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Christmas 2017
A Christmas Spanking

by Brhmsj

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A Christmas Spanking

Mr. Blackstone, a spanker from previous stories, keeps alive his annual tradition of a special Christmas Spanking to someone whose naughtiness that year is well proven and is most deserving of a spanking.

From the time Mr. Blackstone started his service of spanking teens and college-age men he made a point of giving a Christmas spanking, usually to one of his protégés. The first few years it was someone he’d recently finished mentoring but as the years went on the pool of miscreants widened, which was quite satisfying for the man; in many years he could become reacquainted with a favorite bottom. Sometimes a deserving miscreant who was not a protégé would present himself, hearing of Mr. Blackstone through the spanking channels, but that was unusual.

One protégé was a man named George, now in his thirties, successful at his chosen profession, yet over the course of a year guilty of behavior which needed to be dealt with by a good sound spanking. He no longer lived in the area (otherwise he’d be seeing Mr. Blackstone quite regularly), but his parents still did live there and he always visited for the winter holidays. Most years he also paid a visit to Mr. Blackstone, sometimes for conversation, more often for discipline.

2017 is drawing to a close and our friend George has had more than his share of late nights with too many drinks. No serious damage occurred, he was wise enough not to drive nor did he treat anyone improperly (some of his time with Mr. Blackstone had permanent results), but such evenings inevitably resulted in George becoming loud, using bad language, and other obnoxious behaviors. Somehow this year this happened more than in past years. George returned to his parents’ home for the holidays knowing full well that his behavior had to be faced and the consequences accepted.

For Mr. Blackstone these yearly spankings were a special event. He renewed a spanking relationship. He felt free to deliver a spanking quite different from the ones this spankee had received as a lad. This was understood and accepted by both men. As said, at least one former spankee eagerly returned each year for discipline and behavioral adjustment. He only did one such spanking a year, it was special after all, and some years turned down deserving men.

George had called Mr. Blackstone in mid-December, confessing all that had gone on in the previous twelve months and freely admitting his need for this special session. Mr. Blackstone heartily agreed that George was due for a good session and a date and time were set.

At the appointed hour Mr. Blackstone’s front doorbell rang. He opened the door to find George, right on time. While the man had moved beyond the boyish looks of his teen years, he still retained his fine looks with regular visits to the gym keeping him in trim. He had one of the better bottoms for spankings which Mr. Blackstone had worked on over his years of spanking and the time at the gym kept it round and firm. It was always a pleasure to have this man back and naked over the older man’s lap.

Greetings done, George was taken into the room we know so well. As he expected, an array of paddles was laid out, along with both a hair brush and a bath brush. He did not doubt for a moment that before he left this house each of those implements would have landed on his deserving bottom. Even knowing the pain to come, he had a sense of excitement, evidence by the slight bulge in his tailored slacks. In a matter of only a couple of minutes those slacks were off, along with the rest of George’s clothes. He stood naked in all his manhood in front of his spanker, memories coming back of his teenage years of regular such visits. For all that pain was about to follow, these were fond memories. He knew well how much good Mr. Blackstone had done for him. Mr. Blackstone enjoyed taking note of physical changes which had occurred since any man’s last visit. George looked good.

Naked and needing no instruction, George took the familiar position over Mr. Blackstone’s lap. He rarely was spanked nowadays. He had met a couple of spankers in his city but the spankings they delivered were not quite what he wanted. So far he had not found anyone who, he felt, matched Mr. Blackstone. This meant, of course, that his bottom was more vulnerable than if he were regularly spanked, something both men knew. This would not deter Mr. Blackstone.

