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Chad's Boys
Part 30

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 30

Uncle Ben Visits

Since Eric had left for college Chad’s wife had not had one of her weekends with the girls. There weren’t any problems amongst the friends, just schedules kept it from happening. So, a few weeks after Eric had returned to college after the holidays, everyone found a weekend that worked. She announced it to Chad and Nick, both of whom were happy for her as they knew how much these retreats meant.

Uncle Ben hadn’t visited Chad since Eric started college which made this an ideal weekend for him to visit. Those arrangements were made, with Chad’s wife being delighted that Chad and Nick would have time with Chad’s closest friend.

Friday of the weekend Ben’s plane landed midday. Chad was at the airport to get him, they had a late lunch, then Chad dropped him off at the house. It’s a quiet day at the office, but I have a couple of things I’d like to wrap up before the weekend. I should be home by five, he told Ben over lunch. Ben was fine with this. It would give him some time to relax from the trip before his reunion with Nick and dinner. He knew he’d meet Keith at some point and was quite looking forward to it.

Delivered at the house Ben put his things in Chad’s room, as he always did. Also, as he always did, he undressed, noticing a bit of a rise in his penis at the thought of three nights in the bed with Chad. Even without sex those nights were precious to both of them. Comfortably naked Ben got a book out of his bag and went down to the den to read.

Around four o’clock he heard the back door open and Nick’s voice calling out Uncle Ben, are you here?

In the den. C’mon in, Ben answered. Nick, books and school stuff in hands, stuck his head in and said let me ditch this stuff. I’ll be right down. In less than five minutes he returned, stark naked, and received an avuncular hug and kiss from the man he considered his uncle, even though they were not related. Ben sat back down on the couch and Nick joined him, leaning up against Ben’s chest, snuggling as they had ever since Nick was a little boy. Neither wanted that to change! As had happened since he was small, Nick’s penis rose and fell. It was so common that neither paid it any attention. Ben, of course, did surreptitiously looked to see how the boy had developed. Very nice! The usual catching up went on, including the boring things like school. Ben was pleased to hear that Nick was doing so well.

And what about Keith? Ben asked at the appropriate moment. Nick lit up, which Ben noticed with pleasure. This definitely was a special relationship!

He’s the best, Uncle Ben, Nick said enthusiastically. He said he’d stop by around five. He’s going to stay overnight tonight. He does a lot of weekends.

Great, said Ben, delighted at the thought that soon he’d not only meet Nick’s friend, but likely see him naked. Chad’s descriptions had made Ben most curious to see the lad in all his glory. Well, naked at least, if not hard. He chuckled to himself at the thought.

What? asked Nick in reaction.

Nothing, Ben replied. Just a passing thought.

Not long after five they heard the back door and a voice call out Nick, you here? It was Keith.

Yup, in the den. C’mon in and drop your clothes at the door. All three laughed at that. Almost immediately Keith did appear. Ben and Nick stood as Keith quickly undressed. Introductions were made, Nick showing great pride in both his best friend and his honorary uncle. They made no comment but both Keith and Ben were amused at the naked introduction and handshake. Ben was impressed with the boy in front of him and as he got to know him over the weekend his good first impression only became stronger.

When they settled back on the couch Ben noticed, with no surprise, that Nick now sat close to Keith. It was a pleasure to observe their relaxed interaction. Ben and Keith wanted to learn about each other, so that was the focus of a great deal of the conversation. Nick was fine with that, still happy that these two were meeting. Ben secretly envied Chad getting to see this pair so regularly, even if not often naked. He did know that Keith had become much more relaxed about nudity around Chad, including the naked nights they’d shared. Keith showed no reticence about being naked with Ben, so Chad’s influence definitely was a good one. There was also a bit of disappointment that spanking was quite unlikely this weekend. These two boys had lovely bottoms, bottoms that would be a pleasure to spank. Little did Ben know what was to come.

Right at six Chad returned. He came into the den and said I hate to break this up, but we will have to get dressed for dinner. I’ve found a new restaurant. Chad always managed to find out about new places and be amongst the first patrons. From the grapevine he’d heard that this place also had a sizeable gay clientele, which made him eager to take this group.

