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Carl's Summer Job
Part 2

by Brhmsj

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Carl’s Summer Job, Part 2

There were no more spankings over the couple of weeks before graduation. Carl was aware that he was watched every time he showered but even though he thought he should find it creepy, it wasn’t. He had come to just love being naked, so didn’t care, even in front of this older man who always remained clothed. Nothing was said or done by Mr. Schmidt, so it seemed there was no harm. Carl was of age. The only uncomfortable moment was the third Saturday when washing himself got him hard, always so likely for a teen. Again, nothing was said or done. While he did blush, he moved on, forgetting the incident by the time he left.

From his many years of hiring high school graduates Mr. Schmidt knew that the Saturday after graduation inevitably featured a spanking. The combination of the thrill of being done with school and the late nights partying always led to some inattentiveness, something which Mr. Schmidt dealt with under any circumstances. In all his years of hiring teens only one boy had escaped, but it was more than made up for over his summer. Carl would be no exception, victim to a pretense that Mr. Schmidt used regularly and successfully.

On work days Mr. Schmidt always stayed outdoors with Carl, keeping an eye on the progress. He didn’t stand over his worker, nor did he interfere, but if he felt guidance was needed he was there to provide it. Also, his presence made sure that there was no slacking, not that he expected any from Carl.

The Saturday after graduation Mr. Schmidt set Carl to a task that he always saved for that particular day. It involved planting some rows of young plants, placed just so and in nice straight lines. When mature they made for an impressive sight. Carl could not be said to have been inattentive to the task, but Mr. Schmidt did spot some plants not quite in line. There wasn’t a year yet when this had not happened with this particular job. (The boy who escaped had been given another task, something Mr. Schmidt made sure not to repeat on the Saturday after graduation.) It was easily fixed and nothing more was said, with work continuing until somewhat later than usual.

This week Carl did remember his change of clothes, as he had every week since the first one. Mr. Schmidt had given him a small laundry bag for his soiled clothes which Carl was to bring every work day. When work was done and they were inside, Carl undressed and got under the shower. As he was showering he heard Mr. Schmidt say over the water You know you did slip today, son, and you know the consequences. Once you are clean you will be spanked. Carl dropped the soap, he was so startled. Mr. Schmidt had said nothing all afternoon so he thought he was not to be punished. Don’t dawdle under that shower or it will be worse for you, the man added.

There was no dawdling. Mr. Schmidt stood by as the youngster toweled off, taking the towel when the task was done. He led the boy over to the couch, took his usual spanking place in the middle, and drew Carl over his lap. You know why you are getting this spanking. I am not completely pleased with your work.

Yes, daddy, Carl said meekly. Over the first couple of weeks he had become quite comfortable called Mr. Schmidt daddy. The few times he gave it thought outside of these visits he still thought it must be a bit weird, but still, something about it felt good.

That settled, the spanking began. A crisp series of SMACK SMACK SMACK came down on the boy’s naked bottom, hard enough that he bounced slightly on the lap. There were no pauses. SMACK SMACK SMACK. No harder than the previous spanking, but this time the accumulation made him more uncomfortable. He didn’t think he’d cry, but the continued swats to his bottom were making his breath come fast and hard. His legs kicked a bit. SMACK SMACK SMACK. This seemed relentless.

Daddy, please, I’ll be more careful! Ow! Daddy, please! This was just what Mr. Schmidt liked to hear. A contrite boy promising to improve his work and behavior while getting a deserved spanking. Nonetheless, the spanking continued. Not for long, but enough so that there was some more intense leg kicking and squirming from the lad. Mr. Schmidt satisfied, he stopped and rested his hand on Carl’s red and quite warm bottom. After a minute or two of this he had the boy stand and escorted him to a corner in the den area.

Stand there for a while and think about why you’ve been spanked, Mr. Schmidt said, guiding the boy into place, facing the corner. Carl had never been made to stand in the corner and was finding this rather humiliating. He knew to do as told, however. His time there seemed as long as the spanking. Whether it was or not, he never knew. When recalled from the corner he was told to come over to where Mr. Schmidt was sitting on the couch. He was given the instruction he’d heard and obeyed before, sit on Daddy’s lap, son. Still finding it weird, but also still remembering the childhood pleasure of lap time, he did as told. Even though this was the man who had just spanked him, Carl enjoyed the comfort of being on his lap.

When Carl was seated and feeling snug on the lap, Mr. Schmidt talked to the boy about his expectations. You’ve been doing fine work, son, you know that. But, you know that I expect things to be done right and that you have to be spanked when you don’t meet expectations.

There was silence and Carl decided he was expected to respond, so said Yes, Daddy. Mr. Schmidt seemed satisfied with the response.

Will we be having more spankings this summer, son?

I don’t know, Daddy. I hope not. Yet a part of him hoped he would. That seemed weird, too; he’d never wanted a spanking, nor did he want to join in the spanking play with Dan and Joe, even if all in fun.

Well, you do know that it is up to you. You do your work properly and remember your change of clothes and your bottom won’t suffer. Any deviation for that and you will be back over my lap.

Yes, sir. Daddy.

Despite the seriousness of the conversation and its topic of spanking, both were aware that Carl was relaxing into Mr. Schmidt as he sat on the man’s lap. Mr. Schmidt always liked it when a boy reached this point, though some never did. Carl felt comfortable in a way he couldn’t remember ever feeling. Even with the spankings he felt safe and secure with this man.

So far, in these few weeks, Mr. Schmidt had not touched Carl anywhere other than his bottom, or around his shoulders or waist when he sat on the man’s lap. Carl felt no erotic stimulation, yet in his relaxed state he became erect as so often happens to boys his age. He was focused on the conversation and so comfortable now that he didn’t notice. Mr. Schmidt did, but said nothing nor did he make any move to touch. This by no means would be the last erection that Carl would display in front of the man as the summer progressed. On future visits Carl would become aware of it happening but easily went with the flow of it. Erections always happened with boys in Mr. Schmidt’s employ so it was nothing unusual for him. He carefully gauged with each boy over time how best to reveal his awareness. The results varied and were always satisfying for the man. More of that as time goes on.

It was close to dinner time. Mr. Schmidt sent Carl on his way, both agreeing that they were looking forward to Carl’s next day of work.

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