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Tween Femmes Fatales Experiments
Part 1

by Y Lee Coyote

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The following story is fiction about tween girls who ensnare eligible youths for their selfish curiosity.  The story contains scenes of spanking, strapping, shaving and masturbation.  If these subjects are offensive, uninteresting or if you are a minor (i.e., child) please leave now.

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Brenda and Jodi were pretty little girls.  They were classmates in the sixth grade of their middle school.  Like many young females of our time they had achieved puberty more than a year before and were already developing the unique curves of the female form that straight boys find irresistible.  They were not innocent, delicate things but delighted in how the older boys – those in the eight grade – constantly stared at them.  They observed that some boys’ pants bulged more when they looked at them than at other times.  They had even read about things on the internet, perhaps past the point that they should have.

The two had long been interested in the male body.  They had managed to see all their friends’ kid brothers naked as part of sleepovers.  Although most of those boys were quite young, a couple were more than ten-years-old.  They managed to help with bathing several so that they had even had some hands on close ups knowledge of little boy parts.  Now older, they were quite anxious to see an older boy – a youth actually – who, like themselves, was more developed.  Additionally, Jodi had even spanked a couple of boys she had babysat.  She found that she most definitely loved to do that as it gave her a high.

They neither wanted to reciprocate nor to have sex but to be scientists and study the subject – male genitalia – closely.  They worked out a plan and one pleasant afternoon put into action.

They went to the park.  They were dressed to be attractive to boys (according to the reports that they had studied) with tight tops, shortish skirts which easily rode up to show their fancy lace panties.  It wasn’t long before a good prospect came along.  He was by himself, was one of the bulging eighth graders they knew.  He was in a tight T-shirt and (actually short) shorts which showed off his nice body and with a promising bulge in exactly the right place.

They gave a wolf whistle.  He stopped and looked at them sitting on the wall with their legs under them so that he could see their panties.  Hi. they said.  They noticed his shorts got a bit tighter and his eyes got like saucers.  Obviously, their plan was working.

Hi, yourself.  How you doing? he said not really knowing what to say but with his mind well focused on two young female crotches so very prominently displayed.

Would you like to sit on the grass and chat with us for a while? Brenda asked smiling.

It would be nice to know you better, handsome. Jodi added with even a bigger smile.

Mike nodded.  They hopped off the wall and led the way to a spot on the nearby lawn.  He followed like a puppy hoping for a treat.  They sat, again with their skirts up so that they would keep his attention on one exactly one thing.  It did not matter what they said for he really didn’t answer in full sentences as his mind was concentrating on one thing as they had planned.  The stuff that they had read was correct about how boys’ minds worked.  There wasn’t any mistaking that he was hard as rock the way his pants were tented.

He sortta tried to cover the bulge, but they soon mentioned it and he could not help but to give it a few rubs.  They now knew their plan was definitely working.  He was indisputably hooked.  He even admitted how he had been looking at them and how pretty their panties were and all....  But he trailed off and then said: Maybe I better go. he said blushing from embarrassment.

No.  Stay, Mike.  We don’t mind you looking.  In fact we’re flattered you like us. Brenda said with a smile.

Perhaps you would like to see some of our other panties? Brenda said.

He nodded vigorously somewhat too besotted to answer properly.

Maybe even sniff some of them.  The ones from the laundry basket.  They had been careful in their research.

You would let me do that? he asked incredulously.  He had already experienced how excited some girls made him feel when they were very close and he could notice their aromas.

Well, we would have to watch what else you would do. continued the lead temptress.


Sure – you would want to deal with that then?  They pointed to the large bulge in his shorts.

He could only stammer.  Er, er, yeah.

We know what boys want, er, need to do when they are in that condition like you are. Jodi grinned.  It seems fair.  You might even like to look at us at the same time.

Mike thought that the proposal was fanfuckentastic.  They were practically offering themselves.  His heart was racing.

Of course, no touching us and we stay dressed. Brenda explained.  But you still should have lots of fun.

* * * * * * * * * *

It was a short time later that the three were in the laboratory better known as the basement of Brenda’s house.  Mike’s head was spinning with excitement.  The girls were honest for right on top of the pile of stuff in the laundry basket were four pairs of used frilly panties and Mike practically fell over when he grabbed them and held them to his face.

As he sniffed on, Jodi suggested that he remove his shirt so that they could admire him.  He complied quickly.

Brenda insisted on helping and opened his shorts.  He was not wearing undies so that they immediately saw his luxuriant bush.  When the shorts fell, they got him to step out of them so he was essentially naked.  They admired his ample shaft which was standing proud and tall.

