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Carl's Summer Job
Part 7

by Brhmsj

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Carl’s Summer Job, Part 7

Carl House Sits, with Frank’s Help

After the spanking for two misdemeanors, Carl’s bottom was unscathed for a couple of weeks. On a Saturday as Carl was dressing to go home Mr. Schmidt announced that he had to be out of town for two nights, Thursday and Friday, to do some business on Friday, returning Saturday.

Would you like to house sit for me? I know you’re a trustworthy boy, and your parents are nearby if there are any problems, which I doubt. Carl was flattered by the trust and delighted to be asked. He readily agreed. You may sleep in the guest room. You’ve slept there already, Mr. Schmidt added with a smile, which Carl returned. Also, if you’d like Frank to join you for a night or two, that is fine as long as you both are respectful of the house.

Oh I will be, Daddy, Carl said.

I know you will. Another smile. The bed is big enough for two, so no need to pull out the couch downstairs. Carl blushed slightly which brought another smile from the man. Carl had never shared a bed. He knew Frank and Tony did sometimes and envied his buddy that intimacy with his brother. Something new to share with his best friend! I have some movies that may interest you boys, so you won’t just be bored sitting around. During the day you’re free to do whatever, just be inside before dark. Leave your towels in the hamper, he added with an enigmatic smile.

Carl readily agreed to all of this. Thursday was a normal work day, though Mr. Schmidt would leave around two o’clock. After Carl’s shower he was shown around the house, still naked, by Mr. Schmidt, learning where things were and whatever else he needed to know. I’ve left food for you so you can have breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and there’s enough for two if Frank comes over. No sooner had they finished but Frank did knock on the door. He’d gotten out of work early and thought he should stop by to confirm that he was welcome in the man’s absence. Mr. Schmidt chuckled at the question and replied that of course Frank was welcome, with a repeat of the admonition to respect the house. Frank solemnly said he would.

That done, Mr. Schmidt got into his car and drove off. Frank had no reaction to finding Carl naked when he arrived; he expected it. Now, alone with Carl, Frank peeled off his clothes and the boys went down to the den area of the basement. There wasn’t much on TV, so they chatted for a while. Eventually each reached over to take the other in hand, teasing his buddy into hardness. Frank said that he didn’t think tonight would work to stay over, but tomorrow definitely would. He’d told his parents and they were cool. That decided, he coaxed Carl into shooting a load, fortunately not getting any on the couch. A quick cleanup and Frank’s load was induced. Frank took advantage of the shower to quickly rinse off, retrieved his clothes from the kitchen, and was off.

Carl found dinner, spent the evening watching TV, then went to the guest room. He pulled back the sheets to get the bed ready, then used the bathroom to get ready for the night. He noticed a good-sized stack of small towels, like the ones used in a gym to wipe off sweat during a workout. Mr. Schmidt’s words about disposing of towels came back and he guessed – correctly – that the man had left the towels for cleanup after masturbation. Carl was amused and grateful. Finished and ready for bed, he took a towel with him. He had brought some books along with clothes and toiletries, and spent some time reading until he started to doze off.

The towel got its use in the morning when the inevitable morning wood needed attention. At first as he woke up Carl wasn’t quite sure where he was, but remembered quickly and spent some time savoring how he felt in this bed which to him seemed quite luxurious. Finished with the towel he got out of bed, dropped the towel in the hamper, took a quick shower, and went in search of breakfast.

Speaking of luxurious, getting out of bed naked and not needing to dress for breakfast felt like the height of luxury to the young man. He cleaned up the kitchen then reluctantly did dress and take off to do some things he needed to do, carefully locking the house.

The plan was for Frank to come over directly from work. He’d packed what little he’d need so did not have to go home first. Carl was back at the house and naked well before Frank would arrive. Carl was downstairs waiting and around five Frank let himself in. After greetings Frank said I’ve gotta take a shower after being in that place!

It’s right there, said Carl. Quickly Frank was out of clothes and under the water. Now Carl had a chance to see this from Mr. Schmidt’s vantage point. Even though the boys had showered together in gym, they’d never watched each other. Carl was enjoying the view and understood why Mr. Schmidt always made sure to watch. Frank finished up, toweled off, and joined Carl on the couch.

Hey man, I’m starved! I never eat that food there. It’s pretty disgusting.

Mr. Schmidt left a ton of food. Let’s go. Upstairs the amateur cooks succeeded in putting together a decent dinner. There was some dessert, too, which they decided to put off until a bit later.

This is so awesome doing all this stuff naked, Frank said.

Sure is! It was really cool to get up and not have to get dressed for breakfast.

Cool. That’ll be fun tomorrow.

Let’s just put the dishes in the sink, then we can do them with the breakfast dishes and the place will be tidy when Mr. Schmidt gets back, said Carl.

You think that’s a good idea? Frank knew well already about Mr. Schmidt’s expectations.

