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Parking Lot Punishment

by Christophorus Volkov

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I was loaded down with Christmas gifts as I walked back through the parking lot back to my car. The mall was packed, and I wanted to get back to some shopping. Dropping off the gifts I purchased in the car so I could load up with more seemed like the thing to do.

I pulled out my keys and popped the trunk with the key fob button. It flew open. Snow and ice went everywhere. I placed my gifts in the trunk, and I slammed the trunk lid down.

I turned around, and I couldn’t believe what I saw. A man, probably in his late 40’s, had an 18 or 19-year-old man bent over his lap. He was sitting on the open tailgate of his newer-model pickup truck. The teen’s pants were pulled down, and, as I watched, the older man lowered the younger man’s boxer shorts. I could now see his young, round, bare ass under the light of the parking lot. The older man wrapped an arm around the teen’s midsection, and raised his ungloved right hand and began landing savage blows on the younger man’s uncovered butt.


The younger man squirmed and seemed extremely uncomfortable, but he seemed to be taking the hiding well. His white ass contorted in all different directions as his pants and underwear slid down his legs.


The blows continued. Paralyzed by shock, I didn’t know what to say or do as cars continued to drive by the scene. I wondered, frankly, if I were on some television show with a hidden camera. I live in a suburban community near Chicago. I never expected to go to the mall to see a grown man spanking another grown man in the parking lot.

Certainly, this won’t go on long, I thought as I continued to watch the scene. The younger man was clearly starting to feel the sting of the repeated spanks on his bare ass. Even from a couple of rows over, I could see his tail was beginning to redden.

I started to leave the scene and head back into the shopping mall, but I felt like I just couldn’t leave the situation alone. After all, I didn’t know the nature of the scene, and, if the younger man needed help, I might be the only one to provide it out here in this remote area of the parking lot. Other shoppers didn’t seem so interested in what was going on as cars continued to drive by as if nothing out of the ordinary was happening.

I walked closer to the scene, and the older man didn’t break his concentration. The whooping continued to land on the younger man’s bare ass. I could see the younger guy squirming with every succeeding blow. The older man’s grip around his midsection kept him in place.


The onslaught continued as I approached. I decided I’d stand there a moment to see if the older man noticed me. The older man saw me out of the corner of his eye. He looked up at me, paused or a moment, and then continued to rain blows down upon the bare seat of his spanking subject.

Listen, I don’t want to interrupt you, I began, but I am concerned about this scene here.

Mind your own business! said the older man.

I was shocked. It was like he didn’t even care that I was witnessing him destroy the younger guy’s ass. The younger guy seemed oblivious to my presence, so I thought I’d try to communicate with him.

Hey! Are you ok?

Don’t talk to him, barked the older man. You have no idea what you’ve walked up on.

Well, maybe if you help me understand, I’ll turn and walk away.

The older man sighed and stopped spanking the younger guy. The younger man stood up and turned around toward me cupping his hand over his penis and balls. He had to be about six feet tall! I was shocked to see his face with a full beard and mustache. His hair was well-kempt, and he was solidly built.

Tell the man what you did, said the older guy.

Well, I was in the mall, and I took some things that didn’t belong to me. The mall security made me return everything, and they said they wouldn’t prosecute me if I never came back again. They called my uncle to pick me up, and, well, he agreed not to tell my parents if I let him teach me a lesson. His voice was deep and unwavering.

So, you agreed to this punishment here in the middle of the parking lot in this cold weather?

Uhh...I guess so.

The older man piped up again, Satisfied?

Be that as it may, sir, I don’t know if this is the appropriate place to teach him a lesson. After all, it’s quite humiliating, I reasoned. You’re in the middle of a public parking lot.

Jarred, are you humiliated? asked the older man.

Jarred answered, No!

No what?


Why aren’t you humiliated?

Because I deserve this, SIR! I don’t want to go to prison, SIR!

See, he’s fine. He’s going to have a red ass, and he’s going to have an unpleasant ride home. He’s not going to prison.

Jarred looked at me defiantly. He was standing there holding his penis in the dead cold of winter waiting to get more spanks from his uncle.

So, how many are you giving him? I asked.

I’m gonna go until my hand gets tired, the older man answered. This young’un’s given his mom and dad nothing but hell. Frankly, I’ve had enough. You’d figure at 18 that he’d understand by now, but, if he’s gonna act like a kid, I’m going to treat him like one.

