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A model son
Part 9

by Graham

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At 8 p.m., the phone rang in Keith’s room. Dazed and disoriented, he rolled over onto his butt, only to flip back over fast from the painful shock, moaning while he scooted off the bed on his stomach on his bare feet.

Standing nude on his bare feet, he answered the phone, and heard Colin’s voice, asking if he was going to be ready soon for dinner. Keith mumbled an groggy, affirmative answer, telling Colin he’d be down to get him in about 20 minutes.

At 8:35, Keith stood in the doorway of Colin’s room, after knocking on the door. Colin opened it, inviting Keith in. The tall, lanky, blonde with strikingly beautiful face, stepped in, looking both refreshed, and weary, at the same time.

You’re late, Colin joked. You must’ve slept long and late, he remarked as he looked at Keith’s obvious, still-sleepy face.

Keith nodded, commenting he felt more refreshed and better now. Colin agreed he did as well.

Both were dressed in clean jeans, Colin in a pullover black turtleneck, and a heavy peacoat; Keith in a blue turtleneck, with a blue and yellow, checked scarf and his heavy peacoat. The two set off to walk the 10 blocks or so in the dark cold, heading to Volare Ristorante Italiano on East Grand Avenue, another of Keith’s recommendations.

The restaurant was welcoming warm inside. Entering from the frigid chill of cold, winter night air blowing in off Lake Michigan, they took off their coats to thaw out in the warmth.

Sitting at a small table near the front windows, Keith ordered wine, but water for Colin. They shared an Italian sampler platter for two.

Keith asked Colin if he had remembered to call his Dad, and Colin answered he’d done it just before he called Keith. As they talked about their plans from that point, they realized they were on the same flight the next morning, heading to Denver.

Let’s get to the airport early and see if we can get seats together, Keith recommended. The flight is at 11, so we should get there about 9 or so. Colin agreed and they decided they would get wake up calls at 7, to be up, have breakfast, and leave to catch the train to O’Hare.

I change planes in Denver, to fly on to Portland later in the day, Keith explained. After that, you’re on your own, little buddy. Colin smiled as he sipped his lemon water.

One thing you should do, both there, and when you return here, Colin, is ask in detail what is planned for each shoot before you sign the contract at the outset. I have to say I’ve learned my lesson about that from now on as well.

Colin chuckled slightly. Okay, but what if they want something I don’t like or want? If I say no they may just let me go, and I don’t earn anything, don’t get paid. I’ll just have wasted the time, Colin ruminated.

Look, Colin, you’re just a kid. Everybody needs to be especially careful with you anyway. In fact, they ought to tell you up front, before you leave home, so your Dad knows too.

Colin’s face registered his fright at that thought. Noooo, my Dad wouldn’t let me go if he knew some of what was happening, and he’d spank me for letting it happen in the past and not telling him about it.

You know he’d spank you, if you told him what’s happened? Why? Keith quizzed.

Why? Why wouldn’t he? Colin replied. It’s how he takes care of me, looks after me, makes me do what is right, and safe. Obviously, I don’t like being spanked at all, anytime, anywhere. But it’s different with my Dad. It’s just a fact of life, and I know he wants the best for me.

I know I need to be punished sometimes, and he believes spanking’s the best sort of punishment. I know he’s right, even when I don’t like getting it, and I know he hates doing it too; but he won’t hold back when he knows I deserve it, and need it. It’s because he cares about what happens to me, how I’m turning out. I know that. I like knowing that.

So, with these shoots, anyway, what I just don’t like is getting caught by surprise, especially like today, and getting spanked as part of the modeling shoot. I’d rather know.

I can try to prepare for it mentally; but if I refuse, I may get turned down in the future, just when I’m trying to get started. You know, it’s the same for you, but farther down the road.

No kidding, Colin. But we can’t be whores  – I’m sorry, prostitutes  – that’ll do anything for money! We have a right to draw a few lines and say I can’t go for that.

Colin grinned at Keith’s backtracking to sanitize his conversation. I know you’re right, Keith, except I don’t know, and I hesitate about, where I should draw the line.

