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Two Aunts
Part 6

by Graham

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With his fresh, short haircut, dressed in a slim-fitting, dark suit, on another, grim, grey, but even colder day, the slim, slight boy stood very still between his two Aunts, each one holding his hands As he stood as if frozen, his eyes filled and leaking down his face, only his Aunts, each one holding his hands, detected the boy’s occasionally discernible tremour.

After the graveside service, which followed the funeral, the almost delicately thin, young boy was taken along, in hand, by his Aunts, to go to a small restaurant. While they dined and spent time with friends and the few family attending, for Garret, feeling low and very glum, it was a sad, heavy-hearted occasion.

He had lost both parents now; and the feeling of complete abandonment fell on him. He was in no emotional state to consider his good fortune of having his two Aunts, who had been taking care of him since the accident that took his Father’s life.

Now, everyone was even more sympathetic to the 15 year-old’s plight. His two Aunts, who had a young, teenage boy dropped into their lives, nonetheless loved their young, little nephew.

The two sisters had already discussed and settled on adopting Garret, so the boy would have another  – two actually  – since his biological Mother and Father were both gone. On the way back to the house, they decided to tell him about it when they got home.

At first, he was opposed and reluctant to be adopted. Violet and Iris offered to let him keep his birth last name, Henderson, along with theirs, if that would make it more acceptable to him.

Even when they explained their desire to ensure that he had the protection of a legally adopted home and family, and their care for him, Garret was hostile to the idea.

We are not hurting or punishing you, at least not until this moment. You know Violet and I both love you. We are both dreadfully sorry about what happened to your parents, Garret; but we are happy about you coming into our lives, coming here to live with us.

We want to adopt you, so there is never any question that you belong with us. You will be our adoptive son, as well as our nephew. Wouldn’t that work for you, honey? Iris asked.

Ah, do, ah, I have to? the boy asked in an obstinate attitude, unthinking of how ungrateful he sounded.

Well, ah, yes, Garret, you do. These are the kind of decisions adults make, have the responsibility to make, for children. So, yes, we are going to do that, Aunt Violet explained.

No, no, nooooo! I don’t want to be adopted! I don’t want anything,... ah, maybe, ah, just to be left alone! the upset boy decried.

I think a certain exhausted, distraught youngster is in need of a spanking to straighten him out, and then to be put to bed for a nap, to rest and sleep away his tired, ornery crankiness.

Hearing the pronouncement of a spanking, Garret’s attention overrode his feelings, and he recognized he was about to bring a regrettable, unpleasant discipline upon himself.

No, ah, no, Aunt Violet. I’m not tired. I’m fine! Just, ah, let me think about, um, this for ah, ah, while. No, please, I don’t need ah, ah, no, not a spanking, ah, please!

The boy was begging, even while both Aunts took hold of his thin arms, pulled him up onto his feet, and marched him along to his bedroom. There, Iris sat in the straight backed, armless chair, pulling Garret between her legs, while together, she and Violet undressed their bantam nephew.

With his petite, thin, bare figure standing exposed before them, his Aunts maneuvered the young boy around and pulled him forward and down over Iris’ lap.

Here, Iris, use this, Violet declared as she handed a long-handled bath brush to her sister.

We are going to adopt you, give you a home, provide, love, and care for you as if you were our own from the start. You will have a loving, caring home and family, young man. But you will learn to listen, behave, and obey. That’s a given, young man, Iris explained as she patted first the back of his head, then his soft, little rump.

The leverage and power that the long-handled bath brush proved to deliver was another first-time experience for Garret. The first three smacks with it stunned him with the bitterly biting shock of impact.

He cried out in anguish and mounting pain as each smiting smack successively increased the pain and humbled shame of needing and getting another, stern, long spanking. Iris was thorough and intent with every spanking she administered to the boy.

Far faster than he could have imagined, Garret was screeching and shrieking in a high-pitched, prepubescent-sounding voice, kicking his legs wildly but in vain. His thin arms flailed in the air, and he looked like he was mimicking a cross-country runner on his Aunt’s lap.

He screamed and squalled, begging, pleading, apologizing, agreeing to let them adopt him, admitting he had to accept it, he would not fight them, he would be good, he promised over and over. Eventually, Iris was convinced she had accomplished what a good spanking is always intended to achieve: a changed, compliant boy.

Helping her nephew crawl off her lap, she stood up and immediately led him to his bed, where she placed him on his face and stomach, tucking him in and kissing his head.

You sleep long, get a good rest, Garret. We’ll wake you for supper. Good night, Iris called to him. Through his still weeping, whimpering, he called back, G’night, Aunt Iris.

When he was awakened for supper, the trim, young boy hurried to the bathroom, glancing at his wounded, battered bottom in the mirror. Relieving himself, he returned to his bedroom and dressed.

Downstairs for dinner, he sat tentatively, with shifting discomfort, on the chair as they ate. He was quiet at first, but eventually broke the ice with his own initiating statement.

Ah, Aunt Iris, Aunt Violet, ah, I just want to, ah, say, it’s okay, ah, being adopted. I’m okay with you both adopting me. I mean, ah, thanks, ah, thank you,... a lot.

The two Aunts broke into beaming smiles. That’s wonderful, Garret, Violet exuded. We are so happy and fortunate to be able to do that, and have you become a part of our family together, forever, she added.

<o>Ah, will I, um, be Garret Doyle? he asked.

Yes, sweetie, Iris answered him. But we can have you keep the Henderson name too. We can ask the lawyer to have the Court change your name to Garret Thomas Henderson Doyle.

Wow! That’ll be a mouthful! Garret exclaimed with obvious happiness.

It will a very impressive name for a very impressive young man, Violet added.

Thuh-anks, ah, thank you both. I really appreciate it, Garret responded.

Well, we are grateful too, Garret. Not only are we happy we can do this, adopt you, we’re also happy you didn’t make it necessary to spank you again this evening over it.

Garret looked both alarmed and astonished. Oh, ah, so am I, Aunt Violet. My butt’s...

My bottom, Iris corrected him.

Ah, my bottom is really killing me just sitting here for supper.

Garret was relieved he would not have to get a second spanking that same day. He understood without question the consequences he would encounter whenever he disobeyed or failed to do what he was told.

All’s well that ends well, including your rearend, my boy, Iris joked with him.

Everyone laughed, though Garret added a scarlet blush to his laughter.

We love you, son, Iris added, with Violet nodding in agreement.

Even at 15, Garret could sense the benefit of belonging, having a new family to whom he belonged, who wanted him, with whom he also now identified. He replied, me too.

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