May we measure it, Mike? they asked ruler and tape measure already in hand.

He did not say No. instantly, so they quickly made the measurements and properly noted them on the experiment log sheet.

OK, Mike, let’s see how you do it. they said together.  The super horny youth did not need any further encouragement and began to jerk off enthusiastically.  The experimenters were delighted with his powerful climax that made a big mess.  What he did not know was they were recording it all.

They complimented him on the show.  Mike boasted that it was only half over and did a repeat delighting them once again.

He was about to get dressed but they went for the kill.  Just a minute, Mike.  You have been a very naughty boy – naked and abusing yourself in front of us.

But you told me to do it. he protested.

Nevertheless, you were naughty and must be punished.

What?  Punished? he questioned.

Yes, naughty boys get spanked.  Otherwise some people will see a new video of you.  Look.  They showed him some of it so that he knew that they had it.

That isn’t fair. he protested.

We won’t tell if we spank you. they promised.

Reluctantly, he acquiesced as he knew he did not have any choice.  Brenda went first.  She sat on the couch and he got over her lap.  Initially, the hand spanks did not bother him but when she switched to her hairbrush it was a different matter.  A small hardwood backed brush is a little paddle and after while even an eleven-year-old girl’s repeated spanks have an effect on a fourteen-year-old boy’s muscular bottom.

Mike was hurting much to Brenda’s delight.  He did not bawl like the little boys she had spanked babysitting but he was kinda sobbing.

Jodi decided that she would use an old belt.  For that Mike was required to lay over the end of the couch and she gave him six hard cuts.  Even though his butt was already red, the leather belt left it own marks.  He managed not to cry although he grunted a bit.  It did hurt more, but the position was more manly so it was easier to take.

As he dressed, the girls promised that they would not tell even their best friends.  Mike thought that they were doing that for him but they wanted to protect themselves for who could say how stories might emerge to damage their own reputations.

The girls talked for hours about what had happened and repeatedly reviewed the recording.  They were satisfied but undecided about repeating the experiment.  Mike returned home with empty balls and a hot red tail somewhat confused about the experience but not unhappy.  Actually, he was quite happy having that wonderful experience for it was real with two really attractive lasses.

All three constantly thought of the exciting event in the basement.  The girls relished how they had a great lesson about male anatomy and functions and that spanking a big boy, a youth actually, was a lot more fun than spanking a little boy.  Mike now had one jerk off fantasy.  Every night he would relive being naked, sniffing the used panties, jerking off and even being spanked by two young and sexy girls.  Even how they bossed him about seemed to enhance the experience in his memory.

* * * * * * * * * *

Would you like to go to the soda shoppe with me after school today? Mike asked Brenda a couple of weeks later because of his recurring fantasy.  My treat. he quickly added.  She agreed and over some yummy ice cream they talked.  Basically, Mike wanted to repeat the experience without the spanking and Brenda was delighted with the idea.

But, of course, then you would be a naughty boy again so you must get spanked again. she insisted.

That took the conversation in a new direction and Mike let it slip that he was still spanked at home by his stepmother and even harder by his nasty stepsister, Rosemarie, and he did not like it.  Brenda thought that was very useful information.  However, she agreed that perhaps not such a serious spanking as last time although a spanking was absolutely mandatory if was a naughty boy again.

They made a date to go to park (to tell others) with an excursion to the basement (their little secret and private) for the real fun.  Mike also said that they had to stop by his house on the way so that his stepmother or sister, Rosemarie, could meet her.  They insist on meeting all my friends. he explained.  He did not explain that he would be spanked if he did not do it.

The meeting turned out to be very interesting to Brenda although Mike was quite embarrassed by the conversation.  Mike’s stepmother was out but his stepsister was there and most capable of the task of evaluating his new friend.  After the usual sort of talk, when the pair was about to leave his stepsister reminded Mike to be a good boy or else.

Please don’t worry about that, Rosemarie, I have experience with naughty boys whom I’ve babysat and others.  I know exactly what they need and how to give them their well-deserved spankings when that is necessary. said Brenda simply having realized how to favorably impress the woman.

Mike wanted to disappear for Rosemarie responded immediately: That’s exactly right, Brenda.  All naughty boys must be spanked on their bare bottoms like Mike gets them.  But Mike is much bigger than you are so you probably should leave him to me.

I’m certain I can take care of it should the need arise, Rosemarie.  I’m sure that he will even promise to get over my lap should it be necessary as that the proper thing.  She turned to him: Won’t you, Mike?

