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'Have Butt Will Spank'-The Memoirs of Russell's Stepdad
Part #62 – The Tender Spank Bottoms of Danny, Russell and little Ralph

by Bunbuster

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It was summer and the boys, Danny, Russell and friend 17 year old Ralph, were spending 2 months with the family in a rural cabin;

There were the usual water sports, fishing and hiking to keep 3 young pups entertained but was that enough the keep the 3 stinkers out of trouble?

If you’ve read anything of Danny and Rsselll’s story you know the answer to that.

Boys, don’t get in any trouble with the locals or you’ll all over over my knee for good hard spankings, stepdad said as the 3 pups were ready for a joy ride in Danny’s ole jalopy.

The embarrassment cause all 3 lads to blush and fart, especially Ralph who had never been spanked.

Ok dad, Danny said as he lifted his muscle butt off his seat to let out another boyishly fragrant one from his tight young butthole, a butthole that stepdad likened to a juicy red strawberry.

the 3 young city stinkers cut a fine picture as the sailed along in Danny;s old convertabble jalopy.

22 year old Danny was a hot blond stud muffin in black tank tom and white sports shorts.

21 year old Russell was a long hair long haired longlegged cutie pie.

17 year old doll faced Ralphie was a solid bodied teenaged cutie pie. He wore a baseball cap, white Polo shirt and very tight tan jeans which were so tight, the boy was still growing, that his fanny, which had a delightful layer of baby fat, bulged out of the seat.

If there’s trouble to be found boys will find it and luckily there are some men who had to knack of handling bratty young guys with good hard spankings.

Two such men were 46 year old Irish American Officer Sgt Wheeler and his 44 year old African American deputy Officer Banks.

Both men were the fathers of boys and both were confirmed spankers. In fact one of the reasons both men were hired was because they were good hard spankers of bratty young male fannies and what young male heinie dean’’t need spanking every now and then.

The lads sped along the woods literally farting in the breeze. In fact, as the car breezed past the officers it was Russell’s fragrant puppy fart that proved to the cops that it was young males, or at least one young male,in the car which they decided to chase down.

Wheeler and Banks had to grin when they checked out the 3 cute poot butts in the old jalopy. Danny must have been feeling his oats when he decided to argue and curse at the cops which prompted the other 2 brats to join in. Then the shit the fan.

The no nonsense cops cuffed the 3 young buggers and put them in the back of their car, smiling as they noticed the 3 fine young spank bottoms as the lads bent over.

This little guy is a real stinker, Banks said as he patted Ralph’s chubby young butt as the nervous baby of the bunch farted frantically.

As the 3 cuties were hauled into a full courtroom 2 1teenaged girl’s fell in lust with Ralphie. and didn’t hide the fact.

He’s so cute and has a chubby bottom. I’d love to pinch that tushie

I think that these 3 louts need their young bottoms spanked, the judge said andeverybody to applaud but not the 3 cute miscreants.

Danny and Russell, 2 old hands at being threatened with spankinng,blushed but kept their buttholes nice and tight.

Ralph, who had never been threatened with a bottom warming, much less having had one. farted really loudly which caused the people in the courtroom to giggle and the 2 girls to comment.

He farted when spanking was mentioned, gives that baby a ruggedness that is so cute. I hope we see him spanked on that naughty cute baby bottom.

Officers, take blondie to to my chambers, tie him to the whipping post, bare his tush and give him a good sound asswhipping, the judge ordered.

Noooo, please don’t!!!!!, the now farting and sweating blond stud muffin begged as he was dragged to the judge’s chambers as the crowd cheered.

Sob, don’t, sob, please!!!!!!! Danny had felt his stepdad;d belt before so the fact that e was gonna get a whipping now, and while on the whipping post, had the blog stud muffin weeping big boyish tears.

Now that the boyish beauty was tied to the whipping post it was time to bear his firm young buttocks.

Let’s get these britches down boy, wow, what pretty dimpled cheeks, nice and boyishly stinky in the hairy crack, this is gonna be fun, Wheeler said as he pulled those shorts down and was confronted with 2 of the most beautiful young buttcheeks that he had ever seen or smelt for that matter since his nose was close enough to the young blood beauty’s blond haired crack to get a good whiff. Danny had a thong on and the crack hair was soaked with young guy sweat.

Ok kid, let’s get you whipped, whoa, gonna stink up the judge’s chambers, no worry, the judge loves it, Wheeler said when he took the prison strap out of the cloeet and the very sight of it made Danny fart long and loud which, along with his nerrvous sweat made the atmosphere smell like what it was. A room where a rugged young pretty boy was about to get his rear rend whipped.

You’ll survive young fella, a butt like this was made for the strap, Wheeler said as he gave Danny’s cheeks a good squeeze. He then brought the strap back and within seconds the draconian implement went all ferocious on Danny’s gorgeous buttcheeks.

No. please don’t awwww, wow, ahhhhhhhhhhh, sob, awwwwwwwww, otto, it, awwww, sob, hurts, owwwwwwwwwwww,

As the leather came down on the sexy pink dimpled young buttocks the courtroom was filled with cheers mostly from the females present.

AsR ussell and Ralphie sweated and farted their asses off the young woman were having the time of their lives as their young male counterparts kept silane.

The young men from the area who were raised by the tutelage of spankings were somewhat calm but white faced while their unspanked counterparts from out of done were embarrassed for Danny.

