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Sins Of The Father
Chapter 9 – Good Boy

by PJ Franklin

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Chapter 9 – Good Boy

It was now the evening before the following day that I, with his brothers also in tow, would transport my slave-boy Kasey to the Judicial Center so that at around 10AM he would suffer judicially ordered corporal punishment for his contempt conviction of weeks before. The mood at our house was somber, very somber. For that I was very thankful as it showed that Kasey was as much a part of our family as anyone, and that such painful circumstances affecting one of us, affected us all. It demonstrated solidarity, love and affection.

When things go awry in our family as they will from time to time, dinner in the evening all together generally helps moods and attitudes. Good food can do that you know. We talk, solve it all the best we can and it usually all turns out good. Tonight, not so much. Wisely, Ben kept the repast very light and even then there was a lot of I’m not hungry long faces.

Cody especially was grumpy. Tim tried to stay aloof. I was not worried about Cody, save that Tim’s aloofness might cause affront to Cody actually. Ben would be OK, but I could tell that he was very much affected as well.

Kasey ate little and seemed pre-occupied, common sense there and if anyone was allowed more attitude than the others, I would give Kasey a lot of leeway, So, what’s the big deal anyway? It’s not like we’re not used to ass whipping, Tim said.

That comment opened my eyes. He was right, of course, but his timing was terrible. I didn’t have long to wait before Cody glared over at him, Easy for you to say, Cody glared at Tim. Tim rolled his eyes, Kasey knows what’s coming. Master has prepared him. It does no good to get all moody about it, Tim replied back with a little attitude.

Fuck you, Cody glared at Tim. I chose to say nothing as yet, It’s OK, Cody, Kasey commented. Cody looked at Kasey, No, it’s not OK, He said being careful, I was sure, not to be caught openly criticizing the government in front of me.

My boys were never allowed to comment on governmental law or policy regarding slaves. It was frowned upon big time in public and could result in the same thing that Kasey was to suffer the next day. My boys knew that if they spoke out against government policy or an agency and such in my presence that I would put them over my knee and they would not enjoy it.

Now Kasey sat back in his chair, folded his arms into his chest and looked even more moody, See? You just make things worse, Tim barked at Cody. Cody stood up, I want to kick your ass, he glared at Tim who stood, Like to see you try! Tim stood up.

OK, that’s enough the both of you. Sit back down please, I intervened. They did, now both of them grumpy looking, This is all my fault, Kasey mumbled, Excuse me? I asked Kasey, This is all my fault, Master, all this unhappiness, Kasey said more loudly.

Is it his fault? I asked Tim and then Cody looking at each in turn using my best accusatory tone. Cody gave in first, It’s not your fault Kasey. Shit happens. You were inexperienced and got yourself in deep, Cody explained. A good explanation actually.

When Tim didn’t say anything supportive, Cody looked at him, Well? We’re waiting! Cody’s sarcasm a rarity, but when he does, it makes me smile; but I had to suppress the urge, What. You know everything. What do you expect me to say? Tim replied. Ben looked at me. I know he was dying to say something. I wasn’t sure what, but with my eyes I let him know to stay out of it, so he wisely did.

That you support Kasey! That it’s not his fault! Cody said to Tim with pursed lips, That’s what you would say, Cody. Maybe that’s not what I would say, Tim said with equal annoyance. Fine! What would you say now Tim, huh? Tell us all, please, Cody’s sarcasm increasing.

Tim finally looked at me for guidance as he does sometimes. I chose to shrug, You got yourself into this, but I am going to put a halt to it right now. No more bickering. Kasey deserves your support and not to feel that he is the center of a family argument, I said to my boys.

May I please be excused, Tim said very tersely, Yes you may. To my office young man, right now, I replied to Tim with ample authority, Yessir he kind of grumped back to me but in a far less stiff way, stood and walked quickly away to his destination.

I looked at my remaining boys, Ben, you are in charge. Why don’t you both help Ben to clean up? A very nice meal, Ben. Thank you for your effort, I complimented my Alpha boy, stood and walked towards my office.

I closed the door as I entered. There stood Tim, head down by my desk chair. I walked over to him, put my hand on his shoulder and gave it a firm squeeze, Come here, I said and then embraced him. I realized that I had spent time with Tim, but only around Cody on our last boat trip to Isla Artista and not alone for a little while now.

Some boys do better than others without one-on-one. Some Masters don’t even believe in being alone with just one boy when you have multiples feeling like it breeds favoritism and dissension. That’s utter bullshit of course, but you can’t tell them that. Tim does not do as well without one-on-one than he would want you to know.

What’s wrong, Timmy, I said using his diminutive and hugging him even tighter. I never used that name form around others. I felt his countenance immediately soften, I’m just as upset that Kasey has to get punishment at the center tomorrow as anyone, his voice cracking as he buried his head into the nook between shoulder and neck, Just because I don’t go on like Cody does, he added.

I smiled so that he could not see it, I know, I said softly gently rubbing his back, I’d take his whipping for him if that was allowed, Tim then said with a bit of bitterness I thought, I know you would, I reassured my belief in Tim, Bet Cody does not think so, Tim said with a bit more edge.

Are you speaking for him now as well? I asked, No, Master, he replied. I pulled back, Why the problem with Cody? I looked at him making him look at me in the eye by tilting his chin up, Nothing, Master. It’s just how he and I are sometimes, he explained and I think he was right,

This is not all about you and Cody, Tim. You know that, but that’s not been your behavior tonight. You can do much better. I know you love Kasey, time you let him know because this is about him and you leave Cody to me, OK? I ordered,

Yes Master. Thank you Master, and now I got a big honest hug from my Timmy, Come on, I took his hand into mine and returned to the kitchen where Ben, Kasey and Cody still were.

They all looked up as we entered the large space. Tim went right over to Cody and hugged him, Cody, I’m sorry. I should not have said what I did. I love you, and Cody smiled, I love you too, brother, and then Tim slid over to Kasey, Brother. I want to help, I am just not sure how, Tim confessed.

It’s OK Tim. I would not know what to do either, Kasey said and the brothers hugged and then Cody wrapped his arms about both Tim and Kasey as Ben smiled and joined in as well. Now I could smile and relax, but I didn’t want to lose momentum.

