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Delta Gamma - A Boy's Journey
Part One - Chapter 5 - Rituals

by PJ Franklin

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Part One – Chapter Five – Rituals

Rush and Hell weeks as well as Reverse Monday were all now two weeks past, just a part of Delta Gamma house history and destined to become the newest pages in the house photo albums. It was time to get down to the real boring slog of Howell College life with its seemingly endless hours of classes, seminars, homework and papers all in the expectation of excellent grades and high academic performance.

This held true for all DG house actives, new and old; but for the six new DG house freshman actives like Sean Davis, this did not even count getting used to endless hours of house chores, planning and participating in house events, fund raisers and other social calendar duties.

None of that even touched the new DG house freshman actives keeping their big brothers happy. After all, the paddles used on bare freshman pledge bottoms during Rush and Hell weeks were not retired. They instead patiently waited on big brother desk tops or hanging up on bedroom walls for fast retrieval and generous usage and used they would be.

Branson Jerrold quickly returned to his prior hard ass status at least as far as the rest of DG house was concerned, just not for his adored little brother, Sean Davis. At least outside of the privacy of their DG house room upstairs, Branson doted on Sean Davis right to the edges of gross favoritism.

His golden boy could do no wrong and even though he gave everyone the appearance of not playing favorites and disciplining Sean for one thing or another, he fiercely guarded Sean’s modesty. Seldom would Branson ever let Sean take hardly a single paddle swat in front of anyone.

Inside of their house bedroom behind the closed door it was quite different, however, and neither boy would have it any other way. Each evening after supper and kitchen clean-up was big and little brother time.

Homework for both of them could and would wait for however much of the allotted hour was needed to discuss Sean’s college and DG house participation and progress. Branson assumed nothing and treated Sean as a college freshman and frat house newbie in all things as they sat nose-to-nose in back-to-back chairs.

It was just like having a real life big brother in Sean’s mind or a real little brother in Branson’s mind. Sean soaked up Branson’s patient fraternal doting like a hungry sponge and Branson so very much enjoyed his role advising and counseling with Sean.

Good. Remember this weekend we need to start football practice! Branson smiled across at Sean who grinned back, We’re gonna kick ass big bro, you can count on me, and Branson nodded with high confidence, Anything else Sean? Did we leave anything out? Branson then asked,

No sir. I think we covered it all, thank you, Sean smiled. Branson nodded, You’re welcome little bro, Branson patted Sean’s crossed arms and then both started a little flush of mutually enjoyed excitement because now it was that part of the hour that they both looked forward to, had for most every nights of the last ten or so since Reverse Monday.

Sean’s cock quickly hardened as he then said the words, Please big brother, may I get my paddle? and Branson, equally as aroused nodded, Yes little brother, you may, and the ritual had begun.

Sean stood up and walking to his bed, took care in unclothing himself down to what the pair now referred to as Sean’s discipline uniform, his white Y-front briefs otherwise quickly folding up or hampering the day’s school clothing. Then, heart racing with anticipation, he plucked his long, thick oak wood paddle from its hook up on the wall aside the head of his bed.

Branson also dressed down, but to his white non-standard boxer-briefs because it was not Sunday night. Consequent the intense and revealing emotional personal revelations and success of their first Reverse Monday together, Branson had been boldly honest in sharing his feelings with trusted little brother, Sean.

Branson told Sean without pulling any punches that he needed and wanted one night per week of strict ritualistic corporally applied discipline including aggressive sexual submission for himself, Sean in complete control.

Sunday night was chosen and the prior Sunday had been the first such night. Strict and formal had been the words Branson chose to characterize his need for that night and Sean honored his big brother in setting the tone.

Sequestered behind their closed bedroom door, Sean had dimmed the room lights and put a single lit candle on Branson’s bedside table. Branson’s eyes widened and his heart pounded as the dancing candle light cast eerie shadows that reminded Branson of his ceremonial ten paddle licks at the beginning of his Hell Week when he was but a freshman DG pledge.

Sean instructed Branson to dress down to clean white Y-fronts and he did. Sean dressed to a clean jock strap, maroon red Howell College gym shorts and a handsome white Howell College polo. Branson was bare foot, Sean with white tube socks and sneakers.

Kneel facing me, big brother, Sean ordered, hands on hips. Branson did, rigidly upright, palms flat to his sides, his Y-fronts bulging tightly forward. Sean observed Branson’s face to be solemn and intense. He stood over Branson a good minute, admiring him. Letting the intense erotic tension build, the only sound the clock ticking and heart rates accelerating.

Retrieve your paddle big brother, kneel back down and hold it up on your outstretched palms, and Branson quickly complied, the paddle carefully laying up across his palms, Now you will kiss your paddle and thank it for the painful lesson of fraternal obedience you are about to receive.

