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The Tenant
Part 17

by Graham

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Steve White carried Mark into the house, up the stairs, and into the bathroom where he laid the bare, bound young man down into an empty bathtub. Hastening back downstairs, he closed and locked the door, turned on lights in the living room and kitchen, before bounding back upstairs to his disabled prey.

Turning on the tub’s shower, he began soaping up his rolfing subject, scrubbing away the sweat, grime, and ejaculated, dried sperm from the gaunt body. Mark tried to protest by unintelligible sounds that ceased as he realized he could not prevent being bathed.

Steve ended by shampooing Mark’s sandy hair, and afterward hefted him up out of the tub and encircled him in a thick, large bath towel to be vigourously dried. He sat the skinny youth with widened, alarmed eyes on the commode seat to wait while Steve showered and shampooed himself.

When he had dried himself, he grabbed Mark up off the toilet top, carting him into the bedroom, dropping him face first on the mattress. Reaching in between the youthful, boyish, but darkly red-marked buttocks, Steve separated them and Mark’s legs, making way for his own, hard, stiff organ.

Wait! Waaaaait! Whuh-uht are you dooo-eeeeng! Nuh-oht agaaaaain! Please, nooo-ooo, Steve. You can’t do that! Mark screamed, shutting his hole, buttocks, and legs.

The young coach picked up a leather paddle and began smacking the already hot, bruised flesh with smites and bites that seemed to char with searing fire the teacher’s already scorched flesh.

Whenever you resist, disobey, refuse to cooperate, this will be the consequence, little man, Coach White declared as he applied licking bites of a leather paddle to Mark’s bony, narrow, little butt.

It was too much for the young teacher who had long ago surrendered and descended so far, he not hold on, or hold back against the bitterly searing, fiery inferno that was consuming his bottom and thighs, and his mind and will.

Okay, okaaaay-aaay! he cried out his defeat. Buh-uht please! Nooo-huh-uh-mooore-uh-spuhangkeeenghaaaa! Ooo-hoo-uh-stuhop-it-pleeeeeze, he begged through sobs.

Okay, little man. We will stop, but I am going to put my ram back into your tight, little, virgin hole again, and fill it, drill it, until you feel it all, everything it does, and everything that happens while its in there.

Whu-uht?! No, noooo-aaaa-oooo-uh-uh-kaaaay-uh-I-guh-give-up-uh-puh-lease-uh-stuh-op it! Stop it! Staaahp-uh-uh-spuh-anking-uh-meeeee! Mark pleaded frantically.

You said you would do what I want. You begged and promised to be a good, little boy! That’s exactly what you’re going to do, and be. Now spread your legs wide! Steve ordered brusquely.

No-ooo-no-uh-uh-noooo-aaa-ow-ow-aaa-Steve! Okay-okay-okaaaay-uh-please!

Mark was begging, shrieking, without response, until instinctively compliant, he spread his legs wide as ordered. Steve lowered himself between them, grabbing, squeezing, kneading, the bare, beaten, but lean, narrow bum before him.

He began inserting the slickened pole into the yielding anus of the broken, weeping, young teacher. Mark gasped, aaaa-noooo-uh-uh-uh..., crying out as the penetrating invader proceeded further up into him, filling him completely. Aaaaa-uh-uh-uhmaaaa!

In instant response, Steve taunted and bemocked his helpless subject.

Tell me to stop, little man, and I will stop, everything. Tell me you don’t like the feel of my mouth on your little, hard, manhood; and I will stop. Tell me not to spear you with my big harpoon, driving up into you, fully expanding and filling you until you explode; and I will stop. Tell me you don’t love every bit, and every minute, of what I’m doing to you, and I will stop.

Mark’s only response was to whimper with a defeated, crushed, demoralized mixture of outrage, shame, and sated delight. Nothing had ever felt as wonderful as the coach’s skillful touches, on the young teacher’s, engorged hard-on, on his sensitive inner thighs, on his super-sensitive hole, and on the prostate hot spot inside his anal chute.

For the moment in which his consciousness and emotions were obsessed, he was lost in the heightening zenith of pleasure to which he was being propelled. Undulating internal orgasms washed over him, sweeping him farther out, adrift in a sea of powerless, emotional abdication.

Afterward, both young men were slick and coated with sweat. Heaving, gasping, squalling with pain, shame, and apprehension, Mark lay with his head, neck, and shoulders nestled in the crook of Steve White’s arm.

Let’s get up and get something to eat, Steve announced. Hopping up bare, he pulled the naked, gaunt teacher up onto his feet, pulling him along by his thin arm that was secured with the other at his wrists behind his back.

The young coach led his younger captive to a chair and pushed him down to sit uncomfortably on a chair. Suffering from the many thrashings his bottom had received from Steve in the past week, Mark bounced up and down a couple of times on touching the chair seat, wincing from the painful contact as his bottom finally sat down.

Heating up slices of pizza in the microwave, the coach ate some and fed others to Mark, whose mouth opened wide to hungrily devour the food. Sitting there, he thought on the irony that the big, overpowering man who had spanked him more times than he could count or remember; and who had taken him into his bed for passionate, sexual activities and love-making, was the same one now serving him food, feeding him, with his arms still bound behind him.

Afterward, Steve opened a beer for each of them, holding the bottle repeatedly to Mark’s mouth for him to drink it down. After eating, he wiped Mark’s mouth and face, and left him sitting which he put away the dishes and glasses.

Having eaten, both men felt the weariness of the day, hour, weak, and their strenuous, exhausting actions. Steve helped Mark to the bathroom, and escorted him along with him back to the bed, where they fell asleep with astonishing swiftness.

Some time after 1 a.m., Steve awoke with a massive plank of dreaming wood. He slid off the bed and raced to the bathroom to empty his bladder.

