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A Boy's Big City Adventures
Part 3

by Y Lee Coyote

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 08 Sep 1997

This story is all the product of my imagination (i. e., totally fictional). This is a sequel to "A Boy's Big City Adventures I and II" which should be read first as the characters are introduced there. Feedback greatly appreciated.


After work the next day Kris went to a park near Tom's office to wait for him. He was feeling down after a hard day. Although the park did not have a kids' playground there were lots of them there. Several were being particularly noisy and running around bumping into people while playing their own games. Never was there an "Excuse me, Sir." or "Sorry, lady." said. Kris began thinking about being a kid himself and what would have happened if his dad knew he had behaved like that. Not only would he have to eat his dinner standing but it would be his room and consist of a just skimpy luncheon meat sandwich and a glass of milk at bedtime. Oh, how he hated that. But he ate it because he was an active, growing boy who was always hungry for dinner.

There were lots of people passing through the park but he noted that two men sat down and watched the rambunctious kids. He started to fantasize based on his own past and the aggravations of the day. The two men saw the rude and inconsiderate behavior and suddenly they got up and called to two of the kids: "REX! KEVIN! Get over here." The kids ignored the call and then the other man called: "KEVIN! REX! GET OVER HERE - NOW!" This time the two responded obediently and went to their respective fathers. There they got full parental attention but not the kind they liked. First, they were lectured about their misbehavior and, second, they were spanked then and there in the public park. Kris knew the Big Apple was exciting but this was more than he ever expected.

Each man led his kid (by the ear, naturally) to a park bench. By wonderful coincidence that was just across the walkway from where Kris was sitting. Kris had a ringside seat. These benches were just perfect for spanking activities; they were wide and had plain flat seats without either backs or sides (ends) railings. The men, facing each other, each sat at the end of a bench. They finished up the lectures and then proceeded to the physical punishment. Even though the kids were about twelve and this was public, tradition was still followed. The kids' jeans were opened and pulled down by their fathers accompanied by protests of indignities in public by outraged children as their underwear was exposed. Ignoring parental barks of "Quiet" and "Silence" the kids continued to protest. Suddenly, they both shut up for their fathers had pulled down their underwear just before flipping them over their respective laps. Kris could see that both were pre-pubescent as neither had developed enough to have hair 'down there' and that one was a girl and not both boys as he had first thought. Also, he could see two sets of young buns as one father was apparently a lefty.

At first the buns were nice and flesh colored. Then the fathers' hands came down and bright red hand outlines appeared as if by magic accompanied by howls from the vocal ends of the errant pair. This was repeated until all four cheeks were a bright, hot crimson red and the howls had been converted into sobs and promises. The park got very quiet during this and Kris suddenly realized that the other kids had stopped playing and were watching the show - from a discrete distance. Then the kids were stood up and made to stand with their hot, red butts exposed while facing a large tree which served as a corner substitute while their fathers talked. The two men noticed Kris and he gave them a thumbs-up sign and a big smile of approval and appreciation.

"Kris" Tom said. "KRIS" he repeated and shook the other's shoulder. Kris left his day dream and greeted Tom. Kris looked about. Lots of people were hurrying through the park. The playing kids were gone (for it was almost supper time). And sitting across the walkway were two nannies - one reading "Soap Opera Digest" and the other "The Star" while their charges slept in carriages. Alas, bare, red assed kids were not standing at the big tree. Tom enjoyed hearing about the reverie as they started walking. He particularly liked how Kris identified with Kevin. It fitted into the plans he had for later that evening.

They walked down to the Staten Island ferry enjoying each others company and the wonderful sights of The Big Apple. Their timing was such that they were able to relish the sunset behind Miss Liberty and then the magnificent lights of Manhattan on the way back. They had dinner at Delmonico's but, alas, it was not the Delmonico's of "Life with Father" fame. Then they went to Tom's place for the first time.

Tom had noticed that Kris had been (and still was) moody and confronted him about it. After a while Kris admitted to having messed up during the day because he hadn't been paying attention as he should have at work. In just a few minutes, he was feeling like a fourteen year old ninth grader who had brought home a bad report card - the second in a row - and was now having that dreaded discussion with his disappointed and strict father. And Tom having picked up on that asked: "And just what did I promise you last time, young man, if you messed up again?"

Kris hesitated a little bit before answering. He knew that he could stop this now but, somehow, he wanted it to keep going. After an awkward pause, in a meek little boy's voice, he answered: "A spanking. A hard spanking. A very hard spanking." He had committed himself and somehow he felt more serene. It was like going on a roller coaster ride. Anticipation and dread at the same time but then once it - with you strapped in - starts going up that first ramp there ain't no turning back for every few inches there is another click as the safety pawl advances. And then at the top, suddenly freee ffaaalllll.

