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Chad's Boys
Part 32

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 32

There were interesting parallels going on in the lives of Eric and Nick. We’ve seen some, both spanking and sexual, already. Eric wasn’t getting spanked by Professor Dyer, at least not yet, but the Professor was an adult spanker who certainly was now in Eric’s life and, after the holidays, spanking one of his friends.

Over their years in high school Eric, Nick, and Keith had heard rumors of a spanking man in town. No one ever had any information nor did anyone ever admit to having been spanked. The boys never gave the rumor much credence, thinking it was funny that kids thought there could be anyone like that in town.

Some comments about this mysterious man came up in the high school when the new semester started. Nick and Keith, having taken up spanking, found themselves curious, but still no one came forward with any real information. The rumor had expanded just a bit in that some guys said the spanker was a man called Coach Riley. No one in town knew if he was a coach or what he coached, but everyone called him that. Keith’s dad knew Coach Riley slightly, but beyond that neither boy knew anything about him. That would change.

It was a mild Saturday in January so the boys went downtown, supposedly to shop but really to hang out, maybe see some buddies. They thought they saw Coach Riley go into a store, but weren’t sure. Otherwise no one they knew was around, so things were getting pretty boring. Just to amuse themselves they started talking about boys at school who they thought needed spankings, or who’d they love to see get spanked. After a while the image of some of their classmates over a lap got them laughing. The laughter got louder. No one was around so it didn’t matter. Nonetheless, as things reached a high level both boys felt a hand putting a tight grip on the back of their necks.

You two are getting pretty rowdy, a voice said. If I behaved like that when I was your age my father gave me a good spanking! Both boys felt themselves stiffening at the word spanking even with their nervousness about who this was. Keith had a pretty good idea. He thought he recognized the voice.

Feeling bold Keith said you’re not my father. Coach Riley, for indeed it was Coach Riley, released his grip on Nick and with his now-free hand gave Keith a hard shot to his butt.

Ow! Keith cried out. It hurt! Coach Riley released Keith. Both boys turned around to confirm who it was.

Keith, I know your father. He thinks you’re well behaved and it would be unfortunate to tell him otherwise. Keith gulped. Nick had been a bit stunned into silence.

The man’s gruff manner eased off, replaced by a friendliness that let the boys relax and drop their guard a bit. What time do you boys have to be home this afternoon?

Five o’clock, they said in unison.

Very good. Come to my house at one-thirty and we can have you home by four. He gave them his address which proved to be not far from Keith’s house. He wondered why he never saw Coach Riley in the neighborhood. Coach Riley seemed not to expect an answer to his invitation and took his leave. The boys had permission to eat lunch downtown. They had a spot they liked; the ice cream was good, so they always left room for a sundae. Thoughts of Coach Riley had slipped away as they enjoyed lunch, though throughout it they didn’t get out of hand.

No new plans were made. The boys found themselves walking back to their own neighborhood. It was quick in the car, but about a half-hour on foot. They never minded it. As they had become more intimate these walks, even when basically quiet, felt like bonding. Today was no different. They were on the route to Keith’s house. As they neared the house they looked at each other, each gave a slight shrug, and continued to Coach Riley’s house. Neither had been there before. It was compact, good for a single man. No one knew if the so-called Coach had ever married.

Since he sort of knew the man, Keith went ahead and rang the bell. The Coach opened the door. He let the boys in with the greeting you must be eager lads. You’re early. Do come in. Coats were put in the front closet. The boys were led into a comfortable living room. Take off your sneakers and relax, boys, the Coach offered. The boys did so, not sure why they so readily complied.

Keith, you haven’t introduced you friend, Coach Riley said. In fact, he did not know Nick’s name and couldn’t remember seeing him around the neighborhood. Keith blushed slightly at having the omission pointed out and duly made the introduction. The next half-hour or so was spent with Coach Riley getting to know the boys. Rapidly it became clear that these two were close friends and did a great deal together.

The conversation was steered by Coach Riley to their earlier meeting that day. You certainly were cheeky this morning, Keith, he said.

Well, I guess so.

I can’t imagine your father didn’t teach you proper respect for adults.

He did, sir. I shouldn’t have done it, Keith said. Nick said nothing but was feeling somewhat abashed. Suddenly it hit him that this man might well want to spank them. He didn’t seem like a Mr. Wellington, but Nick did begin to wonder if they’d get spanked and what it would be like. His mind wandered as he contemplated this. He was brought back when Coach Riley said the magic word spanking. Keith now was blushing deeply.

My dad doesn’t. . . well, he doesn’t. . . he doesn’t spank me, Keith finally blurted out. He felt he wasn’t lying, even though Dad had spanked him twice in the last year. Those were exceptions and wouldn’t happen again.

What about you, Nick?

Nick gulped. My parents don’t use spankings. Also not really a lie, as the spanking both had received from Chad was also an exception. Both were hoping that Coach Riley would not probe enough to find out about these spankings. Yet the way he looked at them felt like he knew there was more to the story.

Have you ever heard anyone at school talk about a spanking man? The boys nodded. What have you heard?

Nothing really, said Keith, just a rumor that there is a spanking man in town.

Nick added, recently someone said it might be you.

Coach Riley laughed. Rumors are interesting things. When I moved here many years ago I heard just such a rumor. I never found out who the man was, though years later some men told me that they had been spanked by someone when they were in high school.

What was this all about? Was Coach Riley the current spanking man? Would he spank them?

I’m not sure what I’m going to do with you, he said, leaving them wondering what he meant. It’s time you get home. I’m sure I will see you again. They put their sneakers on and he took them to the front door. When their jackets were on, he aimed a hard swat to each bottom and let them out the door.

What was that all about? Nick asked as they walked home.

I have no idea. He never admitted anything, did he? Yet, he did smack us. If he is the spanking man, I don’t know if I want him to spank me.

Yeah. They walked on quietly. As they approached Keith’s house Nick asked are your parents home?

I think everyone is out, said Keith.

Good, because you know you do want a spanking, Nick said with a sly grin.

You’re getting one, too.

The house, in fact, was empty. The boys went up to Keith’s room, one of the rare times they were there. This would be the first time naked there. Without discussion clothes came off. Nick got up on the bed and patted his lap. Keith climbed over. Nick tried to imagine what a Coach Riley spanking would be like. He went with his imagination and set to it, starting out a bit harder than they normally did. Keith caught on right away what was happening. That didn’t make it hurt any less, but he knew revenge was his. Nick kept it up longer than he usually did. Keith accepted it, though by the end he was making noises. Nick was happy with the color on Keith’s bottom and called it quits.

Even feeling a sting, Keith readily switched places with Nick. Keith went with what he, too, imagined was a Coach Riley spanking, not to mention getting his revenge. This was one of the harder spankings he’d given Nick. Yet, for both of them, getting or giving, it all felt right.

Spankings done, the boys thought they should get dressed in case someone came home. Not long after clothes were back on, Keith’s mom returned. The boys were quietly playing on the computer as if nothing had gone on.

Would they be spanked by Coach Riley? Did they want to be? Nick had a long talk with Eric about it. Eric didn’t know what to advise. He admitted to Nick that, from what he’d heard, he wasn’t sure if he’d like the Coach to spank him.

If he does spank you, you have to tell me, Eric said.

You think I wouldn’t? Nick shot back. I’ll spank you just for suggesting I might not. They both laughed. The conversation took other directions. They wrapped up with their usual love ya, buddy.

Where would this go?

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