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Rob's Summer Adventures
Part 7

by Brhmsj

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Rob’s Summer Adventures, Part 7

There were two more weekends with Jay, the first was just Rob and the second was with Billy along. Both weekends were learning experiences for Rob. Billy learned a lot, too, in his one visit.

The next weekend was settled on. Rob found himself very excited all day Friday at work, but did his best to contain it. Certainly no one seemed to notice. About 5:30 after the floor was emptied Jay emerged from his office and said it was time to go. Rob grabbed his bag and they were off to the elevator, into Jay’s car, and riding to the country. Dinner was at the same diner. The staff knew Jay and greeted him warmly, extending the same to Rob. They were used to Jay showing up with different young men and gave no thought to a new face, other than to make Rob feel comfortable.

Once at the house Rob took his things directly to Jay’s room. Jay had not told Rob to undress, so he did not and nothing was said, so he figured it was ok. While he was unpacking his few weekend things Jay was building a fire in the living room. It was a rainy, cold night, even for summer, and the forecast indicated more of the same for the weekend. Rob noticed that the caretaker must have been given instructions to make sure there was a distinct area for Rob’s things. He was flattered and blushed slightly at the sign of caring and intimacy from Jay. As he was finishing up Jay appeared with his own things, announced that a fire was going downstairs, and asked Rob to wait while he unpacked. Rob gladly did so – he enjoyed just being in Jay’s company.

Unpacking done, Jay put an arm around Rob’s shoulders and led him downstairs. Rob was aware that other than the light from the fire, the room was dark. Jay led him over in front of the fireplace and took Rob in his arms, kissing him in a way that thrilled Rob beyond anything he remembered. As the kissed, Jay slowly undressed Rob, letting Rob do the same to him as they went along. Rob had quickly become hard and was thrilled when he worked Jay’s pants and discovered that he was, too.

Now both fully naked, Jay took Rob to the couch, settled back, and had Rob lay back against him, his arms around the boy. Feeling comfortable in a way he’d never felt before Rob relaxed into the older man. Yes, he was hard, as hard as he’d ever been, and he could feel Jay’s hardness against his back, yet this was different. As he became more relaxed and at home in Jay’s arms he found himself telling Jay about his friends at school and some of what they did together. Jay listened without comment, taking delight in the boy’s new openness.

After a while Jay did interject some questions, mostly to get a sense of Rob’s feelings about all that he had been doing in his still-unfinished adolescence. Rob answered as best he could. Jay probed more, especially about Rob’s relationship with Billy. Rob answered truthfully that Billy was his best friend in the world and told of some of their sexual pleasures together.

Having steered the conversation where he wanted it to go, Jay began to talk seriously with Rob about romantic love of all kinds. He told Rob that he might someday fall in love with a woman, but he might not and might find a man to be his romantic partner. It might even be Billy. Jay explained that what he had done with Rob the previous visit, and would do again every time Rob was here at the house, was to teach him what it meant to be sexually romantic as opposed to just sexually excited. The memory of his first visit was still strong in Rob’s mind and he knew he wanted more. Quietly he told Jay about how much that weekend meant to him and how much being invited again meant. Jay squeezed him. Rob talked a bit more about Billy, saying that while Billy was his best friend he wasn’t sure if either of them felt their friendship would become a committed life partnership (not quite in those words, but that was the gist).

Jay said that, from what he had seen, he felt quite sure that no matter what happened in their lives, Rob and Billy would remain close friends. Rob lay back against Jay, thinking about all of this and how much he loved Billy, no matter what. He and Jay had gone soft as they talked, but now Jay was gently caressing Rob’s chest, bringing back the erection. After a while they moved to the rug before the fire. After some hot sex, both fell sound asleep. Waking a bit later, Jay got up, covered Rob with a blanket from the couch, went into the bathroom to clean up, then came back and joined Rob under the blanket. With an arm around Rob, Jay fell into slumber, too.

How do you feel, son? Jay asked as Rob showed signs of awakening.

Awesome, Rob replied, still groggy with sleep.

When Jay knew that Rob was more fully awake he suggested breakfast. Rob readily agreed. Jay got up, told Rob to go upstairs and clean up, and headed into the kitchen. Upstairs Rob showered. As Rob stepped out of the shower Jay came into the bathroom, ready for his turn in the shower. From the shower Jay called out that the coffee was on and when he was done they could get the food ready.

Don’t bother to get dressed, was his last comment. Rob replied that he didn’t need to be told! They laughed. Rob went down to the kitchen and waited for Jay who soon appeared, still naked from his shower, and started the rest of breakfast as Rob enjoyed some coffee.

