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Rob's Summer Adventures
Part 6

by Brhmsj

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Rob’s Summer Adventures – Part 6

The phone call with Billy ended with arrangements for Billy to visit next weekend. Rob had promised to ask Jay about Billy visiting Jay while he was in town. He wanted to do it early in the week in case Jay might make other plans. Rob was a bit frustrated that on Monday Jay invited all the summer interns to lunch, on the company. There were eight of them, men and women. Rob was about in the middle, age-wise. There were some in college, and some younger high schoolers, too. Rob knew who they all were, although hadn’t gotten chummy with anyone in particular.

At lunch Rob noticed, with some annoyance, that one of the college guys seemed to be checking out Jay. Jay, as he did so well, gave no indication that he noticed, which added to Rob’s annoyance. He wanted Jay to let this guy know, by a glance, that his interest was not appreciated. The intern was going to be a sophomore this fall. He was blond, a nice build, wore casual clothes well. His pants usually outlined a good butt and sometimes a bulge in front which always got Rob’s attention. It occurred to Rob that under other circumstances he would be interested, but this summer was dedicated to Jay, and Billy when possible.

As orders were taken, Rob began to wonder if maybe the glances were because this was a previous protégé of Jay’s. That mitigated Rob’s annoyance; somehow if that were the reason it was alright. One of the other college boys, also about to be a sophomore, was interested in one of the high school girls. She was about to be a senior, so old enough to hold her own, which she did, returning his signs of interest. Otherwise everyone was just enjoying the lunch.

Jay was being every bit the manager, saluting the group on their work and facilitating discussion about how people felt about the company, their work, and even school. Rob felt some pride in observing Jay’s professionalism. A good time was had by all, but Rob knew it was unlikely that he could have a private chat with Jay this day.

As it turned out, he was right, so the next morning he made a point of stopping by Jay’s office and asking if they could have lunch today.

It will have to be a quick one as I have a meeting and have some things to prepare. That OK? Rob said it was. At 1:00 Jay was at Rob’s desk. They went to their favorite sandwich shop where Jay got something that would be a quick lunch. Rob intended to take his full hour so ordered as he normally did.

Seated on their favorite bench, Jay asked what’s this all about? Need a spanking? Jay had a twinkle in his eye and Rob laughed. Then he dove right in. He said that Billy was visiting this weekend and really wanted to meet Jay, see the apartment, and try out the hot tub.

Hm, was all Jay said for the moment. After some reflection he said, from what you tell me about Billy, I’m guessing he hopes this will be a rambunctious visit. The both chuckled at Jay’s description, but Rob had to admit that it was highly likely. Jay gave it some more thought. Here’s what we’ll do. On Saturday I’ll pick up you guys at your house at 11:30 and we can lunch at my apartment and use the tub. However, you need to make it clear to Billy that this is a social visit. If he tries anything I will spank him, and a spanking on a wet butt really hurts. Then I’ll have to take you boys back to your house. If I have to spank Billy I will definitely give some thought as to whether I will spank you when we’re alone together again. Rob got hard at this, both from excitement that it might happen, and some nervousness about the threat. Jay took note, seeing the bulge in Rob’s pants, and was secretly pleased that Rob liked the idea.

I have to get back to my desk. Don’t be late, son. Rob promised not to be. When alone he reflected on the fact that Jay had called him son again. That seemed always to portend something.

The rest of the week was a normal, uneventful work week. Jay had told Rob that he wouldn’t be able to do an evening visit that week, due to other commitments.

Billy was dropped off by his father around 7:30 on Friday. The two dads spent some time chatting, mostly about their sons, then Billy’s father returned home. For all that Billy had visited many times, Dad still didn’t feel he knew the boy well. He always learned something new from Billy’s dad, and usually had something to share about Rob. Both were pleased and proud of their boys. Billy’s dad was devoted to his wife and Dad sometimes felt a twinge of envy at their happiness. No matter.

Billy had already been told about the Saturday plans, as had Dad. In bed that night they talked about it some more. Rob repeated the ground rules. While Billy said he respected them, Rob felt quite sure that Billy had no intention of following them. They had their usual fun before going to sleep. In the morning, however, Billy was reluctant to start the day off the way yesterday had ended. Rob didn’t push it, but felt sure that Billy was saving himself for later. He could only hope that he could exert some control over his friend, but the signs didn’t look good.

Promptly at 11:30 Jay’s car pulled up. With a good-bye to Dad, the boys were out the door. Jay invited Billy to sit in front, since I don’t know you. Rob was fine taking the back seat. This way he could observe. He was very impressed by how Jay quite casually got a lot of information out of Billy. Billy, too, had a summer job this year, but most of the time was bored with it.

Do you need some incentive to help with your work? Jay asked, still casual.

Billy missed the inference. Rob did not. Nah, said Billy, it’s just for the summer. Next year I’ll find something fun.

You think that fun is what matters? Jay asked.