Branson’s eyes widened as he pulled down his palms and looked down adoringly on its length, Thank you paddle for teaching me obedience to my house, for giving me a very painful lesson from my little brother, Sean, Branson said with a lustful shiver of thick emotion and then kissed its surface before extending his palms back up towards Sean who took up the paddle’s handle into his right fist,

Rise big brother, rise and remove your briefs and stand up tall, and Branson complied and sliding down his briefs to his ankles kicked them to towards the wall. Sean sidled up to Branson’s side nearly skin-to-skin and firmly pressing the flat long paddle surface into the center of Branson’s jutting ass cheeks, slowly sawed it back and forth and with his other hand, teased and tortured Branson’s hard sensitive cock shaft moving down to firmly squeeze his ball sack.

Sean watched and gently smiled with wonderment and empathy as Branson’s head tipped back a little, his eyes closed and face winced, a gentle whimper from his throat all showing his aching need. He felt Branson’s hips press back to feel more of the paddle’s hard touching surface, Sean providing equal counter-pressure.

Assume the position big brother, Sean said next and Branson bent forward, the paddle never moving from his ass. Teach me a hard lesson little bro, Branson hissed only to himself, so wanting to feel Sean’s power.

Sean raised the raised high and then swooped it down very fast and very hard across the center of Branson’s ass cheeks. Branson’s face winced up very hard with a barely suppressed hiss, Yesss, he mouthed to himself, Thank you sir, may I please have another?! Branson barked the venerated phrase of old very loudly.

Sean could tell that his quarterback’s arm and shoulder were in good shape. He drew the paddle back up high again as Branson’s mouth gaped open, Oh God this is going to hurt, he said to himself and then heard the crack and felt the paddle sear his ass just below the first lick welt.

Branson’s knees buckled just a little as he white-knuckled his ankles with his fists, Thank you sir, please may I have another?! Branson proudly barked. Sean smiled. He knew he was getting his message to Branson loud and clear and pausing, reached down and lustily stroked Branson’s flagging cock with one hand and with his paddle hand, fingered rimmed firmly over Branson’s pucker.

Branson moaned, Oh god yes Sean, yes, he said quietly to himself and then felt the paddle rub his sore cheeks, Oh yes, paddle me hard Sean, make it count! his mind centered self-talk continued, totally focused.

Sean grinned as Branson proudly pointed his ass into the paddle. Sean raised it very high and then swooped it hard down to Branson’s ass cracking again across the center. Branson could not suppress a loud yelp of pain, Thank you sir! Please may I have another?! Branson barked loudly but with a hint of grimace.

The burn and sting were magnificent and made Branson’s eyes red, but more importantly made him feel meek and submissive to his little brother’s command of his body and mind. It felt glorious. He felt safe and in good hands and unlike with Todd three years earlier, he knew Sean cared and would treat him with respect, honoring his need to have this ritualistic ordeal each and every Sunday night.

Two more very hard paddle swats burned Branson’s ass, the last one provoking a very loud whimpering of pain. Sean nodded. It was enough for this session, the paddle that is, Stand up big brother, Sean said. Branson slowly stood, Rub and express yourself big brother, Sean said.

This was very important to Branson, to say out loud to his brother what he felt just as it was expected of Sean to do on his weekday sessions with him. Branson aggressively grabbed at his sore, throbbing ass cheeks, Oh it feels so good little bro and helps to make up for what I missed and needed three years ago. Thank you Sean, Branson’s voice firm and resolved as well as him rising up and down on his tip-toes in a little spanking dance, his mouth smiling with deep appreciation at how needful his little brother’s searing hot paddling felt.

Hands down big brother, Sean said and having already set the paddle aside used his hands fore and aft, stroking Branson’s rapidly re-hardening cock and this time not so slowly inserted his finger deeply into Branson’s butt hole.

Branson shuddered with hard lust now. He knew what was next and desperately wanted it, A sound spanking for you big brother, Sean said calmly moving his finger more rapidly in and out of his big brother’s hole, Branson’s hips gently rocking with the motions.

Branson nodded, A hard bare bottom spanking, yes sir, thank you sir! Branson said out loud enjoying the bold confession and then moaned, because he knew the finger fucking and spanking was just the beginning.

Big and little brother spankings were not taken, nor conducted casually. Sean pulled over their spanking chair and sat down, knees widely spread. Branson quickly moved and stood himself sideways between Sean’s knees and stood up tall and straight, palms pressed hard to his sides. Sean’s hands resumed their lustful stimulations, stroking hard cock, squeezing balls and the finger penetrating Branson’s butt hole all in hard emphasis of the deep sensual aspects of the ritual.

