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The virgin anchor
Part 1

by Graham

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Gossip spread like a virus throughout the television station’s personnel concerning the interview by the hot, strikingly handsome, young man, who had applied for the recently open news anchor position.

Justin Michael Gray had graduated from college, BYU, over 3 years earlier with degrees in English and history. At 23, and though new to the news communication field, he had already achieved popularity and recognition from being on a television show.

When he was still just 18, at the beginning of his junior year, Justin had been noticed at a fraternity triathalon planned to benefit Alzheimer’s research. Winning the contest, in his tight shorts and torso bare or covered with slim, snug, sleeveless t-shirts, he caught the attention of modeling recruiters.

Before turning 20 and graduating, the blue-eyed, good-looking youth, with thick, dark brown hair, was regularly making photo shoots modeling products, including apparel retailers. It turned out to be a steady, reliable income during his last 2 years of college.

On graduating from college, Justin returned to his family home near Bayview in northwest Idaho. To his pleased surprise, he found himself working enough as a model to support himself.

He continued living with his parents, saving his money, and hoping eventually to move out into his own place. After only a few weeks back home, he was surprised when he received a telephone call from the producers of a TV show, The Bachelorette.

They had seen his modeling work, made some background inquiries about him, and wanted to fly him to New York to audition for the show, at the show’s expense. Justin agreed.

Flying to New York, he took a cab to downtown, checked into his hotel, and made sure he knew how to get to the audition locale for the next morning, at 9 a.m. The next morning, he showered, dressed in his best, dressy-casual, modeling clothes.

After eating a lean breakfast at the hotel, he took an Uber to the building where the auditions were held on the 30th floor. He rode up the elevator, feeling fresh and fairly confident from a background of modeling shoots extensive for someone age.

On arriving, he was greeted at a desk, signed in, and received a number and sheet of general information. Looking around, Justin saw 4 other, young men waiting (and a 5th arrived after him).

They were all fresh, fit and conditioned, good-looking, young men. Three appeared older and more experienced than he, maybe late 20’s or early 30’s. The other two were approximately his age.

When he attempted to engage in light, casual conversations, Justin was surprised at being rebuffed by two of the three older, young men, the two guys who looked to be in early 30’s. The two guys who appeared to be his age were friendlier.

He learned they were 23, friends and former, college classmates who had graduated two years earlier. They had started in the business after their graduation, about the same time Justin had begun as a college junior.

One of the older models, indisputably by-far, the best-looking of the 6 young men awaiting interview, distinguished himself by walking over, introducing himself to Justin and the two 23 year-olds, squatting down next to where they were sitting to chat with them.

Hi, I’m Keith, Keith MacGregor, he said. All 3 younger guys shook the extended hand, but Justin stood up to take Keith’s outstretched hand in response.

No need to stand, Keith smiled amicably at Justin. All 3 younger guys were eyeing Keith, though Justin was the more obvious because he was standing, which required his eyes moving farther.

Keith was a tall, lean, lanky, leggy, blond guy, with green eyes, just turned 29. He wore perfectly fitting khaki shorts, a form-fitting polo shirt, and light, small running shoes with submerged socks.

He was in astonishing shape: developed chest and pectoral muscles and a flat abdomen; trim waist and slim hips; small, curved butt; and muscular, yet lithesome, slender, shapely legs. He had a relaxed, easy manner and ready smile.

You can sit here, Justin offered, stepping away from his chair.

Reaching out with his long, thin, muscled arm and slender hand, he gently batted Justin’s head to the right. Hey, I know I’m older than you guys, but I’m not THAT old!

Everybody, including Justin, laughed, which loosened up the group of prospective interviewees, even while bringing an embarrassed blush to Justin’s face, neck, and ears. Keith simply walked over to the chair he’d left, picked it up, and brought it over to join the 3 younger guys.

They continued their conversation until the interviews began promptly at 9:30. The two, distant, older models were numbers 1 and 2. About 45 minutes later, the greeter at the desk announced Keith’s name.

He stood up, told the 3 younger guys it was nice talking with them, and followed the greeter through the door for his interview. In 20 minutes, Keith came walking back out, his face revealing nothing to the 3 remaining.

How was it? one of the 3 younger guys impulsively asked.