I walked up to my boys who by now had encircled Kasey and let my arms encircle around the cozy quartet, This is what family is all about. Now what are we going to do to tonight to help us all through this, but especially Kasey? I ruffled Kasey’s hair.

Sex. Hot, dirty, rough sex, Cody said, For once I agree with Cody, Tim smiled and gently forehead bumped his brother which made my heart sing, Do you agree with that Kasey? I asked to get his opinion. Kasey shrugged,

I don’t know. Couldn’t hurt I guess, he said rather tepidly and then Ben piped in, Except Kasey has to show no marks of any kind tomorrow and Master has not allowed him anal penetration with a penis yet, Ben reminded us.

Yes, but he has a dick that’s killer and that can fuck us and he can spank really, really good, Cody grinned, I’ll attest to that, Ben smiled, I’m not going to force anything tonight Kasey, but your brothers are trying to help, I said just to be safe, but I could tell he was not really into it.

He shrugged again so I decided on a neutral activity, Maybe later. Come on. Family room everyone. Movie. Kasey, you may sit with anyone you wish, just not isolating by yourself, I instructed. We all entered the family room. I settled into my comfy recliner as usual.

I watched as Tim and Cody cuddled up together on the couch. That made me smile as they did not do that very often. Ben was content to set on the other end of the couch from Tim and Cody, a good choice for Ben. Then I watched Kasey carefully as I turned on our entertainment center to watch something low key, uncontroversial and gentle.

Kasey looked at Tim and Cody and smiled. I thought for sure he would go sit with them and I was sure he would be welcomed by four arms and hands. But no. Then he looked at Ben who smiled gently back. OK, he’s going to Ben. But no.

Then he turned and looked at me, came right over and crawled up into my lap. I was surprised. I was so pleased too, more than I could have anticipated, pleased. He said nothing at first, just drew as close to me as he could, his head at the crook of my neck, arms and hands encircling my neck. I made sure not to hug him too hard.

A few minutes of silence passed as the program droned on and then a small row over on the couch. Tim and Cody were giggling, pushing and shoving a little. Pinching bare flesh. A few slaps too, Hey, not so hard meat head, Cody teased Tim, I will if I want fuck face, Tim teased Cody,

Master, Tim is being a tool. He needs a spanking, Cody giggled, So do you, fart face, the childish barbs continuing as well as the horseplay. I chose to let it go, You both need bare bottom spankings, and we all hushed. That was Kasey! His voice was firm, but not cheeky. He was serious.

Then Kasey looked at me as if he had said the wrong thing or wasn’t sure how to tease, You said it. Now go do it if you mean it, Kasey, I smiled my dare at him, Yes Master! he said breaking out of his shell and then crawled off of me and stood up calling my bluff!

Then he walked over to the couch, hands on hips, I’ll go get you a brush and a belt, Kasey. Your hands are not ready to bare hand spank two bottoms at the same time for long, Ben added his two cents, Thank you Ben. I’d like that, Kasey replied.

To their credit, Cody and Tim stopped their messing about, sat up straight and took Kasey seriously, both trying not to look too pleased with themselves and each other, Stand up, both of you please, Kasey then said as I scooted forward and felt my cock start to thicken at the unfolding little drama. Cody and Tim stood, their cocks both hard as nails!

Hands on knees, Kasey said next. The boys complied trying not to smile too much. I grinned then as Kasey sidled up to Tim’s side and then spanked Tim hard with his palm a good half-dozen times, and then sidled up to Cody and did the same putting beautiful hand prints on both of his cheeky brothers,

Turn and face each other now, Kasey said next and I could feel my cock twitch with excitement as they complied and then my eyes-widened as Kasey reached down and fisted up both of their erections!

Naughty boys are spanked in this family, Kasey said with a very well done smirk, but that was not the next surprise. It was when he next said, Hurry before Ben returns. Suck on my nipples, one on each, Now I felt my mouth drop open a little as I could not recall Kasey ever asking for that kind of sex play of his brothers.

Oh that feels so good, Kasey smiled. He looked serious enough about his enjoyment, but to make sure I looked down at his groin. Sure enough, Kasey’s cock was up so very hard. I found myself licking my lips and thinking my own naughty thoughts about what I could do with that beautiful erection of his.

If I wanted to I could call a halt to the proceedings, send my other boys off elsewhere and steal away with my Kasey into my own bedroom and have him mount me. He had done it before and I had thoroughly enjoyed it, but for some reason his handling of his brothers really made me want him to continue to do anything with them if he wanted.

I said nothing of course. This was all about him and for me bonding with his brothers. This was so good for my family and I really was content to just furtively watch and enjoy watching that is until Ben reentered the room with belt and hairbrush in his hands.

Kneel on the couch cushions facing the back you two. Asses out, hands on the top of the back, Kasey instructed them I was sure imitating what he had seen me and Ben do a number of times before with him with his brothers. They obeyed, Here ya go brother. My preference is the belt, you can chose whichever, Ben smiled to Kasey handing him the implements.

Thanks Ben, and then it came to me, Ben, get your ass over here and onto your knees and suck on my cock, I instructed my Alpha. Ben was over to me in a flash, on his knees between mine and my cock inside of his warm, wet and skilled mouth a moment later. Joy!

Then as I relaxed back in my recliner, my Ben’s mouth making my cock feel oh so good, my ears were then treated to the unmistakably exciting sound of belt kissing bare ass flesh, two pair of sexy hind ends. Kasey was surprisingly methodically whipping his brother’s cheeks side-by-side, his gaze intent, concentrating even.

Cody and Tim were making me smile with their added sexy little whimpers and yelps, hissing and with Cody anyway, breathy appreciations. Tim still turned me on with his facial grimaces, I suspect just being his usual little stubborn butt-hole self despite my advice to him. No problem really.

Wait, hold on, Ben, I said with bated breath as I could not believe my eyes, Stay still both of you, Kasey had just said to Cody and Tim and then kneeled first in back of Tim, his tongue extended. Even Ben’s attention was taken and I let him drop my cock out of his mouth.

Kasey! Tim squeaked like Tim never squeaks as he felt and we all saw Kasey close his eyes, hands firmly aside Tim’s belted buttock cheeks, his long tongue slowly licking up and then down and over Tim’s ass crack, butt hole and clear down to his balls and then up again where he centered it and then started to push inside!