Assume the position big brother, Sean said. Branson carefully laid forward and down over Sean’s front knee and felt Sean’s free leg raise up to make a lap, a shelf across which Branson lay, legs straight back, ankles tightly crossed, palms slapping solidly on the hardwood floor below and head up, eyes ahead.

Sean surveyed the beautiful sight below that he knew for certain that Branson also enjoyed when he was so perfectly stretched across Branson’s lap during the week. His hands went to work, the left one smoothing slowly down from the nape of Branson’s neck to the near red welted near ass cheek, his right palm hand slowly rubbing from the back of Branson’s far knee and up to the far red-welted ass cheek.

Sean’s hands then grabbed hard at each cheek and separating them almost painfully, he inserted his right hand middle finger roughly into Branson’s butt hole to the hilt. Branson shuddered and hissed his pleasure in it. He loved how slutty and lewd it was to have a finger just jammed up into your butthole, burning a stinging path as it did.

Sean was controlling him, focusing him and he displayed his appreciation for what Sean was doing for him by elevating his hips taking care to spread his thighs just enough as he had done the prior Sunday so that Sean’s right hand reached between and roughly pulled Branson’s balls back between his spread thighs.

Once pulled back, Branson slapped his thighs closed, That’s it big brother, let’s see that red boy bottom of yours nice ... and high, Sean said, Yes sir, thank you sir! Boy bottom high, sir! Branson said as he put a very acute arch into his lower back in order to comply.

Perfect, Sean said of Branson’s erotic positioning slowly sliding his finger out of Branson’s hole rotating it as he did. Then Sean used the flat of his hand and started a hard, rapid spanking covering every inch of Branson’s upturned ass and upper thighs. All Branson could do then was close his eyes to enjoy the humiliating spanking position across Sean’s knees and feel the harsh humiliating and painful sting. He was forced to wince and whimper and enjoy the deep submissive feelings that followed, ignoring his watery eyes.

You will be spanked until you come big brother! Sean reminded him but Sean’s words only pushed Branson closer to the edge of doing just that. More hard spanks, more verbal humiliation, Cum you little slut! More spanks! Harder spanks! Painful spanks! And then ...

Ahhhhh! Branson’s voice finally emitted the higher pitched grunt and then Sean grinned as his big brother’s body shuddered, spasmed, shook and trembled, ropes of semen shooting down to the room’s floor in a short stream and then lots of spattering after-drips.

Sean let Branson finish and then he grabbed Branson’s near shoulder, Get up! Get your ass up on your bed to be fucked, now! Sean’s voice stern and insistent. Branson got up and flew over to his bed, placed his pillow in the center and carefully centered his red ass on top of it, his thighs spread as widely as he could exposing his back door.

Sean stood, divested himself of his gym shorts and jock and then he too flew to the bed, climbed up on top of it and in back of Branson, mounted him. Sean pressed his cock head to Branson’s gaping pucker, thrust inside hard and to the hilt without any mercy, falling on top of Branson with his body, slapping his hands tightly over Branson’s wrists that lay above his head.

Branson howled with pain as his little brother fairly raped him, just as he had wanted each and every time, Sean pounding Branson hard with rapid rabbit thrusts until he shot his load high up into Branson’s ass, panting and grunting. Then they would just lie there like that afterwards panting and grinning, enjoying the afterglow, saying nothing for a good long while, each deep within his own thoughts before they would wordlessly get ready to take a long hot shower together downstairs.

Sean brought the paddle back with him, kneeled in front of his big brother, the paddle laying across his palms extended up, Kiss the paddle and ask for its guidance little brother, Branson instructed. Sean brought the paddle length to his mouth, Please paddle, teach me a hard lesson of fraternal obedience, and kissed it and then extended it up towards Branson who took it off of Sean’s palms, Sean’s palms slapping down to his sides.

Branson took his time now. Each night was a little different. This night he slowly walked around his little brother admiring his stiff, upright athletic body, Shorts off, Branson said and Sean complied from the kneeling position tossing the shorts to the side and resuming his stiff upright position, palms clapped to his sides.

Branson leered appreciatively at Sean’s white jock bubble butt and then looked to the front and nodded even more appreciatively at Sean’s leaky stiff erection before he walked to face Sean, Assume the position, Branson said with a small smile and Sean snapped up to his feet grabbing his ankles firmly and bent over without ever having stood up.

Kiss the paddle again, show it your appreciation, Branson said again reaching the paddle down to Sean’s mouth. Sean shivered, loving this part, Please paddle. I need my bare boy bottom to be taught a severe painful lesson, please! and he kissed the wood and felt his cock slit drip with pre-cum.