Yeah, but you gotta figure it out, and do it, Colin; we both have to. We have to think and decide on it, because I don’t like the feeling I’m getting, that we’re being pegged as a couple of guys who can be manhandled, subjected to all kinds of mayhem, and we’ll take it, no matter what. True, it makes money, good money, but it’s not the reputation I want, Keith explained.

Maybe what you should do is open up and share with your Dad, be guided by him, Colin. What he thinks is probably the best guidelines and standards for you right now, since after all, he’s most concerned about you, his son, kiddo.

How about you, Keith? Shouldn’t you talk to your Mom and Dad too?

Well, Colin, I’m 30 years old, you know. It’s not like I’m a kid, just on the threshold of becoming an adult. No offense, Colin, Keith answered.

It’s okay, I’m good, Keith. I know you’re older, but sometimes there are situations that are big and tough  – too big for us to handle or get ourselves out of, by ourselves  – it’s good to have somebody else to talk to, to listen to you and offer solutions, and you listen to their advice, and learn from them, Colin mused aloud.

Look at you! A kid a dozen years younger than me, giving advise and wisdom like a sage, Keith humourously lightened the setting.

You’re probably right, though, Colin. I’d just feel a little embarrassed talking with my folks about this now, I think; but overall, I know you’re right, and agree.

Well, see, Keith, you are sort of like me. I hate to tell my Dad about what’s been going on, because he’ll be very upset, probably forbid me from doing any more out-of-town modeling, and almost certainly spank me for not telling him before. So see, my problem is similar to yours, Colin explained.

Yeah, I do see, although my parents can’t make me not do a shoot if I want to do one, and they sure won’t spank me  – thank goodness, after today! Keith replied.

Maybe that’s what they should do, Keith. Colin spoke softly, thoughtfully, looking squarely into the lovely, entrancing pool of Keith’s alluring, blue-green eyes.

Maybe if they told you no, you can’t, and spanked you if you disobeyed; maybe your problem would be solved, and it would be easier. You’d know where you stand, what you can do, and what you can’t.

Ah, thanks, Colin, but I think I’m too old for that now. I’ve got to decide for myself, Keith answered.

If you had my Dad, you wouldn’t, Colin responded. He’d make sure you knew what you can and can’t do. There wouldn’t be any question or doubt about it. He’d get your attention, and make it clear, from your butt up. I know that very well.

Now it was Keith’s turn to grin an embarrassed, reddish grin. Are you telling me I should come live at your house, Colin? he teased. I doubt your Dad would like that either. I’m sure he’s not looking for anybody else to raise.

Well, no, but you could visit us, and then you could talk to him too. I know this for sure, Keith: my Dad is smart, strong, and caring. It amazes me sometimes how much he knows about the real world, and life, and can help me.

He pulls no punches when it comes to doing what’s right, and not doing what’s wrong. I know he’d like you, that’s for sure, and he’d try to help you too.

Whoaaaa, kid. I’m not looking for help, especially from the Dad of a kid I’ve only just recently met and become friends with, Keith cautioned.

Like I said, I’ve got to struggle with this one, and figure it out, for myself. Anyway, I was just trying to help you, and give you some advice. I should keep my mouth shut.

No, it’s okay. Really. I, ah, admire you, look up to you  – a lot. So, I listen to what you have to say, and I’m not offended, Colin attempted to reassure the handsome, older, young man.

Ah, thanks, Keith replied awkwardly, seeming to reflect fleetingly on the compliment from the young kid before him.

So, where’re you staying in Denver, and then when you return to Chicago? Keith turned the focus of conversation to something else.

Embassy Suites. It’s downtown in Denver, Colin answered. When I come back to Chicago, I’m back at the Whitehall, which is okay. I like it. It’s a nice hotel.

So, you’re all set then. You’ve got a day of shooting in Denver, then fly out the next day, the day after that another shoot in Chicago, and then fly home the day after that. When’s your birthday, Colin?

It’s week after next  – just 11 days after I get back home, Colin reported.

Well, happy birthday, happy 18th, in advance, kid.