"And how, young man?" Tom demanded.

"On the bare butt" and then he hesitated, not absolutely sure, before adding "with a strap, Sir." It had been many years since he had been spanked and he had never been strapped but some of his friends had been even when they were in college. He had a curious fascination with the idea and had wondered about being a student in a strict private school with corporal punishment. He felt a strange relief that is associated with confession before the start of penitence and punishment.

Tom looked at the young man sitting next to him in his new business suit but with the demeanor of a naughty, but now caught, little schoolboy. Kris' non-alcoholic choice of drink even enhanced that overall feeling. "Go hang up your school uniform and get back here in just your briefs and sox." The boy jumped to obey and in just a few minutes he returned standing before the older man.

Tom indicated that Kris was to sit beside him and then proceeded to give Kris a "lecture" befitting a lazy and errant school boy. By the end of this little talk, Kris was feeling very small indeed. In his mind he was back in the fifth grade when old Miss. Polinski had sent him home with a note and his dad really gave it to him. Standing Kris up by his side Tom lowered the one remaining item of clothes that allowed Kris a small measure of dignity. The fully developed genitals hung from a hairless crotch. Until now, Kris could have though himself a man but, standing with bowed head, he saw that he looked like a boy for the apparent size of his organ was minimized by the illusion of perspective. Like a small ten year old he knew better than to resist as Tom pulled him over his lap and began to spank him hard with his hand. Physically Kris was full size and Tom did not have to be gentle nor did either of them want him to be 'easy on the little lad'. Blow after blow of hard smacks quickly covered all of Kris's ass and upper thighs. As he was spanking the boy-man he was also lecturing about the day's failures. After a little while the boy gave in and started to sob and plead for mercy. But the blows continued for some time until the boy was crying fully. Then Tom stopped and held the lad for a while before he directed him to stand in the corner to contemplate his misbehavior without touching his hot bottom. He also gave Kris something to hold: a leather strap. Kris knew what was to come as he repeatedly examined the 5 cm wide, 3mm thick and 1 meter long piece of tanned animal hide that would soon tan his own hide.

A little while later, Tom called Kris from the corner and asked if he remembered how many times he was to feel the kiss of the strap? "Yes, Dad. You said twenty-five," he whispered while handing Tom the strap.

"That's right, boy. Now assume the position and count." Kris bent over and grasped his ankles. Tom took the strap and after folding it double began to strap the wayward boy.

WHACK! One (with a gasp), Sir. WHACK! Two (with another gasp) Sir. This continued for the entire strapping until, finally WHACK! Twenty-five (through sobs) Sir.

The last few were very hard for the boy to count but he knew that he had to or they would repeated. Although it was over he remained in position as Tom caressed his very hot crimson ass. Tom lifted him up and gave him a hug. The crying boy hugged back the man and cried on his shoulder. After a while he again ordered: "Stand in the corner, boy." While the boy obeyed, Tom showered and prepared for bed. Then, he had Kris do the same.

Soon they were in bed together happily entwined in each others arms. It did not take long before Tom had put on a condom and fucked the boy-man throughly. Then he proceeded to give him a blow job. He had barely started when Kris exploded with joy. They then went to sleep quickly and happily.

Kris frequently beat the sun up and this morning was one of those times. And, as usual, he was horny. Tom was still sleeping - sprawled on his stomach - not quite ready to wake up. Kris took a condom from the night stand (noting some of the other toys there) and put it on. Then he gently started to caress Tom's butt and slowly applied some lubricant to the unresisting hole therein. Slowly he was able to get first one and then two fingers in and found that Tom was reacting back and gently moaning still mostly asleep. Not being able to wait any longer he got into position between Tom's legs and slowly pressed his hard rod against the relaxed and waiting hole. He slipped all they way in and then grabbed Tom about the shoulders. As Tom awoke, he first tried to dislodge Kris but quick realized that he liked what was happening. In fact the lustful and horny Kris come twice before letting up on his older partner. He was so lusty and energetic he had seemed like a tomcat in his behavior. In fact he left a couple of sets of teeth marks in Tom's neck. Then he turned Tom over and proceeded to go down on him. He did that very well and left Tom most pleasurably satisfied (excepting the bite marks).

With a quick kiss, he rushed to the bathroom to shower so that he could get to work on time. After all, he now knew the price of being naughty.

-- End of Part III --

©Copyright A. I.L., September 8, 1997

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