Not only that, Kasey had the presence of mind to lick a finger on his left hand now and finger Cody’s butt hole. Really finger it, pushing it inside even as his tongue was now pushing inside of Tim’s, Holy crap Kasey. You make me want to beg you to fuck me! Tim blurted. That was not the Tim I thought I knew!

No fucking for you Tim until you go across my knees for a good hard bare ass brushing first, the words practically verbatim from those he had heard me use, Me too please Kasey! A hard ass tanning and then a cock screwing! Cody pitched.

I threw my head back, amazed at Kasey. Amazed and admiring at his hard fought acquired abilities, No Cody. Not this time. You’re with me and Ben. Kasey ... you give your attention to Tim please. He needs it more than Cody, I said, Take him alone, both of you go, now! I insisted.

Tim blushed and looked at me, his eyes saying, Why did you have to say that, Master? Now I’m embarrassed, because that is how he looked, Yes, Master! Kasey grinned, but I could see nerves behind the grin. Good, because it was a great distraction from the elephant still trumpeting in our lives.

I watched Cody watch them leave. Cody was both envious and glad as I was and I hoped for the same reason. Tim had not been the one to take Tim by the hand and down the hallway. It was Kasey who had taken the initiative.

* * * * *

By the time Tim reached their common bedroom, his hand nearly crushed by Kasey’s, the grip so insistent, Tim was very nervous. He had spent little very personal time with his new brother and not because he did not like or not love Kasey. That’s a different thing and especially now.

Kasey knew that in a way he was on trial with Tim now. Surviving his own Master and Cody was easy, his Alpha, Ben, not easy, but neither all that difficult in the end. Why Tim might not be easy to get to know one-on-one he did not know. Maybe just odd chemistry. Maybe he had done this just to impress Master and the others, he wasn’t quite sure; but tried to stay away from second guessing himself too much.

In fact if Tim pulled back from him now even behind the closed bedroom door, it would be OK. He had tried and even if he failed, Kasey was pretty sure Master would still see it as success. Kasey finally let go of Tim’s hand and then they stood there. Tim blinked. He wisely chose to say nothing,

Bet you think I’m OK with tomorrow. I’m not. I’m scared shitless, Tim. I’m afraid I’ll dishonor Master somehow. Afraid he’ll throw me back to the center and let me go, Kasey found himself emptying all this to of all persons, Tim, whose eyes got big, Why me? Why did he just tell me all that? I can’t handle that! was all Tim thought at the moment fighting back a little panic.

But rather than let the moment get away from him, Tim chose to feel incensed. Angry. Even put out, but not with Kasey, just with the situation. Up came Tim’s hands and slapped down on Kasey’s shoulders. Tim swallowed and then moved his head in and gently pressed his forehead to Kasey’s,

You’re the one that should be spanked if you think Master would ever let you go, Kasey. He’s not like that. Then again, though I can’t understand how you feel exactly about tomorrow, I get that you’re crazy with worry. I would be. Thank you for trusting me, now what can I do? Tim’s plea bringing unexpected emotion that flowed over both boys now surprising them both.

I’ll take a rain check on that spanking, Tim. Once this is all over. You and me. Me over your knees and you beat my ass hard, OK? Promise me, please? Kasey’s voice intense and cracking a little, I promise, brother, Tim said breathily, And now. If it will help, I’m the one that needs the ass whipping and cock screwing. Anything else too. Just beat my ass and make my hole as sore as you want, Tim offered.

Kasey nodded, Come here, and took Tim’s hand to a bedside and sitting, turned his brother sideways and immediately started to fist up his balls in front and finger his back door similar to what he had already done in the family room. Tim raised up on his tip-toes, eyes closed and head tipped back as Kasey’s tightening fist up front started to put him in a needed submissive space just as it did with Ben or Master or even when he and Cody had gone at it in this manner.

Then when Kasey’s finger penetrated Tim’s back door to the hilt, Tim opened his mouth and sighed with pleasure. Kasey smiled. It actually was fun doing this to the other males in the house. It was appreciated and nothing is quite as satisfying as when others like what you do, just like cooking and serving a good dish from the kitchen.

Over you go, over my knee, Tim, Kasey said after he swooped his finger out of Tim’s butt hole and patted his lap. Tim did not have to be asked twice and then pushed his ass up high and asked point blank, A hard spanking? and then felt Kasey’s palm squeeze and paw at the upturned flesh offering, Yea, when I want to, Kasey smirked.

Tim grinned now. He liked Kasey’s attitude a lot and just waited patiently thinking that any moment the palm would raise and descend rapidly and give him what he wanted, but instead a finger strayed into his ass crack again and again the fingertip rimmed him,

Kasey! Tim’s forehead not only wrinkled up with need once again but he also now splayed widely apart his thighs and raised his hips so high that he had to push up on his tip-toes to feel as the finger entered him deeply inside again. See, Tim loved his ass being played with like this especially so across a man’s knees. Master’s, Ben’s, hell Cody’s too and now Kasey’s. Kasey needed, wanted to make an extra good impression on Tim. He was not sure why, only that it was now an imperative so he had to do something extra.

That extra came to him not in a flash necessarily of brilliance, but out of a sense of owing Tim something more than the usual so he resorted moving them both onto the bed top into an old family favorite, the 69 position which delighted Tim to no end, Sit on my face Kasey, please! Make me eat your hot hole, please brother! Tim urged from the bottom position like the slutty whore-boy he was deep down sometimes.

It was just rhetoric, even Kasey knew that as Tim’s hands clutched at his hips and pulled them down, Tim’s skilled tongue already reminding Kasey of the exotic pleasure that he had ignorantly missed out on for so many years before he knew that he could sexually function and enjoy it with another male as now. The 69 seemed to last a long time and did. At least until Kasey’s jaw hurt, his tongue muscle too. He then stood up and helped Tim to standing with him,

You didn’t even spank me, yet, not really, Tim said, You mean, spanked and fucked, Kasey smiled, Yea, Tim said now feeling like a lout for having had so much attitude earlier in the evening, Wait, Tim said and left their side, went over to the dresser and then pulled out the one thing that made his cock leak like a sieve when he was in the mood for it like now and that even though it could sometimes make his cock limp from the pain.