Branson smiled as Sean’s solemn tone was always exhilarating to hear, Stand up, Branson briefly changing course as was his prerogative, Palms up, Branson said next and Sean’s palms made a shelf. Branson softly placed the paddle across Sean’s palms and then lightly pressed his body into Sean’s from the side, fisted Sean’s erection in his left fist and slapped his right onto the center of Sean’s jutting ass cheeks and without rimming, shoved his long middle finger straight up Sean’s rectum to the knuckle.

Sean gasped and then his eyes widened and his lips parted and he uttered a soft whimper of pleasure. Branson whispered into his ear as he tightly squeezed Sean’s cock and then clutched unexpectedly hard onto Sean’s big balls, Shoot your load little brother and then I am going paddle and spank you very hard tonight,

Sean shuddered, Yes big brother! and this time it only took just about three rapid finger fucks aft and lots of forward masturbating jerking to force Sean’s face to crumble into a hard grunting orgasm, semen spewing from his gaping piss slit in long, white ropes spattering to the floor below.

Assume the position, Branson said with a look delight on his face. Sean bent forward clamping hard onto his ankles as his cock softened in post-ejaculation repose. Branson did not delay and started the hard relentless ass tanning.

Sean barked out the required thank you after each hard stinging swat for the five repetitions, his eyes red and very watery at the end of the fifth consequent the enhanced pain, Stand, Branson said plainly and led Sean to the spanking chair, sat, Position, Branson said next and Sean quickly presented himself for his spanking.

Branson was panting with lust and need now. He contemplated bypassing the spanking to get his cock as quickly inside of Sean as he could, but then looked down at Sean’s red-glowing jock bubble ass. He grinned, Ass high! he said and Sean jutted his hips up very high.

Good boy, Branson growled and instead of spanking, Sean suddenly felt his big brother’s hands grabbing lustily at his sore red bottom cheeks, separating them very wide, Spread those thighs wide little brother and get that hot behind of yours higher! he urged, Yes sir! Sean blurted and as he did, Sean felt Branson’s lips seal over his exposed pucker, his tongue thrusting deeply into his gaping hole, tongue-fucking him with long deep slurping thrusts in and out.

Oh God big bro! Use me hard please sir! Sean blurted which only spurred Branson on. He took his time and then sat up and thrust in two dry fingers into Sean’s spit drippy hole. Sean howled with delight, Yes! Yes! and Branson chuckled, You are wonderful Sean ... need that spanking little bro? he asked.

Oh yes please, big bro! Sean replied, Thighs together, ass high now, Branson smiled looking down at his little brother with unbridled delight and Sean put himself back into ankle crossed position, jutting his hips up high.

Branson’s hand flew over Sean’s red bottom spanking it hard and fast all over his ass and upper thighs. Sean whimpered and bucked from the pain, but did not move himself one inch as the flurry of spanks turned his body into a limp compliant submissive boy for his big brother. Panting from the effort, Branson finally stopped,

Stand up Sean, Branson huffed and helped Sean to his feet and hugged the sweaty boy to himself, What do you need next little bro? Branson asked in a breathy whisper, Fucking. Hard, hard fucking, please big bro, Sean replied, Get to the bed, ass up, Branson said.

Sean flew to his bed, laying on his tummy on his pillow and Branson right after him, pounced on top of the handsome little brother’s prostrate form and thrust his hard cock inside of his little brother’s butt hole and fucked him wildly. Sean whimpered and thrust back. Branson roared as his cock unloaded inside of Sean insides of a few seconds later.

Fellow actives young and old were soon treated to the sight of Branson Jerrold carefully soaping down his adored red-assed punished little brother in the showers downstairs. Branson’s hands massaged and washed as Sean’s palms pressed flat to the shower wall in front of him, Sean with a small smile of affection and adoration for how the night had gone. Yes, their hour had stretched a little and there was school work to do for them both; but nothing had ever felt so good each and every time for both the little and big brother pair.

* * * * *

Sean and Branson were not the only new DG house new big and brother pair that were sharing erotic nights. Robbie and Kyle just a few doors down had their own routine that one might not call so much ritual as consistent.

Whereas Sean and Branson desired one whole night to each, Robbie and Kyle enjoyed switching off on the same evening. They would shower first together downstairs and then hurry up the stairs towel snapping at each other, acting like high stung high school kids and really, they kind of still were.

Once inside the room, they would toss their moist towels to the side and then stand there looking at each other’s nudity, cocks half-hard, minds churning with erotic ideas or thoughts, You first, Kyle said to Robbie, Why? So you can get revenge on me if I go overboard? Robbie teased back, You should be so lucky, big bro ... but now that you say that ... I dare you, Kyle smirked.