Do you want to come to my birthday, Keith? Colin asked.

Ah, I can’t, Colin. I’m heading on back home to Oregon, and I’ll probably stay put there until after Christmas and New Years.

You could come for a few days, then go back home for Christmas and New Years, Colin suggested. When Keith expressed his skepticism and doubt, Colin urged, at least think about it. Okay? Keith nodded his agreement to do that.

Their dinners arrived and they talked about traveling, going to different cities. Keith knew a lot of cities, but liked Chicago, Toronto, Boston, Seattle, and Vancouver the best. Colin really only knew Chicago, but said it was an exciting place to him.

It was almost 10 p.m. when the left Volare Ristorante Italiano to walk back to their hotel. It was quite brisk and they walked fast, while talking about the fun and adventure of the modeling field.

Keith told Colin it had been good to him over the years, and he’d been able to buy the small cabin in the woods where he lived in Oregon. He’d also saved up a lot, and was trying to invest, to make it grow for him to use, and live from, when he had to get out of the business.

Colin told Keith he was saving too  – almost everything he earned. His Dad put the money away for him, saving it for Colin to go to college after he quit modeling. Keith was surprised that Colin was still planning to go to college, and also at the extent to which he was supervised and controlled by his Father, and how intertwined Father and son were.

By the time they were back at the hotel, it was almost 10:30. Remember to ask for a wake-up call, Colin, Keith reminded his young friend as the rode in the elevator together. I’ll see you at the breakfast buffet tomorrow morning at 7:30. Don’t be late, kid.

I won’t, Colin responded, then added, laughing, But if I am, what’ll happen? Are you going to spank me too?

Keith blushed, and laughed back, Maybe, Colin. You don’t want to find out.

Now Colin blushed, then perked up, asking, What if you’re late? Do I get to spank you?

Keith’s face, ears, and neck turned very red, and his green-blue eyes flashed at Colin.

I won’t be late, but no, I don’t want any more spankings, am not going to allow them. Today, and last month, have been enough for at least another 15 years.

Yeah, but what if you are late, Keith? I know you wouldn’t want it, but shouldn’t I get to spank you for being late?

Look, Colin, you’re a nice kid, but you’re not big enough to threaten me with a spanking, and I’m not about to let anybody spank me any more. My butt and thighs are killing me right now as it is.

The elevator stopped at the 7th floor, Colin got out, and called back, I was just teasing you, Keith.

Good thing, Colin, or I might have had to spank you for your impertinence, young man. He grinned as the elevator door closed.

Colin had no chance to respond to the threat just thrown out by Keith MacGregor. After undressing and brushing his teeth, Colin crawled into bed in just his boxers.

All the repartee between him and Keith about spanking, plus the memory of what had happened only a few hours earlier, had him wired and jittery, spawning another boner. Lying in bed, in the dark, his young manhood became aroused and excited, hungering for another release.

Colin slid down his boxers, lay on his side, and applied the most lusty craving wank he could conjure up, while he mentally relived the spanking across Santa’s lap at the shoot. He exploded another intense orgasm of shooting ejaculate. Calming down from that quickly propelled him into sleep.

Up in his room, to his astonishment, Keith was experiencing the same high-strung, edgy arousal. Persistent memories of what he’d experienced in the shoot that day, along with all the talk with Colin about spanking, had Keith wound up tightly, also sprouting a hard, serious case of bedtime wood.

He, too, pulled down his boxers and began the careful ministrations of his tool to give it the attention and relief it required and demanded. It had been a long time since he’d been seeking after the relief of post-spanking wanks.

Recalling the spanking in the previous month’s shoot, then vividly revisiting the unexpected, surprise spanking with the Christmas paddle over Santa’s lap today, only heightened his excitement and yearning. After a violent orgasm  – his third that evening  – Keith rolled over onto his stomach and face, sliding rapidly down the chute from fatigue to sleep.

He would sleep deeply until the morning wake-up call. The heat and pain were still there the next day, making every movement difficult, and the stinging, throbbing pain did not go away for days.

In the morning, Colin showered, dressed, and hurried downstairs to meet Keith. It was 7:40, and Keith was on his mobile phone when Colin arrived.

