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You Don't Know Falcono

by Christophorus Volkov

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He opened his eyes, but he only saw blackness. The room was absent of any light.

Roberto was naked. He could feel his balls hanging between his spread thighs. His chest and stomach were supported on a platform supported by two a-frame supports. His ankles were manacled to the supports in the rear, and his wrists were manacled to the supports in the front. A faint dripping sound pierced the silence.

The captured male tried to yell, but he realized something had been placed into his mouth not allowing him to make a sound. His severely muffled yells barely were audible to him. He knew no one else could hear him. It was just Roberto, tied to some platform, with his bare feet on the cold floor and nothing to stare at but the pitch black.

He had no idea how he had gotten here. Roberto had been at a party at the hotel. He took a drink and he started to feel woozy. Suddenly, everything went dark. Frankly, Roberto could not even confirm he was alive. Maybe he was in hell.

The physical specimen rocked against his restraints, but it was no use. The a-frames had been bolted to the concrete floor. When at full height, Roberto stood a full 1.92 meters tall or around six feet four inches, and he weighted in at about 210 pounds or 95 kg. At 24, he had just graduated from college where he played American football as a wide receiver. His body was at its physical peak, but he his powerful calves, quads, glutes, lats, abs, delts, biceps, triceps, and forearms had been rendered useless. All he could do was rattle the restraints.

Roberto thought through his vacation, and he wondered who might know him or might have done this to him. He remembered talking to an old man in a suit at the airport. The old man was not American, and he had a large entourage with him. They did little more than exchange pleasantries. Roberto shook his head. He didn’t sign up for this.

What seemed like hours passed, and Roberto was alone in his thoughts. He thought about how he treated his girlfriend, and he wondered if he would see her again. She was supposed to be on this trip with him, but her life had gotten a little out of control. Roberto pulled away from her rather than getting closer. He regretted it now.

He also thought about his father. His dad had warned him not to come on this trip. He said the country he was visiting was dangerous, especially for Americans. He couldn’t help but think again how he was right.

He closed his eyes and imagined his funeral. He could see his mother crying, and his father shaking his head. A line of mourners filed past his casket. No, I’m not going to die here, Roberto said to himself. I’m not going to die naked and attached to this platform.

The room was getting colder and colder. Roberto felt a fly land on his asshole. He wiggled his ass, and the fly flew away. Strangely, he chuckled. He was seeing some gallows humor, he thought.

Roberto began to hear faint footsteps. They were approaching from behind and to his right. The footsteps grew louder. He heard a key in the door. The door opened, and, for the first time in hours, Roberto could see something as the light from outside the room poured in. He took a quick look around the small, dank room he was in. It was a windowless room constructed of cement block. He heard a light switch click, and a single lightbulb illuminated his restrained body from above.

He heard footsteps approaching from behind, but he was restrained in such a way that he couldn’t exactly see who it was.

The door closed with a thud, and he heard something like a stool slide up behind him. The unseen person grabbed his scrotum. Roberto screamed out. Don’t worry, said a man’s voice. I’m not going to hurt you. Well, that is I’m not going to hurt you if you cooperate.

Roberto felt a shudder run down his spine. He knew he was in some sort of trouble, but he didn’t understand what had placed him here.

I’m Dr. Odus. I work for a little-known branch of the government called the Central Intelligence Council. It’s like the CIA...only a little more intelligent. The reason I have your balls in my hand is that I’m attaching some electrodes to your sensitive parts for later use.

Roberto cried out, but it was no use. He felt the man pulling on his scrotum and feeling his testicles. He felt a clamp being applied to either side of his scrotum. Next, he felt some pressure against his defenseless anus.

Don’t worry. This will go quickly. Take a deep breath.

Roberto did as he was told.

Now let it out.

As Roberto let out the breath, he felt a wide metal plug go into his rectum. It felt like he had been ripped open. MMMMMMPHHHHHH! he cried through his gag.

Yeah, I know that hurts. I’m sorry. I am just following orders, son.

Roberto was breathing deeply as his anus pounded. He was happy to have the gag to bite down on as it helped him deal with the pain. He couldn’t see it, but a three or four finger wide plug had been shoved into his anal cavity. Wires were sticking out of his ass.

The doctor approached Roberto’s head, and he finally was able to see him. Dr. Odus was an old man with a ring of white hair surrounding his bald head. He had a white goatee and wore glasses. He was wearing surgical scrubs. He had a slight build. Roberto looked at him defiantly.

Oh, I see you’re mad at me. Well, that’s why I brought this, Dr. Odus pulled over a cart of equipment. The equipment was connected to the clamps on Roberto’s balls and the metal plug up his ass.

If I throw this switch, you’re very bad day is going to get much worse. This equipment creates voltage, and you have a significant metal plug up your rectum and two very metal clamps on your scrotum. I’d show me some respect. It’s your choice though.

Roberto watched as Dr. Odus placed a blood pressure cuff on Roberto’s right bicep. He also placed a sheet over Roberto’s exposed ass.

As Dr. Odus worked, Roberto could hear two other sets of footsteps approaching. He heard a key in the door, and the footsteps came closer. Dr. Odus broke the silence, General. This is Roberto D’Algalo. He is ready for interrogation.

Thank you Dr. Odus.

Private, please remove Mr. D’Algalo’s gag.