Nor did it. The hand spanking started, fast and hard. SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK, raining down on George, beginning with an intensity usually reserved for the climax of a teen’s spanking. George always intended to be stoic about any spanking, but inevitable broke down quickly, letting out with cries and yells not long into the session. Mr. Blackstone took great pleasure in hearing this, from George’s teen years right up to the present. It gave him incentive, evidenced by the hard swats landing over and over on George’s quickly-reddening backside. Being an adult did not mitigate the spanking received, nor did it mean that the spanking hurt any less than it had some twenty years ago. As always when he visited Mr. Blackstone, the spanking had George reverting to his teen years and the lad who was going through the mentoring of this man.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. As George often did as an adult, his yells included repetitions of shit! which resulted in making the spanking harder and longer. In truth, he craved that. Mr. Blackstone was happy to oblige.

A few more hand spanks and Mr. Blackstone was ready for the parade of paddles. Five in all. The spanking from each would be sufficient in a usual situation, but this was not a usual situation. Three different paddles provided good paddlings and it was time for a break. Both needed it. A slight pat to his bottom told George what to do – get up and go to the corner. He had learned well and rarely needed reminders as to what to do. As he stood there the sting was settling nicely into his bottom. Oh, it hurt, yet it felt good, too. Something familiar, comforting in a way as it reflected the care and attention Mr. Blackstone provided. Mr. Blackstone was quite pleased with the color he had raised, looking forward to heightening it. No bruises, but a very red bottom under those slacks when George would leave. Sitting would be uncomfortable for a while, too. George always was amused at how he dealt with keeping his discomfort hidden from parents and family. Sort of a game.

This spanking was no game, however, nor was it intended to be. George was called back into position. The paddles were given a break while the hairbrush did its work. WHAP WHAP WHAP. He’d been here before, not only with his Christmas visits, but more times than he liked as a teen. The brush was always serious discipline. It was today. Writhing over the man’s lap was added to the yells. George knew better than to try to escape. Even so, it was hard to keep still as the brush came down again and again, taking sting to real pain.

Brush done, a longer break was given, with George remaining in place over the lap. Mr. Blackstone lightly rubbed George’s bottom, giving some small comfort by not heightening the sting. These were special moments always. This was always a moment of decision for Mr. Blackstone. The spanking by no means was done, but it was time to add some variation to it. The bath brush, in particular, was well administered with the recipient bent over the chair. George’s bottom always provided an enticing view when in that position. That was enough to make the decision.

Stand up and bend over the chair, Mr. Blackstone instructed. George stood, waited for his spanker to vacate the chair, then took his place, bent over, bottom well up. This was a rare position for any of Mr. Blackstone’s spankees, so was always quite effective. Another set of memories came to George as he took his place. One was of the particular pleasure he always had in presenting his bottom this way to Mr. Blackstone. He felt a paddle tapping between his thighs, a sign that he was to spread his legs. He did. Mr. Blackstone happy with the stance (which gave him a glimpse of George’s nice ball sac between the legs), the paddle began its all-important work.

Uh, uh, uh, came from George as each swat landed. He held on tight to the chair, now jumping slightly at each swat, doing his best to keep his bottom elevated properly. When his response turned to the always-enjoyable (for his spanker) aiiieeeeeee, this phase ended. George remained in place, the pain and sting settling in his bottom. One more paddle and the bath brush to go. At this point in any Christmas spanking George wondered how much more he could take. He wasn’t afraid to cry, it was just that he didn’t want to wimp out.

Mr. Blackstone, satisfied that a sufficient break had been given, now applied the fifth paddle. OW OW OW! SMACK SMACK SMACK. George now was jumping quite a bit with each smack. A good loud yell was the signal that his bottom was well roasted from the last paddle.

A short break and the bath brush came down. OWWWwwwww, SHIT. He couldn’t help it, even knowing that some extra would be added because of bad language. George was really hopping now. Mr. Blackstone was expert in knowing how much was enough and this segment was not long. Bath brush put down, Mr. Blackstone told George to go back to the corner. Showing obvious discomfort, George made his way over, hands by his side, fighting the urge to touch his sore bottom.