He went to the breakfast buffet while Keith was talking. When he returned, Keith had gotten up to go to the buffet, and returned to join his young friend.

They exchanged quick, good morning greetings, and began eating. Ah, Colin, that call I just got. It’s changing things for me. I got a call from the casting director for a pilot, TV mini-series. They want me to audition today. So, I’m going to have to change my flight, and stay here. I’m sorry, buddy. I was looking forward to flying with you to Denver.

Oh, it’s okay, Keith. It sounds like something really different, exciting. Does something like this happen often in modeling? Colin asked.

Nooo, almost never! Nobody ever expects it, or even thinks about it  – at least not to discuss. Some people may daydream about it, but modeling is modeling, mostly just shoots and appearances. Acting is something different, something more, Keith explained.

Wow! So this really is something special! It’s okay. I’ll be fine, and I’ll be pulling for you back here. Maybe you can call me tonight and tell me what happened.

Yeah, sure, I’d like that, Colin. I’ll do it. We better finish so you can get to O’Hare and catch your flight. I’ll go with you to O’Hare and see you off, then come on back and get ready to go audition, Keith replied.

Noooo, Keith. You don’t have to do that. I can handle this, and you need the time to get ready, Colin responded.

I’m okay, Colin. The audition isn’t until 1 p.m. So, that’s what I’m going to do. I’m not going to let a minor travel off from O’Hare, and then on to Denver, without some assistance and supervision.

Not that you need a lot, I know. You’re becoming a pretty independent kid. But still, I can make sure you’re okay until you board the plane. Now, no arguments, and get going!

Keith replied somewhat facetiously, while applying a quick swat to the seat of Colin’s pants. The youthful kid turned around quickly and looked at Keith with an astonished smile.

They caught the commuter train from downtown Chicago to O’Hare. At the airport, Keith carried Colin’s bag while he got his boarding pass, then at the check-in point, handed the bag back to Colin.

Colin set the bag down on the floor and grabbed Keith around his waist and hugged him quickly. Thanks, man. You’re really a great friend, Keith, besides being a terrific example and teacher. See you soon, I hope.

You too, kid, and also a fine friend. I hope we get together again soon too. Travel safely, and be smart and careful, Colin. Call me anytime, you hear?

Okay, thanks, Colin called back as he entered the queue for pre-flight inspection before waiting to board the plane. Keith waited until he could no longer see his young friend before leaving to return downtown.

That evening, about 8:30, Colin’s cell phone range. It was Keith.

Hi, Keith! How’d it go?! Colin asked at once.

Pretty good. Pretty amazing, actually. They want me to come back tomorrow for another, audition with some other possible cast members. Who knows?

Wow! That’s great, man! Well, if they choose on looks and personality, you’ve got everybody else beat, I know that.

Keith chuckled. Maybe I should hire you as my agent, kid. But look, they’re casting for a number of roles, and they need a kid to play a 14 year old, Keith explained

Now, don’t go getting all offended. I know you don’t like being viewed as a kid, but, really, Colin, this could be a big chance and money-maker for you. And you’re coming back to Chicago anyway.

So, just go to the airport early in the morning, and try to get on an earlier flight. That way can be available for an afternoon audition. Do it, Colin! It’s too good chance to pass up, and who knows? Maybe we can work together again on something else.

What’ll I tell my Dad? Colin thought aloud.

You don’t have to tell him anything, at this point, Colin. You’re still on the same timetable; you’ve got the shoot the day after tomorrow; and all you’re doing is auditioning; you don’t have an offer or anything. Okay?

Ah, I guess it makes sense, okay. Thanks a lot for thinking of me, Keith.

No problem, Colin. Text me your flight changes in the morning, and I’ll meet you at O’Hare. I’ve got an early morning, second audition tomorrow, so I’ll be free to meet you by the time you land; and I can help take you to where the auditions are being held.

Ah, okay, Keith. Thanks again. You still at the Whitehall?

Yeah, sure. So are you, aren’t you?

Yeah, I am.

