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Chad's Boys
Part 29

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 29
After New Year’s

The couple of days before Greg’s departure the boys were lazy most of the time. Tuesday night there was a round-robin of spankings to wrap up the visit. Eric and Greg knew they’d be together again very soon, so that parting was easy. Until he had to return to school Eric met up with a couple of his j/o buddies and had some more fun with Nick and Keith, though for the most part he let them have plenty of time to themselves. Chad and Nick took Eric back to school, timed so that there was a reunion with Greg and his father with all five going out to dinner again.

Back at home Nick had school starting the next day, so things were no different than for Eric. Tuesday was a study night which was good as there was more work than they cared to have right at the beginning of the return to school. The boys, naked as always, worked hard right up to ten o’clock. Keith had until eleven if he wanted, but knew that his parents preferred he come home right after ten. So, the boys finished up with a quick j/o and Keith reluctantly dressed and returned home. Back at home he was naked again as soon as he felt it was safe.

The whirlwind of vacation over, Nick and Keith had time to think about it all. That night, in their separate beds, both boys thought about their relationship and what it was. Certainly it was a lot of fun! Nick had called Greg Eric’s boyfriend, he and Keith had seen how those two interacted; it certainly looked romantic to their inexperienced eyes. Nick and Keith were aware of their strong attraction for each other and the great enjoyment they had in each other’s company. Boyfriends? They weren’t even sure what that meant, let alone if it meant them.

The weekend brought a new dimension to their friendship. Friday they were together, a rare time at Keith’s as his family all were out that night.

No one’s been spanked all week, Keith observed.

Yes, and I know someone who needs a good spanking, too, Nick said with a smirk.

Yeah. You! Keith shot back.

Nah, YOU, Nick said as they both started laughing.

Maintenance spankings were applied, both enjoying getting back into the routine after the hiatus. Each boy thought his spanking was harder than usual. Having had a break in their spanking, and after all the pondering each had done all week, tonight’s spanking session took on a new meaning. Likely they were. Neither boy quite realized it, and couldn’t have expressed it in any case. Perhaps that was part of why the spankings felt harder. Spankings done, computer games were the order of the night until Nick went home, a bit later than usual. Chad didn’t mind as long as Nick was at Keith’s house. The next night was a campout at Nick’s, so the boys would have plenty of time together.

Keith arrived after lunch. Nick’s parents were out already, so the boys went right up to Nick’s room and stripped. A computer game was started with a repeat of the best three-out-of-five and the loser of each round getting spanked. Nick won the first two easily. He didn’t spank too hard on the first one, but made sure that Keith’s butt was feeling at after his second victory. Perhaps a bit too soon, as the tables turned on round three.

Keith was out for revenge and ordered Nick over his naked lap. SMACK SMACK SMACK. He started right out good and hard. Nick yelped a bit in surprise. Keith kept at it a bit longer than normal. Nick stood for round four of the game, which again went to Keith. Again SMACK SMACK SMACK, good and hard over Nick’s already sore bottom.

Nick hated to wimp out, but after he was back on his feet he said shall we call it a draw? Keith readily agreed. He, too, was pretty sore. Plus, this was two days in a row of spanking, not their usual style. They grabbed each other in a bear hug and kissed and made up, as it were, with the kissing being pretty hot and heavy. Butts feeling better, they got on the bed and kept up a good wrestling match for quite a while. Both were rock hard, but the kissing was so gratifying that neither made a move toward the other’s hardness.

Finally things did calm down. Nick had kept Eric’s revelation of anal sex to himself, not sure how Keith would react or even if it was something they should do together. Now the time felt right to tell his best friend about it. Gently rubbing Keith’s butt, Nick, with some hesitations, told Keith what Eric had told him. Keith was a bit wide-eyed as he listened.

There was a long pause as the boys held each other, both taking in what Nick had said. Keith broke the silence with a hesitant, is that what you want to do to me?

Do you want to do it to me? Nick asked back.

More silence. Nick wondered if it had been this difficult for Eric and Greg. Somehow it seemed that it had not.

Again it was Keith who broke the silence. He held Nick close and quietly said yes, I would like to try and have you in me. Nick turned and gave Keith a long kiss. I think I want the same, Nick said when they were finished kissing.

Will that make us boyfriends? asked Keith.

I don’t know, Nick answered. Both were unsure of what this all meant. Let’s wait until we’re downstairs for the night before we try. Keith agreed. That settled, they stayed together on the bed until they heard Nick’s parents return.

They dressed for dinner. Keith still wasn’t sure that he wanted to be naked in front of Nick’s mother and Nick didn’t want his friend to feel embarrassed. The boys betrayed no sign of their thoughtful afternoon, joining the adults in dinner chatter and laughter. After some more computer games in Nick’s room they headed downstairs for the campout. Later they would discuss that, too. They’d been sleeping in Nick’s bed over vacation, so why go back to the sleeping bags in the basement? This would be the last such night. Nick wondered if his parents would care. Once the change was made it seemed they didn’t, nor was it clear what they thought might be going on.

Despite Keith’s concern about Nick’s mother seeing him naked, they were naked in Nick’s room after dinner and repeated their naked run to the lower floor, unseen by adults again. Once downstairs it got them laughing. Keith set up the sleeping bags while Nick got lube and towels out of the bathroom. They waited for Chad to call down his customary good night before getting started, even as excitement mounted.

Everything ready, there was more silence as they struggled with how to go about things. It was Keith who once again broke the silence. Nick, I want you in me! he said, startling both of them with the wording and the intensity of feeling.

You sure, buddy?

Yes. Please!

Nick felt a new thrill at the idea of what he was soon to do. He spent time telling Keith everything that Eric had said about how to proceed. Keith was eager to do what Eric and Greg had done and soon was on his back, legs in the air. Nick lubed them both, then slowly worked his way into Keith who quickly was panting with excitement. This only inspired Nick with the result that he shot much faster than he wanted. It was ok; they’d develop their technique over time.

A rest and positions were reversed. Keith had been overwhelmed by how it felt to have Nick in him. Now he had the thrill of entering his friend. Both had the feelings the other had just experienced with the same result – Keith shot faster than he intended.

After Keith had pulled out and yet another silence Nick said that was awesome! We have to do it again and again! Keith pulled Nick close and said we will. Without cleaning up, they feel asleep on top of the sleeping bag. Fortunately Chad didn’t come down in the morning.

When they woke up the next morning, the boys lay together quietly contemplating what they’d done the night before. Nick spoke first. You still feel good about it?

Oh yes! Keith responded. I want to do it again today!

Well, if not today, we will soon. They realized they needed to clean up and got into the shower together, quickly feeling relaxed as they washed each other. Chad heard the water and opened the door at the top of the stars. The giggles from the bathroom confirmed that the boys were showering together. Chad smiled, pleased that the boys were having such a good time together.

For the rest of the day the boys were not home alone, so there was no more sex or spankings. There would be plenty to come, though. That night Nick called Eric before Eric could call. Nick couldn’t get the story out fast enough. Eric, it’s so awesome! he said.

I know, said his brother. I’m glad you guys tried it. We’ve been doing it a lot. Spanking, too. They shared some more stories, then gave their usual sign off of love ya, buddy.

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