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Chad's Boys
Part 35

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 35

That weekend Nick heard all about Eric’s adventure with Professor Dyer. Awesome! was his comment. He didn’t understand why, but he envied his brother. Of course they made comparisons to Mr. Wellington, as best they could with what they knew. Eric even admitted the shave which elicited an evil chuckle from Nick. There would be things to deal with when Eric was home for the spring vacation. Nick tried to imagine his older brother full grown yet smooth. Naturally he got hard.

Nick had stories of his own to tell, also. This was the phone call mentioned earlier when Nick told Eric about his meeting with Coach Riley.

The week to follow showed every sign of being the usual for our boys – school, a naked study night Tuesday, and then whatever weekend activities developed. Tuesday night featured no spankings, but homework was done early enough for truncated edgings which were just enough to satisfy both giver and receiver. Tentative plans were made for another computer game tournament with spankings for the losers. Both boys always enjoyed those sessions, even with sore butts.

Neither had given Coach Riley any thought during the week. They had plenty of fun spanking each other, so didn’t imagine that an adult, except maybe Chad, would spank them. Friday after school they were hanging around outside school before walking home when a classmate called to them. Everyone called him Zeke and no one seemed to know what his real name was, just this nickname that he’d had as long as anyone had known him.

Hey guys, got a moment? Zeke called as he walked up to them. His tone sounded a bit hesitant but they could tell that he wanted to talk. The guys didn’t know him well. Both had jacked off with him in a school bathroom where a lot of masturbation went on. It had always been one on one, but Nick and Keith told the other any time they had a quickie with Zeke. Both admired his cock, bigger than their own, but not too big. He also had an impressive bush. Somehow neither had done a j/o with him outside of school. So, they figured he was going to suggest a threesome somewhere. That would be fun!

When he joined them Zeke said, um, I saw you guys Saturday downtown. No biggie here. They hadn’t seen Zeke, but they hadn’t noticed many people that day. So, um, you were talking to Coach Riley. Nick and Keith turned a bit red. Had Zeke seen Coach Riley with his hands on their necks? That was embarrassing!

So, do you, like, know anything about him? Zeke asked.

Not really, said Nick. We’ve heard rumors. He didn’t want to say more until he got a better sense of where Zeke was taking this.

Yeah, Zeke said, some guys say there’s a spanking man in town and that it’s Coach Riley.

We really don’t know, Keith said. He figured he’d better just go for it. He invited us to his house and was very stern, but didn’t spank us, or even offer to. He made it sound like we should get spanked, though.

Zeke seemed relieved to hear this. He said the same to me, once. He swatted my butt, but that’s all. I’ve never heard of anyone who actually was spanked by him. The other two agreed. Zeke seemed to want to say more, but wasn’t finding a way. Nick didn’t want to influence him, but in hopes of helping him relax said we were about to walk home. Join us for a while. Zeke lived in somewhat the same direction. He gladly agreed to join them.

The walk was quiet at first. Keith and Nick said nothing; both sensed that they should wait for Zeke. After about five minutes he spoke up. So. . . do you guys. . . ever get spanked? How to answer that? The answer was yes but they were pretty sure that Zeke wasn’t asking about spanking each other.

Not really, Keith said slowly, not sure what else to say. They had been spanked by their fathers recently, but that was not the norm. On the other hand, they had lots of fun spanking each other.

After some hesitation Zeke said, Shit, I guess I can trust you guys. My dad does spank me sometimes. But only when I deserve it, he added quickly. But it seemed like Coach Riley wanted to spank me, too, so... What Zeke was not going to admit, at least not yet, was that he was intrigued with the idea of an adult other than his father giving him a spanking.

Yeah, he seemed the same with us, Nick said. He and Keith now told Zeke the whole story of last Saturday. Things about the Coach definitely were inconclusive.

We’re going over to my house, said Nick. Want to join us for a while? Again Zeke showed signs of relief, and readily accepted the offer, with thanks. Nick added, there is one stipulation. Zeke gave him a quizzical look. If my parents aren’t home, we’re always naked at my house. He deliberately wanted to find out what the reaction would be. Zeke did hesitate a moment. They had all been naked after gym classes, and had jerked off together, so in a way this was no big deal, but Zeke had never done anything like this with other guys. Just j/o sessions which rarely were fully naked. Even so, this sounded like fun. More so, he wasn’t going to wimp out!

That’s great, Zeke said with an enthusiasm he didn’t quite feel yet. Now he wondered if any spanking went on when the guys were naked. The rest of the way home was mostly small talk.

As expected, Nick’s parents were still at work and likely not home before five, so the boys had a couple of hours to themselves. They went straight up to Nick’s room. Nick and Keith were so used to undressing on arrival that they started in automatically. Zeke was both a bit startled and very impressed with how relaxed they were about it. Again, not wanting to be a wimp, he joined them right away. Nick went down the hall to Eric’s room to get another chair. While he was gone Keith and Zeke wordlessly sized up each other, this being the first time that they’d been fully naked together when they could openly check out the other. When Nick returned with the chair, he and Zeke now had their moment to check out each other, then everyone settled into seats.

At first Zeke had wondered if he’d get hard, but the other two did not and he relaxed, staying soft. After some more small talk Zeke asked, so, would you let Coach Riley spank you?