I’ve got no argument with you guys. I just wanted to make sure he didn’t need my help. By all means, continue, I said.

You stand right there and watch, if you want. He needs to be humiliated, too, said the uncle.

I thought about it for a moment as Jarred got back into position over his uncle’s knee. His bare ass pointed towards the sky again. Red handprints covered both cheeks and the top of his hamstrings.

Looks like you know how to give a spanking, I said to the uncle. That ass is pretty red.

Oh, this isn’t the first time this one’s felt this hand, but I am not holding back tonight.

Soon, the spanking was back on.


Jarred looked up at me meekly. Tears were starting to well up in his eyes. Amazingly, he was silent except for the occasional grunt.






It was a cacophony of bare hand to bare skin and grunts. Jarred was taking it like a champion.

A few more minutes went by, and you could tell the uncle was starting to tire out. The hits weren’t falling as hard or as fast as they were earlier. Amazingly, the parking lot had started to clear out around us. I was getting cold. I know Jarred had to be freezing.

I’m tired. I can’t do this much longer. I still don’t think he’s learned nothing, said the uncle. You want to have a go?

The uncle was looking at me. Suddenly, Jarred stood straight up as if he’d been shot.

No, Uncle Dave. Please. Come on! You said you’d go until you were tired. My ass is killing me. Look at it.

Uncle Dave looked at Jarred’s ass. Indeed, it was very red. Man, that’s nothing. When I was your age, my dad would punish me until my ass was purple. You millennials don’t know what spanking is. This guy here could lay a few on you.

I really couldn’t. It’s not my thing. I was just trying to help you out, I said.

Uncle Dave looked over at me, and he said, I gave you the opportunity to walk away, but you have been standing there watching me tan this kid’s hide for 25 minutes. Give him a few swats. He deserves it, trust me.

Jarred was clearly embarrassed at the prospect of having his punishment continue at the hands of a complete stranger. He looked at the ground then at me as if to say, Please, walk away.

Something his eyes told me that he needed this, so I walked over and sat down next to his Uncle Dave on the tailgate of that pickup.

Get over his knee, boy, said Uncle Dave. As Uncle Dave stood up, Jarred complied uncapping his cock and balls and bending over my knee. I could feel his penis digging into my thigh.

I rubbed his ass for a couple of seconds, and it was cold to the touch, but hot in the spanked areas. I’d never spanked anyone before, but I felt excited as I rubbed Jared’s manly ass. It was round and muscular with two big side dimples and a deep crack that started high and ran around the curve of his ass dividing each side into two clear hemispheres.

I raised my hand high and struck down upon Jarred’s uncovered ass with all my might. A mighty SMACK! echoed through the car park of remaining vehicles. Jarred wiggled uncomfortably and let out a grunt. UHH!

I did it again. SMACK! He grunted again, AHUHH!

I worked Jarred into a rhythm of smacks and grunts. He was trying so hard not to cry out. His hot ass felt so spectacular against my hand as I continued to pound away.

After about 20 smacks, my hand started to sting. I wasn’t used to this, so I didn’t know how much longer I could go. Therefore, I increased the intensity and the pace of my spanks.


One after another landed on their target. Finally, Jarred cried out, STOP! I...I AM SORRY! STOP! I CAN’T TAKE NO MORE!

I stopped. Both of his cheeks were a deep red. The only area of white was down the crack of his ass and the extreme tops of his cheeks where his round mounds joined his lower back.

Uncle Dave asked, Have you learned your lesson, boy?

Yes sir, said Jarred with big tears running down his face. I won’t ever take anything again, sir!

And what do you say to this gentleman?

Jarred looked me in the face. With a look of respect in his teary eyes, Jarred said, Thank you, sir.

I felt a wave of importance go through me. My boring job as an accountant never gave me a sense of accomplishment like that.

Pull up your pants, and get in the truck, Uncle Dave ordered, and Jarred gingerly pulled up his flannel boxers and blue jeans.

Drive safely, I said, hopping off the tailgate of the truck.

Uncle Dave extended his hand, and I grabbed it and shook it. I could only imagine that his hand was throbbing like mine after delivering some well-earned discipline on Jarred’s ass in that cold, dark parking lot outside of the local mall.

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