Not bad at all. I feel optimistic, but no certainty. Good luck to all of you, he replied, before walking out the door. As he left, all 3 observed again the lithe, well-shaped muscular legs and narrow, curved rump of the devastatingly handsome, young man.

It was plain the order of interviewing was from oldest to youngest, which meant Justin would be last. The other two guys took over 30 minutes each, and Justin felt a little antsy after sitting, waiting for such a length of time.

He asked the greeter at the desk where the rest rooms were and was directed down the hall at the left of the room. After relieving himself and freshening his appearance, Justin returned to find the greeter standing, waiting for him.

They called your name while you were in the men’s room, he informed Justin.

Justin scrambled to rearrange his mental outlook in order to present a composed image of a young man with confidence and self-command. Brought into a room, he was directed to sit in a chair surrounded by 3 of the show’s producers.

I apologize for keeping you waiting, gentlemen, Justin began.

No problem, the head of the committee began. You’re the last, so we are all more fluent, and also bored, with this process, he joked, evoking a chuckle from the other interviewers. Nevertheless, we will try to give you a fair, fresh look as well.

Thank you, sir, Justin replied.

The interview flowed like an easy, downhill stream. They covered his youth, education, experiences, activities and hobbies, his lack of any acting background, how long he had been involved in modeling and how he got into the field.

Justin knew they had most of the background, objective data about all of the interviewees: age, height, weight, educational status, etc. They knew a lot about him already.

He was Mormon, single, had no current, steady girlfriend, was not actively seeking a mate, but always had his eyes on the lookout, he explained. That evoked a mild laugh from the interviewers. They explained the format of the show.

Five prospective, bachelors would appear for meeting, chatting, evaluating by an attractive, unmarried girl. She would spend a week of time and activities with each potential selectee.

At the end of the 7-week series, all 5 bachelor contestants and the girl would assemble together. She would announce whether she had chosen any of the bachelors, and if so which one and why.

Finally, the interview concluded with the leader telling Justin they would inform every person interviewed whether he had been selected for the show. Justin stood, shook hands with each, thanking them for their courtesy, and left.

Two weeks later, Justin was on a short, photo shoot for J.C. Penney Company. When he returned he found a voice message from 3 days earlier. The leader of the interviewers said simply they were interested in Justin, and requested a return call.

Irked that he had been gone and missed the call, Justin quickly returned the call. After being routed by a receptionist, he heard the leader’s voice.

Justin? We almost gave up on you when we did not hear from you.

I’m very sorry, sir. I was on a photo shoot for a client and just got back to my apartment.

Oh, I see. Well, it’s good you have work. What we wanted to tell you was you were chosen to be amongst the contestants for the Bachelorette show.

Really? Is it still available? Just asked somewhat tenuously.

Yes, yes it is, though you just made it under the wire. We had decided to go on to someone else if we had not heard from you today. So, yes, congratulations. We will send you a contract to look over, or have your attorney review.

If you accept, sign the contract and return it to us. We will notify you when production will begin. It will take up a total of about 7 weeks of your time: 3 full weeks, and parts of the other 4 weeks, if you accept. You’ll be paid for all 7 weeks.

I accept. Thank you very much. I’m really excited about this opportunity, Justin replied.

That’s great, Justin, but I think you should look over the contract too. We are pleased with your indication of your willingness and acceptance, but we’ll wait until we receive the signed contract to put you down as definite.

Okay, sir. Send it to me, right away, please. I’ll sign it and get it back at once. I’m really surprised, and happy! Justin offered.

Great. You shouldn’t be surprised, young man. You made a very favourable impression with the entire panel, and also with one of your fellow interviewees, who’s also a model, Keith MacGregor.

He flatly told us you were one who should be amongst those to be considered by our Bachelorette. Since he was a shoo-in first choice, his opinion carries some weight.

Really? Wow! That’s really great. Of course he was a shoo-in, but he didn’t have to go to bat for me. Still, I’m very grateful. Thank you for telling me that, Justin replied.

Your welcome. Now don’t let the time lapse in letting us know if you agree to the contract we’re sending you. Congratulations again. You plainly deserved it. Goodbye now. The call was over.

