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Brent's Story
Part 3 – A Bare Butt Spanking in Front of My Mom

by Brent

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Unfortunately, this will make the third true report of a punishment spanking by a ::::: author. Suggest you first read my original true story, "A Teenager's True Tale of Two Spankings". Then read, "A Teenager's Third Spanking" to bring you up to speed. My name is Brent, and I am an 18-year living in the Midwest. All three of these reports are true. The man who is mentioned in these stories is another ::::: author who prefers to remain anonymous. He wants them to be my reports.

I am writing this on Sunday afternoon, August 27th. Yesterday was the best day of life and the most embarrassing of my life in a period of less than two hours.

My spanker/mentor had arranged for a college financing expert named Ron to work with my Mom and me to find money for college. Did he ever. He has a weekend end place close by, so it was easy for him to do the paperwork coming and going. He wanted my spanker/mentor at the meeting with my Mom and me. My Mom thought it was a good idea. I had told her that he was helping me and this other man arrange everything. Bad decision on my part.

Ron arrived a few minutes after my spanker/mentor did. He and Mom chitchatted about my future, etc. until Ron arrived.

If you haven't sat through a meeting reviewing statistics, federal and state forms, you may not relate to my frustration. To Ron and my spanker/mentor it was no big deal. My Mom was also able to wade through them. All 56 pages of them. We sat around the kitchen table, Mom on my left, Ron across from me and my spanker/mentor on my right. It was real casual, with Ron and my spanker/mentor dressed weekend stuff, my Mom in her good dress and I was dressed in shorts and T-shirt.

As the meeting progressed, my Mom kept answering questions directed at me. Ron would have to ask the same question sometimes twice because he wanted my answer. I was getting steamed. My spanker/mentor a couple of times put his hand on my thigh and squeezed it lightly to warn me to calm down. As I look back now, my Mom was only answering questions she thought I might not know the answers to. To me it was the same old stuff.

Finally when it came down to the part about what kind of dorm could be offered, she jumped in before I even had a chance to think about the answer. I blew. Bad mistake.

"Shut the fuck up Mom. It's my life not yours."

My Mom started crying. Ron took his glasses off his nose and just stared at me. My spanker/mentor didn't let it pass.

"Julia, Ron; let me cool Brent down outside. We'll be right back."

At that point he did what his sons had warned me about. His eyes turned icy blue; he pointed to the front door and snapped his fingers. I was fucked! My big mouth got my butt in trouble again.

Once on the front porch I got an earful. I stood there looking up at him. He put his forearms on my shoulders and stared into my eyes, his face just a couple of feet away. He was pissed! He was so close I could smell the toothpaste on his breath. It was made real clear to me that my butt was in trouble. If I wanted more trouble just pull another blow up. We went back inside.

My Mom had stopped crying. Ron was smiling a lame smile at me. I must have had a red face because I felt flush. I had just gotten verbally spanked on my front porch. I was embarrassed. But that was mild compared to what happened a short time later.

The meeting went real well after that. We decided upon our state university system's main campus north of us a couple of hours. My Mom signed a bunch of forms. I signed some. It was settled. I am going to college in January thanks to the help of my spanker/mentor. GGRREEAATT!! My celebration was short lived.

Ron collected all the papers. Left a bunch of stuff for my Mom and me. Said his good byes and headed out the door to go to his place for the weekend. The room got real quiet. Way too quiet.

"Julia, I am sorry to have pulled Brent outside on you. But I wasn't going to let his temper tantrum go unchecked. He and I have had numerous discussions about his temper over the past few weeks. Obviously he hasn't learned his lessons very well."

At this point my Mom jumped in and thanked him for helping me and then she went off on me about my mouth. She said that I had been so much better the past couple of weeks, my outburst had scared her. The she stunned me with her statement to my spanker/mentor.

"If his older brother had been here, Brent would be in the bedroom right now getting the spanking of his life. Too bad he isn't here, because he needs one."

Oh No! A red flag just got waved in front of a pissed off bull, my spanker/mentor.

"Julia, do you still have the brush that Brent told me Steve uses on him?"

"Why sure I do. Still in the bathroom where it always is. Why, you wanna to use it on him like Steve?"

"No, not like Steve at all. Brent embarrassed us all by his temper tantrum. He should be spanked like a little boy in front of you. Don't you agree?"

My Mom got real quiet and just looked at me. Then she gave me a slight smile and said these fateful words, "I believe he does. You do what you think is necessary."

I was screwed!

"Brent. Stand up and bring your Mother the brush at once."

I pulled out the chair and made it to the bathroom and back without getting into any more trouble. I tried to hand it to him and he snapped his fingers motioning for me to hand it to my Mom. She had taken my chair, sitting next to my spanker/mentor.

Then he said the fateful words. "Strip to your briefs Brent." It didn't take me long. Kicked off my trainers. Peeled off my T-shirt and pulled off my shorts. He motioned for me to put them on the kitchen table. After I did, I turned around looking at him. The only thing separating me from total shame was my white, Jockey boy Y-fronts. My Mom was on one side; he was on the other.

"Julia, Brent tells me that you folks spanked him on his briefs. Normally I would agree with that. However, I believe his temper tantrum today calls for more severe methods."

I did not like the sound of that at all. It got worse. My Mom chimed in.

"You mean you want to spank him bare?"

"That is exactly what I mean. If you think he should be taught a lesson in embarrassment behavior. You pull down his briefs if you think he deserves it. Brent, stand in front of your Mom, facing me."