Yeah. We’ll be up and done in plenty of time. Frank wasn’t so sure, but went with it. Mr. Schmidt had an impressive collection of DVDs downstairs. The boys found an historical drama which they might not normally have chosen but did find quite interesting. After that film they had dessert and then put in another DVD, this time a film more in line with their age group. Now it was getting late, but they popped in another film, a shorter one. By the time movie watching was done they’d lost all track of time. It was after midnight. They tidied up and went to the guest room. Carl turned down the bed while Frank was in the bathroom, then headed there when his friend returned. He then returned with some towels in hand and a sheepish grin on his face. Frank was in bed. In bed Carl told Frank that this was the first time he’d slept with anyone else. He asked a lot of what it was like to sleep with Tony. Frank did his best to explain, then said, I can tell you one thing about it, and grabbed Carl’s cock which already had been getting hard. A repeat of yesterday’s mutual masturbation, though this time more slowly and deliberately, ensued. Carl dropped the soiled towels on the floor when they were done, with the intention of taking them to the bathroom and the hamper first thing in the morning.

Mr. Schmidt had said he’d be home around eleven in the morning, which he was. The boys were so tired that they were still asleep, even though they had not intended to sleep that long. He came in through the kitchen door and almost immediately saw the dishes carefully stacked in the sink. He knew what the boys had done; he’d done the same more than once. Still, it was one thing for him to do that, quite another for the boys from whom he expected obedience to the rules. He knew they must be asleep and went down the hall to the guest room.

The door was open and, sure enough, two teens were sound asleep in the bed, a couple of soiled towels on the floor next to the bed. Another infraction. The man pulled up the shades on the windows, the light bringing the two to life. Woodies under the sheets were very much in evidence, which made the man smile.

The first to wake was Carl. He saw Mr. Schmidt and let out with an oh! of surprise. We thought we’d be up already. What time is it?

After eleven o’clock, boys. Long past time to get up. I have some business with both of you. It is long past time for you to have tidied up the house, too. Carl knew what that meant. As Frank woke and realized where he was and that Mr. Schmidt was talking, he, too, understood what was about to happen. Another adult, not his father, was going to spank him.

You two get out of that bed, use the bathroom, and report downstairs, Mr. Schmidt said as he pulled back the covers. He knew Carl’s young body quite well by now, but always enjoyed the view, especially when the boy was hard, as he was now. Frank was a new sight, and a most enjoyable one. Physically he seemed more mature than Carl, thicker bush, a bit more body hair. Carl definitely had the larger erection, but Frank’s was a credit to him, so no complaints there. He watched as the boys got out of bed and across to the bathroom. This gave the man a good look at Frank’s butt. This morning’s spankings would, indeed, be a great pleasure!

It was not a long wait once Mr. Schmidt was downstairs. To keep the man from waiting too long, which didn’t seem like a good idea, the boys did not shower or deal with their morning wood, which made for quick work of the bathroom. Carl pointed out the two brushes to Frank with the comment that his friend should be glad that those had not been called for. Downstairs Mr. Schmidt was in his spanking position, sitting in the middle of couch which allowed plenty of room for a boy to lie over the lap for his discipline.

The first spankings was Carl’s, so that Frank could watch, given that this would be his first spanking from Mr. Schmidt. Carl in position, Mr. Schmidt lectured both boys on what was expected of them. Carl was used to this, not that he ever liked it, but Frank hung his head in chagrin as he listened. Even without the spanking he was feeling remorse at their carelessness. Frank listened in fascination as the catechism started. Carl had never mentioned this!

What happens to boys who don’t do what is expected of them?

They get spanked, Daddy. Frank had no idea that Carl called the man daddy. This seemed a bit weird, but nothing could be done now.

That’s right, son. He looked at Frank. How do naughty boys get spanked? Carl could tell this question was not for him. Frank shifted his feet a bit. He’d never been through this and wasn’t sure what was expected of him. Mr. Schmidt kept looking at him.

Um. . . they get spanked on. . . on their bare bottoms, sir.

Very good. That’s right, son. Which is just what is going to happen to both of you. Carl, you certainly know better and you owed it to Frank to set a good example. Frank, I think you know enough at your age not to leave messes in the sink. Frank remembered the warning he gave last night. He nodded in embarrassment. Mr. Schmidt read the reaction correctly – the undone dishes were Carl’s idea. Oh, Frank would get a good spanking, but Carl would get a better one. In fact, as the host he was in for a better one to begin with. Now it would be a bit more so.

The spanking wasn’t too hard at first. Mr. Schmidt wanted Frank to have something to think about as he watched. Carl knew he shouldn’t get lulled into false security. Steadily the intensity of the swats increased while the rhythm held steady. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Frank, watching, realized he and Carl had never seen the other spanked. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Carl didn’t want to give in, but soon was letting out with an ow and an ouch as the swats landed. Frank was shifting uncertainly on his feet as he watched, contemplating what he was soon to receive. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Carl’s spanking showed no sign of winding down. Frank had an ideal view to watch the color rise in his friend’s bottom. Even with his nervousness of what he’d receive, Frank’s heart went out to his buddy. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Carl was jerking a bit to evade the hand, but of course he could not. SMACK SMACK SMACK. The pain was mounting. Frank was feeling truly uncomfortable now. Mr. Schmidt watched Frank’s reactions closely. The boy was responding just as he wanted.

