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The Inconsiderate Roommate

by Christophorus Volkov

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The driver pulled up to the curb, and Jared got out. The trunk popped, and he grabbed his bag.It had been another long, fruitless trip to New York. The sales presentation went worse than horribly, and all he wanted to do was slip off his shoes, grab a beer and wallow in his own self-pity.

Jared needed to sell someone soon or he’d be looking for another line of work, and the last thing he wanted to do during the holiday season was to have to find a job with all the other stress.

He stepped into the elevator and rode it up to his floor. He stepped off and walked the 25 steps, he had counted them, to the door of his apartment. When he put in the key, he heard the loud rock music coming from the other side.

Shit, thought Jared. Freddy is home.

Freddy was 20 years Jared’s junior, and he was probably the least considerate roommate Jared had ever had in his 42 years on the Earth. Jared was the main leaseholder, and he subleased a room to Freddy for $200 each month plus half the utilities. It provided him a little relief, but he hated dealing with him.

The younger man living in the spare bedroom made videos for a living and was also an Instagram model. It made Jared jealous that he traveled all over the United States selling a crap product to people who weren’t interested while Freddy sat at poolside snapping selfies and got hundreds of thousands of views on the internet.

Freddy and Jared had their moments, sure. Mostly, they got along. Often, they’d go to the gym together and work out. When they had time, they enjoyed grabbing lunch and talking about life. Jared felt like Freddy looked up to him, and he was happy to provide him advice.

When he walked in the apartment, Jared was greeted with a mess. A couple of ring lights had been set up, and there was a plastic tarp laid out in the dining room. Jared’s nice oak dining table had been moved to the side, and one of the wrought iron chairs he’d purchased was sitting there drenched in food.

He was too tired to even worry about it right now. This wasn’t the first time something like this had happened, so Jared simply went back to his bedroom to put his stuff away. When he got to the door, he noticed it was open. The rock music was blaring from his room. As he pushed open the door, he was greeted by the sight of Freddy tied face down to his bed. He was naked.

What the fuck dude? asked Jared.

Freddy couldn’t move or even say anything. He had been gagged as well. He appeared to be groggy as if he’d been asleep. He was trying to say something. Jared could make out the muffled word, HELP! Jared went to his roommate’s gag and pulled it out of his mouth.

Oh, dear God. Thank you, man. Thank you, said Freddy. I never thought you’d come back.

How long have you been like this? asked Jared.

I don’t know, answered Freddy. I was filming this video with a girl I picked up on that online ad website, and she said she wanted to get freaky. I jumped in the shower to wash off the food, and she pulled a gun on me as I came out. She took my shit and ran.

Jared went over to the drawer where he kept his valuables. She’d taken his stuff, too. Everything was cleaned out.

You let a strange woman into my house, and she tied you up and then ran off with your stuff and my stuff?

Hey man, can you untie me so we can talk about this?

Fuck no. I’m not untying you. I’m gonna film you and post it on your internet channel. Then I’m going to fucking take your picture and put it on Instagram. Then...maybe then...we can get enough views to replace the shit that bitch took from me.’re mad?

Goddamn right I’m mad.

Jared’s face was steaming red. He needed to take his anger out on something, and Freddy’s naked ass was ready and available.

He ripped off his belt. Without warning his roommate, he raised his arm and brought the thick leather belt down across Freddy’s naked seat.


YEEEOWW! howled Freddy.








Freddy’s naked form contorted with every smack of the belt across his bare ass. The frustration of the day came crashing down across Freddy’s ass through Jared’s belt.




Jared continued the onslaught. Freddy’s tanned cheeks were beginning to show a little hint of red.


Jared was going to continue until he felt as if he’d gotten enough aggression out to avoid killing his roommate.






It was like the only thing that existed in the room were Jared, Freddy’s ass the belt that was making his ass glow.









By this point, Freddy had resigned himself to the fact that he wasn’t going to be able to sit down for a few days, and he probably deserved it.


Jared’s arm was getting tired. He knew he had taken this far enough. He delivered three consecutive blows in quick succession.


The pain coursed through Freddy’s backside.


Jared dropped the belt. He reached over and untied one of Freddy’s wrists and sat down in the big fluffy chair next to the bed. His rage had subsided, and his anger was gone. He looked over at what he had done to Freddy’s ass, and it wasn’t pretty.

Purple welts were beginning to grow outward from the muscular butt. You could see where each whack of the belt had hit its mark. He could even see a couple of spots where he had hit the back of Freddy’s leg.

Freddy slowly untied his other wrist. He lifted himself up but couldn’t reach down to his ankles. Relenting, Jared reached down and untied Freddy’s right ankle. Freddy reached down and untied his left one.

Gingerly, he moved to a sitting position and started to stand up. He began to rub both of his butt cheeks with his hands. Jared stood up, and he grabbed his friend by the shoulders.

I’m sorry man. I just snapped, said Jared.

I noticed, said Freddy with a smirk.

He walked the two steps to his own bedroom and slammed the door. Jared followed.

Dude, let me in, please.

There was no answer. Jared figured that his roommate didn’t want to talk about the whole issue. As he turned, Freddy’s door opened.

Still naked, Freddy said with a smile, I got her.

What do you mean? asked Jared.

I got her on film. The bitch that stole our shit. I had shot a scene for my channel with her. We can take that video to the cops.

Jared looked down at the shorter, ripped man. You know what? You’re pretty damn lucky I like you, kid.

Freddy smiled. You hit like a fuckin’ bitch.

Shut up. That’s not what you were saying when I was whipping your ass with that belt.

Jared stood at the door watching his roommate get dressed.

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