When he got the contract, Justin hurriedly opened the envelope, read the brief cover letter, and sat down to peruse the proposed agreement. It was a 12 pages of small, but not tiny, print. One thing that stood out was the payment; $10,000 per episode, $70,000!

He was already eager and excited. Another clause was non-termination clause, which provided the forfeiture of all pay earned if the contestant terminates before all 7 episodes are completed.

Oh well, I’m in for the whole ride, Justin thought. Flipping through it cursorily, he turned to the last, the signature page, signed and dated it. He put it in an envelope, sealed it, and put a stamp on it. He would send it out the next morning.

Several weeks later, another envelope arrived. It was a confirmation of his engagement to be one of the bachelor candidates on the show, which a schedule of when production would begin. Production would begin October 5 and run through November 23, in Phoenix, Arizona.

Accommodations would be reserved for that duration at the Double Tree Suites. Justin took out his pocket calendar and blocked out the 49 days from October 5 through November 23.

It also contained the names and photos of all 5 contestants. Justin spotted Keith MacGregor’s picture, and also one of the oldest guys interviewed with him. The other 3 he did not recognize.

On Sunday, October 4, Justin flew into the Phoenix airport, taking an uber to the hotel where he had a reservation. Checking in, he found his room to be so spacious and accommodating it could serve as his home for 7 weeks. He did not see anyone he knew that evening.

He changed into shorts and a sleeveless t-shirt to go work out at the hotel fitness center. Later, he went down to the grill and pub, order a chicken sandwich cole slaw, and took it back to his room for his supper.

The next morning, after showering and shaving, Justin dressed in similar, dressy casual clothes for the first session. He ate heartily eggs, fruit, and coffee in the hotel’s complimentary breakfast buffed.

After riding back up the elevator to his room, he brushed his teeth, combed his hair, and was ready to start the first day. He rode up the elevator 12 more floors, and entered the door of a large, banquet room.

The bachelors were all seated in a line. Keith MacGregor was there, in the center, and waved to Justin as he joined the group. Justin grinned and waved back.

One of the original interviewers was talking to the Bachelors, telling them what kind of clothes would be needed during different activities each week for each one of their weeks with the selecting host. For the group sessions, they should dress up, wearing suits and ties.

Production would begin after lunch. No one leaked who the Bachelorette was.

When the initial, introductory session was over, Keith stood and talked with each of his fellow contestants, working his way to Justin. Great to see you, kid. You’re going to be tough competition.

Justin smiled and blushed. Coming from you, that’s a compliment, but also rings kind of hollow, Justin replied.

Keith swatted Justin and answered, You certainly have no reason to be intimidated. Justin only grinned and blushed more.

That afternoon, an eye-boggling, pretty girl, perhaps 22 or 23, entered the hall and briefly met and shook hands with each of the bachelor contestants. Her name was Mia Hanson, and everyone of the guys was taken aback by her.

As production began, Mia and the audience were formally introduced to each of the bachelors. She was allowed a brief time to question them and try to elicit helpful information about each of them.

After that, she had to select the first one of the 5 to begin an exclusive week of activities and time with. She chose no. 5, Justin Gray. The rest of her picks, from the numbers she drew, were 4, 1, 2, and 3.

Being the first pick, the first week was Justin’s with Mia, and began on Monday, to continue through Saturday. Justin met Mia and they went to an amusement park for the day.

It was a beautiful day to be outside, and they had a lot of fun in the various rides and attractions at the park. They concluded with dinner, and Justin escorted Mia back to her hotel, a different one than where all 5 bachelors were staying.

As he walked her to her hotel door, she stood smiling, waiting for him to act further. He simply kissed his right two fingers and placed them on her forehead. Good night, Mia, he said, and stood watching her walk slowly into the hotel.

The next day, they decided to go swimming and tubing in a nearby, spring fed, river. Once again, they had a wonderful time together, in vigourous physical activity and play, this time stripped down to a minimum of clothing.

Justin and Mia were hot, alluring specimens of young men and women in extraordinary condition and shape. The good-looking physique of each was not lost on the other. She was captivatingly beautiful, he was knockout handsome.