The Private moved over and unlatched the gag in Roberto’s mouth. He pulled it out. Roberto wasted no time.

Who the FUCK are you, and WHY AM I HERE? asked Roberto.

Both are fair questions, Mr. D’Algalo, but I can’t answer them. I’m sorry.

I deserve to know why you and Dr. Feelgood here have sexually assaulted me.

The general raised the sheet and looked at Roberto’s bubble ass. Oh, I see you don’t like our inducement procedures. Well, don’t worry. We shouldn’t have to use them if you just tell us what you know.

I’m know this, I’m going to tell everyone about your fucking governmental unit, and I’m going to take you down.

Don’t bother, son, said the General. Not even the President knows we exist. We are part military, part mercenary, part hired gun. You don’t think there’s really $500 toilet seats at the Pentagon, do you?

Roberto glared back. The General took off his jacket, and he put it on the back of a chair by the wall. He rolled up his sleeves.

The General grabbed a long, thick paddle from the corner of the room. The General whisked it back and forth through the air so that it made a whooshing sound.

We have multiple ways that we can induce you to talk. They say that these things don’t work, but you haven’t lived until you’ve heard an enemy combatant singing like a cockatoo with a steady current of electricity going up his ass and this paddle cracking across his cheeks.

You have a thing for butts or something? asked Roberto.

Nah. It’s just a nice, convenient place to do this.

With that, the General swung the paddle back and cracked it across the sheet protecting Ryan’s bare ass. The unexpected hit landed with a thud and surprised Roberto so much that he didn’t even have time to clench his cheeks.

AHHHHHOOOWWW! yelped Roberto.

That was mild, wasn’t it Doc?

Dr. Odun shook his head in the affirmative. Private, are we ready to record?

The Private produced a recording device. He pressed a button. This is General Smoken. I’m interviewing a Robert D’Algaro.

My name is Roberto D’Algalo, sir. I want a lawyer, answered Roberto.

No lawyers in this part of the area. Just the four of us here. So, please, tell us about the conversation you had in the airport with Falcono.


You had a conversation with Falcono in the airport. What did you talk about?

Who is Falcono?

Son, I’m going to give you one more chance to tell us the nature of the conversation. If you are not in compliance...well...let’s say you’re going to have some electric turds.

General, I do not know who that is.

Dr. Odun, do the honors.

The doctor reached over and flipped the switch on the cart of equipment. Instantly, Roberto felt a tingling sensation in his balls and deep inside his ass. It didn’t hurt much, but the pain was getting progressively worse.

This is the lightest setting. Anytime I think you’re lying, I’m going to raise the voltage.

Without warning, the General cracked the paddle across Roberto’s ass again. SMACK!


General Smoken sat down next to Roberto. He was a tall, olive skinned man with dark hair and features. He reached back and pulled the sheet off Roberto’s ass making him naked again. His ass was purple from the two paddle hits.

Ok, I’m going to ask you again. In the airport, you spoke with an old man in a suit with an entourage. His name was what?

That guy. I’ve never seen him before in my life! We just kind of bumped into each other, and we just kind of talked.

What did he say?

Nothing. He just said that he was sorry to bump into me.

Did you know he slipped something in your pocket when he bumped into you?

No. He didn’t slip something in my pocket.

We’ve seen the surveillance tape. He slipped a USB drive into your pocket. We found it in your jacket. It had been wiped. What was on it?

Sir, I don’t know. I swear.

Raise the voltage doctor.

The pain from his ass and his balls increased immensely. Roberto closed his eyes. He didn’t know how he could convince the sadistic General.

The General raised the paddle again and slammed it against Roberto’s bare ass five times in quick succession as the electrical current coursed through Roberto’s most private parts. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK!


Dr. Odun spoke up, Sir, his blood pressure is rising we are going to kill him.

Maybe he deserves to die for speaking to lowlifes like Falcono. Raise it up.

Dr. Odun pushed the knob all the way over. Roberto’s pain was unbearable, and his blood pressure soared.


We have to stop, General. I believe him.

For Roberto, it seemed like an hour had passed as pain seared from deep inside. His balls retracted up so that they were nearly in his body. He was convulsing in pain.

General Smoken thought for a moment. With a disappointed look, the General yelled out, FUCK...cut it all off.

Dr. Odun flipped the switch down, and instantly, the pain subsided. Roberto was breathing hard. Angrily, the General grabbed his coat, nodded to the Private, and walked out of the room.

Are you ok, Roberto? asked Dr. Odun.

No. This is FUCKED UP! Roberto answered.

Don’t worry. I’ll make sure you won’t remember a thing.

The doctor grabbed a syringe full of something. Roberto had his eyes closed when Dr. Odun plunged it into Roberto’s bare ass. Roberto passed out again.

While he was out, Dr. Odun removed the plug, the clamps, and the restraints. He dressed him the best he could, and he had one of the Privates drive Roberto back to his hotel.

After distracting the front desk agent, a Private placed the unconscious Roberto in a bathroom stall and quietly made his exit.

After a few minutes, Roberto woke up disoriented and with a headache. The powerful drug Dr. Odun gave him had erased his memory of the events with the CIC. The big man lumbered back to his hotel room wondering how he had passed out in the bathroom. He figured he had gotten the bruises on his ass when he fell after passing out.

Man, I have to quit drinking, thought Roberto as he dozed off in his hotel room.

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