Keith, I called your dad and he’s fine with you joining us for dinner, so we’re all set. I made a reservation and we should leave right away. I know it’s a pain to get dressed, but we can all go commando, he said to smiles all around. Chad went upstairs to change. Ben excused himself from the boys so that he could have some time with Chad and dress. When Ben arrived at Chad’s room Chad already had removed his shirt and pants and was in his briefs. A long embrace was had, with kissing. Ben slipped his hands into Chad’s briefs, his hands on Chad’s butt.

We have to save it for later, Chad said. Ben agreed, dressing quickly as Chad put on clothes more casual than his work clothes. Both knew fun would come later. Downstairs the boys were dressed and ready. Into the car and off to dinner.

The restaurant proved to be excellent. The four were enjoying their secret knowledge that they all were commando. Ben immediately picked up on the predominant clientele and gave Chad a knowing, slightly evil, smile. This might have to be dealt with later. The boys took little notice, though more than once Ben could see eyes wander when particularly attractive diners or waiters passed the table.

They weren’t back home until after nine. Without anyone suggesting it, it did become a naked night as the four watched some TV before bedtime. It wasn’t long before Ben was yawning. It had been a long day. When the show was over everyone was ready for bed, the boys for some fun, the adults more interested in sleep. There would be fun, likely just not to go on as long as the boys. Upstairs Nick and Keith went to the bathroom in the hallway. The master bedroom had its own bath, so the adults didn’t need to interfere with the boys. Chad left his door open a crack so he’d could hear when the boys were in Nick’s room. The pretense of camping out had long since ended and Keith now always slept in Nick’s room in the double bed. Giggles from the bathroom periodically were heard, but it wasn’t long before Nick’s door shut.

They’re in for the night, said Chad as he shut his door, though not likely to go to sleep for a few hours. Both men chuckled. There will be a few soiled towels in the laundry basket tomorrow. That brought laughter.

Not just their laundry basket, either, said Ben with a sly smile.

Soon the men were done with their ablutions. Before Chad could get into bed, Ben took him by the arm. That was sneaky of you to take us to a gay restaurant.

Well, I figured you’d enjoy it and I was curious as to how the boys would react. They certainly noticed, but I don’t think they got the whole picture.

Yes, said Ben. However, you need to be punished for your presumption. Quickly Chad was over Ben’s lap. The spanking really was in fun, Ben slapping some good smacks on Chad, enough to get a sting but not really hurt. When it was over both were laughing as they got into bed. Old habits took over and both were well spent by the time they went to sleep.

Down the hall there was a lot of talk about Ben. The boys had noticed the clientele in the restaurant, which was another discussion. Not having much knowledge of the gay world, they weren’t quite sure what to make of it. They agreed that some online research needed to be done. Time was taken giving each other a good edging, producing the soiled towels which Chad had predicted. Before sleep a plot was hatched around Uncle Ben with hopes that it could be pulled off.

No one bothered to dress in the morning. At lunch things played right into the boys’ hands. Over lunch Chad said much as I want to socialize, there are a few errands that must be done. I won’t be gone too long, I hope not more than two hours, probably less. He finished up his lunch, put the dishes in the sink, said his good-byes and was out the door.

The others were still finishing up. A look passed between the boys and Nick turned to Ben. Uncle Ben, we want you to give us the kind of spanking that Mr. Wellington gave.

At first Ben was a bit startled, but soon was giving them a knowing smile. That’s hard to define, boys, as he gave us a variety of spankings, depending on the circumstances. Your father and I didn’t get the same kind of spankings much of the time as Mr. Wellington had different goals for us. I suppose I could come up with what might qualify as a typical spanking. What brought this on? he asked, knowing quite well what it was about.

Well, y’know, we’ve heard about Mr. Wellington, and stuff, so. . . y’know. . . Nick said, ending with a stammer. Keith was showing signs of a blush.

Yes, you want to find out what it’s like. All three had finished their lunches. Clean up the plates and kitchen then meet me in the den. Don’t take too long or there will be consequences! Ben said with a smile. The boys nodded and quickly were going about the cleanup.

As he expected, Ben did not wait long for the boys to join him in the den. He was amused to see signs of hardness on both when they arrived. Ben was sitting on the couch and had the boys stand in front of them. He spent a few minutes telling a bit about Mr. Wellington, most of which Nick had heard, but mostly new to Keith. Now, you will both get what I guess could be called a medium spanking, for lack of a better term. The boys nodded, not knowing what else to do or say. Now Ben had to decide who first. He’d never spanked Eric or Nick, though he certainly had admired their spankable bottoms for many years, even before the boys had reached puberty.