Robbie grinned. He loved Kyle’s dares. It was not natural for Robbie to give or take dares, but Kyle was a good teacher, OK, I’ll try my worst and then, it’s up to you to punish my bad boy ass, OK? Robbie giggled nervously because really, he loved the idea of the younger boy dominating him as he had already shown many times, You’re on, Kyle said.

Robbie looked at one of the towels, Oh no, not that again, Kyle said eyes getting big, Oh yes, you have to! Robbie blushed with the very idea of what he was about to do, Damn! Kyle said as Robbie picked up the towel and wound it up very, very tightly,

Target practice little bro, get in position, and Kyle grimaced. He loved the idea of towel snap target practice but dreaded the hateful sharp stings and still had some small flicks of bruising on the backs of both thighs and one on his left buttock from the night before. Position meant something very embarrassing. Kyle got a study desk chair and turned its back to him.

Then Kyle placed a pillow over the back and then bent over the back. As he did, he pushed his genitals back between his thighs and by now he was entire erect, so his penis jutted at an angle down towards the floor. Then Kyle spread his thighs about as wide as he could and then tipped forward more over the back of the chair totally exposing his butt hole. It felt whorish. It felt so slutty. It felt oh so hot!

Robbie then walked in between Kyle’s spread thighs and spit on Robbie’s butt hole. It was done to both pleasure Kyle, but also to sensitize his hole because that was the center target of the towel snap sport. The butt hole. Not that Robbie had to snap it there each time as that was difficult. But if one just landed, it was like a harsh stinging punishment as it was meant to be.

Robbie first paused and tongue-pleasured Kyle’s hole. Kyle loved this part, who would not? But all it pragmatically did was to further sensitize the area. Then Robbie stepped back and primed the towel, Beg for it! Robbie said. Kyle winced, No! he blurted, deciding to push back a little to see what might happen.

Robbie knew that this was just a test, a way of Kyle angling the scenario, Beg for it or I will spank your penis with the spoon and don’t think I won’t! Robbie warned. They kept a wooden spoon in the room pilfered from the house kitchen days before.

Funny, somebody was always having to go to the store to buy more wooden spoons within a few weeks after the beginning of every DG house year on account of pilfering by brothers for sexualized paddling use. Robbie also knew that Kyle loved flirting with very painful, but dick stimulating penis spankings. It was Kyle’s choice now, I said, NO! Kyle said out loud clearly, but then grinned to himself, Oh, I am going to regret this!

You asked for it! Robbie gladly said and fetching their wooden spoon stood between Kyle’s spread thighs again, Kyle’s toes curling and uncurling anticipating a very edgy punishment. Kyle felt Robbie’s hand cradle Kyle’s back thrusted erection up into his palm, sensitive side up, Oh shit! Kyle mumbled.

Robbie grinned and then unexpectedly dug his thumbnail right in back of the head and stimulated Kyle’s dick. Kyle moaned. That felt SO good, but then ... Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! ... Four little harsh spoon licks right on the naughty shaft right in the same place the thumb had been,

Ouuuuu! Kyle wailed ... Snap! Snap! Snap! Snap! ... The spoon licks stung his penis like crazy! Kyle groaned, but his piss slit still betrayed him with a rivulet of telling pre-cum, Beg for your butt hole towel snaps! Robbie demanded again.

Kyle hissed. He had better be careful because Robbie knew how to make his balls empty just using that spoon on his balls and cock and if that happened, the towel snaps would double with stinging pain, OK, OK. Please big bro, please punish my naughty boy hole with a towel snap, please! the forced confession turning his face red, but making his piss slit very wet (happy.)

Robbie chuckled and put the spoon to the side, Oh as you wish little bro, and then stepped back. Kyle tensed and gritted his teeth as Robbie was becoming more and more skilled with each session. Robbie wound the towel up anew and aimed for the left butt cheek crease with Kyle’s thigh ... SNAPP! ... OUUU! Kyle wailed and Robbie aimed for the right butt cheek crease with Kyle’s right thigh ...

SNAPP! SNAPPPP! ... Bastard! Kyle yelped but had no time to recover as Robbie then balanced out the left with the right with one more ... SNAPP! On that side, SHIT! Kyle yelped and knew what was next, Fuck! Fuck! Fuck! and it came, right to his hole ... SSNNAAAPP!! ... DAMMMIT! Kyle yelped and Robbie but chuckled and then bit his lips watching Kyle’s hole spasm and his whole body writhe and buttocks clenching and unclenching unsuccessfully tried to abate the prolonged hot stinging pain on his hole!