When he returned, he could not leave the enticing, skinny, young teacher alone. He had to have him again.

Waking Mark, the coach pulled him off the bed, marched him to the bathroom to use the facilities, and back. Placing the thin teacher on his back, he raised his legs high to rest again on Steve White’s shoulders.

The assistant coach’s member was huge already, anticipating the total invasion and occupation of younger Mark Wickham. When he saw what was coming, Mark tried to pull his legs off Steve’s shoulders, and bring them tightly together.

Frustrated beyond toleration, the coach stopped, immediately dragging the young teacher off the bed and throwing him back down hard across Steve’s lap. Using the same, vicious, leather paddle, he beat and blistered the skinny, narrow butt of the teacher held firmly captive over his lap.

Almost immediately, Mark was screaming and shrieking from the unbearable pain afflicting his bottom. Quickly at as his end of his endurance, the pain of this latest licking was now felt worse than anything he’d ever gotten before.

Way past flooded, weeping eyes, he was sobbing, heaving deep breaths, frantically conceding, surrendering, anything to get the licking ended. He was unaware of his thwarted efforts to kick his constrained legs during that latest, spanking.

You going to cooperate, obey? Get up there and be a good, little boy? the coach fired off his question.

Sobbing in controllable pain and sorrowful shame, Mark nodded vigourously, his shoulders and back shaking with him. He was defeated, capitulating unconditionally to Steve’s orders, even though unexplainably his penis was as hard as it ever had been.

Ye-es-huh-uh-puh-lease-uh-uh-I’ll-uh-be-uh-uh-good-uh-uh-I-uh-puh-promise! I will-beee-uh-good-buh-uht-uh-uh-please-uh-staaaahp! Uh-noo-ooo-moooore-uh-spangkeeenghaaa-waaaa-uh-huh-waaaa!

Steve grasped the slender waist of the thin, lithe teacher and hoisted him into the air. Standing up, he carried him back to the bed and placed him back down on his back on the bed.

The big, tall, strong coach jumped atop the skinny, slim, young teacher nude on his back on the queen-size bed, stretching out and covering Mark’s front. Slithering a bit lower down on the young teacher, Steve took Mark’s still partly hard boner in his mouth again, to begin again the same irresistible routine that soon overpowered and defeated every trace of resistance.

Sliding up and down, swirling the head and sensitive underside with his tongue, and holding, hanging onto the end, it felt like he was trying to suction the nut off a long, narrow, hard bolt.

With his young manhood captured in the coach’s mouth, the young teacher’s suddenly felt his bottom pierced once again by Steve’s gigantic shaft that drove in to the hilt so deeply and tightly, it felt like Mark might split open, or the giant mushroom cap burst through the top of the young teacher’s head.

Mark was drawn like an arousing, erotic magnet, rapidly ceasing anything but riding the rising surf of sexual excitement and arousal, until he crested with another orgiastic blast from his too into the coach’s mouth. He was riding the bucking shaft on which he was impaled, thrown and tossed around on it as it inflamed his inner, erotic passions.

The syncopated fucking and sucking affected both young men beyond their ability to control their sexual fervour with any calm, rational thought and restraint. Steve gulped down the repetitive shots of semen, then slid farther back up onto, and deeper into, the slim, young teacher.

Slipping his arms under Mark’s head and neck, Steve pulled him into his captor, to sink more and deeper his huge phallus into the skinny, smaller teacher. Mark just absorbed the entire length, and depth of the fleshy column with overwhelming sexual pleasure.

You okay? You feel it now, right?! Steve asked in an authoritative voice. Crying, muffled sobs, Mark did not speak.

No more tension, rigid, up-tight stress. Everything’s loose and relaxed, and you feel free, at ease and at peace, don’t you? That’s true, isn’t it? the coach-masseuse led Mark’s responses with his questioning.

Yeh-uh-esss-I-uh-guh-uess-huh-uh-uh, Mark answered through his squalling tears. his coach’s side, trying to pull away, but he could not match Steve’s overpowering strength.

You love it, don’t you, little man? Mark’s eyes were still filled with tears, and his whimpering continued unabated.

You love this, and you love everything I’ve done, everything you learned and experienced, don’t you? This is what you really want, really need, isn’t it? It’s what turns you on and empties you out, isn’t it?

With tears streaking from his eyes, still weeping, in misery, Mark slowly, but affirmatively, nodded his head.

You’re my little guy, my boy, aren’t you, Mark? the coach asked further, again without any response.

With one hand back on Mark’s tumescent, virgin manhood, and the other twisting and pinching one of the younger man’s nipples, the coach demanded, Whose boy are you, Mark? Who do you belong to, want to own you, little boy?

Crying harder, tears welling up and flooding his eyes, through the tape over his mouth he muttered a scarcely intelligible sound, Uh-humm-uh-uh-uh-ou-ou-ou! followed by more writhing and crying out.

The masterful shank pumped and dredged this skinny guy’s anal canal until exploding with a violent series of blasts it filled him so full of semen he might have reason to worry about becoming pregnant!

The young teacher interjected his weeping with squeals of erotic pleasure and satisfying delight. Without consideration of the circumstances, this sexual purgation of all other inhibitions or restraints catapulted him to the heights of delirious ecstasy.

He was ruined, gone, incapable of holding back. Steve scooped his younger subject into him, holding him close in the warm, comforting, afterglow bliss of sexual consummation.

Very soon, Mark had slumped and turned over onto his face and chest. His badly lambasted, sore bottom was on plain display. Rolling over and lying atop the sleeping, younger man, Steve rested his head against Mark’s neck and shoulders, gently placing kisses there. In short time, they both were asleep.

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