After some minutes when George was more settled in his stance in the corner, Mr. Blackstone went over and stood behind him. He put a gentle hand on George’s bottom, relishing the heat he had produced on the younger man. Quietly he said in George’s ear you know that bad language is forbidden and using it earns you a spanking of its own. That has to be addressed. George nodded meekly. He knew what was coming.

Some more gentle rubbing, then a short series of sharp stinging swats. Not hard, but any swats now would feel like needles. These did. George yelped slightly at each one, but accepted his fate. It was his due, he knew that all too well.

It was over. George was not released from the corner. A moment or two later he felt something cold hit his bottom. Soothing crème. Gently Mr. Blackstone rubbed it into George’s bottom, somewhat mitigating the pain. A few minutes of this then Mr. Blackstone gently led George over to the couch. Something else familiar and very welcome was to come. Mr. Blackstone sat in the middle, indicating that George was to drape himself over the lap yet again.

More crème and Mr. Blackstone’s hand moving over a wider area, sometimes a finger slipping slightly between George’s cheeks. Mr. Blackstone knew that George very much enjoyed that. Still, this was not yet for pleasure. Mr. Blackstone made sure that, no matter how soothing this may be, the butt rub was done in a way to keep the sting prominent in the spankee’s mind, reminding him of his discipline. One thing about George which Mr. Blackstone had found interesting was that even as a teen, George was not quick to become erect. This was true whether or not he was spanked. He knew the boy enjoyed being hard and over their time together George enthusiastically responded to Mr. Blackstone pleasuring him. He knew an erection was not forthcoming from these ministrations, but for the moment an erection was not the older man’s goal.

For George the butt rub was pleasure and pain. He knew from experience that Mr. Blackstone was making sure the massage emphasized the sting. He felt it! As it went on he did relax, regardless of the sting, which was constant. George knew that he was not quick to become hard, nor had he ever been. However, when hard his erections were firm and endured for longer than for most men. The reward was exciting orgasms which justified the time needed to produce them. So, both men were aware that there was no stiffening happening at the moment.

For all that the Christmas spanking was of a severity all its own, Mr. Blackstone believed that it earned a reward when well taken. Even when not. The massage slowly changed, now intentionally moving toward inducing an erection pressing against his leg. He felt George growing slowly. There was something pleasurable for him when a spankee took time to get hard; he could enjoy feeling the growth. He did not make an effort to rush things, knowing that a very firm erection eventually would be pressing against him.

When he had George fully hard, he adjusted their positions so that he could reach under and take the younger man in hand. George usually did not shoot quickly which Mr. Blackstone drew out by making this a true edging. George’s responses to this always were most satisfying and he did not disappoint today. As he was reaching climax he gave out with grunts and groans, perhaps Mr. Blackstone’s favorite part of the process with this man. With a yell, George let go. When fully released he now did fall limp over Mr. Blackstone’s lap, something which rarely happened with a spanking, yet was inevitable with an orgasm.

Nothing was said. George took a while to get his breathing back to normal, but neither man cared. He was allowed to lie there for quite some time. Finally Mr. Blackstone leaned over and quietly said I think you need a shower, my friend. George agreed. He stood, semen now dried on him and Mr. Blackstone’s pants. He knew his way to the bathroom. The shower felt good except when it landed on his sore bottom. Mr. Blackstone could hear slight yelps of discomfort which he knew had only one cause.

Showered and refreshed, George returned. Mr. Blackstone had changed his clothes while George was showering. He now wrapped the younger man in a warm, long hug, both holding the other tightly. This perhaps was the most special moment of all this. George made no move to dress. He gingerly sat on the couch, Mr. Blackstone joining him. There never was a discussion of the spanking at this point. None was needed. This was time to catch up on each other’s lives.

Conversation over, George said it was time for him to return home. He profusely thanked Mr. Blackstone for his time, as he did any year that he received a Christmas spanking. Mr. Blackstone replied that he was always more than happy to provide this service. Another quick hug and George was on his way.

A most satisfying Christmas for both.

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