Several times when losing their tubes and having to swim to catch and regain use of them, they had been side by side each other. Mia’s frequent, feminine touching of him registered on his body and in his brain, and he manifested bulging hard-ons. She just peered deeply into his eyes, smiling at him.

Whew! he thought, shaking his head. He did not drink alcohol or coffee, but thought this must be like the effects of those beverages on one. He forced himself to turn away, and move away, to give him a chance to reacquire his self-command and composure.

At the end of the day, they dined together again. She had a glass of Zeller Schwarz Katz; Justin had water. They rode together in a cab back to her hotel. This time she directly asked him to walk her to her hotel room. Justin readily agreed.

Once outside 16A, she turned and leaned back against the closed, locked door. Justin felt himself on the spot, by the setting, her position before him, and the natural inclinations of his young, male hormones.

Trying to manage control over the circumstances, and himself, he leaned into her and kissed her on each cheek, whispering, Goodnight, Mia. It was a super day today with you.

He backed away several steps, stating he would wait until she was safely in her room. Mia Hanson was baffled and bedeviled. This guy was handsome as a Greek adonis, very much a gentleman, kind, easygoing and fun, but refraining from close contact.

Why? She knew she was attractive. She would not have been selected for her role in this show if not. Yet, Justin did not seem to be susceptible to the magnetic human attractions she had encountered in the past, and knew first hand herself.

The next day, Wednesday, they went hiking in the mountains. Both wore shorts and t-shirts, with temporary, sleeveless vests, and hiking shoes with socks. It was a good workout for both, as they perspired and exhaled heavily. Yet it was also a wonderful time.

The sights were exquisite, enchanting. They both relished the time to take in the beauty unfolding before and below them, and to talk, alone, one-on-one. They stopped for a light lunch they had brought with them: cheese, fresh fruit, sourdough bread, and juices.

In the afternoon, each one strayed away from the other to find a secluded place to relieve their bladders. Back together, they climbed to the top of a peak where the outlook was overwhelmingly spectacular.

By the time they had climbed back down, the sun was setting and they were both fatigued from the long climb in the fresh outdoors. Justin hailed a cab to take them first to the hotel where Mia was staying.

He got out, walked her to do the hotel door. Stopping, he smiled into her face and eyes. She paused, peering back.

Justin reached out, embracing her casually, and whispered, Another fantastic day together, Mia. Thank you very much.

He kissed her cheeks again, and let loose, waiting for her to go inside. She stood staring an unusually long number of seconds at him, before turning and walking into the hotel.

Back in his own hotel room, Justin undressed and decided to shower again, a kind of therapy after such an alluring day with an entrancing and lovely girl. He slept late, not awakening until after 9 a.m.

His phone rang in his room, but he missed the call while in the shower. Afterward, he noted the number. It was Mia’s.

He called her back. She wondered if he would like to get together for brunch. He replied, of course, and they planned to meet at an egg speciality restaurant at 11:30.

As they met and sat down at a booth, Justin thought how strange, but nice, it was to look forward to each day with someone so special and nice as Mia. Was this what being married was like? The thought flashed through his mind.

As they ate, they talked some more. Justin wondered how much they could talk about and share until they ran out of subjects. What then? Nothing more left to talk about? Was that also what being married was like? he wondered.

They decided to go together, after brunch, to do some shopping that afternoon. Mia told him they had to have something special, suitable to wear on the last show of the series, the show where she would reveal her decision, and the reasons leading to it.

Justin looked confounded, trying to imagine what he needed as appropriate, yet special, to wear to the concluding episode. Besides the fact it was several weeks away, he thought, maybe I should get something to wear over my head, like an oversized hoodie.

Mia stepped in, though, guiding him over to some informal tux-like outfits: blazer sport coats, with lean, slim pants. She found a light blue blazer with pearl buttons, and cream, linen slacks she urged Justin to try on. While he was in the dressing room, she sent in a pale blue shirt, and a rep striped tie with bright pink, blue, and white stripes.

Justin pulled on the stretching, trim pants, the thin, cotton seat cupping the small curved mounds of his narrow rump. He threaded the tie through the shirt collar, tucking in the shirttails, zipping up the pants, and encircling the waistband loops with a light tan leather belt.