Okay, Colin. I’m going to the exercise room to work out for a while, then go to bed early, so I can be fresh and ready for the morning. See you tomorrow. Good night.

Right. Good night, Keith. Colin hung up as Keith ended the call. A odd, quizzical looked swept across his face. Should he call his Dad and tell him about this, or not? he wondered. Keith was probably right. It was too soon, and nothing certain.

Anyway, he would get to bed early, and get up extra early to go to the Denver airport, change his flight, and get back to O’Hare earlier.

The next morning, he awakened early, showered and cleaned up quickly, dressed in jeans and a sweater, and headed to the airport. He was able to change his flight, to leave earlier and arrive at O’Hare in the early afternoon.

Colin was sleepy on the flight, and snoozed most of the way. He awakened as the flight attendants announced preparation for landing.

Deplaning, Colin began the long hike down the gates corridor toward the terminal. When he finally passed the inspection checkpoint, his eyes opened wider sighting Keith waiting for him.

Keith hugged him. How was your flight?

Okay, a little crowded. I’m just feeling a little sleepy from the early morning flight.

Well, anyway, I’m glad you made it. We need to hurry, because the audition scheduled for you is at 3:30, downtown on South Dearborn, Colin. Did you check any bags?

No, I carried everything this time, Colin answered.

Come on, then. Follow me, kid, Keith called out the directions. They raced through the terminal to the street where taxis were waiting. Getting in, Keith gave directions to 1 South Dearborn Street.

On the way, Keith asked Colin about his photo shoot in Denver. Colin said it went okay, except they had me modeling kids’ clothes, and young men’s/adolescents’ clothes. Nothing really adult. They just look at me and see me as a kid.

It’s okay, Keith reassured him. That’ll change over time. Think of it this way: of all the kids, I mean young men, they could pick to model kids and youths clothes, they picked you. That means they see something good, special about you.

I hadn’t thought of it like that, Colin conceded. Thanks.

No problem. Now, this audition is also for a boy no more than 14 years old. You look the part, Colin. Again, no offense.

Colin made a face, but Keith insisted. Come on, Colin, ditch the attitude. You need to put aside any objection, or even dislike, you might have about that, and just play the part. It shouldn’t be that hard for you, after all it wasn’t that long ago you were that age.

This could be a great opportunity. I know it’s good money, on a continuing basis. The word is the miniseries will have 8 parts  – episodes  – and the actors will be paid for each episode they’re in. Anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 per episode is what I hear.

Cindy said there also may be an option for a 2% of royalties on all successive, future showings or use of any part of the drama. That would be a continuing income off of it. Keith was definitely upbeat about this prospect.

Colin’s face revealed his surprise. Wow! That’s something? How’d your second audition go this morning?

Keith looked like his regular, easy-going, unassuming self. It went good, Colin, really good. They offered me a part, subject to my reviewing the contract they’re going to get me.

I’d be playing a guy about 21 years old, just out of undergrad, going into grad school, and getting married to a girl who’s older, over 10 years older, and has a 14 year-old son. It’s kind of weird, because Cindy’s almost like an older sister, than a girl friend and eventually new bride. So, see, I’m pegged differently than I really am too.

Anyway, Cindy Lundren  – the girl in the shoot a few days ago  – has been cast as the girl with the son, and she recommended me for an audition. That’s how they called me. If I do it, it’ll definitely be something different, a little outside the scope of my ordinary comfort zone.

That’s great, Keith. Who’s making the series?

I don’t know them. It’s a small company, apparently trying to develop a niche for unusual stories: New Frontier Productions.

I heard they already have one series showing, about a wounded veteran who falls in love with his physical therapist. It’s called Just a little more, about her pushing this injured vet to progress and improve in rehabing and regaining his life. I haven’t seen it. I think it’s shown on HBO, Keith explained.

That’s neat. Will this one be on HBO too, or something else?

I really don’t know. All I know is it’s a mini-series: 8 episodes, about young guy who meets and falls in love with a bit older woman, who has a young, teenage son.

They’re going to give me a contract tomorrow to review before I decide. I guess the contract will contain pay offer and anything else.