The strap, but not just any strap. It was a thick black leather thing of beauty that had but one use, putting a boy into his place for pain or for pleasure or for both if that boy could stand to have its long length licking like fiery flames on his bared buttocks. As he handed it to Kasey he dared himself to ask for the position. It was a demeaning, humiliating thing, the legs back diaper position.

It exposed a boy’s hole to punishment and with that black leather demon, potentially to a lot of hot fiery dick softening painful licks, I want to feel it still in the morning when I go with you to the center, Kasey. I want there to be marks. I want be wearing bruises when you get yours, had been Tim’s amazingly empathetic plea to Kasey.

Kasey blinked, Won’t Master not like me marking you like that? Won’t he be angry with me? he wisely and cautiously asked. Tim chuckled, No, Kasey. Do you want to go ask him anyway? Tim asked. Kasey thought a moment, He’ll just say yes, as long as that is what we want to do together, Kasey replied.

Tim smiled and nodded, Now you’re getting the hang of things around here. Now, brother. Punish me, Tim said with a solemn face. When he wanted or had needed to Tim could withstand a lot of ass whipping without so much as a yelp.

Maybe a lot of wincing, grimacing and tears, but he could hold his vocals and did this time. Kasey, for his part, honored Tim’s request and on the bed top, Tim on his back, legs way up and back and ass up into the humiliating diaper position, Kasey tanned Tim’s hide with the black strap.

Up and down his thighs, ass cheeks and a few searing, nearly blindingly stinging swipes onto his exposed butt hole that made Tim grunt hard. Still, he took his tanning and though his face was red and wet from salty tears, after Kasey finally could do no more on account that bruising was already rising up. Then when Kasey tossed the belt aside Tim gamely turned himself over to his tummy, his well bruised ass and thighs up.

Tim looked back, Rape my punished ass, brother. Rape ... me, he said as sweat beaded on his forehead and then postured his beaten ass up like a whore. Kasey was already in a mesmerized state of lust that he had never known before. Not with Master. Not even with Ben or with hot, horny little Cody.

Why with Tim now? He didn’t know. All Kasey knew right then was that if Tim wanted to be ass-raped, Kasey would rape him. Kasey straddled Tim, then lowered himself, aimed and pressed his prick head at Tim’s upturned hole and then without so much as a look, slammed it into Tim all the way to the hilt in one hugely painful push.

* * * * *

I was not even that curious about what Tim and Kasey might do together after they left me, Ben and Cody to our own devices that evening. Then when I heard the faint scream coming from another room in the house I knew two things. I knew it was Tim’s voice and that apparently those two were having one hell of a good time.

I was also. I had two lovely sexy, hot horny natural masochists at my beckon after all. What’s not to like? What’s not to grin ear-to-ear as I set Cody to working over Ben’s prone body over Cody’s knees, the hairbrush licking really very well done on Cody’s part?

Then I had Ben go after Cody of course. Not as hard, but Cody enjoyed every face wincing brush lick, I could tell. I waited until both bottoms were well seared and then enjoyed myself licking out both of their back doors hip-to-hip over the back of the couch. This went on for quite a while, cock suckings included before Kasey approached, holding Tim’s hand, clutching it actually.

Tim was grinning ear-to-ear as he waddled closer to us. Then he turned and showed all of us why. That is the only time that Kasey looked concerned, as my eyes looked up and down at the red, bruised state of the back of Tim’s thighs and his ass maybe even a little black and blue rising already, Wow, looks very good Kasey. Well done! I took the opportunity to praise him.

He nailed me too. Fucking made me scream, Tim gloated, Yes, we heard, I smiled, Good job Kasey, Tim, I praised them both. What I liked the most after that was that back on the couch, Ben and Cody cuddled into me and that Tim was curled up into Kasey’s lap displaying 100% attention and affection between the two. If this is what Kasey’s judicial punishment appointment in the morning had precipitated, then I could make peace with it.

That night I insisted to have Kasey alone with me in my bed. I wanted to ask him a few questions. I wanted to make doubly sure that he understood what would happen tomorrow. In a way I wanted his reassurances back to me that he would be OK, but was not about to say that.

I lay on my back and he had his head on my chest turned to the side, his hands clutching firmly onto my shoulders as he finally turned and set his chin onto my chest, I won’t lie, Master. I wish you could just give me a hard stropping down in the basement now. Mark me up like you took a shovel and beat me and then show them all tomorrow and tell them to ... and then he stopped himself short.

I admired his ability to realize that he no longer had the ability to criticize authority at any level, I’ll make you proud. You’ll see, he said instead. I smiled, I know you will, I said, Master, can I do something with you that I need to do before I sleep with you? he asked, Of course, I replied.

Then he got up on his knees and straddling way down between my spread knees facing my head he looked down at my limp penis and then up at me, Please Master. Just ... Please don’t say anything. Let me do this my way. I need to, he said. I nodded for him to proceed very curious at what all he meant.

It wasn’t complicated what Kasey needed to do without my interference or help. It was just a bit confounding. Mysterious for a boy like him. A boy who had to learn male with male sexual acts by rote. Not natural, but very functional now.

In a way as Kasey then subjected himself to my hard prick, self-impaling down his mouth and throat to my pubes again and again with his face beet red. His gagging and coughing, drool streaming out of the corners of his mouth and tears down his blushed face.

His expression solemn as he went down on me again and again until I could no longer stand it, I’m coming! I said and then he swallowed and swallowed and gulped down my seed, determined to not let one drop of my come not enter his mouth and throat and succeeded.

At the end he fell forward in a wet flop sweat, me nearly as sweaty as well. He panted and looked like he had just been beaten. In a way I guess he had. I was not sure why he had to do all of that, but I was glad for it if he was glad for himself. I didn’t ask if he was OK. That would be far too flippant and disrespectful of something that could not yet be easy for him. Not easy, but apparently necessary.

Come on good boy. I am going shower you clean, climbed out of bed and held out my hand. He took it and followed me into my open spaced bathroom and large shower. Inside I had him put his hands up on the wall and I washed myself as I looked at his young, lithe naked and water wet body.