He tied the tie, sticking his arms in the blazer, and stepping into tan, leather loafers. When he walked out to be inspected by Mia and the salesman, he grinned with embarrassment as they whistled and remarked, just exactly the look for a young looker.

Mia’s eyes shone with approval and delight at the picture he presented. It’s perfect, it’s you, Justin, she remarked. On some people it would look contrived, but you fit it, and it fits you, like the clothes and the guy were made for each other.

That evoked laughter from Justin, but he was so influenced by her taste, he purchased the outfit. When they had finished shopping, it was after 3:30. Mia insisted on returning to her hotel without Justin, so he was left to return to his hotel room alone.

In the hotel, he changed into a yellow, sleeveless t-shirt and a pair of Iowa basketball shorts. Stretching out on the bed, he felt himself unwinding from the tensions of the day’s stresses and activities.

He was abruptly awakened by a recurrent pounding on the hotel room door. Shaking his head, he grasped for fuller consciousness as he slid off the bed to walk in his bare, skinny feet to the door.

When he opened the door, Mia jumped him, kicking the door closed behind her. She was all over him, instantly starting to denude him, pulling off his t-shirt, tugging down his Iowa basketball shorts.

She pushed him backwards, and he lost his balance with the shorts tangled around his ankles. As she shoved him, he fell backwards onto the bed behind him, while she dropped atop him.

His manhood responded immediately, thickening and bulging. She twirled his right nipple with her left hand, while her right hand reached down to clasp his thick, hard, stiff member.

He was gasping choking gulps of breath, his chest heaving, his concave abdomen sinking deep as his butt pressed into the mattress. Feeling himself weakening, succumbing, all at once he forcefully exerted his strength, twisting and turning, sliding out from under her, falling off the bed on his butt onto the floor.

He got up, standing in his boxer briefs, tented with the burgeoning bulge of his boner.

What’s wrong?! What’s the matter?! she asked, startled. When he just stood there, his woody threatening to launch through his briefs, she looked down at his eager erection, before peering into his eyes.

I don’t get it, Justin. You are so handsome, a good-looking hottie for sure. I’m disappointed I don’t appeal enough to you.

No-no-noooo, you dooo! It’s, ah, not you, it’s me. I’m not ready yet. It’s just, ah, well, ah, I can’t. It’s, ah,... ah, what it is is, ah, I’m not ready to take up with anyone, ah, now. I’ve, ah, ah, got to be, ah, completely honest with you, Mia. You are, ah, beautiful, and, yes, so very, very tempting. he replied.

She got up off the bed, straightened her clothes, with incredulous astonishment looking him up and down quizzically. Realizing the shape of his sizeable todger, trapped in his briefs, was obvious to her, he flushed deep red.

No, no, ah, it’s nah-oht that kind of can’t. Her eyes dropped again to scope the engorged, protruding stiffy restrained in his briefs.

I don’t want to mislead you. I have a commitment I made, years ago, not to have sex until it’s with the girl I marry, ah, with my, um, wife. It’s a kind of purity promise.

Really? How in the heck do you do it, Justin, with your looks, and all the girls I know who would love to get you into their bed? she asked perplexed.

It’s not, ah, always easy, Justin replied. I have to remind myself, and renew my commitment, each and every day, sometimes during, um, the day too, ah, like now, he attempted to explain.

So, I guess you think of me as impure, not meeting up to your standards? she spoke slowly, disappointment and a tinge of sadness in her voice.

No, no, Mia. Nothing like that! To tell the truth, I think you’re pretty great, beautiful, kind, pleasant, upbeat, funny, great to be around. It’s just, ah, if I break my pledge, then what am I? A phony! A hypocrite!

And I miss what I’ve been saving myself to do, give myself as a gift to the woman who accepts me as her husband, he added further.

And I could never be that woman because,... I don’t measure up. I’m not as pure as you are, Justin.

No, no, no, Mia! That’s not it! We just met, don’t really know each other, have no idea if we are headed to the mutual, lifelong commitment of marriage. That’s the reason, the only reason, I hold back, hold off. It’s nothing about you, believe me.

Wow, what a pity! I’m really, sorry. You’re actually quitting before we even complete the first week. You don’t know  – never will  – how sad that makes me, Justin.