Oh, hey, Colin, we’re here! We’ll get out and go on in to the audition.

Really? I was hoping I’d be able to get something to eat and change clothes and clean up before going in, Colin responded.

I know, but it’s okay. You’re a young looker, kid, and you’ll seem to fit the part more if you go right on in wearing the clothes you’ve got on. Come on, I’ll go up with you.

They exited out of the taxi, and Keith paid the driver. Inside the building, they took the elevator to the 21st floor. Exiting out onto the floor, they saw a sign to the left, New Frontier Productions.

That’s it, Colin. Hold up a minute, kid. Colin stopped, and stepping in front of him, Keith pulled out a comb and loosely combed Colin’s dark, black hair. Okay, killer kid, go knock’em out, he exhorted, swatting the seat of Colin’s jeans, as he pushed the young boy toward the door.

Colin stopped in his tracks, turned his head back toward Keith, and asked, Are you going to spank me if I don’t make it, don’t get the part?

Keith grabbed his young friend’s arm and pulled him around to face him. No, of course not, Colin. I’d never do that. But if you don’t go in there and give it your best shot, you do deserve to be spanked, kid. Think about that!

Colin looked at Keith quizzically, the replied. I will, Keith, I promise I’ll do my best.

That’s all anybody can ask for, kiddo. Now, go in there and break a leg! He smiled at Colin, while teasing him.

Entering, they were met by a lady who asked, Are you Colin Corcoran?

Yes, ma’am, Colin answered.

Well, you’re a bit early, that’s a nice touch. Come on in. We can start right away.

Colin followed her through a large door, with Keith trailing behind them. Inside, they walked to the front of the room where lights and cameras were set up.

Here, Colin, read this over. It’s an outline of a situation, not a script. There are no lines, so don’t worry about exact words, just understanding the setting and reacting to it. Let me know when you’re ready and Mr. Nicholas will come in to observe.

Colin sat down on one of the small, wooden chairs and began reading several pages. It was a setting where the boy is being told by his mother about the new man in her life, and that they might be getting a dad for him.

The boy was hesitant and reluctant about the idea, asking a lot of questions and raising objections, and expressing his skepticism.

Colin looked up, then over at Keith. Is that it? Not even any lines to read and remember?

Yeah, Colin, that’s how they do it for now. Once scripts are written, there’ll be lines to learn. But for know, they want to see how you extemporize and demonstrate the situation given.

Mine was I was already attracted to the girl before I learned her age, that she was a widow with a young teenage son, and lived with her father. I was supposed to exhibit my ambivalent feelings about trying to understand and decide whether to accept the situation, whether I could fit in to it, Keith explained.

Are you ready, Colin? the woman’s voice rang out.

Yes, ma’am, I think so.

Good, Mr. Nicholas is coming right in. A tall, older man with silver hair and mustache came in, greeted Colin and shook his hand, introducing himself.

Nice to meet you, sir, Colin replied.

I see you have Keith here with you. He recommended you, Colin, which is a big plus for you, because he did a fantastic job yesterday, eliminating all the competition.

Keith’s face reddened. Okay, then, let’s start. Mr. Nicholas took his copy of the outline and began. Honey, there’s something important and big I want to talk with you about.

What is it, Mom? Colin ad libbed.

Well, you know the evenings I’ve gone out recently, and left you with grandpa?

Yeah, what’s that all about, Mom? Colin shot back with child-like impulse.

Well, honey, I’ve met a very nice, handsome, young man, and we’ve kind of become close friends, and more. I think he’s getting serious and...

What?! Who is this guy?! How can he be anything?! He doesn’t even know us!

That’s true, honey, but a week or so ago, I told him about you, and grandpa, and your Dad’s death in Afghanistan. At first, he was surprised, and I thought, like other guys in the past, he was going to lose interest.

But he surprised me. He started asking me about your dad, and you, and grandpa, and our life together. Now he wants to meet you, and grandpa, and I want him to.

I’m going to invite him for dinner and cook up a super meal for us all. I wanted you to know ahead of time, and not be surprised.