Then after I was done with myself, I gelled him up head to toe, gently touching, fondling. I brought him to full erection and then masturbated him a bit and then went down on him. He screamed out his orgasm as I gladly gulped down his young seed and then I hugged him from behind.

Tomorrow, Kasey. You will focus on me, your Master. It will be me whipping your ass. It will be me punishing you. I am going beat you raw, Kasey, but at no time will that be anything to do with the center, nor with the officials there. Not one of them, JUST ME! I said to him almost angry and all of it to make a point with him.

To my surprise he turned around and looked me in the eye, Yes my Master! A hard ass whipping. A beating! I need you to beat me until I bleed if that’s what it takes, PLEASE! and then his lips sealed onto mine.

I felt myself trembling at what he had just said, our tongues slapping and fighting back and forth now, my hands clutching hard at my boy’s ass and his hands doing the same on mine! I love you, he then whispered in my ear out of nowhere and so softly and then it was like he felt embarrassed to have said it or that it was out of place or would get him in trouble.

I love you too, Kasey Oliver. Never, ever forget that, I whispered back feeling his sincerity to my bones, No Master, I won’t forget, he replied and it was then that I knew what would happen more sooner than later after this judicial chore was completed tomorrow. It would be time, but I would saying nothing to him until he could focus and be clear of present distractions.

In bed I was going to spoon Kasey, but he wanted something else, so I let him. I swear not even Cody had done this. I lay on my back naked and Kasey climbed up on top of me and lay on me chest-to-chest so that our limp penises crossed and our feet, knees and legs pressed together as well as our chests. His hands gripped my wrists and then he carefully layered his arms down on mine ending up entwining the fingers of both of our hands tightly and then lay his head right below my chin.

It was amazing Kasey thinking or wanting to do this with me. Full body contact. Truly erotic for me and for Kasey, well, it was what he wanted and needed and I was glad for the both of us on that count. He fell asleep and then so did I.

* * * * *

There are traditions that are more like rules for the judicial whippings and strappings that occur at the center. Rules such as how spectators must be dressed and keep silent. How slave boys must be outfitted, basically in as little as possible. I called it skimpy-wear because that is what it was.

If a slave-boy like Kasey was to be punished, he must, once inside the warm building, be wearing only a skimpy jock strap and nothing else. Not a G-string or anything considered to be flashy in that manner. My boys all wore very short shorts. Barefoot. Bare chested. I never used the old style neck collar and leash thing except for exhibitions or dinner parties and I certainly did not think this occasion deserved that kind of show.

I had Ben drive our SUV. I sat in back and insisted on Kasey to be plastered to my side. He was, but Tim was plastered on the other side of Kasey, Cody still grinning that Tim seemed to have, in his mind anyway, been reformed and now was supporting Kasey 110%.

After we parked I took Kasey’s hand into mine and then marched us all into the building feeling the tension build in him as well as in my other boys. I caught Kasey chewing worriedly on his lips and starting to isolate. I moved my lips to his ear, You will stop that lip chewing right now mister and focus on me. You are getting a beating and I am going punish you, do you hear me, young man?! I said with verve.

I was rewarded with a bright-eyed, Yes MASTER! that even seemed to impress Ben and the others. I had his focus again and we finally entered the main chamber where a number of judicial officials waited next to the punishment table and rack.

I brought Kasey by his hand with me over to them and it, Ben keeping himself, Cody and Tim behind with strict instructions to not hardly breathe until we were done. They understood my meaning. I marched up to the men in charge, Gentlemen, I am Master Jack Roman. This is my slave boy, Kasey Oliver, here to fulfill his punishment for contempt.

Yes, Mr. Roman. We are ready. Please strip your slave naked. Will you be administering the strop or do you wish our official to do it? the man in charge asked, I will do it. I will do exactly as I am instructed, I said, Very well. You may strap your boy onto the table after the doctor examines him.

I stood back and eye-balled the old saw bones carefully. I watched him poke and prod, I thought with salacious contempt of my boy, but could do nothing about it. He finished, He’s good for it, the man said without looking at me as he knew that I suspected he was a useless medical relic of the system that should have retired eons ago.

Proceed Mr. Roman, the man in charge said. I looked at Kasey with firm calm, Onto the table face down, and he did. He looked very nervous of course and I made to quickly put his ankles and wrists into the required leather restraints and then fastened the wide protective kidney strap across his lower back.

I checked everything twice before I picked up a small leather cylinder that was allowed for the victim to bite down on, Open. Bite down. This will help, I said curtly not really believing it. I stood and turned and briefly looked at the gaunt faces of my other boys.

I was glad that they looked unhappy. I was unhappy, but I had a job to do. I took the judicial strop from the official. It was standard and well taken care of. I made sure there were no flaws of any kind on the business surface and especially the edges that could unfairly debride skin or injure it. There were none.

Then I stepped to Kasey’s side and looked at the man in charge, Fifty strop licks in sets of ten, Mr. Roman, laid on hard each time. The doctor will examine at twenty and forty. You may proceed, he said without emotion. Fifty hard licks. I sighed as that was a lot, but I determined on my boy feeling every one of them because in the end, he would remember me and not them.

Kasey did well the first ten, but after the next ten he was screaming through the leather swipes on last five. The doctor barely looked at him. I scowled at the asshole and then was told to continue. About halfway through the next twenty, the cylinder dropped out of his mouth and to the floor after one of Kasey’s ear splitting screams.

Nobody was allowed to interrupt or replace the thing so I just continued. Kasey’s face was nearly blue with screaming now. His ass was as good as I could have made it with the best technique. Black and blue was already coming up by strop number thirty and by thirty-five was showing signs of blood blisters and maybe some frank bleeding.

By after the fortieth lick I was fearful that the doctor might call it off and we would have to return later. I did not want that. Fortunately he seemed blind to the extensive bruising effects, but did offer Kasey water to drink from a container and through a straw.

I looked at the man with less ire after that, Last ten, Mr. Roman. Make them good, the man in charge said. I did. I did and made sure nothing more of Kasey’s flesh was really badly damaged, but by then Kasey had lost his voice from screaming.

I was pouring sweat and looked at the man in charge, Well done, Mr. Roman. Sentence fulfilled. You may use the infirmary if you wish. Good day to you sir, he said with a curt nod at me ignoring Kasey as he departed with his small security force. Kasey was lying face down still panting like he had just run a two day’s race for his life, And to you, jerk, I replied only to myself and after the fact just to show some annoyance at them all.