When Frank’s discomfort from watching was palpable, Mr. Schmidt stopped. Carl was allowed to stand up. The boys switched positions, Mr. Schmidt guided Frank over his lap. A most spankable butt looked up at him when the boy was in place. This spanking started out harder. SMACK SMACK SMACK. It did not take long to get a noisy reaction from Frank. The lad knew he was in for a serious spanking. Different from Mr. Bailey, but equally effective. For one thing, this spanking was for an infraction affecting the spanker directly. For all that he had just watched a hard spanking and now was getting one, he did sense a level of caring from this man that was different from that of Mr. Bailey.

SMACK SMACK SMACK. The spanking continued. Soon Frank was reacting much as Carl had, though twisting more violently to escape the punishing hand. There was no escape, he was held firm. Carl now was the one feeling discomfort from what he was watching. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Frank was becoming nervous that he might not hold out and his yells would change to crying. Carl had not cried. Frank would feel truly humiliated if he did, even with the strength of the trust he and Carl had with each other. SMACK SMACK SMACK. Ow, ow, ow! Legs kicking. SMACK SMACK SMACK.

It stopped. Frank lay over the man’s lap, uncertain as to what to expect next. Mr. Schmidt had the boy stand up, facing his spanker.

I’m very disappointed that I’ve had to do this on your first real visit here. I’m sure Carl has told you what is expected here. You boys have not come up to standard and you know that there are consequences. You’re lucky you escaped the brush today, you both deserve it. Both boys went white in the face. If there ever is a repeat of this, you can be assured that the brush will address your bare bottoms. Now, back to the guest room and don’t move until I tell you to. The boys went back upstairs to the room, lying down on their stomachs on the bed.

Sorry, man. I never wanted something like this to happen to you, said Carl, truly regretful.

It’s OK. I guess we both deserved it. He doesn’t let anything go, does he?

That’s for sure!

So, you called him Daddy. . .

I know. It just happened and he likes it. He says most of the guys who work for him call him that. It is kinda weird, I know. And there’s another thing. . . Just between us. . .

Sure, man. It’s cool. Frank instinctively put an arm around Carl, as he always did with Tony. Frank had done this once before and Carl had not reacted. This time he tensed a bit and said wha...? Frank pulled his arm away. Sorry Carl. I do that with Tony and wasn’t thinking.

No, it’s ok. Go ahead. Frank put his arm back around his friend, not getting too close, though. Carl continued. You know I hated those spankings from Dad.

I didn’t like mine! They both smiled.

You know I tried it with Joe and Dan, too. It was OK, but you guys have more fun with it than I think I would.

That’s cool. Nothing to apologize for.

But what’s weird, too, as if all of this isn’t weird enough, I guess. . . Well. . . somehow I seem to like getting spanked by Mr. Schmidt. Well, maybe not like it, but I accept it. I’ve even done things so that he would spank me. But I still wouldn’t want it from anyone else. Does that makes sense?

Yeah, sure, Frank answered slowly. This was different from his experience, but he knew everyone was different. He was learning more about his friend, uncertain of what, if anything, any of this meant.

The boys stayed quiet. At two o’clock Mr. Schmidt came into the room. You boys are not getting lunch today as part of your punishment. Carl, the lawn still needs to be mowed and I want you to get to it right now. Mr. Schmidt had brought up Carl’s t-shirt and cutoffs from the basement where he’d left them. Put those on and get to work. I won’t hesitate to spank you again if the job is not satisfactory.

Yes, Daddy, Carl answered with a blush at having said it again in front of his friend. Quickly he dressed and within five minutes they could hear the mower outside. I’d like to talk with you, young man. Come this way. Frank was led to the den area of the basement. Mr. Schmidt had him sit on the couch in the position which gave the man a view of the boy’s genitals and what reactions he’d get from the boy’s cock. With the occasional trip to the back door to keep an eye on Carl’s work, the time was spent with Mr. Schmidt learning about Frank.

As he had with Carl, and many boys before him, Mr. Schmidt learned a lot that afternoon, some of it intimate things that Frank did not imagine he’d ever share, especially with a man older than his father. By the time the lawn mower was shut off Mr. Schmidt knew that Frank had recently been spanked by his father; a bit about Frank’s masturbation habits (that part of the discussion caused a rise, as it did with almost every boy); even a bit about Frank and Tony. He particularly enjoyed learning how close the brothers were; he knew it was something special. Allusion was made to other buddies, but nothing specific about Dan and Joe, nor any mention of Mr. Bailey.

As they talked Mr. Schmidt took time to compare Frank to Carl. Frank was not as lanky as Carl, but well-proportioned and in good shape, a pleasure to look at. A bit more body hair, too. He guessed that Tony was much the same.

Carl came in, returned the mower to its proper place, and got under the shower. While he was showering Mr. Schmidt inspected the lawn. No complaints. Good job, son, he said when he returned. Nothing more today. You boys may leave as you wish. They stayed a while longer to visit, then were on their way.

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