Robbie knew that he was really going to pay for that little enjoyed privilege, You done asshole? Kyle yapped at him, Yes, I’m done and done for! Robbie sighed. Kyle angled his feet down to the floor and felt his sore snap points, Fucker! I am going to enjoy this! Kyle’s face firmed up as he playfully glared at Robbie a moment and then shook his head,

You did that on purpose. You love the way I can abuse your hot, sexy body, pervert! and then they both smiled, but Kyle less so, You are so going to get it now, and then Robbie watched as Kyle could be devious sometimes and then Robbie’s mouth dropped open,

No ... no no no no, Kyle please, anything but that ... I’m sorry, I won’t do the towel thing EVER again, please Kyle, no! Robbie watched as Kyle’s evil grin widened. He was now holding up the dreaded jar of thick, pasty menthol sports cream and with it, their dildo!

Kyle came back over holding up both, Oh yes. Revenge is SO sweet big bro, and Robbie sighed, his dick betraying him every bit as much as Kyle’s had him, Spankings inside and out, at the same time. Teach you to go overboard, Kyle grinned, but what could Robbie do but keep up his end of the deal as he watched Kyle at his bedside and motion him over.

The neutralizer substance, a simple jar of bland clear thick Vaseline near-by, Robbie straddled himself over Kyle’s outturned left leg at the bedside, ass up high, hole exposed, penis thrust back as Kyle’s had been, cock head right there, balls too.

It was not Kyle’s style to make Robbie beg. He rather liked to taunt him instead, You think you’d learn, Kyle said confidently as he spread a thin layer of the hateful ointment over all of Robbie’s cock head, but none on the shaft. Next a nice thin coating around Robbie’s anal ring, No, Robbie’s voice crumbled because he knew that in the next few minutes, both places were going to feel on fire. Lastly and most painfully to come, a thicker coating all over Robbie’s ball sack and then he stopped.

Now Kyle spanned the time by spanking Robbie’s buttocks with his palm and as Robbie felt the nice erotic spanks the chemical burning on his hole, balls and cock head built and built and he squirmed and whimpered and groaned, You know what’s next. Beg me for it bro, Kyle said fisting up the dildo and giving its head only a nice coating that would spank Robbie’s tender insides.

Robbie’s balls especially were burning, stinging, his cock head too and his anal ring. He groaned, but gave into his inevitable punishment, Please bro, please fuck me with the red-hot dildo, Robbie groaned because that is what it would feel like,

With pleasure! Kyle said and slowly slid the faux-organ into Robbie’s hole about half-way and fucked him with it, long ins and outs, the menthol penetrating and starting to inflame and then Robbie started to whimper, groan, squirm and kick anew, Hurts! Burns! Robbie gritted his teeth, Say uncle! Kyle said giving Robbie back control, the soothing Vaseline at hand.

Saying uncle too soon was beneath both boys. You were supposed to show grit and spirit and take as much for as long as you could to show your appreciation, but the longer Robbie held out, the faster and harder Kyle pummeled his insides with the burning dildo, UNCLE! Robbie yelped finally.

Kyle pulled out the dildo and quickly wiped it as clean as he could with the small hand towel and then gooped on a thick layer of neutral Vaseline and shoved it back inside and twisted it around here and there and fucked Robbie with it, letting the fires in his butt hole to slowly abate. Then he did the same with Robbie’s butt hole and dick head.

After that, the two DG lovers treated each other as they always did after one of these torrid sessions with uncommon tenderness, 69ing and also straight up kissing, masturbating each other and just cuddling. The session and night ended, entirely successful once again.

* * * * *

Tommy consistently tried to interest big brother Nick in sexual activity of any kind for the two weeks since Hell Week, but mostly it didn’t work other than a furtive and essentially dismissive blow job that Tommy very willingly gave Nick who then acted like it wasn’t that enjoyable. It felt like a put down, one after another actually, all of which Tommy had finally grown very tired of.

Tommy finally had to decide to give Nick what he did seem to want very much and that was to be left alone. Tommy then took up Nathan Alexander’s offer to be his stand-in big brother. Tommy was careful to change his clothes first choosing a nice clean white pair of classic briefs beneath his trousers.

The briefs hugged his hot round ass really nicely. Nathan would appreciate that even if Nick didn’t. He left his and Nick’s room, walked down the hall a ways and then knocked on Nathan Alexander’s door, Come in! Nathan barked and Tommy entered.

Nathan smiled, always glad to see the new DG active brother, but he could also easily see the fatigue of Tommy’s non-satisfying ordeals with Nick and automatically knew why he was there, Come here, Tommy, how are you tonight? Nathan said standing and greeted Tommy with a tight hug as well as with an affectionate hair ruffle that made Tommy smile and even grin before he frowned a little,

I’ve been better, that’s why I’m here. Nick is hopeless. I just can’t get through to him so I came to you, brother Nathan like you said I should and could, And then Nathan held him out to arm’s length to gauge how to reassure and help Tommy to enjoy himself, Good boy. No worries, OK?