I turned and nodded to Ben who knew what to do. Ben rushed over with Tim and Cody who each with me took a restraint and released Kasey. We all four slowly stood Kasey up, him sitting down right now not advisable. I gently hugged himself to me. He raised his hands and suddenly hugged me in a death grip and burst out crying with great sobs into my shoulder.

That got Cody going and then even Tim. Ben remained dry, but eyes reddened like mine. I let Kasey emote with his brothers. I felt too relieved of the stress to feel much of anything but so very glad that it was over for Kasey, for us all.

But it was a rare and valuable instance for further family bonding even if it had been at the expense of a very non-sexy punishment. Kasey finally leaned a little away, Sorry, he whispered rubbing his wet, red face, No. Not needed to be sorry, I reassured him. I did not touch his ass, not yet, You need fluids and you need some ice on your butt, I told him.

He nodded and we all walked slowly with a limping, waddling Kasey out of the room and down the hall to the small infirmary where a male nurse stood by and asked us what he wished him to do, Nothing. Cold water for my boy to drink please and ice packs, I said and he nodded.

I made Kasey down a quart and then asked him how his stomach was. He said he was OK and I gave him another quart which he downed effortlessly. Cody handed Tim the ice bags in a cycle making sure that they didn’t stay on too long.

I watched Cody watch Tim, still so happy that Tim had taken such an interest in Kasey’s welfare. I was sure Cody thought that it was his doing. Good for him, then, I want to go home, please Master, Kasey finally said and I nodded, Let’s go home.

On the way out as we slowly walked with Kasey, he finally sighed, Master. That was. I feel ... I ... and he stopped, It’s OK Kasey. You can say anything on your mind, I reassured him. He nodded, I ... I loved that you whipped my ass so hard. I thought I was going to die and when I didn’t, I realized how much you love me. How it hurt so much, but that you did it so that nobody could touch me again. Thank you Master.

I nodded, I’m very proud of you, all of you. All of my boys, I said with a catch in my throat. This time I drove the car, Ben beside me in the passenger seat and admired as Tim and Cody fussed on either side of Kasey who was sitting very awkwardly on his very sore, beaten ass.

I debated taking us all out to lunch at my favorite restaurant to celebrate, but decided to wait to the next day and return home instead. Ben could cook. I was sure Kasey might want to help him. It turned out that he did. He didn’t want to sit anyway and even when he did to eat, Tim and Cody had a pillow for him to sit on.

Half-way through the delicious meal, Kasey sat back and looked down, Why now? and then looked up, What’s wrong? Ben asked. Kasey looked at Ben and then at me like something creepy was crawling up his leg, I ... I feel like I need to be fucked. I never understood this until now. After all that pain, my ass is telling me that I need cock in it? he said questioningly at me. Both Cody and Tim covered their mouths I was sure from blurting big guffaws of recognition. Ben chuckled softly. I just smiled, Endorphins Kasey. It took a while, but your brain and body are fighting back to regain pleasure.

Feels good, doesn’t it! Cody grinned and even high-fived Tim, I’ll say, Kasey looked at them and then at me with a what now? look on his face. It was time to take over, It’s not yet time for you to lose your virginity that way Kasey, however, you are going to suck cock instead. You are going to suck SO much cock that you won’t have a moment to think about ass-fucking young man, I said with Masterly verve.

Cody, Tim and even Ben stared at Kasey less for his verbal response as for the tone of his attitude, Yes sir! Yes, Master. Suck cock! and then he smiled looking happy with my decision. The boys all let out a collective sigh and suck cock Kasey did that night.

He sucked so much cock that by the end of it, his tummy felt bloated of semen, his face and hair spattered. His chest spattered. He was not complaining, but my boys were save Ben. Their penises were raw from having been sucked and their balls ached from emptying so many times. Kasey kept rubbing his jaw instead of his ass now. Good.

That only left Kasey’s cock, Fuck or solicit blow jobs, Kasey. Your choice, I gave him, Me first! Cody’s hand shot up, Me next! Tim’s. Ben just shook his head, Sluts, and sidled up next to me. I put my arm around Ben, Come on, everyone out to the hot tub. Kasey, you can assault whoever wants it out there.

Moonlit and warm out, it was perfect. Kasey’s ass looked terrible, but he no longer seemed to mind. He certainly did keep Tim’s and Cody’s asses and mouths busy for a while at the tub’s side as Ben and I sat and enjoyed the sights and sounds. They made (translate that as seduced) Kasey into ... wait for it ... five ejaculations total. Three in mouths. Two in asses.

At the end of the long trying day I had a tired, but very happy family. I had a Cody-boy who was just Cody 24/7. Constant. Loving. Horny. Boyish. Did I say horny? I had Ben who was a rock. Unmovable, just as constant. A great chef. An Alpha for his brothers.

Now I had Tim who by the end of the day seemed different somehow. No longer aloof? Was it temporary? I hoped not. I loved him for whoever he was, but now as I watched him nuzzling both Cody and Kasey, Tim seemed happier to me, but maybe it was just me.

And now I had Kasey. He had surprised me. I had not expected his transition to male sexual interests to go well or easy. But they had thus far. He was not natural with it like my other boys, but in a way I liked that. Knowing his background and pedigree, I liked his having to seek for something just out of his reach as I felt that the effort would serve him well in the long run.

I also liked that Cody and Tim seemed in a way to be looking at him now sort of like they did, Ben. I had no need or desire to ever replace Ben as my Alpha, but knew that into the far future Ben would eventually leave me. I would release him after his term and he would not renew and move on.

I also knew that Cody would be with me until he died, Tim as well. But now I also felt deep into my bone marrow that one day I would be depending on Kasey for everything up to and including when I no longer could care for my old aged elderly self, but that day was still a very long way off, thank God.

* * * * *

You should sleep alone with Master if you want, Cody said to Kasey. It was what Cody would want after what Kasey had been through that day, He’s right. I’ll sleep with fuck face tonight, Tim thought and said the same thing, Are you sure? Kasey wanted confirmation because right now Kasey wanted to sleep alone with everyone.