The others laughed. I think if Coach Riley wants to spank you he will. You won’t let him.

Yeah, I guess so, Zeke said. There was a moment’s quiet while all three thought about what would happen if the Coach took it into his head to deliver a spanking. Or spankings. Nick broke the silence by suggesting computer games. Zeke said sure, but before anything else happened, Keith cut in.

I think someone should be spanked for asking too many questions, he said with a smirk, looking straight at Zeke. That was all it took for all three to get hard.

Yup, he does, said Nick, taking up the game. Zeke looked nervous. He hadn’t expected to be spanked by these two. He wondered if they spanked each other. Something about it seemed too familiar between them. My house, so me first, said Nick authoritatively as he pulled his chair into position. Again Zeke didn’t want to wimp out in front of these guys. A spanking from dad always hurt! He wasn’t sure if he wanted to feel that.

Get over his lap, said Keith. Hurry up or you’ll regret it. Zeke did manage to see the humor in this. He got up and slowly placed himself over Nick’s lap. Even though they had jerked off together, Nick had never had his hand on Zeke’s impressive erection, so he took plenty of time getting it situated between his legs. Zeke knew just what Nick was up to and definitely was enjoying that part.

In position, Nick gave a quick dozen SMACK SMACK SMACK. Not hard, but he did get a bit of color. Keith could finish the job. Zeke was relieved that while it stung, it was not like a spanking from Dad. Nick had Zeke stand up. All three saw that they all still were hard. Keith now sat down, Zeke went over his lap, and Keith, too, took plenty of time getting Zeke situated between his legs. He even played a little with Zeke’s hardon, causing his friend to breath hard in excitement. That was quickly forgotten as Keith’s dozen came down SMACK SMACK SMACK. Against his will Zeke did let out with an ow! Keith and Nick agreed that Zeke was a nice color and that he could get up.

Risking more punishment for inquisitiveness Zeke asked, so, do you guys spank each other? ’Cause that was cool! They were pleased that he’d enjoyed it.

Yup, we do. Just about every time we’re together.

Wow! said Zeke. He was hoping maybe he’d get to watch, but they moved on to the computer game. Their attention on the game, Nick and Keith did get soft, but Zeke stayed full in his excitement at this new experience.

Loser of each round gets spanked, said Keith, watching Zeke for a reaction. Yet again, Zeke wanted to play along and agreed. Nick and Keith knew the game well so Nick was able to maneuver things so that he lost the first round. He felt it was only fair. Keith caught on as to what was happening and said nothing. Having lost, Nick was put over Keith’s lap. Zeke could tell that this was a harder spanking than he had been given. He was impressed both by how hard Keith was spanking and how Nick was taking it. Now he was quite sure they spanked each other. A lot!

The spanking done the game resumed. This round all three played seriously with Zeke ending up at the bottom. He didn’t like that, given that he’d already been spanked and witnessed how Nick and Keith dealt with each other. However, he played along and went over Nick’s lap. Nick had gotten the last spanking, so this one was his to give. It was harder than Zeke’s earlier spanking but still not anything like he got at home. He felt the sting this time, though!

Second spanking done, a third round was played. Nick tried to be wily in how he played, but was doing poorly until he just eked out Keith. Zeke, not having been involved in their particular competition, won the round through their inadvertent divide and conquer.

You get to spank Keith, said Nick, greatly looking forward to seeing how this would go. Nick helped Zeke get Keith into position. Keith ready, Zeke did his best to give the same spanking as he’d seen Nick get. He must have been doing it right as Keith let out with a couple of yells of ow. Not too loud, but he couldn’t help but react. Nick gave a nod when he knew the spanking was adequate and Zeke stopped, thankful for the guidance.

Back on his feet Keith saluted Zeke for a job well done. Zeke stood up and all three boys now were standing though only Zeke was also standing straight out, as it were.

Someone needs some help with something else, Nick said, now with a wicked grin. Up on the bed, Zeke. Playing along with all this really was fun, so Zeke gladly did as told. Nick and Keith worked together, teasing and edging, watching Zeke’s reactions and both of them enjoying the opportunity to take his impressive erection in hand. This was the first time anyone else had masturbated Zeke and he was loving every minute of it. Finally he had to let go and with a series of oh oh oh! shot for distance for the first time in his life. The first shot done, he continued to shoot onto his belly. He thought it wouldn’t stop, but it did.

Wow! the other two said in genuine appreciation of what Zeke had done. For the moment Zeke needed to lie back and pull himself together. Nick grabbed a towel and cleaned up their new friend. That was awesome, Nick said as he worked. Keith agreed.

That was awesome from you guys, Zeke said when he’d caught his breath. There wasn’t much time before Nick’s parents would be home, so he and Keith quickly did each other for Zeke’s benefit. He was impressed.

Before they got dressed Zeke asked one more question. Can I join you guys again? This was a great!

Of course, they said in unison. This was really cool and we’re glad you liked it, said Nick. Clothes on, Keith and Zeke took their leave.

So, Nick had much to tell Eric on the next phone call. Zeke became a regular third, though Nick and Keith still had plenty of time to themselves. A campout would be planned soon. Some unexpected adventures were inevitable also.

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