Nathan quickly analyzed how best to help the winsome freshman and new DG brother. It was easy now because in a way, Nathan recognized a lot of himself in Tommy. Non-confrontive. A listener more than a talker. Thoughtful, slower to react to things, maybe a tad softer around the edges than many DG brothers too,

Strip to your briefs, Nathan said and then stood back to watch. Tommy did, revealing his brief-clad body. Nathan loved classic white briefs especially so on a hot bod like Tommy’s. So simple and yet so stimulating and especially so as Nathan then slowly walked around Tommy keeping very close proximity, however.

Tommy could literally feel now being looked at. Observed, maybe even objectified, yes. But if so, it was by somebody who genuinely cared. Nathan then stood directly in back of the still upright body and squeezing Tommy’s right shoulder with his right hand used his own left palm to smooth over Tommy’s ass, slowly up and down and then moved his other down from Tommy’s shoulder to Tommy’s quickly aroused package in front and firmly squeezed,

Ooooo, Tommy moaned and leaned back into Nathan’s bigger body, Yea, that’s it. Like that? Nathan smiled and then grabbed a handful of ass through the tightly fitting briefs, Oh yes, brother Nathan, sir, I love it, Tommy said, daring to curl his hands back to clutch onto Nathan’s hips.

It all made Nathan shake his head, What the fuck is Nick thinking? Nathan said only to himself, Good boy, Nathan said out loud plotting how best to use Tommy for both his sexual pleasure as well as Nathan’s.

Lose-em, Nathan hooked the brief’s elastic waist band and snapped it and Tommy quickly shucked them off making his body naked, his cock erect and Tommy excitedly and nervously chewing his lips, Step to my desk, boy, Nathan nudged Tommy forward without further touching, ramping up his aggressive tone and body language just a little.

Tommy did and looking down he saw and admiringly so Nathan’s frat paddle, big black leather belt and the dreaded hairbrush, a pretty standard looking senior big brother desk top actually, just not Nick’s. Nathan watched Tommy’s eyes which seemed to be most interested in the belt.

Nathan walked around to the other side of the desk, picked the belt up, doubled it up and then snapped it against itself as Tommy followed his every move. The loud snap made Tommy jump a little, his cock too! You need a good hard belt tanning, Tommy. Bend over the front of my desk, Nathan said rather abruptly as he then swept the path clear and Tommy bent forward thinking that he was about to get his ass totally burned to a crisp and hoped just that. Nathan could just feel Tommy’s excited tension. Delightful!

Nathan strode back around and back to Tommy’s now bent over side, What’s this belt good for, boy? he asked, Blister tanning this noob’s boy ass, SIR! he barked, That’s right, ... WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! ... Five hard licks all up and down Tommy’s ass and tops of thighs.

Tommy winced and white-knuckled his grip on the far side of the desk as his ass caught fire ... WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! WHAP! ... Five more! Beg me for it, boy! Nathan demanded smoothing his hand over the hot, red welts and then finger-teased Tommy’s butt hole.

Tommy winced from the sting, but now also moaned from the finger touching his hole, More whipping please sir! Please whip my sorry ass into shape, please sir! and that was the truth of it.

Nick was doing nothing to help his little brother to get used to the corporal punishments that should be the frequent and challenging mainstay of early DG active life and especially so for the six new boys just inducted. Not to mention as had been Tommy’s fervent expectation for having had pledged DG house in the first place.

Nathan used his ire against Nick’s neglect now, channeled it, put the belt down and then picked up his paddle and see-sawed its solid surface across Tommy’s freshly belted ass. Tommy whimpered now as he knew that he was in for a long dick-hardening session of discipline, DG House style, and also just like all of his newly christened class DG actives were getting now-a-days. Nathan then felt up Tommy’s genitals as he continued to smooth the paddle surface back and forth.

Dick half-hard, good, Need to toughen you up. You’re not in shape, Riley, and Tommy nodded, Yes, big bro, I am not! he said ignoring as Nathan did that Nathan was not really Tommy’s big bro and then Nathan drew the paddle up and back and then swooped it forward, kind of hard ... THWACK!,

Thank you sir, please may I have another?! Tommy barked as the sting lit his pre-punished ass way up, Yes you may, boy, and did it again and again and one more all followed by proper formal verbal responses.