Well, why not? I’m not a tycoon, so I want to have a good time. Rob now was thinking that Billy was being really dense today. How could he not see where this was going? Billy knew that Jay spanked. Rob wondered if there would be a spanking, even without other instigation.

No, I guess you’re not a tycoon, Jay said with a laugh as they pulled into his parking lot. Upstairs in the apartment the drapes were already open, as were the glass doors, letting the breeze in. Show Billy the apartment. I’ll start lunch, Jay told Rob. Rob was pleased to do so, showing Billy the main room, then down the hall. For the first time he got a look at the guest room, as he figured that was part of the tour. Not as big as Jay’s room, it still was impressive and inviting, including its own bathroom, too. No hot tub in there, but a sunken bath tub and a separate shower.

Last of all was Jay’s room. Billy was impressed by the king-size bed. Rob showed him that room’s bath, including the hot tub.

Cool! said Billy. I can’t wait to get in it.

Well, just behave yourself, Rob said.

Yeah, yeah.

The smell of something good wafted down and they returned to the kitchen. Jay instructed Rob to set the table on the balcony. Billy helped. As things were being taken outside Billy made his second mistake of the day. Can we get naked?

Jay glanced at Rob who detected a hint of a smile. That’s for the hot tub, young man. Just keep calm.

Slightly abashed Billy said ok. With that they sat down for yet another splendid meal by Jay. Rob saw that Billy was impressed with this. He also saw that Billy was itching to get undressed and into that tub. Rob loved Billy but now he was getting annoyed as his best buddy’s behavior. Annoyed, and unhappy about how it reflected back on him. Had he made a mistake bringing Billy here? To Rob’s relief, Billy did settle down a bit.

As lunch continued Rob could see exactly what Jay was doing. He was slowing the pace, keeping Billy’s excitement unsatisfied. Rob found this pleasing; Billy deserved it. Post-lunch cleanup took much longer than ever had been needed after any meal at Jay’s. When it was done, Jay led them down the hall to the bath. He doffed his shirt, but nothing else, and went in to get the hot tub going.

When it was ready he reappeared. Alright you two, get undressed and get in. This was a new side of Jay. Billy couldn’t strip down fast enough. He also was hard already. It seemed to Rob that Billy was being exhibitionistic today and wanted to be naked in front of Jay. They went into the bathroom where Jay now was waiting. He still had his pants on. Rob wondered at this, but was confident that Jay knew what he was doing.

Get in, boys. They did. Jay proceeded to explain to Billy how the jets worked and suggested Rob guide him around to the best spots. Jay sat back and watched as the boys became engrossed. Rob was now allowed to adjust the settings, which he did, enjoying Billy’s delight. Jay was enjoying watching but keeping a very keen eye on Billy. Billy had no idea how close he was to a spanking like he’d never had. Jay now was sure that it was only a matter of time before another line would be crossed and Rob would witness a real punishment spanking. Even without any further incentive Jay was sure he’d spank Billy before the afternoon was over.

Sure enough, Billy got horsing around in the tub, grabbing at Rob’s dick under the water (to Rob’s annoyance) and splashing water over the side. Jay stood up, put one foot up on the edge of the tub, took Billy’s arm, yanked him out of the tub and swiftly over his leg. Billy didn’t have time to react. Without waiting Jay started in SMACK SMACK SMACK on Billy’s very wet butt. Yes, Rob now knew exactly what a punishment spanking was! By the third swat Billy was yelping in discomfort. Rob marveled at how expert Jay was at this. Billy was now kicking and yelling. That led to pleading. Please! Stop! I’ll behave! I’m sorry! Pleeeeeease! Jay ignored his cries. When the spanking ended neither boy had any idea how long it had taken. Billy was crying like a little boy. This was something Rob had never seen. He felt compassion along with feeling that Billy had gotten just what he deserved.

Jay let Billy back into the tub. The hot water stung on his hot butt! However, he was passive now and sat quietly. Jay now dropped his pants – both boys were impressed that he was commando – and joined them. Nothing was said, Rob especially feeling uncertain as to what to do. Then he remembered – Jay said if he spanked Billy, Rob might get spanked, too. Would it be that kind of punishment spanking? Or a maintenance just to let him know that he needed to be firmer with his friends? Today? Later in the week? Jay noticed Rob paling a bit and knew exactly what was on his mind.

For about fifteen minutes or so they sat quietly in the tub, enjoying the warmth and the jets streaming over their bodies. Jay announced it was time to get out as there was something else to do. Rob paled again, fearing he knew what it was. They got out, toweled off as Jay emptied the tub, and went back into the bedroom.

Once there Jay said to Billy, in the firmest tone Rob had ever heard, you sit right there, young man, directing him to a chair – one without cushions. It must have been uncomfortable on a sore butt. Then he turned to Rob. I’m sorry, son, but I told you if you couldn’t control your friend and I had to spank him I likely would spank you, too. I’ve given it some thought and I think it will do Billy more good to see you get the spanking than just spanking you in private. Rob wanted to protest but his mouth was dry and nothing came out.