She was stunned, and obviously hurt and offended. She walked up to him, planted a fast kiss on his lips before he knew what was happening, and pulled quickly back.

What a great guy you are, Justin. So sad. She turned and left his room, closing the door softly behind her.

Justin was shocked. He stepped over to the bed and sat down. He too was awhirl of intermingled emotions: saddened, disappointed, feeling rejected, hungering horny and frustrated, yet determined and resolved to hold to his commitment and promise.

He got up and walked slowly back into the bathroom. Maybe a shower would be a kind of refreshing therapy, he thought. Under the warm downpour, Justin nursed his feelings of regret, remorse, and loss, while fighting away memories and visions of the beautiful girl whose fragrances and touch almost intoxicated him.

As he tended to end up doing at least once every day, Justin took his hard, hankering wanker and gently, persistently brought himself to a slow, pleasured climax. Leaning against the wall, he cooled down, calmed temporarily by the refreshing release.

Afterward, drying, he decided to lie back down on his bed and watch TV for a while. Lying in only a pair of white, trunk briefs, he relaxed again, stretching backward and leaning back until he had dozed off again.

There was a loud, banging knock on his door. He jumped. Getting up, he walked to the door. Peering through the spyhole, he saw it was 3 big, young guys.

Yes, what do you want? he called out.

Are you Justin Gray? one of them asked.

Why? Who wants to know? he replied

We need to talk to you, the same voice informed him after he had affirmed my identity in answer to his inquiry.

He unlocked the door and opened it, only to find 3 guys standing in the doorway, staring at him. They stepped inside and past him, shoving him aside and away from the door, closing and latching it locked behind them. That made him anxious and wary.

Looking at them, he could see the big guys were obviously brothers, could even be triplets.

Hey, what’re you guys doing here? What do you want? You’re all brothers, aren’t you? His questions included his observation.

We are, young man. We’re triplets, the 3 older brothers of Mia Hanson.

Mia? he exclaimed. Wow! You are 3 lucky guys to have a beautiful, sweet girl like Mia for your kid sister, he remarked.

Yeah, we think so too, Justin. An awkward, long pause followed.

Well, why’re you guys here? What d’you want? My week with your sister is almost up. It’s been fantastic, tremendous. I don’t know of anybody I’ve had such a continuously good time with.

Is that so? the spokesman of the triplet brothers commented.

Ye-es, it is, ah, but why are you guys here? he repeated his question.

Think about it. You should know why we’re here, or you ought to.

Justin was bewildered. No, no, I don’t, really, he replied. What is it? Why are you here? Is something wrong? What do you want? he asked with increasing wariness.

Looking at the triplet brothers of Mia Hanson, his gaze was met with 3 angry, menacing faces.

What is it, guys? Look, I understand, if you’re upset about Mia and me; but I did the right thing. I was honest with her, didn’t mislead her. If you, and she, are upset, I’m very sorry, but I know in the long run...

Bull shit, Justin! You did the right thing?! You not only broke her heart  – she really has a thing for you, mister  – you made her feel crummy, unworthy, not good enough. And since her heart yearns for you, she feels even her feelings about you are bad now.

You say you didn’t mislead her, lead her on. But why did you even enter this program if you knew any girl who might set her sights on you, and select you, would be disappointed because you couldn’t, wouldn’t, reciprocate the feelings, wouldn’t show you felt the same thing back?

Was it just for your own ego? Do you get some sick satisfaction out of seeing pretty, young girls fall for you, want you, and you disappoint them, dash their hopes, and turn them down?

It doesn’t make sense, no matter how you look at it! It’s selfish, unkind, and hurtful. That’s what you did to Mia, and seeing her so broken up over the way you treated her makes our blood boil, Justin.

You deserve to be hurt too, after the heartbreak you inflicted. You deserve a taste of how you’ve made her feel, to get what you deserve, what you’ve got coming to you.

Shocked at being so bitterly dressed down and accused, Justin spoke up to defend himself.

Wait a minute, guys. Nobody ever said this program would require being involved in sexual relations and acts. If that were a given, and had been made known, then you’re right, I should have, and would have, not applied.

Just because I’m committed to saving sex until marriage doesn’t mean I won’t find somebody, and get married, and have sex with her. But you’re making it sound like I’ve broken your sister’s heart because I want my body and my sex life to be a pure gift to give to my bride.