This was awful. My butt was in my Mom's face as I took a couple of steps over to her. I was facing the lap of my impending doom. And it appeared I was going to get it bare. I really hoped my Mom wouldn't pull my underpants down. She hadn't seen me naked in years. No such luck.

"Maybe you're right. He needs to be taken down a peg or two". She pulled them down and lifted up one foot and then the other and took them off completely. I was nude. Everything on display.

He pointed to my lap and I wanted away from my Mom and the brush she still had as quick as I could. Over I went in a flash. OTK, with my bare butt facing my Mom. I must have been one hell of a sight. It got worse fast.

"SPLAT" A hard hand swat hit my right cheek. This was not a good sign. I could feel his body move with that swat.

"SPLAT" My left cheek got the same treatment. I knew I was in for it.

He started covering my buns top to bottom with hard hand swats. He took his sweet time about it too. I counted almost forty swats. Then he did a nasty trick.

He stopped and lectured me, rubbing my back and legs as he lectured. His hand felt warm on my back and legs. My Mom agreed with his comments. She added her two cents worth, prolonging the rubbing. All he was doing was giving his hand a rest so he could spank me longer. And he did. In the position I was in I could see the face of my Mom when I turned my head slightly. She was watching all of this with way too much pleasure stamped on her face.

Three more times he stopped my hard hand spanking to lecture and rub. My Mom always jumped right in with her comments. She was really getting into this whole scene. And it was my bare butt being set on fire! During all of this, he didn't rub my butt to cool it off. I got over a hundred hand swats by the time it was over.

Then the worst words of all were spoken.

"Brent. Stand up and bring the hairbrush from your Mom".

I was mortified. I am 18 years old. My butt no doubt looked like two cherry tomatoes. My Mom hadn't seen my butt in years, white or red. And now she was going to get a good view of how I had changed in front. Not only that I had tears in my eyes. I hadn't cried yet. Tried like hell not to. But the kitchen floor was wet with my tears.

I dropped to my knees and slowly got up and stepped over to my Mom. She didn't have the damned brush in her hands! It was still on the table. Instead of giving me the brush, she started to lecture me even more. I wanted to scream at her, "just give me the damned brush." No use. For at least a minute my ears got laid back as she lectured me. She finally picked up the brush off the table and gave it to me. I made it back over his lap fast after I handed it to him. The sooner this was over the better.

So far I hadn't cried. And I didn't want to cry in front of my Mom. Much to my relief, I don't think my spanker/mentor did either. He didn't spank me with the brush, like he had his hand.

He used the brush on me in a way that drove me nuts, but not real painful. Caused me to squirm, kick and squeal frantically. But not cry. He decorated my butt with rapid-fire wrist flip swats. Lots of them all over and real fast. I hollered. I begged. I scissor kicked. I did it all. The swats were stingy and awful. I wanted to cry. But he spanked me so fast I couldn't get a full head of steam up to finally break down.

The way he spanked me caused me the most embarrassment possible. I could not keep my legs still. My Mom saw everything back there. And I mean everything. In all its glory. I don't know what was redder. My face or my butt.

Then I felt him pulling me to my feet. He scooted his chair around, facing my Mom and pulling me in between his legs, facing my Mom.

"Apologize to your Mom. If I don't like what I hear. Here is what you will get." He snapped off two quick brush swats to the backs of my untouched bare thighs.

I jumped, bent backwards and furiously rubbed. Now my Mom got a full view of how much my front parts could move.

"Start talking Brent." Two more quick snaps to my thighs. I got to it fast.

I couldn't tell you what it was I said exactly. All I remember was dreading the brush and seeing my Mom grin as she watched me plead my case for forgiveness. I didn't care what she saw now. All I know is I wanted this to be over with.

As I ran out of verbal steam I saw him put down the brush on the table. He turned me around and started drying my tears with his warm hands. His hands were red. He must have felt my first hand spanking almost as much as me.

"Brent. Pick up your clothes son and go lay down on your bed. I'm gonna talk to your Mom about what has been going on with you and me. Now scoot in there son." He gave me a gentle smile and wink as I tried to plead with my eyes for him not to. No such luck.

I couldn't hear it all, but he and my Mom talked for a long time. Finally both of them came into my bedroom and he sat down on the edge bed and started rubbing my buns. Even if my Mom was watching, his hands felt great.

"Brent. Your Mom now has a much better understanding of what causes your outbursts with her. I don't think either one of you are going be at each other's throats as much. She agrees with me in regards to my methods of discipline. She will work with me on making sure you only get spanked when you are out of line with her. She also agrees with me that what you got just now was a warm up for what you really deserved. But we will address that next Sunday. For now, you and your Mom need to mend some fences without me around. Suggest you put some clothes on son."

I looked back at his smile and hers. This was great and it sucked at the same time. My Mom and I maybe won't be fighting as much. She was going to make sure I got it when she thought I needed it. Worst of all. Next Sunday was going to be my butt's undoing again. Big time.

A day after my most embarrassing spanking several things have happened. First, my butt is almost white. I obviously didn't get spanked hard. Second, my Mom is much more relaxed with me. There doesn't seem to be any fight left between us. We've got nothing to prove. I sure hope this lasts.

Through emails I have met some great guys around my age because of how they relate to my writing and my situation. Thanks guys for your many comments and great support.

To "G" on the island. This wasn't as bad as it looks. Sunday will be a scorcher dude.

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