Jay sat on the bed, positioned so that Billy had a good view, and guided Rob into position. SMACK SMACK SMACK. This was harder than his first spanking! Jay settled into a rhythm. It hurt, but Rob was sure it was not as hard as Billy had received. When it was getting to the point where he thought he probably couldn’t take any more, Jay stopped.

Fixing a stern eye on Billy, Jay said I expect you will behave if you ever visit here again, young man.

Yes, sir, Billy answered meekly. Rob was allowed to stand and was a bit embarrassed that he was sporting a boner. A glance told him that Billy had one, too.

Up on the bed, boys, Jay instructed, now in friendlier tones. Rob guessed what was coming and lay down, patting a spot beside him for Billy. Boys in place, Jay came around and subjected Billy to a slow stroking, the most agonizing he’d ever received. Now, again, he was pleading for Jay to stop, though this time it was Please, sir, I need to cum! Pleeeease! Jay was too well practiced to give in. He knew exactly how to drag this out. Finally, with Billy yelling and again in tears, he was allowed to orgasm. For all the pain in his bottom and the agony of the edging, it was incredible! Later that night Billy told Rob as best he could how it felt. Now, for the moment, he just wanted to lie there, sobbing lightly, which Jay let him do.

Attention was now given to Rob. His handjob was not as long. By now Jay was getting a good idea of what worked with Rob and took care to manipulate accordingly. As Billy calmed down he started to watch, marveling at what Jay was doing. He needed to remember this to do to Rob! Hank and Sam, too, sometime. Jay expertly produced another teen orgasm. Rob lay back, savoring it. Jay gave each a kiss on the forehead and said alright you two, you need to get cleaned up. The boys went back into the bathroom and together got into the spacious shower. Soon Jay was hearing giggles and knew things were getting back to normal. Oh, the shower did sting Billy’s butt! However, he bore it as best he could.

Dry and back with Jay, Billy was told to lie face down on the bed. Jay gently inspected Billy’s bottom. He got some crème from the bathroom and gently rubbed it into Billy’s butt, eliciting gentle moans of pleasure.

Jay took them back onto the balcony and let things return to normal. Boys recover fast. Billy, though, would not soon forget what he got today. Around 4:00 Jay announced that they should be getting back. As they were passing through the living room, Jay took Billy’s arm, stopping him. He quickly delivered five smacks to Billy’s still-sore bottom, yelps of discomfort accompanying each swat.

That is a reminder, son. Don’t think just because you had some fun afterwards that your spanking wasn’t serious. I won’t hesitate to do it again.

I’ll be good, sir, Billy said.

Yes. I think you will. All three dressed and soon were back at Rob’s. Dinner was with Dad. After some TV the boys went upstairs where Rob inspected Billy. The color had receded. Still, Rob rubbed Billy’s butt and his finger slipped between Billy’s cheeks.

Billy was starting to grind into the sheet as Rob played with his butt. Rob stopped. He had things to say. Wha...? said Billy.

You wanted to get spanked today, didn’t you? You provoked it? The light wasn’t out. Rob could see Billy’s smirk. Rob smacked Billy’s butt. Billy yelped – he was still sore. Rob continued, Why did you do that? You could damage my friendship with Jay. I promised him I would see to it that you didn’t do anything stupid. And you went right ahead and did.

Now he was sorry for what he’d done to Rob. Billy hadn’t thought it through that way. Quietly he explained to Rob that when Rob had told him he would get spanked for bad behavior he just had to find out what a real spanking from an adult would be like.

You did find out, didn’t you? Rob said, somewhat sarcastically.

Yeah, I did. It hurt! But, y’know what. I’d like him to spank me again.

You’re nuts, Rob said. They started to laugh. Well, we knew that anyhow. They stifled their giggles before they got louder and Dad heard. Rob now took control of the situation. Before we go to sleep, I want to show you some of what I learned at Jay’s country home. He pulled Billy close to him and, as best he could, imitated the way Jay had introduced him to lovemaking. Billy, always more impulsive, wanted to charge ahead but Rob did his best to keep pulling him back and after a while it was working. Billy already had one intense orgasm that day. That night, in Rob’s bed, he was treated to another, one of a different sort. Rob let Billy fall asleep with a glow and a promise that he could try it on Rob in the morning. Billy had much to think about and slowly went to sleep. As Rob fell asleep he thought that this was a new phase of their relationship, hoping it was one that would be sustained through college.

Later that week Jay was pleased to hear what Rob had done. He said he had been giving it some thought and was sure that through a friend he could find someone in the college town who would be good for Billy. That is, if you’ll allow it, Jay said with a grin. Rob was excited at the idea. Anything for his friend. This discussion happened at lunch which frustrated Rob because as soon as Jay told him of the idea to help Billy, Rob wanted to jump into bed with Jay and do some more of it themselves. They would. Jay wasn’t done with Billy, either.

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