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Chad's Boys
Part 31

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 31
Back at College

No sooner were Eric and Greg back in the room after the dinner with the dads and Nick, but clothes were off. Eric grabbed Greg in a naked bear hug and soon they were on one of the beds, both hard as could be, in a frenzy of kissing and hugging. After a while they calmed down and enjoyed pleasure together, which culminated in each fucking the other, which felt so good after the holiday break. That done, sleep overtook them quickly.

Their reunion with Billy and Rob was, as they expected it might be, in the bathroom the next morning. Rob and Billy had just gone in when Eric and Greg joined them. Billy gave a sly look and, without speaking, all four dropped their robes and went about their business fully naked. Other boys came in and out, some amused at the nudity, a couple seeming a bit uncomfortable, which was just what Billy wanted. Even this late into the school year some of the guys still were disconcerted by normal nudity in the bathroom, a place where nudity is expected. Just as the four were about to leave Daniel came in, letting his robe fall open. See you guys at breakfast? he asked. Everyone said yes. Billy threw his robe over his shoulder and returned to his room naked. To his disappointment, no one was in the hall.

At breakfast Daniel’s big news was that he’d already emailed Professor Dyer and that he was going to the Professor’s house Tuesday afternoon at four. I’ll be back for dinner, though, he promised. All four were eager to know all about it when the time came. It was Monday, so Daniel’s visit would be the next day. Classes were starting up right away and all five dashed off to new ones. None had Professor Dyer this semester, which could have consequences beyond Daniel.

There wasn’t much reading that night, so the quartet felt free to have a session in Billy and Rob’s room. Spankings were due all around which meant a good time was had by all, with four sore bottoms at the end, along with lots of laughter. Spankings done, but before the wankings, there was speculation about Daniel’s visit the next day. No one said it, but all wondered how Daniel’s report might affect their own thoughts on visits with Professor Dyer.

On Tuesday Daniel felt a great sense of relief that he had only one class that day, in the morning. However, it was one that showed signs of being tough, which didn’t help matters. He did his best to concentrate and the class went well that day. Promptly at four o’clock he knocked on the Professor’s door. He must have been waiting as the door opened immediately.

Very good. I like a boy who is prompt. Come in, son. Daniel learned that afternoon that when Professor Dyer was in his role as spanker, the boy was always called son. At first Daniel was unsure of how he felt about that, but by the time he left he rather liked it. It made him feel special somehow.

The Professor took Daniel’s coat and requested that boots be removed at the door. So, while his coat was being hung in the closet Daniel got his boots off and left them by the door. He now was ushered into a room on the first floor that appeared to be the Professor’s home office, with a computer, shelves of books, and whatever else one would expect in a home office. What made it different, though, were the four paddles of different size, type, and material which hung on his wall, along with a straight-back chair which Daniel assumed must be for spankings. Later he was introduced to a small stand which was just the right size for a boy to lean over and present his bottom.

In the room, Professor Dyer sat in his comfortable desk chair and signaled for Daniel to stand in front of him. As I told you last semester, any and all spankings here are given with you completely naked. Meaning no covering of any kind. There will be no protecting your bottom. Or any other parts of your body. Is that understood? Daniel nodded. Is this an issue for you? If so, we should stop now, with no judgment of you on my part.

No, sir, I’m fine with that. Daniel chose to wait until he knew the Professor better before letting him know about his nudist proclivities. That revelation would have pleasant consequences, but that comes later.

Very good. Take your clothes off. You can put them on that stand. He pointed to a stand at the end of his desk. Daniel did as told, folding his clothes and stacking them, then returned to his position. Professor Dyer looked him over. While the Professor enjoyed seeing boys’ bottoms, he always waited for them to visit before seeing their front side and genitals. Daniel was red-haired all over, as we know. The Professor was pleased with what he saw. Other than the red hair, Daniel could be any number of teenage boys who presented themselves naked to him. Not that that was a problem!

The next comment shocked Daniel. Your pubic hairs will have to go.


Yes, son. When a boy starts out with me it is important you have a reminder beyond your sore bottom of our relationship here as spanker and spankee. This is a most effective way. Eventually you will be allowed to grow them back. Most men find that their bush improves after a shaving, so you likely will be pleased in the long run.

Daniel was silent. He didn’t know how to respond. He felt confident that his four buddies wouldn’t give him a hard time, especially when they knew the whole story, but his smooth condition couldn’t be hidden in the bathroom. How would the other guys on the floor react?

The Professor smiled. I know what you’re thinking, son. There will be comments. However, this is part of the process and you simply will have to endure whatever comments you get. Likely when your hair has regrown those same boys will be envious. Are you usually naked in the bathroom, other than showering?

Yes, sir.

Well, then, any covering up will be noticed, so you’d best go with it, don’t you think?

Daniel croaked out another yes, sir. Professor Dyer was firm about all this and yet nothing about it seemed harsh. Suddenly this whole process seemed like a lot to take in.

It’s important for a boy to have some choices, though not many, as it is also important for you to know who is in charge. This is tough love, son. You will learn that tough as it is, it is love. I care for all the boys in my charge. Daniel nodded. Your choice, son, is this. Before our next session you may shave off your hairs yourself. If so, it is a full shave, including your testicles. Daniel noted the use of the proper term. If you don’t do it yourself, I will do it for you. The thought of that made Daniel instantly hard. Professor Dyer had seen this reaction many times! You will not be penalized for not shaving yourself. Many find it tricky and in some ways it is easier for another person to do it. Nonetheless, once you are fully shaved you will keep yourself smooth until I say that you may regrow you hair. Is this all understood?

