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Chad's Boys
Part 33

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 33
The Professor’s Circle Widens

Daniel told his four friends that he’d visited Professor Dyer and had been spanked, but refused to say more until Friday night. He needed time to think, but also enjoyed stirring up his friends’ anticipation.

Dinner Friday night was all five. Food consumed, they went directly to Billy and Rob’s room. Daniel had gone commando that day, just to try it, which impressed the other four when he dropped his pants. Billy got Daniel on the bed with him. Billy put his hand around Daniel’s balls, gave a slight squeeze. Alright, buster, you tell the story and tell it well, or I’ll give these a squeeze that you won’t forget!

You asshole, said Daniel with a laugh. You think I wouldn’t?

Just making sure you do.

He said we have to get to know each other better. Well, really, he has to get to know me, I guess, so he can know how to spank. He told them everything, only leaving out the shaving. He knew he had to tell that, too, but it felt embarrassing. Billy accepted the story. He gave Daniel’s balls a squeeze anyhow. Shit! Why’d you do that?

Haha, Billy laughed. Just to keep you honest.

I won’t forget. You’ll regret it. All five laughed, but all five knew that Daniel would keep his word.

Now came the hard part. Daniel reddened a little. He says I need to... Shit! I have to shave my pubes, balls and all he said in a rush. No one said a word. Not permanently, just for a while at the start.

Rob, hairiest of the group, couldn’t imagine having to obey that directive. Do you have any idea how to do it? Rob asked.

No. He said if I didn’t do it, he’d do it for me. His audience started to get hard at the thought.

So, he’ll shave you next week? Eric asked, not easily accepting this concept. Since he’d first hit puberty he’d been quite proud of his bush, especially over that short period when he had one and Nick did not. He didn’t want it to disappear!

Yes, Daniel said quietly. After a pause he added, he said it might grow back even fuller, though.

Guys, if this is what he wants to do, it’s his decision, we all know that, Greg said, hoping to bolster Daniel’s ego.

Thanks, man, said Daniel. Well, I see some guys who are up for action, he said, now growing hard, too. First, though... He grabbed Billy’s arm and yanked him over his lap. Billy was well punished for the balls squeeze. Daniel wasn’t vicious, but he did make sure it was a good hard spanking and that Billy was yelping a bit before it was over. A steady sequence of good smacks, over and over, with no let up. During a brief pause he reached between Billy’s legs and gave his balls a squeeze. The others cheered him on.

Yeah, I deserved that, Billy admitted when it was done.

What was the spanking like? Eric asked, intending for Daniel to take the hint. Daniel did.

C’mon over and I’ll show you.

Eric wasn’t sure why he wanted this spanking. Did this mean he wanted to visit Professor Dyer? The spanking was firm and gave him more to think about than he expected. His thoughts shifted again to what it would be like to be stripped of the pubic bush that he’d prized for a few years now. What would Nick say? Daniel brought him back to reality by ramping up the spanking a bit.

That was good, Eric said when it was over.

By tacit agreement the spankings were over. Eric and Greg hadn’t stroked Billy and Rob yet that week. Eric took Billy, Greg took Rob. Daniel joined Eric in handling Billy, in part because it gave him a chance to give Billy another squeeze on the balls as he got more excited. In part, too, because he could put a hand on Eric now and then.

After the first two shot, roles were reversed. Daniel now happily worked with Billy on Eric. He knew Eric was with Greg, but still he found Eric enormously attractive and took advantage of any chance to play with him. When the next pair had shot it was pointed out that Daniel needed some relief. He lay back on the bed and realized that four pairs of hands were roaming all over him. It didn’t take him long. With an intense shudder and a yell he let go a big load.

Awesome! all four said. They let Daniel relax and feel better after they’d cleaned him up.

It was getting late. Eric and Greg pulled on their pants for the short return trip to their room. Daniel followed suit. After the round of good nights Billy and Rob were left alone. Out in the hall Daniel asked his friends if he could sleep in their room. He didn’t know where Terrence was, but even so didn’t want to see him tonight if he could help it. The guys were fine with that.

All three cleaned up quickly. Eric and Greg got in Greg’s bed, Daniel in Eric’s, secretly wishing Eric were there. I need a boyfriend of my own! he thought to himself as he drifted off to sleep.

In the morning Eric and Greg woke up first. Seeing Daniel asleep they enjoyed some good-morning kissing, then kicked back the covers and Greg started stroking Eric. They were caught up enough in this that neither noticed Daniel’s eyes open. He saw all and said nothing, quietly enjoying the show across the room.

Knowing that they had a guest, Eric did his best to cum quietly. A quick glance gave the impression that Daniel was still asleep, so a quick cleanup and Eric did Greg, who also had to stifle his usual noises. No sooner had Greg shot but they realized Daniel was awake.

Hey, you being a voyeur? said Eric. Daniel smiled sheepishly, which was answer enough. Guess this needs to be dealt with. As Greg finished his cleanup Eric got out of bed, crossed over and pulled the covers off of Daniel, who was lying on his side. In one quick motion Eric started smacking Daniel’s butt. That’s what you get! Daniel tried to roll over, but Eric held him tight. You naughty little peeping Tom! It was all in fun and Daniel took it in the right spirit. After all, it wasn’t too hard. He knew that Eric and Greg really did enjoy that he’d watched.