The woman in 3 out of town couples were cheering on the vigorous strapping while their 3 dates sunk low in their seats as their bunghole exploded with farts.

Owwwwwww. sob. sob.. Wheeler was an expert at wielding the strap. After scorching each muscle check he brought the strap upwards on the tender lover folds of each cute buttcheek.

Ahhhhhhhhh, choke, please stop, awwwwww, it kills, sob. The much needed draconian strap whipped across Danny’s pink blond peach fuzed thighs before locking down on the youngster’s hairy calves.

Owwwwww. sub, sob. please. ahhhhh, ahhhhhhh.

When it was deemed that Danny’s stepping was complete he was taken off the whipping post.

Sob, ouch, choke.

Danny bent forward, pushed his fanny out and studiously rubbed which made the well whipped muscle cheeks spread.

The 2 fatherly men were treated to one colorful sight between Danny’a spread legs.

There Was Danny;s fat pink cock and plump balls in that ravishing blond nest, a nest that continued through the crack and down to Danny’s ravishing baby red bottom hole.

Wow son, looks like somebody stuffed a juicy red strawberry up your buttcrack, Banks said which made Danny turn his handsome face in embarrassment. That was exactly the words his stepdad used to describe Danny’s ravishing red bottom hole during Danny’s first fart hole cleansing enema.

Ok handsome, lets get you ready to face the crowd, Wheeler said as he helped the welll punished stop puppy into his shorts.

The females in the courtroom cheered. Danny’s blond heir was a mess, his face was wet with tears and strap welts were visible on his thighs and legs. He looked gorgeous.

Ok gentlemen, take little brother to my chambers, haul him across the table and take turns in paddling his little bare little rump good and hard’ the judge ordered and poor Russell pooted his way along aa the manly arms forced him in to the Judge;s chamber.

Russell was forced over desk where hs was held firmly by Banks who pulled the youngster upward so that his butt was in the perfect position.

Wheeler slowly pulled Russell’s shorts and boxers down, revealing his tender boyish bottom.

Russell had s little high arched butt and the crack was spread, allowing Wheeler to see the youngster’s rosy red butthole which was constantly percolating.

That cute stinky rosebud of yours gets lots of exercise, son, Wheeler said as he gave each sweet muffin a affectionate paternal squeeze.

Please don’t, Russell squeeked as he felt the cold hardwood rubbing his tender tush. Then it started.

Owwwwww, awwwww, wow, awwwwww, my butt, awwwwwww, wow, ahhhh.

The tapered end of the foot long butt tanner flattened Russell’s tender little buttcheeks, leaving behind a blazing red field of skin each time it made contact with the boyish bum.

Ouch, please stop, awwwwwww, my butt, sob, www, sob, sob.

Wheeler tanned that little fanny al the way down to the upper thighs before changing places with Banks who showed that he too was an experienced spanker of young male cans.

Ahhhhh, sob, sob, www, please, our, My butt hurts, awwwwww.

After paddle tanning each little honey globe Banks did what was his favorite. He spanked upward on Russell’s lower crack since it made each little half moon bounce delightfully.

When the hot paddling was complete Russell was let go. The youngster fell to his knees and rubbed his tush as he bent forward, giving both men a wonderful view of rosy red puckered bottom pussy.

Russel was lifted to his feet, dressed back in his boxers and shorts and marched back into a cheering courtroom.

As he wept and rubbed his butt Russell was put next to baby Ralphie wo was sweating and farting so much what his chubby butt was vibrating.

OK, officier Banks, take chair up to the front of the court, put little cutie across your knew and spank his chubby butt, pants warming is ok, the judge said ant the courtroom cheered, especially the 2 teenage girls who thought that the chubby asses boy was a cutie.

Oh my, poor baby is gonna be publicly spankwd on his cute plump bottom for being a bad boy, one girl said.

He’s such a gassy baby, he’s adorable over the knee, the other girl said when Banks sat down and hauled the wimping teen across his knees.

A chubby butt like this was meant to be spank, son, Banks said as he lovingly patted the chubby sweet cheeks before tearing it apart with his firmly manly hand.

No, www, awwww, www, it hurts, ouch, awwwww. wow, awwwwwwww, awwwwwww, damn, www, sob, sob

Little Ralph looked so cute, begging and kicking his legs in the air as Banks spanked those full boyish buttcheeks..

Owwww, sob, sob, please, ewwwww, my ass, awwww, www, awwww.

When he was released Ralph jumped up and down which made his meaty fanny cheeks bounce, something not lost on the boy’s 2 female admirers.

Awwww, look how his cute butt is bouncing, one admirer said.

His little bottom hole is snapping out steamers, what a cute little stinker, the other admirer said.

Gentleman, one of you drive their jalopy and the other can drive the paddy wagon so they can lay down, the judge said.

Whew, dad’s out, will make sure he doesn’t know what happened or he;s beat our asses again, Danny said referring to step daddy;s habit of spanking the lads again in a week if they were spanked by someone else.

The boys changed into sweats, Ralphie groaning and farting in relief as his tight pants came off his fat red little ass.

On their way to their room, which they shared, the boys did not know stepdad was checking out them rubbing their butts.

When the 3 pups were asleep like the babies that they were stepdad snuck into the room and checked out the well punished asses/

Wow, they really got their asses beat, I’m not gonna spank they again, stepdad whispered to his wife after checking out the very sweaty stinky asses before leaving the room.

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