I guess. he said vaguely hoping that his stepsister wouldn’t push for a more explicit answer.

That’s not the proper way to answer the young lady, boy.  Say it properly in a full sentence. she snapped immediately in her always demanding mode.

Mike knew that he could not avoid it now.  Yes, I promise to get over your lap should I be a naughty boy and require a spanking, Ma’am. he said in a format that he knew was required as used in the past and was much more binding.  He was always aware of the risk that his stepsister would spank him on impulse even before his friends.

The females both smiled broadly.  Brenda took out her hairbrush saying: I carry this for my hair but it can be used in other ways so I’m always ready, Rosemarie, should the need arise.  Rosemarie was quite impressed by Brenda and was sure that her stepbrother was going to be properly watched.  She was delighted that Mike had found a proper young lady who was sure to keep him on the straight and narrow.

They went off to the park and more.

* * * * * * * * * *

They walked a bit and got a snack to eat as they sat on the grass and talked.  Eventually they got to the subject of real interest – what was to happen in the basement in private.

What I was thinking of, said Brenda, was that you would do a nice strip tease and then jerk off to please me while enjoying that I was watching you.

Yes, of course, but last time you were showing a lot more.

I couldn’t met your family dressed that way but I’ll change for you since that will make everything better for us both.  They were in full agreement on that.

I don’t think it’s fair that I get spanked for doing what you tell me to.  Could we please skip that part, Brenda? he asked as he lay with his head in her lap being more effected by her pheromones than he could imagine.

That does not matter.  What you’re doing is so very naughty so you must be spanked.  The question is just how and when?  Understand?  Remember, I even have Rosemarie’s permission to spank you whenever I think that it is required now.

Brenda explained how she could spank him like Jodi did while he was just bent over and taking like a man defiantly or over her lap like a little boy so that he could relax and slip into the warm feeling of being a good little boy nice and safe.  I’ll leave it up to you but if you go with the second, I’ll make the rest better for you, Mike.

He lay there silently until she said: Let’s go play, boy. and they headed for the basement.  Once there, as promised, she changed her clothes to a more revealing outfit that exhibited her curves and panties especially as she sat on the couch.  Mike studied her used aromatic panties which he enjoyed.

Mike had thought about what he would do again in the many times he had fantasized about the first time and, additionally, he was not as shy because she had seen him naked previously.  He slowly removed his clothes exposing his body completely and Brenda kept giving him praise on his actions.  She was impressed that he shot even more than the first time.

I didn’t jerk off for more than a day to have more. he explained in response.  It made it better for me also.

It is time for your spanking, boy. she said quietly patting her lap.  He had not truly decided which way he should go but getting in close contact was so inviting that he laid down over her lap.  He would feel her rather than just the strap.  She wanted him to like this part also, so she said nice things about his performance and gently patted and caressed his bottom with her hand as a prelude.  But, then the spanking had to start.  A dozen hard hand spanks added a nice touch of pink which she enjoyed and then she switched to a far more effective implement.  It was not her hairbrush this time but a flip-flop with far more snap for she had an evil objective.  She spanked and spanked enjoying how his bottom turned redder and redder and he was showing more and more discomfit.

She was determined and kept at it until she achieved her goal – having a bawling little boy over her lap.  She was sure that she would remember this wonderful experience for the rest of her life and guessed that he would also for surely it must be transforming.  She got him to turn over and cuddled him like the little boy he now was.  Since there was still a big boy part, she took the opportunity the caress that part as well as study it closely.  Later she would make some notes about it in the experiment log.  Mike could not help but enjoy what was happening and had decided that she was keeping her word and making things nicer after the hard spanking.

After he had stopped crying, she did the nicest thing and jerked him off to a second climax.  He was most appreciative and immediately decided that his hot ass was a cheap payment for the greater pleasure of her getting him off.

Shortly afterwards he redressed returned home extremely happy for having had another sexual experience with a real honest-to-goodness girl.  That his butt was bright red and would hurt for at least another day was of little consequence in comparison.  A couple of days later he asked her for another date.  He was trapped now for the joy of the sex far outweighed the pain of spankings for him.

* * * * * * * * * *

Mike was away so Brenda and Jodi decided to catch another boy to play with especially since Jodi definitely wanted one of her own.  They dressed as before and waited with the same open ambush setup as the first time.  It wasn’t long before an attractive boy came along.  As before, a simple wolf whistle immediately started the necessary conversation.  As they did the first time, they adjourned to the nearby lawn to sit, to talk and, of course, to weave their web about him.  One differenc