At the end, Tommy’s ass was on throbbing fire, his head bobbing up and down, his knees shaky and face grimacing, but Nathan recognized that Tommy had made maximal effort, Stand up, he said and Tommy did and Nathan put down the paddle and then hugged Tommy’s shorter statured naked body into his own.

Nick’s chest was bare and sweat glistened. He wore only commando gym shorts bulging forward hard and was barefoot like Tommy as well. Tommy hugged back and just purred in Nathan’s arms as Nathan softly rubbed over his belted and paddle reddened bottom cheeks, a fingertip teasing his back door and that made Tommy moan,

You need to be cock-screwed, boy. Put in your place, Nathan stated firmly in a low growl, Oh, please yes sir, big bro, Sir! Tommy said with reverent ardor enjoying his body contact with Nathan, something Nick apparently disliked as well.

Nathan bit his lips. What he really wanted to do now was yet another thing Nick would never do and that was to take the time to show off Tommy and his pride in him in public. Nathan nodded, We’re going downstairs. You are going to shower with me and in front of anyone there, you are getting hole reamed and fucked like you are my personal little hot bitch in front of anyone who wishes to watch, Nathan strung out the words one by one making Tommy shiver and tingle ALL over, mind, body and maybe even a bit of his frat soul.

Tommy swooned, Oh, please yes sir! he said his dick leaky with anticipation enjoying the phrase personal little hot bitch probably more than he should. Nathan smiled because Tommy was now properly enjoying his newbie position with proper attention to training, No clothes, naked, get downstairs, boy! Nathan swatted Tommy’s red punished rear propelling him out the bedroom door.

Oh, somebody has been a bad boy. A very bad boy. Look at Riley’s beet red hind end! a senior brother grinned upon seeing Tommy’s ass along with a few of other of Nathan’s senior active brothers who now crowded around them at the shower entrance. They were admiring and teasing Tommy who wagged his tongue out the corner of his mouth slurping up the attention as if it was life giving blood,

Yea, he needs to be disciplined more, and some good hole-using, and the others nodded, Most definitely. His hole needs to be dripping cum, one said giving Tommy the erotic shiver-shakes, Yea. I think he needs me and two others of you guys to help loosen up and then fill that greedy slut hole of his, Nathan ramped up the verbal stimulation.

Tommy’s eyes got big. More than one cock-screwing in one sitting? Fuck! Look, his dick loves it. That’s more cock snot than most! it was pointed out as the humiliation really took Tommy by the balls and dick and he looked down at himself,

In boy, get the showers started while I round up the men who will be teaching you that your DG boy pussy is good for but one thing and that is pleasuring senior cock, as well as sucking cock to keep you occupied, Nathan smirked and Tommy nodded, YES SIR! and got his naked ass into the showers realizing that he was going to be ... gulp ... gang-banged from both ends like a useful little newbie frat slut!

Nathan was not kidding either. It took him all of what, barely five minutes to have two other big DG junior and senior studs at the shower door ready to give Tommy Riley a good hard lesson in what happens to young DG noobs after induction. Nathan then stepped next to Tommy and showered with him, Tommy’s eyes riveted on Nathan’s stiff organ even glancing to his left to see the other two hot DG studs ready to abuse his slut boy twat.

Get on all fours boy! Get those thighs wide. Boys? Come on over. One of you in front, one in back. Let’s see how much cum this boy needs! Nathan really amped it up. Tommy barked, Yes big bro! and fell to his knees right in back of the shower water stream as the two other naked actives got into position fore and aft.

Hard, hard usings sirs! Please sirs! Tommy egged them on, let the abuse begin and it did. The shower action attracted attention not the least of which was Nick Castleman who stood at the entrance nursing a boner, not really because it was Tommy, just from the hot action.

Because it was Tommy, he finally just shook his head, Whore, said loud enough that it caught even Tommy’s attention and made him moan all the louder if just to piss Nick off. Tommy was much too busy, however, swallowing semen as well as having it sprayed onto his back, ass and face and up his ass to pay any heed to Nick’s usual bitchy self who left the scene justifying his poor behavior in his own mind and shamelessly so.

At the end, Tommy was put up on a pedestal, so to speak, cheering, clapping and back pats from his fellows as a completely different senior even went down on Tommy in the drying area as Nathan stood by, his heart feeling so good for Tommy now as Tommy enjoyed a good and hard earned testicles-emptying.

This was what it was all about for proper DG brotherly attentions for men like Nathan Alexander and now Tommy Riley as well. Men like Nick would always miss out on why DG at Howell College was so special and valued in this manner. The question for Nick was by now, was it too late for him to change and be a proper DG senior active and big brother for Tommy Riley?

Delta Gamma-A Boy’s Journey-Chapter 5-Rituals © Copyright PJ Franklin, August 23, 2017.

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