Defensively, he continued. Wait just a minute! We met through the arrangements of the show. Nobody ever said we would, or were expected to, get involved physically!

We spent wonderful days and evenings together, I’ll be the first to admit it. I loved every minute we were together, but I was also careful, not to play fast and loose with emotions, with touching, with letting anything happen that might send a false signal, or let us get carried away.

Mia’s incensed brothers’ ire was more inflamed as they listened to Justin’s twisting, quirking defense. As one, they leaped on him like a rapacious group of sharks in deep water.

They grabbed his arms, pulling them behind him, while another lifted him up off his feet. His scant, trunk briefs were yanked down off him, falling down to his feet to be pulled of and tossed on the floor, denuding him in seconds.

Reaching up, they grasped Justin’s shoulders, holding him still with their hands, the fingers of one of them framed the shocked young man’s throat, while his thumbs rubbed Justin’s clavicle. It was both a threatening act and a signal of dominating control.

No matter how much he struggled, Justin knew he could not get away from them. He struggled in vain to break loose, shouting repeated commands at them to stop.

Now totally nude, he found himself grabbed around his waist, hoisted up in the air and dumped upside down, hanging across the lap of one of the brothers, while the other brothers seized and held his outstretched bare feet and arms tightly.

He was basically planked on one of Mia’s brother’s lap, restrained by the other. He could bounce and wriggle and twist, but he could not get off.

You’re about to find out what it’s like to be hurt bad by somebody else, the guy announced as Justin lay waiting, uncertain, but fearing what was next. In less than a minute, one of them pulled out a hard, flat, wooden, small paddle and began crashing it down on the younger man’s cheeks and upper legs.

Justin screamed with shock because it hurt at once. After several smacks, he began to suspect it was going to bet a lot worse. It did.

A long, warming, heating, inflaming, blistering course of swats soon swiftly drove Justin to pleading, begging, promising he did not mean to hurt their sister, apologizing for being so thoughtless in how he’d acted and spoken.

Loud, ascending-pitched shrieks, sounding like a young boy being spanked unsparingly, soon were tumbling desperately from his mouth as he alternated between trying in vain to break free, or to endure his affliction. They continued the unrestrained spanking, notwithstanding.

In painful desperation, Justin kept screeching, I’m sorry! I’m sorry! and It’s hurting! It hurts! Please stop! It’s hurrrrteeeeng!. Mia’s brothers were heedless to the frantic cries of the young man being spanked across the knees on which he was confined. He kicked wildly with each searing, scorching smack igniting the inferno on his rearend and backs of his thighs.

No matter how much he sobbed, wailing and pleading, his buttocks and thighs were torched over and over. The spanking brother concentrated on the super-sensitive areas where his bare, now red, raw globes meet his thighs, and on his inner thighs and buttocks as his legs spread wildly apart with furious flailing.

All the while, his self-control was dissolving, erased by the intensity and severity of the spanks smiting his bottom. Besides the serious pain and disgrace of what he was undergoing, Justin became alarmed, horrified and frightened at his excited, growing, young manhood bouncing around and rubbing as he writhed and bucked against the lap on which he was being spanked.

All at once the spanking stopped. Justin’s face was hanging down between his firmly held, outstretched arms, inches from the floor. The spanking brother took hold of Justin’s bony hips, lifting his body slightly at the waist, reaching under him and finding, grabbing the young, virgin contestant’s erect, leaking, wet member.

Well look at this! he exclaimed. Justin here is boned up big time at being spanked! Maybe Mia should have spanked him. He might have come around real quick, been more willing to do more with her, he exclaimed.

Yeah! the other two brothers agreed. Bet he’s more inclined to play ball now!

Well, he’s going to get more than his fill of thrills tonight! His young butt and thighs are going to be charred until he needs to see a burn specialist to treat them! At the same time, maybe it’ll make this kid sublimely happy. Maybe Mia just dodged a very weird guy.

Resuming the peppering paddle’s dance all over Justin’s lower buttocks, and inner and back thighs, the spanking brother propelled the upended, inexperienced, young man’s consciousness from any thought except the excruciating pain and shame of this spanking, and the frantic longing for it to stop.