Unfortunately physics would not cooperate with Kasey’s desires, not in this universe anyway so he sighed and hugged, kissed and thanked his brothers a good night and Ben as well who whispered into his ear, You are a stud, and that gained Ben a grin and extra peck on the cheek, Thanks big brother, Kasey said realizing that was indeed what Ben felt to him, a big brother he never had growing up.

Ben was very content to go off to his own bedroom that Master allowed for his Alpha and settled in to read a book and then would likely drift off to sleep, the book slumping open down onto his chest. Cody and Tim watched Kasey walk away towards Master’s bedroom, but as they did, Tim clutched his hand onto Cody’s who looked down both surprised and pleased,

Come with me sweet boy, I need your help, Tim said to Cody who tilted his head in surprise even as Tim pulled him towards the common bedroom and then inside closed the door, turned and put his hands onto Cody’s shoulders,

I apologize for being an asshole about Kasey today, Cody. You were right all along, Tim confessed. Cody smiled gently and shrugged, I love you Tim, you’re awesome even if sometimes you’re a jerk, Cody smirked in his Cody-way.

Tim smiled, How about we get busy, and Cody nodded, Yes, lets!

Kasey walked into his Master’s bedroom. Master was already naked. Kasey felt back onto his still ravaged, sore ass with his fingertips. He smiled a little feeling like the marks and bruises were trophies, hard earned too. And the man who had put them all there standing just over by his bed, Fuck, Kasey mumbled out loud as he looked down.

After all he had been through at the center and then the five ejaculations at home, actually make that six in total, he stared down at his erect cock, What was that, Kasey? Master called over to his boy. Brimming with newly found confidence if not energy, Kasey marched himself right into Master’s personal space nose-to-nose as he had been told he could do day or night if he wished,

I’m still hard, Master! he decided it was a good thing and wanted to share it with the man who had taught him so much, Makes me want to get fucked, he said, At least I want to say it if I can’t do it, he bragged.

I like it, Kasey, very much. I like you wanting it, very, very much. Feels good, doesn’t it? Jack Roman asked his newest boy, Yes sir! he grinned looking and feeling kind of proud of himself. Jack thought a moment. The boy deserved something special that evening before bed,

OK, I was going to wait to fill you in on my plan for you to lose your virginity later, but you’ve earned the right to hear my plan now if you want to that is, Master Roman offered, Yes, I do, Master please, so Master Roman sat at the bedside and patted the space next to him.

Kasey carefully sat himself down with only a little wince now and hip-to-hip, skin-to-skin purposely touching his Master who slung his arm about the boy’s shoulders with an affection that Kasey still craved. Kasey relaxed and leaned hard into his Master now, a body that had become comforting and familiar.

Jack changed his mind, Come on good boy, straddle-sit in my lap. I want to look you in the eyes, Jack said. Kasey would never, ever tire of his Master telling him that he was a good boy. It felt immature to want to hear it again and again, but even Kasey realized that it was his affection deprived younger self that needed to hear the affirmation again and again.

Kasey straddled chest-to-chest with Jack Roman whose fingers gently tweaked the boy’s nipples and even furtively masturbated the boy’s surprisingly stiff penis, It makes my balls ache. I’ve never had so much sex, ever and I’m still so hard! Kasey looked both puzzled and pleasured,

It’s because you’re so young still, Kasey, Jack said and then brought one of Kasey’s hands to his own throbbing prick. Kasey’s eyes opened wide and then he grinned a little and masturbated up and down on the big, long thick prick that one day would be making him scream with pain and agony when it finally entered his tender back door.

Speaking of which, You were going to share your plan with me, Master? and Jack nodded, stopped simulating his boy and instead firmly gripped his boy’s shoulders and started in, I am going to give you some choices in this, so listen carefully ...

Instead of the tightly bundled 69 position top to bottom, Tim and Cody chose to do it on their sides. Their experienced tongues delved deeply into each other’s butt holes, fingers nicely replacing tongues when they fatigued. One and two fingers poking, prodding and finger-fucking and then back to oral-anal.

Their hands kept busy masturbating each other, fondling and squeezing each other’s scrotums; but they were just getting started. The pair had decided that each would be getting a thorough ass beating that night just between them. There would be marks, at least some; but the mutual need to bond harder than before felt strong and right.

If they got around to it, that is. This ass play with one slave boy’s mouth pleasuring his brother’s hind end as they were together was addictive and if you saw the pair, you could see the toes on four feet curling and flexing, extending and then kicking as one brother made the other’s eyes roll back from the pleasure of it. Let’s just say that for now, the promised ass beatings could wait ...

Kasey shivered hard as Jack outlined his plan for taking his newest boy’s cherry. It was not only sexy and hot but emotionally satisfying to Kasey’s core. Not only did Kasey want the plan to happen, but his desire to please his Master with anything that he could made him tremble with the need.

Jack could see and feel Kasey’s sincere and even heart-felt pleasure in what he had just told him and almost giggled in delight at the pleasure it gave his boy as well as himself. Right then Kasey was hugging Jack so hard.

Jack said nothing and let Kasey emote and tremble. Kasey turned his head and pressed his lips onto Jack’s and opened his mouth to accept his Master’s tongue. Kasey’s fingers slid through Jack’s hair and onto his scalp.

Anyone else looking would think that they were not Master and slave, but lovers. Very intense lovers. Many Masters eschewed anything with a slave boy that even slightly may resemble that and especially so one-on-one. Somehow they thought it was good practice to keep a boy at arm’s length so that the boy would never, ever get the idea that he was the Master’s equal.

Again to Master Jack Roman, that was utter nonsense. He gotten into angry verbal arguments with other Masters over it too. Didn’t matter. To Jack Roman, his boys were all lovers to him and him to them and that is how he would run his ship to the day he died.

And yet Kasey now more instinctively knew his place. He could sense the limits. What made it easier for him this way is that he was not a natural homosexual slave. All of his hard earned same sex feelings had to be studied and practiced and that made his slave relationship easier to keep as just that.

Kasey parted the kiss away from his Master, Oh Master, he said softly, a new epiphany coming into his brain, Am I crazy? Now, when I think about what you did to me today, I ... I want to do it again. Be tied down on a table and given a strop whipping into screaming, Kasey said his heart beating so hard and rapidly now.