Who is this guy, Mom? Colin pressed. What do you know about him? Why should we even need him, or care about him anyway?

Well, honey, because I think I care about him, and he cares about me. He’s a beginning graduate school student, and young about 10 years younger than me, and only 8 years older than you. His name is Brandon, and...

What? Mom! We don’t need another kid in our family. I don’t need a brother, and you don’t need another son! Grandpa doesn’t need another grandson! This sounds crazy, Mom! We’re fine, and we don’t need somebody strange coming into our life!

What’s he studying, anyway? How to find a second mother and grow up?!

That questioning caught Mr. Nicholas’ attention, and he sputtered out, but, but, honey. That’s not, ah, fair! He is so really nice, and kind, and yet really a strong man. He’d be a great example and help for you growing up.

What?! It sounds like he needs help growing up! I’m not looking for some dude to be my big brother, Mom.

Besides, I’ve got grandpa. He looks after me, keeps me on track, sets the example, and that’s fine.

Ah, maybe you should think about this a while, Mom. It doesn’t sound real, and might be a big time problem for everybody.

Cut! Mr. Nicholas shouted. That was great, Colin! Have you acted before?

No, sir, never. I was just kind of making it up as we went along, but I know I could do better with a real script.

No, no! This was pretty damn impressive, kid! How old are you?

I’ll be, ah, 18 in 11 days  – oh, 10 days now.

Unbelievable. You know, Keith, if he were a dozen, or maybe even 6 or 8, years older, he’d give you a run for your part!

He laughed, looking at Keith who smiled amused, but embarrassed too. Don’t worry, Keith, you’re part is safe. You’re the whole package, that’s obvious.

Thanks, Mr. Nicholas, Keith replied. See what I mean. Colin is really amazing, given how young and relatively inexperienced he is.

You are definitely right about that. We had over a dozen young guys in here yesterday, many of them with experience, some so damn cocky and thinking they were incomparable, I wanted to put them over my knee and paddle the puffed up ego out of them. But then this kid comes in here and just blows them all out of the water!

Listen, Colin. Right now, I would need your Father’s approval to offer you a part and a contract. In 2 weeks, that’s not needed any more. I can deal with you directly.

How about we do it like this. I want you in this part. You’ll be terrific, I can tell. Suppose I give you a contract tomorrow, you can take it and look it over, but wait until a couple days after your birthday  – after you’ve turned 18  – then if you agree, sign it and send it back to me. I’ll wait 2 weeks just to get you kid.

Wow! Yes, sir, except there’ just one thing. I’ll be in a modeling shoot tomorrow. Ah, could you maybe give the contract to Keith, and he can give it to me?

Sure, no problem. Keith, when you stop by tomorrow to pick up your own contract to review, get the one for Colin too, and take it to him, will you?

Yes, sir, Mr. Nicholas. I’ll be here tomorrow morning and do that.

Good. Well, I’m shocked in just 3 days I’ve found two future stars, two young men, one quite young, who will truly fit their parts to a T in this series. I expected to be at it for over a week. We’ll even save money off the additional days of auditioning.

One last thing, we will begin our first filming shortly after New Years. The producer wants the first episode ready to show in late January. So, you’ll have to cut short any extended holiday vacation you might be planning. Okay? he inquired.

Sure, that’s fine, Keith answered. Okay with you, too, Colin?

Shuh-sure, ah, I’ll be there too. Where is it, by the way?

Right here in the Windy City, Mr. Nicholas replied. We’ll film some live, street scenes. Staged scenes will be at Second City theatre on North Wells Street. We’ll notify you when it will be. It’ll be a couple of weeks straight.

With that, the successful auditions of Colin Corcoran and Keith MacGregor were over. The next day, Colin went to his photo shoot; Keith went back to get his and Colin’s contracts.

The two friends met for dinner that evening before each flew back home the next morning. Keith handed the contract for Colin to him, reminding him to read it over and to call his Dad that night.

Before he went to bed that night, Colin called his Dad and confirmed he would be flying home the next morning. He tucked the contract into a pocket of his suitcase to read over when he got home.

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