After breakfast Jay announced that he had some things to do, but that Rob should feel free to do as he wished. Rob wanted to explore the grounds further so pulled on his sneakers and was out the door, otherwise naked. It had rained, but the rain had stopped and it was now warm enough to be outdoors nude. Someone in the family maintained a small flower garden, no doubt with the help of the caretaker. Rob spent some time exploring it. He didn’t know much about flowers, but the effect of the garden was pleasing. He moved on, going into the woods along a path he hadn’t noticed on his previous visit.

The path seemed well used, more well-used than the one leading to Jay’s special clearing. After about a five minute walk, Rob came into a large clearing, definitely well maintained as there was grass which had recently been mowed. In the center of the clearing was a gazebo. Rob knew what one was, but this was first time he’d seen one. There was little to explore in the gazebo itself. That exploration done, he re-emerged, and found a shady spot; fortunately the grass had dried, so he lay down on the grass.

The only awareness he had of having fallen asleep was Jay gently waking him. Rob was aware that Jay now was dressed. He gulped, knowing that this meant only one thing. All Jay said was come with me, son. Rob obeyed. Jay led the boy back to the house. They entered through the kitchen door. A chair was already in place. This was different. So was the spanking Rob would receive.

Jay sat in the chair and helped Rob over his lap, Rob’s first time hanging down when over Jay’s lap. A rapid fire spanking started, unlike any previous spankings from Jay. Soon Rob was yelling as each swat landed, his legs kicking furiously. His yells filled the room, but Jay continued, seemingly unaware of the boy’s yelling or discomfort. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Over and over. The spanking stopped. Rob felt Jay reach for something on the table. Suddenly something hard and stinging started landing on his already sorry bottom. Short sharp swats rained down now. Rob thrashed on the lap, the pain mounting, his bottom on fire. His yells turned to shrieks. Still, no indication that Jay took the least notice nor cared. When he could take it no longer his shrieks changed to hard gasping sobs. That brought the halt.

Rob’s gasping sobs filled the room. He’d never experienced anything like this. Jay did nothing for a while other than let Rob lie there, sobbing, sometimes crying out, too, when the pain suddenly increased, then receded. After a few minutes of this Jay lightly touched Rob’s sore bottom and quietly said, it’s alright, Rob, cry it out. With that permission, Rob gave in and he let himself wail in a way he had not since he was a tiny boy. It took a while for him to settle down. When he did Jay helped him up, took his hand and led him upstairs to the bedroom. Rob lay face down on the bed, now and then slightly sobbing into a pillow. He jumped when Jay applied crème to his aching butt. Jay gently rubbed, taking a long time, making Rob feel soothed and loved.

I know that seemed brutal, Rob. It was. You need to experience that. You will have to have done something almost unforgivable to get another spanking like that. Jay lightly kissed Rob on the back of his head, then hugged the boy, holding him until his breathing returned to normal. Stay here until dinner, Jay said as he pulled a blanket over Rob. Rob did not want to sleep and his bottom hurt enough that sleep was unlikely in any case. He had no desire to get up, either, and stayed quietly on his stomach until much later when Jay came into the room and announced dinner.

Jay’s cooking continued to bring delicious meals. Dinner helped Rob recover. Even with a sore bottom the delicious dinner had Rob beginning to feel spoiled by all this attention. Jay told him that he wasn’t. After dinner they settled in front of the fire again. Rob’s bottom still was hot enough that he didn’t want to get too close to the flames, but was able to get comfortable on the couch. The rain had resumed after lunch, along with the cooler temperatures, so the fire was more than just a luxury. Rob had no desire for sex of any kind that night.

By bedtime Rob was feeling more normal, though the sting would remain for at least another day. In a way, though, he liked the feel as the weekend continued. It lasted into Monday, giving them something secret to share at work. In the morning Jay brought the boy to peak sexual excitement before breakfast, temporarily erasing the memory of the spanking.

The rest of the day was spent in conversation. As departure time drew near Jay asked Rob if he wanted to shoot one more time before they left. Rob answered that only if it meant real lovemaking, which both knew there was not time for. Jay was pleased with the answer – this was exactly the kind of lesson he wanted Rob to learn. On the ride home he explained to Rob the maturity Rob had found.

This is what I wanted for you. I’m proud of you, son. Rob beamed.

When they arrived at Rob’s, Jay, as he liked to do, took some time to visit with Dad. He gave nothing away, but still managed to make Rob blush with embarrassment when he complimented Dad on what a fine son he had. Dad was always glad to hear good things about Rob and smiled with pride.

That week at work Rob and Jay kept things professional, even during the couple of lunches they had together. In a couple of weeks they’d be off to the country again. Jay’s schedule did not allow for Rob to visit the apartment before the next trip to the country house, so he had to wait patiently until then. He missed the attention, but wasn’t eager for another spanking for a while.

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