer games or other activities. The time of the first spanking also was Eric’s decision, so the possibility of a red bottom for dinner was hanging over Keith and Greg. They guys turned on the TV, but it was too early for any New Year’s programs.

You got any cool vids? asked Greg.

They’re all cool, silly, shot back Nick.

I doubt it, was Greg’s retort. Nick and Greg were becoming like extra brothers to each other and enjoyed easy banter. He started digging through the DVDs the boys had. Hey, can you get Youtube and stuff on the TV?

Sure, Nick said. He pushed a couple of buttons on the remote and Youtube appeared on the screen. Nick handed the remote to Greg who started punching in letters. Up came a site packed with male/male spanking vids, provoking four hardons in the room. Greg moved around and found one of an older man, about the age of their fathers, spanking someone who wasn’t more than twenty. All four watched avidly. Greg had discovered this site just the past week, while surfing the net for spanking information. The other three had no idea such things existed, though after some thought no one was surprised.

I just found this last week, but thought we’d save it for tonight to show you guys, Greg said as they watched. Eric gave his roommate a look that he hoped showed annoyance at not being told right away. Greg smiled back.

That’s amazing, said Nick, his eyes glued to the TV. Eric’s mind was made up, or rather made up for him. Greg was getting the first spanking. He deserved it for finding porn on the computer and for not sharing it right away. This would be a spanking neither Greg nor he would soon forget. It only seemed right. No discussion had been done about severity of spankings, but there seemed tacit agreement that these could be serious, year-end spankings. Maybe even with the hairbrush, which was upstairs. So, now the question was when. Somehow, before dinner seemed good.

Two or three vids were watched, each with a different scenario. The first one was the most stimulating, given the fatherly quality of the spanker. Eric and Greg both thought of Professor Dyer, which only made their hardons, which rose at the vid’s start, to feel harder. Did this mean they wanted Professor Dyer to spank them? All were entertained, too, by a vid showing two younger guys, about the same age, spanking each other. None of the vids were long. It seemed they were extracts rather than full films, but certainly showed enough. After about forty-five minutes Eric saw that interest was waning.

Nick, run upstairs and get the hairbrush, Eric said, watching closely for reactions. Nick was fine with this, as he knew his bottom wasn’t the one about to feel it. Not that it might not later. Greg and Keith both had that look of a combination of dread at what was about to happen mixed with eagerness for it to happen. A look that all four boys had mastered without knowing they had, even in the short time they’d all been spanking each other.

When Nick returned with the hairbrush, Eric was standing, waiting for him. No matter how severe the spankings, everyone knew this was all in fun. Eric did his best to assume a properly adult tone. Keith and Greg were on the couch, where they’d been watching the videos. Thank you, Nick. You may sit with our friends. Everyone wanted to play along, but it was hard for the three other boys to suppress grins.

Gregory, Eric said, deepening his voice and using Greg’s full name for what he hoped was maximum effect, I’m shocked that you’ve been wasting your time searching for filth online. This sort of thing really isn’t good and deserves a good, hard spanking, as you know. Also you kept it from me, which also deserves a good, hard spanking. Now, get over here! Keith showed some sign of relief that he wasn’t first. Greg shifted a bit before rising, yet there also was a bit of twinkle in his eye. However painful it might be, this all would be fun. This would be special – he and Eric had declared themselves boyfriends and this was the first spanking since that declaration.

As Greg got up from the couch, Eric sat in the appropriate chair. Greg crossed over, the sight of a semi showing, and placed himself over Eric’s lap. The boys were still refining their technique at guiding the package of the spankee to the spot between the legs, greatly enjoying this part of the ritual.

Brush placed by the chair, Eric began a hand spanking. SPANK SPANK SPANK. Not too hard at first, but both spanker and spankee knew this was only the beginning. Greg resolved to stay stoic through it all, or at least as long as he could. Eric in some ways had the harder time here. How severe did he really want to be on this friend who had such an important part in his life? In one way his strong feelings for Greg made him not want to hurt his friend, but everyone knew that hard spankings were likely, and expected. He reminded himself that, no matter what, this was all in fun.

That decided, he changed the speed and intensity. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Five harder swats, quickly delivered. Greg gave a couple of grunts but otherwise gave no reaction. Eric found that this only encouraged him to do more. Ten harder, quickly delivered smacks hit Greg’s butt. Now Greg was giving out with a few cries of ow, much to Eric’s delight. A few more hard swats and he took a short break. Now it was hairbrush time. Greg was fully aware that Eric had picked up the brush and did his best to steel himself for the inevitable onslaught. Eric was serious with this part! He gave only fifteen, but they were enough to bring Greg close to tears. Eric sensed something and ended the spanking, allowing Greg time over his lap to pull himself together, which Greg appreciated.

Spanking done, Greg was released. Eric was saluted by the other two for his good work, then there was discussion of what to do now. They settled on less salacious things on Youtube and had an enjoyable time until someone noticed it was seven-thirty.

Should we do dinner? Nick asked the group. The consensus was yes, and they were off to the kitchen to dig out what Mom had left. All aware that three spankings were yet to come before the ball dropped in Times Square. Dinner was good and a bit raucous as the boys enjoyed each other’s company.

