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Chad's Boys
Part 34

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 34

We continue with Eric’s first spanking from Professor Dyer, but something precedes the spanking.

Daniel told you about the one stipulation that comes with this course of work, the Professor said.

For the first time so far Eric felt a twitch in his cock, but stayed soft. You mean having to shave?

The Professor smiled. Yes, exactly that. This helps with the power dynamic we’re setting up here, helping you understand our relationship as spanker and spankee. Any embarrassment it will cause in the dorm is good for you, too, though I’m sure you don’t agree with that. He smiled again. Eric didn’t know what to say.

With most boys I give them the option of shaving themselves before the next meeting, if there is a next meeting, or having me do it for them then. Most boys are nervous enough about it that I give the shave. Sometimes, though, I feel confident that a young man will return for regular meetings. Something tells me that you will choose to continue. When that happens, I prefer give the shave before the first spanking.

Eric’s face went white. The Professor gave him a benign smile. I am right, am I not?

Eric stammered a bit. In fact, once his mind was made up to have this meeting his intention was to continue through the end of the school year. How did the Professor know? Y-yes, sir. I do...

Good boy. Now, come with me. The naked boy was taken upstairs to a surprisingly large bathroom, complete with shower and Jacuzzi. He wondered if he’d ever be allowed to soak in that tub. Professor Dyer had him stand in the middle of the room. The Professor opened a drawer from which he took a pair of barber’s scissors and a multi-blade feminine razor. From another drawer he took out a small wooden box on which Eric noticed a blank label.

This done he returned to Eric and expertly used the scissors to trim Eric’s pubic hairs to a very short length. Eric felt an odd combination of embarrassment and secret excitement over how this new look would be. He had slightly stiffened, but receded when the first part of the job was done. Clipping finished, the Professor gathered up much of the hair from the floor and put it in the box.

What’s your full name, Eric?

This all seemed weird, yet in truth it was no weirder than submitting to a spanking at his age, so Eric put that thought out of his mind. Eric Benjamin. He’d been given the middle name in honor of his father’s best friend. The Professor took a pen from the box’s drawer and, in a neat hand, wrote Eric’s full name on the box, then set it aside. Eric guessed there must be other such boxes, all kept in a special place. One day he would find out, but that was a while away yet.

That done, the Professor pulled out a long padded bench from one wall and set it in the center of the room. Lie down on this with your head all the way up at the end. Straddle your legs over the sides. Eric did as told. He heard water running, then the Professor set down a small bowl of warm water and the razor. On the bathroom counter he had a shaving cream dispenser – the kind that produces warm lather. He filled his hand with warm lather, settled on the bench, and proceeded to apply lather to Eric’s entire pubic area and his balls beneath. It felt good, even if it meant he was about to lose his bush, which he had to admit he’d been proud of since it first started to emerge when he was almost thirteen.

Now the Professor expertly went about removing all the hair, including the slight bit of treasure trail Eric had above his pubes. Neither he nor Nick were particularly hairy, so it proved to be a fairly easy job for the Professor. The regular contact with his penis as the Professor did the job caused Eric to get hard; this always happened when a boy was shaved, so was no surprise to the Professor who always enjoyed seeing how his boys looked at full staff, as it were. When his balls were being shaved the Professor had to make quite a bit of contact with Eric’s now erect penis in order to get at all the spots. It felt good and was becoming more erotic than he expected.

Before that could go too far the job was done. Professor Dyer took a warm damp facecloth and cleaned up the boy. He was pleased to see that no touch ups were needed – he had done a thorough job, not that he ever minded needing a second go.

Stand up, son, and take a look. Eric stood and was startled at what he saw in the mirror. Yes, he was as smooth as he’d been before puberty, but his genitals had grown since then and if anything looked bigger now that there was no hair. It was rather exciting in a way.

That excitement was quickly tempered, however. You will stay smooth until the spring break. You and Daniel can keep each other company as the smooth boys. Professor Dyer smiled as the said that. You’ll need to find some explanation for why you are both shaved. I’m sure you boys are creative and can deal with that. With a rush Eric suddenly realized that this meant that Nick would see him smooth. He knew he’d tell Nick all about this, but had assumed that he’d have his hair back by spring break. Now he’d be smooth and Nick would have hair! That made him the most nervous. He wondered if the Professor intended that.

As I told Daniel, most boys find that their bush grows back fuller and the shaving is worth it in the long run. Now, back to the study. Eric waited while the Professor did a quick preliminary clean up then followed him downstairs. The Professor seated himself in the spanking chair and took Eric over his lap.

SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK SMACK. This was harder than any swats from his buddies! Yet, it didn’t seem severe, for all that it did sting. Another five and Eric was crying out. As Daniel, and so many other boys, had done he grabbed the legs of the chair both to steady himself and to try to overcome the urge to put a hand back to protect his bottom. A few more swats and he was kicking his legs a bit, something new to him. In the future he would do it regularly. Soon ow, ow, ow was coming from him as the swats continued. Professor Dyer was finding Eric a most pleasing boy to spank and now modulated the spanking in order to prolong it. It was gratifying how much Eric was able to take. This would help the Professor in determining how future spankings would proceed.