Notwithstanding the overwhelming pain inflicted, the spanking brother pumped and palmed the young man’s rod firmly in hand, until it stiffened, lengthened, engorged, and throbbed more and more and more...

All at once, Justin arched his head, neck, and shoulders upward and back, freezing as in a stiffened seizure. All self-control was torn from him as he let go.


He was caught off guard, taken, overwhelmed with ravaging relief.

His wanker exploded, shooting out round after round of discharged sperm all over, in the spanker’s hand, on his legs, on Justin’s stomach and abdomen, and on the floor. Despite the harsh spanking, the callow, young man was momentarily beside himself, an ecstatic mess!

You’ve really asked for it now, Justin, the spanking brother announced, returning to apply the paddle with the skill of a professional tennis player’s racquet, and the force of a lumber jack’s ax.

With his overriding, sexual stimulation and desire momentarily extinguished, Justin’s singed flesh now transmitted new degrees and heights of hurting pain from his bottom and upper legs to his brain, bursting from his sobbing, gulping mouth.

You’re getting something somebody should have given you a long time ago, something now that’ll stand out in your memory, making you remember our sister, and wish you’d cooperated when you had the chance.

Think of it as kind of farewell gift for being condescending, uncaring, thoughtless, basically a selfish, self-centered brat. You’re going to remember Mia Hanson, from the bottom up, for a long, long time.

The spanking brother redoubled the force and intensity of each bite of the paddle, hammering and driving the broken, young, virgin male into a beaten, defeated, surrendered, comatose-like condition, while gulping heaving sobs.

Having no idea how long he was kept draped, being spanked, by the one brother across his lap, while the others held him in place, it seemed like it was for hours.

When his consciousness returned, or he finally awoke, he found himself alone, thrown on his face on his bed, his battered, throbbing mounds and thighs on naked display. The only sound was his childlike, muffled, fragmented weeping.

The room was empty and dark. He lay on his bed for a long time, whimpering and weeping like a broken, beaten animal.

He was in the throes of a deeply physical and emotional hurting. At that moment, he was too utterly broken, wanting only to be left alone to hurt, and weep, and try to heal.

Struggling to get up, he slid off his bed on his stomach with sharp stabs of discomfort, to go to the bathroom and empty his bladder. Returning to the bed, he slid in under the sheet and spread out on his chest and stomach, falling rapidly back to sleep.

Next morning, he was abruptly awakened after 10 by calls of housekeeping. The hotel, housekeeping staff was wanting to come in and clean up the room.

Rolling over onto his wounded bottom, Justin was shocked at the anguishing pain and quickly flipped back over onto his stomach. He slid out of the bed to the floor, rising slowly. Padding bare to the bathroom, he emptied his bladder, turned on the shower to slightly warm, and stepped in.

The horrendous, humbling memory of the night before hit him like a wall falling down on him. He shuddered even under the warm shower, wincing from the physical pain of the water on his buttocks and thighs, and from the stabbing shame of the entire episode.

His silent weeping over the whole scope of events, culminating in what happened the preceding night, was interrupted by his awareness of his young, unused manhood surging forward to another clamouring, demanding erection. From long experience, he knew a drawn out wank would afford him substantial, temporary relief.

Leaning back against the shower wall, he oiled his tool with lubricating shaving cream, assiduously, daringly, and as slowly as he could hold off, bringing his member to climax. When it reached blastoff, it discharged a heavy, copious load of ejaculate into the shower, notwithstanding the explosive, abundant release the night before.

Finally, cleaned up and ready for the day, the young man gingerly donned a pair of currently too-tight trunk briefs, stepping into loose, khaki shorts. He pulled on a designer polo shirt, and stepped into flip flops.

At that point, he quickly cleaned out the bathroom, packed up his clothes and personal hygiene items, picked up his bags, and exited the room, leaving the door open as a signal for housekeeping to enter.

Downstairs, he tendered his key card, stepped outside to get a cab, and rode uncomfortably to the airport.

He knew he would forfeit everything he had earned, and would earn, under the non-termination clause of the contract. Nevertheless, he arranged for the next, available flight back home, to a safehold and refuge, only a couple of hours later.

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