Again Daniel nodded.

Good. Today we are getting acquainted, as it were. You always will leave here with a stinging bottom, including today. If I do it correctly it still will sting tomorrow. In the future though you will receive more memorable spankings. With that the Professor laid out various types of spankings a boy could receive and why certain ones were given, making it clear that tears would flow on more than one occasion. What we do here is tailored to your needs. We can discuss this more fully later and as we get to know each other better. Now, go into that corner, put your nose right to the wall, and keep your hands by your side.

Yes, sir. Daniel did as told. It felt weird and a bit awkward to have his nose right up against the spot where the walls joined, but he knew already that he had best do as instructed. Professor Dyer always started a first session this way. It gave the boy quiet time to reflect on the choice he had made and to think about just what was soon to happen to his bottom. The Professor was always patient with this facet of things. He knew that eventually the boy would get fidgety in his nervousness. Daniel was pretty average in terms of showing those signs.

When Daniel was at a point when he thought he couldn’t take any more, he heard the Professor say come over here, son. He did as told. The Professor was now seated in the straight-backed chair. Stand right here, he was instructed, the Professor indicating the spot. Daniel in place, Professor Dyer took him by the arm and carefully guided him over his lap. This was something Daniel had never experienced – being naked over an adult man’s lap. Well, an adult not his father. He felt himself growing hard between the Professor’s legs. That would change shortly.

SMACK SMACK SMACK. Not too hard, but he could feel it. This can’t be too bad, he thought. Professor Dyer liked to give boys that false confidence at the start. It would not be long before that confidence was gone. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Now harder. That hurt! Daniel wanted to remain stoic and so far he had. Not for long. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. Ow, ow! Daniel responded.

The spanking got no harder, but continued at a steady pace. As it went on Daniel’s ow turned to yelling. He grabbed the legs of the chair to overcome the urge to cover his bottom.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. Owwwwwooooooh! Daniel cried. Now he was wondering if he’d start crying. He hoped not! That would be humiliating. Yet, even in his discomfort he recalled that the Professor said that someday he would get a spanking that would make him cry. And likely not just one. Please, not this time! the boy thought to himself.

Years of experience giving spankings, and a few years before that of getting them, made Professor Dyer expert at gauging just how much a boy could take; when to hold back, when to push the boy. Just as Daniel was sure he could take no more and would burst into tears, the spanking stopped. He was breathing hard, but Professor Dyer’s hand on his bottom felt good and reassuring, too. They stayed that way for a few minutes during which no one spoke. At just the right moment Professor Dyer helped Daniel to his feet, standing the boy in front of him.

Well, son, what do you think? This is your last chance to make a decision. If this is not for you, just say so, and everything is fine. If you want to continue, we set a weekly time to meet and you will report then, unless I’ve specifically allowed you not to. If you chose to continue I want you here at the same time next week. If you have not removed your pubes we will start with my removing them. This won’t affect the spanking you will get. He let Daniel stand there, still taking in all that had been said and had happened, giving him time to make his own decision.

Sir, I think I should come back, Daniel said after a moment or two. If just felt right!

Good boy.

But sir, I don’t think I can do a good job shaving, so if you don’t mind I’d like to let you do it.

The Professor smiled. This was a job he always enjoyed, telling Daniel, I’m always happy to help in that regard. Now, back to the corner with you and don’t touch your bottom or you will regret it.

Yes, sir. Daniel returned to the corner and the pose he had adopted earlier. He felt certain that there would be no more spanking but had no way of being sure. There would be no more, but the Professor knew that it was always good for a boy to have those minutes of uncertainty before dressing and leaving.

After about ten minutes the Professor said, you may leave the corner now, son. Daniel walked over to the desk as Professor Dyer was back in his comfortable desk chair. You’ve done very well today, son. Next week we will denude your pubic hairs, discuss you needs and how best to address them, and then move on to our work. He smiled at Daniel. Daniel smiled back, feeling comfortable and safe after the day’s activities.

Glancing around he noticed that his clothes were not on the table where he’d left them. Before he could say anything Professor Dyer said whenever you are here I will take your clothes away. This may make you uncomfortable at first, but you will learn that it is good for you. With that he stood, unlocked a cabinet next to his desk, and produce Daniel’s clothes. Go ahead and dress. In the future you will only dress when it is time to leave. Otherwise you will always be naked, even if others are here. Daniel gulped a bit at that thought. It was one thing to be naked at home or with his pals, or even for a spanking from the Professor, but he wasn’t sure how he felt about others, likely to be strangers, seeing him. He was given a reassuring smile. Don’t worry, son, it will only ever be people who are appropriate for seeing you naked. Daniel had no idea what that meant, but let it go.

Now dressed he awaited further instruction.

We’re done for today and you may return to school. Next week be ready to discuss your needs. I look forward to helping you.

Yes, sir. Thank you, sir, Daniel said, extending his hand to shake the Professor’s. To his surprise his hand was not taken but he was wrapped in a warm hug, which he gladly returned. Good byes were said and he was back to campus and his room. There was much to tell his friends.

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