Spanking done, Eric helped Daniel with his still-present morning wood, then all three headed for bathroom to get ready for breakfast.

The rest of the day Eric was pensive. What he’d heard from Daniel last night was making him think. In fact, he’d been awake for a while in bed thinking about it. Why did he think he needed or wanted a spanking regimen? He knew his father had done that and what Daniel described was enticing. Plus he really liked Professor Dyer and felt safe with him.

No real answers came to him but finally late in the afternoon he called Professor Dyer, who had given all the boys his phone number. Eric had never phoned him before and was a bit surprised to hear the familiar voice answer with Julian Dyer rather than hello. There was a pause and Eric identified himself and said he’d would like to meet. Professor Dyer didn’t have to ask what the meeting was for. Was Eric free Sunday afternoon, as there was no need to waste time with this. Eric said he was and the Professor said to be at his house promptly at three, emphasizing the word promptly.

After hanging up the phone Professor Dyer had a feeling of pleasure. For some reason, of all the five friends it was Eric with whom he most hoped to develop a mentoring relationship. Not just the spanking, but the intimacy that came with helping a young man become an adult. If he could find a way to maneuver Billy into committing to the spankings he needed for quite different reasons, he’d be satisfied to have the boys he most wanted over his lap.

Each boy is individual, so Eric’s first spanking would not be repeat of Daniel’s, nor would Eric’s needs be the same. Between now and the time Eric arrived the next day the
Professor had many pleasurable moments contemplating this particular upcoming spanking. From the lad’s first day in class Professor Dyer had felt something special about him

It was all Eric could do to keep up his usual demeanor around the guys, but he managed. He thought of saying something to Daniel, but decided it was better to wait until after his meeting. Everyone got together that night with Eric relieved that the playtime was wanking only.

Fortunately Greg was meeting one of the guys in his lab on Sunday afternoon, so Eric’s departure wouldn’t be noticed. Greg had mentioned that this guy, Steve, was a real cutie, but so far wasn’t getting a reading on whether he liked girls or boys. He’d seen Steve’s roommate Ray at the gym a couple of times, which led to an enjoyable fantasy of the two naked and fooling around.

Eric arrived about five minutes early and waited outside checking his watch about every thirty seconds, his nerves getting edgy. At exactly three he rang the bell. Eric, as had Daniel, thought that the Professor must have been at the door already. He was greeted with a warm smile. Very good, son. Promptness is a virtue. Eric was ushered in. The professor took his jacket and had him remove his boots. Eric was taken to the office, as Daniel had been. As all boys learned, this was the spanking room. As Daniel had noticed, Eric, too, took note of the paddles on the wall. From what little he’d heard from his father he needed no explanation as to their reason for being there.

Much the same explanation of how things would proceed that Daniel heard was given to Eric. Having been told that spankings would be nude, Eric was quite forthcoming about his naked life. The Professor was intrigued; this was not the usual family style. He envied Eric and his family’s comfort with it. He inquired about domestic spankings. Eric happily told how he and Nick had started spanking each other in fun. Without meaning to he revealed how the five friends here at college were spanking each other. Professor Dyer was quite tickled by this news, but betrayed nothing.

Perhaps what Eric had thought about the most since setting up this meeting was the shaving. He felt sure the Professor would give him the same instructions. When he told Eric he would have to shave Professor Dyer had no trouble discerning that Eric had heard all about it from Daniel. Eric knew he’d given himself away and had the good grace to blush slightly. He was aware, too, that he still was in clothes. He’d expected to have been told to undress when they entered the study. Professor Dyer took the blush as his cue.

You know that spankings here are naked, so clothes come off now. In the future they will come off when you arrive and I will take them from you. Get out of those clothes. Eric obeyed and soon stood naked in front of the Professor.

Stand in that corner with your nose up against the wall. Eric obeyed. He, too, was subjected to a long wait as Daniel had been. When the tension was beginning to get to him Eric heard the Professor call him out of the corner. The Professor now was seated in what all boys thought of as the spanking chair. He did notice out of the corner of his eye as he crossed the room that his clothes were not on the stand where he had left them. Daniel hadn’t said anything about clothes disappearing. Professor Dyer’s experienced eye saw that Eric had noticed.

Professor Dyer indicated where Eric was to stand. This was his first time seeing the boy fully naked and seeing his genitals. As he expected, the sight was a pleasure. Eric showed no sign of getting hard. Some boys did, some boys didn’t.

You’ve noticed that your clothes are gone. I will take them from you whenever you are here and will return them when it is time for you to leave. You will always be naked, even when others are here. Eric started to say something, but caught himself. Daniel hadn’t said anything about this, either. Don’t worry. Anyone who is here when you are, which is unlikely, will be someone who should see you naked. Eric wasn’t quite sure what to make of that, but accepted it.

Now, we have one more bit of business before we get you spanked, Professor Dyer said. Eric had no idea what to expect, but remained silent.

To be continued

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