As dinner was wrapping up (dessert was for midnight), Keith said seems I get to give the next spanking here, and we can’t waste time, it’s getting late. Now Eric and Nick had to wonder which of them was next. Let’s get these dishes out of the way, Keith added, then we can get down to business. Quick work of that was done and they trooped back to the den. Keith had given this serious thought. Much as he liked spanking Nick, he had plenty of opportunity for that and Eric really had it coming to him after what he’d done to Greg.

Everyone in the den, Keith stood by the chair and now did his best to sound adult and masterful. Mr. Eric, after what we’ve just witnessed, you’ve earned yourself a good paddling. Eric had to admit to himself that he was amused by Keith’s presumption and complied willingly, even if there was some nervousness at just how much he was about to suffer. As he crossed there was the added knowledge that his little brother was about to witness him being paddled by Nick’s best buddy, and spanking and sex partner. Oh well...

With Eric in place, Keith wasted no time. SMACK SMACK SMACK. He didn’t start slowly! A dozen good hard swats rained down on the older boy. Eric was yelping a bit by the end. A short pause and another dozen, this time getting Eric to kick a bit, much to amusement of his witnesses. He was so focused on his bottom that he had no idea how anyone was reacting. Keith now took a lengthier pause during which he picked up the hairbrush. With no warning, he went to work. WHAP WHAP WHAP WHAP. Eric now felt fifteen from the brush. Throughout this segment he was yelling, though nowhere near crying. Satisfied at the end of fifteen, Keith waited a moment, then let Eric get up. Eric stood and rubbed his butt. Nick and Greg were quite impressed with the color!

Eric had both given and received, so he was done for the evening. He was fine with that; it meant he could really enjoy the spankings to follow. Two were still unspanked, and three were eligible to give. Nick and Greg looked at each other. Keith wasn’t going to get to spank two in a row, but what pairing next? With a bit of a smirk Greg spoke first, Nick, I think you need to get that cute bottom of yours reddened. Nick agreed and they swapped places with Eric and Keith. Having spanked Eric a few times, Greg was curious to see how it would be to give Nick a good spanking.

Greg sat and Nick took his place over the lap. Greg didn’t want to imitate the previous spankings, so started out with five good swats on Nick. No reaction, but he’d get one. A pause and now ten harder ones came down. Now a bit of noise from Nick which made Greg smile. The best were yet to come. Twelve hard quick smacks which quickly had Nick crying out and starting to kick a bit, much to the entertainment of his two viewers. As the others had done, Greg allowed Nick a rest before the brush. Nick didn’t relax much, though, knowing full well what was soon to happen.

Fifteen in rapid succession with the hairbrush had proven effective already this evening, so Greg followed suit. The reaction was priceless, at least he thought so. Loud yells and hard kicks were his reward for applying the swats. By the last one Nick was beginning to hyperventilate a bit, but nowhere near tears. Released, he quickly stood and was rubbing his butt. The others came over to examine the color and congratulated Greg on a fine job.

There was one more spanking to go – Keith’s. Nick technically was ineligible to give as he had just been spanked, but Greg pointed that Nick hadn’t given one yet. This meant he’d get to give Keith a good spanking, which suited both of them. First, though, it was agreed that a break was in order. Some other Youtubes kept them entertained, then it was late enough to change over to the New Year’s programming. Nick, his butt having cooled down, took note of the time and announced that it was Keith’s turn. The TV was switched off, Nick sat down, and Keith joined him, going across his buddy’s lap.

This spanking was much the same as the previous three. Perhaps a bit more satisfying for spanker and audience as Keith quickly began to make a racket which he kept up through it all, yelling louder as the paddle reddened his butt. No question he made the most noise that night! This spanking done, it was getting close to midnight. Mom had left some ginger ale so that the boys could toast the New Year with something bubbly. It made them feel childish, but they knew they had no choice. Eric pulled out some cheap champagne flutes their parents had, glasses were filled, and at the appropriate moment the boys toasted the New Year.

Eric surprised the other two by then grabbing Greg and giving him a serious kiss. However, once over their surprise, Nick and Keith gave the same intensity a try – it was New Year’s after all – and discovered they quite enjoyed it. Kissing would take on a new dimension.

No one intended this, but around one o’clock the boys fell asleep in the den, with the TV on. Greg and Eric were on the couch, Nick and Keith had been lying on the floor, pillows propping up their heads, as they watched the TV. Not much later Mom and Dad came in, somehow not waking the sleepers. They both peered in the den and found it very difficult to stifle laughs at the sight of four naked teen boys asleep before the television. Mom had no real interest in seeing the boys naked, but given the opportunity unexpectedly she did take a moment to admire what she saw. Of course she took pride in her sons, but enjoyed seeing their friends, too. Chad, even having seen them all once this week, still took pleasure in the view. He turned off the TV, found some blankets to cover the boys, turned out the lights, and joined his wife upstairs.

In the morning all four were very startled to realize what had happened. Keith blushed deeply and said did your mother see us naked? No one knew, and the parents never revealed. It seemed that the parents were not downstairs yet, so all four went to the respective bedrooms, got into bed and quickly were back asleep until nearly Noon.

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