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The Tenant
Part 25

by Graham

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Less than 3 hours later, lying naked in bed, Mark was awakened by his bigger bed partner, also naked, from a dream that had his subconscious mind embroiled. He was exhausted and groggy, and reluctant to leave his dream

In the dream, he was in Mr. Strauss’ car on Sunday morning, being driven by his landlord to church. The problem was he was naked, and Mr. Strauss apparently had not noticed until they were driving along, and turned to look at his skinny, nude, young tenant sitting bare in the back seat.

Heavens, Mark! Where are your clothes?! What were you thinking, or not thinking, I should say, getting into the car in that condition?! Mr. Strauss demanded.

Ah, sir, ah, I know you’ll never, um, believe it, but I don’t know how I got here, ah, like this. I’m sorry, sir. I didn’t mean it. I’d never do this knowingly. Please, can’t we go back and, um, I’ll get dressed right away sir.

What kind of fool are you, and apparently take me for?! Mr. Strauss barked back. Are you suggesting you were sleep walking when you came out of your apartment, left t house, and got into the car naked as a new born? That’s disgraceful that you would even attempt such nonsense.

You want to turn around and go back home? All right then, you’ll get your wish. When we get there, though, you are going to get one sound, intensely harsh spanking, young man. In part, for engaging in such foolishness; and further, for lying, pretending you have no idea what you have done.

Having been dragged, naked, across his landlord’s lap, he was in the process of the spanking beginning, when several sharp, stinging smacks on his wounded, bare bottom broke through the transfixing fog of the dream, startling the young man to reality.

Ooo-ow-ow-ow-aaa-ow-ow! Mark cried out. Whuh-why are you, ah, spanking me again? he asked as he turned his head to his right and upward, spying Steve White.

I guess like everything else, to get through to you, and get you moving, it requires a preliminary, prerequisite, spanking! I was calling to you to wake up, and you did not respond. I’ve got your conscious attention now though, I bet, Steve replied.

We have got to get ready to go. We’ve got at least another 10 hours to go before our arrival, he declared. Go in and use the bathroom, run in and out of the shower, and let’s get moving. If I have to, I’ll be in to spark you into action with another spanking. Understand?

Mark frowned, grudging, but yielding, nodded affirmatively, sliding fast out of bed onto his feet to race into the bathroom. Steve had already done all that and was dressed, waiting for his friend to cooperate.

A few minutes later, Mark emerged from the bathroom with only a towel wrapped around him. Steve was waiting anxiously, having moved all the camping gear and bags from the backseat into the trunk Mark had occupied yesterday.

Come on, little man! Hustle up now! We need to get on the road! he incited the young teacher.

But Steve, ah, I don’t have any clothes! I can’t travel naked like this!

Wait here! Don’t even poke your head out! You better listen, young man! the big coach admonished. He quickly left the room, went to the trunk, unzipped a bag and rummaged around in it until he found some things he pulled out.

He also pulled out a pillow and blanket, which he put in the back seat for his young passenger to rest while they completed the rest of the trip. Closing the trunk, he hurried back inside.

Here, kid, this is the best I could do in a hurry in the dark. Put these on. You’re gonna be sleeping in the back seat most of the time anyway. He handed a red and white striped t-shirt, and a dark, navy blue pair of bicycle shorts to Mark, tossing a pair of flip flops down on the floor before the young man.

What? These? Mark asked nonplused. There’s not even any underwear! I can’t wear these! he objected.

Listen up, little man! I got clothes for you I knew would fit you. I couldn’t plan a whole damn wardrobe for you. Now get those clothes on immediately, or wear them over another hotly, well-spanked behind! It’s your choice, little boy!

Mark’s eyes were shining with the fire that was seething inside him. But Steve! I don’t want to look ridiculous! Let me look for something else in what you’ve got, please.

The young, assistant coach was irked by Mark’s time-wasting obstinance, and refusal to do what he was told. Grabbing the wet towel surrounding the gaunt, slim frame, he jerked the young teacher off his damp feet, pulling away the towel but grabbing the nude thin body to haul with him and over the coach’s lap as he sat down on the bed again.

Without any waste of time with words, he applied the brush to Mark’s already angry, bruised mounds and upper legs. Mark shrieked immediately, kicking and bucking on Steve’s lap, but almost instantly bursting into blubbering bawling.

It took no more than 2 minutes for the young teacher to surrender and be brought into unresisting line. Steve topped off the wee-hours spanking by taking hold of the young man’s morning stiffy and fondling it to engorged ejaculation while the boy howled in the mixture of ecstatic pleasure and excruciating pain.

Okay, okay, okaaaay, Stuh–uh-uh-eveeee! he cried. I’ll wear them! I’ll put them on! I’ll do what you saaaaay!

Of course, you will, Mark Wickham. You also give in, comply, cooperate after your little rearend has been roasted fiery hot and agonizingly sore. And once you’re dressed, you’re getting in the back seat, lying down with the pillow and blanket, and going back to sleep.

We’re getting away a bit later than I planned, but still early enough for you to sleep a good part of the way. If you disobey, don’t cooperate, I’ll find a place to pull over, and take you out and blister your behind until you’ll wish you could just sit down in one of the cold lakes here to douse your flaming bottom. Are we clear, little boy?!

At that moment, any resentment to the juvenile fashion in which he was being treated by Coach Steve White was eclipsed by Mark’s craving desperate need and desire to get the spanking stopped, get himself cleaned up from his climax, and avoid any more future spankings. Nodding with his hanging head and shoulders, he squalled his sobbing acquiescence.

Okaaaay, Steve! Yeh-esss! I’ll do it! I promise! Please, just stop! Let me was up real quick, and I’ll put the clothes. I will! I promise! he pled.

You better, young man, or you’ll end up stretching out this trip with the time required to divert attention to reprimanding and correcting your incorrigible little rump. So be sure you mean, and do, what you say; or we will still arrive at our destination, later, and with you being a lot sadder and sorer boy.

He pulled Mark rapidly right off his lap and marched him into the bathroom where Steve took a washcloth and washed off the young man’s ejaculate. Bending Mark forward, the coach swatted the agonizingly tender little butt, sending him out to the clothes to dress.

Steve quickly washed the semen off his own jeans, leaving them to dry in the car on the trip, before joining Mark to leave the motel room. He looked the slender, good-looking young man up and down as he stood there in the bare feet in the flip flops, wearing the red and white striped shirt, and the navy blue biking shorts that encapsulated the skinny, boyish young man’s lean hips, buttocks, and thighs.

Steve fleetingly thought how Mark at least 6 years younger than his actual age.

Putting his arms on Mark’s shoulders from behind, Steve escorted him out of the room, out to the car, and into the back seat. You lie down there and go back to sleep. Any trouble from you will be dealt with immediately by a hard, stern spanking. Understand?

Yuh-ess-uh-uh-Stuh-eve-uh-uh! Mark squalled his confirming answer.

Steve got in behind the wheel, and while it was still dark, drove off, heading north to Warroad. The humdrum rhythm of the tires on the highway quickly lulled the slender, young teacher, shrouded under the blanket, back to sleep.

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