SMACK SMACK SMACK, now slower and more deliberate. Eric was responding loudly, but showing no sign of giving way to tears. This was good. Not that tears wouldn’t flow regularly over the rest of the semester, but not now. A few more got the yelling to be a bit louder and brought the spanking to an end. Professor Dyer let Eric lie there for a few minutes. This was always good for a boy and it gave the Professor time to enjoy the heat and color he’d brought on to the bottom in front of him. Eric, though not light skinned, reddened up as nicely as any boy the Professor had ever spanked. This semester was going to be most enjoyable!

Cool-down done, Eric was told to stand in the corner again. Obediently he went over and stood until called back. It wasn’t too long. Eric did his best not to shift or get into a bad boy dance, and handled it pretty well. When he was called back, the Professor was back in his desk chair. He indicated where Eric was to stand. Eric was semi hard, which the Professor thought made him look quite cute in his now smooth state.

Is this a good time for us to have our regular meetings?

Yes, sir, it should be.

Excellent. Unless otherwise discussed I will see you at this time every week. You will arrive promptly or there will be consequences, as you no doubt have determined already. Is that understood?

Yes, sir.

Good. Next week we will spend some time discussing your needs and what we hope to accomplish over the semester. As a reminder, you will undress on arrival and not get your clothes back until you are leaving. Even though you’ve been shaved, you still have the choice not to go through with this and there will be no hard feelings or judgment. Is there anything you need to ask me?

I don’t think so.

Fine. Here are you clothes. Run along so you don’t miss dinner. The Professor gave him a kindly smile. Eric dressed and the Professor let him out the door.

Walking back to campus, Eric did feel good about what had happened. He wasn’t sure at all why he wanted this or why he felt so good about it. Just being like his father? That made him think – what, if anything, would he tell his father? In a way he was eager to share this with Greg, even to have Greg see his newly shaved state. Would Greg like it? He’d know soon. Everyone else would find out sooner or later, too. Well, if he and Daniel both were shaved they could just say it was a new fad. He had been hearing about teens and twenty-somethings being into shaving. He definitely had to talk to Daniel as soon as possible.

Back at his room Greg was there and had been wondering where Eric was. I thought you were going to miss dinner! Where were you?

There’s much to tell, answered Eric. For the moment you should know that I was visiting Professor Dyer. I’ll explain everything when we’re done with homework. Right now, I’m hungry!

Shit, man! said Greg, who had a very good idea what this was all about. I hope I can survive that long.

You have to, or you’ll get a good spanking. We’ve been through that before.

Greg agreed and they went to dinner where they joined Billy and Rob. There was no sign of Daniel but sometimes he’d lose track of time and miss dinner completely. He had a small refrigerator in his room and always had some snacks there, just in case. Nothing was said to Rob and Billy about Eric’s visit to the Professor; that would come another day.

When they returned to their room Eric undressed while Greg was in the bathroom and was seated at his desk when his buddy returned. This wasn’t unusual. Soon Greg, too, was naked and bent over his books. Both boys had to fight eagerness to talk as they attended to their studies. Greg to find out what had happened and Eric to share this whole story with Greg. About ten-thirty Greg finished and lay down on his bed with a book, waiting for Eric to finish. In about five minutes Eric, too, was done.

Eric stood and, without saying a word, went over to the bed, giving Greg an ideal of view of his now smooth condition. Greg’s eyes widened as he took at the new Eric. He knew exactly what this meant.

Wow! You look great! He genuinely was finding a smooth Eric very exciting. His comment was all it took for both boys to get hard. So, you are going to get spanked by the Professor. Tell me everything, especially why you got shaved right away. Daniel gets a week.

Eric joined Greg on the bed and told the whole story. Even sharing it with Greg he couldn’t come to any conclusion as to why he wanted this. It just felt right. Greg was supportive, even curious for himself, which he did tell Eric. Eric said that Greg would have to make his own decision, which Greg knew anyhow. All the while Greg had been running his hands over Eric’s smooth crotch, to the pleasure of both.

Story done they grabbed their robes and went to the bathroom to get ready for bed. Per usual, they let them hang open and Eric was a bit disappointed that no one else passed through. That was quite unusual! Oh well, he’d show off the shave tomorrow. That was another thing. Why did he want to show off his deforestation?

Tomorrow he’d have to find Daniel, particularly before telling Rob and Billy about his visit to the Professor. He and Daniel soon would have something very special to share and Eric was eager to let his friend know. He was sure Daniel would feel the same way, which he did.

The Professor didn’t let rumination about Eric’s visit distract him from his own work that evening. Before settling into bed for the night, though, he did reflect on having both Daniel and Eric report to him in such short order. He knew a little bit about Eric’s background with spanking, but would need to delve further. He felt sure that there was a connection here that he hadn’t yet been told in full. Daniel was a boy who needed the guidance and reassurance that a spanking regimen provides. The Professor was more than happy to provide it. As for Eric, there was something special about him. Whatever Eric needed from spanking, knowing this boy was going to be a particular pleasure.

Of the three boys in that group left, Billy was the one the Professor now most hoped would show up at his door. Of the five it was Billy who most needed what the Professor could provide. He wouldn’t push, but as he fell asleep he was contemplated how to get Billy into the fold.

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