Ben now took his place in the chair. Rather than take time thinking about it, he had taken Nick by the arm during the move to the chair. The reality that the spankings definitely were happening had both boys hard. Ben was impressed! No wonder they enjoyed each other so much.

Quickly Nick was in position. Ben took a moment to admire the lovely bottom facing him, then started a fast set of ten, not too hard, but rapid and stinging. Nick gasped a bit, but did not cry out. That would have to change! A slight pause and another ten good stinging swats landed on Nick’s bottom. That got a reaction! Ow and ouch were coming out with every smack. Ben could tell that Nick was going soft, but Keith was staying hard. A few more swats and Nick was done and allowed to stand.

Nick, take Keith’s place. Keith, time to go over my lap. In no time Keith was in place, Nick watching. His nervousness was evident as he lay there while Ben admired another spankable teenage bottom. The routine was repeated, pretty much a carbon copy of what Nick had received. Like Nick, Keith went soft over the course of the spanking. He cried out sooner than Nick did, otherwise things were much the same.

Join Nick, Ben instructed. When Keith was next to his friend Ben stood and went behind them to assess the color. Not bad, he thought, given that he’d not given a real spanking in some time and certainly never had Mr. Wellington’s expertise. Inspection done he invited the boys to join him on the couch. They sat a bit gingerly, but adjusted quickly as the sting was not strong. Once settled Ben encouraged them to talk about what had happened and how they felt. The boys were quite forthcoming. While the spankings stung, they agreed that they liked what they got.

As the discussion continued it came out that they had fun spanking each other. This did not surprise Ben at all. He’d suspected that from what Chad had told him and knew that Chad suspected it, too. Ben wondered if he should tell Chad. Chad would have told him if the boys had said anything to him, so Ben felt sure that Chad had not been told. A conundrum.

Discussion over, the boys went upstairs. Ben had just picked up his book when Chad returned. I’ll join you in a few minutes, he told Ben. About fifteen minutes later he returned, now naked, and the two friends enjoyed a pleasant afternoon together, just talking. Ben did tell Chad about the spanking session, of course, complete with how the request had been made. He only left out the news that the boys spanked each other; that was for them to tell when they were ready, if at all. They can’t help but be curious, after the stories we’ve told them, Chad said. He wasn’t the least bit bothered that Ben had spanked his son. If anything, he rather liked the idea and only regretted that he hadn’t been there to watch.

There were no more spankings that weekend, though Chad did threaten one later when the boys were a bit rowdy. It was done in jest, but the boys did calm down. By Monday morning Chad and Ben had had a satisfying weekend together and it was time for Ben to get to airport. Keith had returned home on Sunday afternoon but when he and Nick met up Monday morning to walk to school they, too, agreed it had been a most satisfying weekend. Spanking likely would take on a new dimension, too.

Mom had returned home Monday night and life returned to the usual routines. Tuesday Keith came over for naked study time. Around nine-thirty Chad went upstairs and stood outside Nick’s door, trying to ascertain if the boys were still doing their homework, or otherwise occupied. From the noises he heard he could tell they were chatting, so knocked on the door and called may I come in? Nick said sure and Chad joined the boys, closing the door behind him.

Nick and Keith, of course, were naked. Apparently they had just finished their homework. Chad sat down and talked about the weekend, all three agreeing enthusiastically that it had been a good time.

I understand you two had some fun with Ben while I was out. Two faces blushed. You wanted to know about how Mr. Wellington spanked. No harm in being curious. The boys looked relieved. What did you think? How did it compare to spankings from me?

Nick stammered a bit. Well, it was. . . I dunno. It didn’t feel like punishment like yours, but we knew we’d been spanked! Keith agreed. There was a pause, then Nick summoned up the nerve and said, we told Uncle Ben that we spank each other sometimes. Just for fun. Again blushes. Chad smiled at them.

No harm in that. Probably does you some good. I’ll admit I’ve wondered, but it’s none of my business, you know that. If Mom’s not around you don’t need to be secretive about it if you don’t want. I’ll never tell. Another smile.

Thanks Dad. You’re the best! Nick said and gave his father a hug. When they were done Chad turned to Keith who let himself be wrapped in a fatherly hug from his buddy’s dad, too. With that, Chad left the boys alone. Keith left at ten, as always.

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