After the plan is done Master and you give me another tied down ass beating, will you ass-rape me? And have Tim, Cody and Ben ass rape me too? Kasey asked trembling all the more with the daring request.

Jack may have doubted his boy’s sincerity until he grasped the boy’s hard, stiff erection and saw the pre-cum oozing from the tip. Jesus fuck. This was real, Kasey, it’s OK to fantasize, Jack teased, No Master. I’m serious, please, Kasey said feeling then just a tad cranky actually, sort of like Cody!

I’m just teasing you. Every once in a while, Ben and I go after each other like that with Cody and Tim watching. To black and blue screaming and then gets gang-fucked before they are released, Jack stared back at his boy incredulous and wondering if Kasey was trying to convince himself to please Jack. If so, that was OK, but that is not what Jack yearned for. He wanted it to be real.

Kasey could tell that his Master was questioning his sincerity and that was OK, Can you spank me please, Master? Over your knee? Make it hurt again? Kasey said more or less to mollify them both, a good bookmark to the heady conversation, Of course my good boy, and then Kasey blushed. He loved being called a good boy ...

Tim dangled helplessly now over Cody’s knee up on the chair. It was a classic one knee jack-knife positioning that Master used frequently for play and for real punishment with them or with Ben only now it was just the two of them.

Cody leered down on his chain brother’s reddening buttocks, his own still stinging and burning from what Tim had just given him a few minutes before, a belting worth having. Now it was his turn and he let Tim have it. Hard, full arm swing licks of the supple but still harsh leather again and again lashing from crowns to sit-spots just as Tim had given him.

Tim took it. Tears poured and eyes winced shut but he needed this from Cody. Needed to be put in his place with Cody just as he had put Cody into his place with him. Brothers. Lovers. Slaves to the most wonderful Master on Earth, Jack Roman.

Cody finished off Tim in a grand painful flourish and then slowly tipped him to standing and the boys hugged, tears rolling even between them, I love you Timothy, Cody said. He was the only brother allowed in Tim’s mind to call him by that more formal name, I love you Cody-boy, Tim said in return.

They just looked at each other, Who goes first? Cody asked and then Tim’s eyes shot up, Double ended dildo, and Cody grinned, Yes! ...

Jack had hand spanked Kasey watching his face and body language very carefully. He had been through a lot that whole day, a lot. The boy must be tired, Jack was and yet Jack would not stop until Kasey looked done. Finally Kasey’s face drew up into a look that begged for Jack to stop, so he did, Come here, back up into my lap, Jack said.

Kasey was now very tired and climbed back into Master’s lap and kind of flopped forward panting. When he tried to fist up Master’s cock into his fist, Jack gently pulled Kasey’s hand away, No, Kasey. Just rest. No more activity, Jack said gently.

Kasey gave into the command, gladly, I’m thirsty, Kasey said through his dry mouth and Jack reached way over and grabbed one of the bottles of spring water he always kept there and had Kasey drink down all of it. Kasey did.

Pee and bed, Jack said next, Yessir, Kasey said barely awake now and Jack navigated them both to the bathroom and Jack spooned Kasey back and held the boy’s penis for him as Kasey emptied his bladder realizing that no man had ever done that with him before. It felt good.

Jack helped Kasey back into the bed and spooning him back into Jack wrapped his big arms around his boy and before the boy fell into sleep, he clutched his hands over his Master’s and gently smiled.

It seemed more like a three ring circus, but the skilled pair managed. Sitting on their haunches face-to-face, legs wrapped around each other, the long flexible dildo penetrated each butt hole to the hilt. Just by gentle humping, Tim and Cody fucked each other, Tim’s fist masturbating their cocks up together in the middle.

My ass feels great, Cody. Thank you for my whipping! Tim’s eyes looked up as he started to peak his rapture, Yes, Tim! Thank ... but the you never got out. Cody raptured and with him Tim, two hot streams of semen shooting up and then spattering down in all directions as their ass sphincters spasmed down onto the long strange looking artificial phallus.

Ben awoke in a startle and looked at his bedside clock. It was well past midnight. He got out of his bed and walked down the hallway to check on Tim and Cody. He grinned as he walked in. The boys were asleep on the bed top.

Ben shook his head and smiled as he carefully picked up the expelled duo-headed dildo and placing it to the side, got the boys tucked into bed. He kissed their foreheads and then snatching up the sullied dildo, took it back with him, washed it up in his bathroom sink and then went back to his bed.

He sat and then he stood up. Ben needed something for himself. He walked out of the bedroom and then down to Master’s bedroom where he knew he would find Master with Kasey. He walked in. They were asleep, Master on his back, Kasey now half-on, half off of Master Roman.

Ben? Kasey startled awake at the appearance of his Alpha at the bedside. Ben put his finger to his mouth indicating to not disturb their Master. Kasey nodded, I need you, Kasey, Ben said, What? Why? Kasey said with sleep in his voice still.

Jack awoke, he was a light sleeper anyway. He turned and saw Ben and especially the look in Ben’s eye, Kasey, you will obey me, Jack said authoritatively with a big yawn as well, Yes, Master, Kasey said.

Get out of bed. Ben you get in face down. Kasey, you will ass-fuck your Alpha. That’s what he wants, get to it boy, Jack said, Yes Master, Kasey said and got out of bed. Ben slid in next to his Master, turned his head and Jack started to kiss Ben as Kasey dutifully got back into the bed on top of his prone Alpha slave brother.

Kasey found it a bit challenging at first, but after reviewing the now prior day’s heady sexual activities, attained his erection. He reached for, got and used some lube and then concentrated on entering Ben’s butt hole from on top.

Ben and Master Jack kissed and made out as Kasey obeyed and did as he was told and fucked Ben and did a good job of it too, emptying what was left of his balls for there was not much. Neither was the orgasm really anything. Too bad. Kasey Oliver was a male slave boy to Jack Roman and slave boys do what they are told.

Thanks brother, Ben said and then got up and left the room content to sleep by himself. Jack smiled, Good boy, Kasey, good boy, spooned the smiling boy back into his arms and sleep came easily then for both.

Sins of the Father-Chapter 9– Good Boy, © Copyright PJ Franklin, December 23, 2017.

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