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Rob's Summer Adventures
Part 8

by Brhmsj

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Rob’s Summer Adventures, Part 8

Rob and Billy at Jay’s country house

Two weeks later was the final trip to the country. College would be starting soon and the summer was winding down. It had been arranged that Billy would join them that weekend. Jay explained to Rob that Billy would get much of his attention as Jay passed along to Billy some of the lessons he had been giving Rob. Between his love for Billy and affection for Jay, Rob had no trouble accepting this. Jay also told Rob that Billy would get a maintenance spanking at some point that weekend, maybe even punishment, too, if he didn’t watch out. However, unless Rob misbehaved, he was safe. Misbehavior would, however, warrant a spanking, and a good one at that. Rob promised to behave. Having had no time with Jay since the last trip to the country, other than at work, Rob was more than eager for the weekend to come especially if there would be no repeat of the spanking he received on the last visit. The idea of sharing Jay with Billy only added to his excitement.

Jay was already at Rob’s when Billy was delivered by his dad. Jay had been talking with Rob’s dad and Billy’s dad joined the conversation while the two boys went upstairs preliminary to leaving. Billy was excited about the weekend. Rob tried to curb his enthusiasm, reminding Billy of what had happened at Jay’s apartment. Billy sobered up. Jay called up that it was time to leave.

There was the now-familiar stop at the diner. Rob was treated as a regular now and was pleased to introduce Billy to the staff. It was dark when they arrived at the house, but Billy could discern enough to be impressed. They entered and Jay gave Billy the same instructions he had given Rob on his first visit. Billy was taken aback, but felt it was best to obey. Rob expected to be told the same, but Jay gave no indication that Rob was to undress. He sent the boys upstairs to unpack.

In a while Jay joined them. Still without telling Rob to undress, he told Rob to go ahead and watch TV in the den on this floor, then told Billy to come with him. Rob did as told, put in a DVD, it turned out to be boring (at least to him) and before long feel asleep with the film playing.

Downstairs Billy was undergoing a repeat of what Rob had experienced some weeks before. Jay explained that he knew about what Billy and Rob did together and, as he had told Rob, playtime wasn’t all there was to sex. Jay now undressed and had Billy join him on the couch, the same as Rob had before. Billy was more impetuous than Rob so found it difficult at first to just lie still, but soon the comfort of Jay’s arms about him had him relaxed and comfortable.

It grew late. Jay said it was time to go upstairs and gently led Billy to his room. While Billy was using the bathroom preparatory for bed, Jay looked in on Rob who now was stretched out on the couch. Jay covered him with a blanket and gave him a soft kiss on the forehead. Rob let out an mmm in his sleep. Now Jay turned his attention to his other protégé.

Billy was already in bed, showing every sign of eagerly awaiting Jay’s return. Jay quickly got ready for bed and joined Billy. What followed was Billy’s first lesson in lovemaking. Rob had given him a hint of this, but at the hands of an experienced, loving adult, this was a new experience for Billy. He knew he should go with it and quickly found himself settling into all that Jay was doing. Jay expertly brought him to a climax unlike any he’d felt before. As he had with Rob, Jay told Billy to sleep; anything else could wait until morning. Billy quickly was asleep. Jay spent some time watching him in the bit of light there was, then fell asleep himself.

Around 3:00 Rob woke up, uncertain at first where he was. Jay must have turned off the TV and the lights, and covered Rob in the blanket. Rob got up and went to Jay’s room. The door was open. He went in and could tell that both were asleep. From years together he was able to discern, even in the dim light, which of the two was Billy. Rob undressed completely and moved to the other side of the man he now could think of as his – their – mentor. Yes, the word did cross his mind. He got into bed. Jay didn’t wake up but in his sleep adjusted to Rob’s presence. The three slept soundly.

First to awaken was Jay. A naked teenage boy on either side of him was a treat he did not experience often enough. Soon both started to wake up. As they did Jay greeted them. He took turns kissing each awake. All three snuggled together for a half-hour or so. Jay knew he had two very hard boys on either side of him. He slipped over Rob, got out of bed, telling the boys to stay put. Show Rob what you learned last night, he said and left the room for the downstairs bathroom and then the kitchen.

Rob knew what Jay meant and pulled Billy to him. Together they enjoyed time together in a way new to them. Rob had shown Billy some of this previously, but nothing like this. Rob was impressed with what Billy had quickly learned. Billy brought Rob to an exciting climax, which Rob returned for his friend. Jay had a good sense of how long was needed and when the boys settled down after their lovemaking they soon smelled breakfast. A quick shower together and they were downstairs to join Jay, who had not dressed, something which pleased both boys, though they made no comment.

Over breakfast Jay told Billy that he would be spanked later today. Billy blanched at this, but he had been forewarned by Jay and knew he had no choice but to accept it. Rob had told him some of what had happened to him, but now Billy had to face it. He, too, suffered from not knowing just when it would happen. Breakfast done, the boys were free to do as they wished. Rob showed Billy around. The weather was good so Rob included a trip to the gazebo.

Being naked outdoors was getting Billy excited, even after two good climaxes in the last twelve hours.

Rob, I want to cum outside! Let’s do it! Billy was hard. Rob couldn’t help but get hard, too, though he felt that they should be showing more self-control this weekend. Teen hormones took over and the two buddies took turns making each other shoot outside the gazebo. They were so caught up in what they were doing that they never saw Jay come to the edge of the clearing along the path. He was now fully, though casually, dressed, the sign that it was time for Billy’s spanking. His arrival allowed him to witness both boys shoot. He admitted to himself that watching these two youngsters, the best of friends, take care of each other was a special experience. He gave them time to relax after their orgasms, then made them aware of his presence.

Both knew what Jay being dressed meant. He crossed the lawn, put a hand on Billy’s shoulder and said, gently but firmly, yes, son, it’s time for your spanking. Billy trembled slightly, but did not object. As teenage boys so often do when faced with the reality of a spanking, Billy was getting hard again in his nervousness, even after just having shot. Jay had seen this on quite a few boys and took little notice.

Rob, stay out here until I call for you, son. Rob knew he wouldn’t be spanked that weekend, yet Jay called him son. He wasn’t sure what to make of that. Now he was feeling a bit of nerves, too, with the same response to it as Billy. He said yes, sir and went into the gazebo where he sat on the bench. He watched Jay take Billy across the lawn and disappear into the woods along the path.

Jay led Billy into the living room. Billy was given the same explanation as Rob – and other boys before them – had been given.

The explanation of a maintenance spanking as distinguished from a true punishment spanking was given. In fact, son, you have a pretty good idea already what a punishment spanking is, don’t you?

Yes, sir, Bill answered meekly. His usual bravado was slipping away.

Are you ready, son?

What could Billy say? Again, meekly, he replied yes, sir. Jay guided the youngster over his lap and delivered a classic maintenance spanking. Compared to the spanking in Jay’s apartment this was not too hard but definitely enough to give Billy something to think about and remember, with a good sting supplying the reminder. As the spanking went on Billy could tell the difference between this one and the previous one he’d received from Jay. That spanking had been justified because of his behavior. This one he could sense was being given with a different sense of affection. This was all a new experience for Billy. Tough love with both spankings, but each a tough love of its own. Despite the growing sting in his butt, he was having a good feeling about this.

Each boy is different, as Jay knew from experience. He had learned how to monitor what was happening with a boy over his lap and to judge what was needed and for how long. Billy’s need became evident as Jay worked on his bottom. Not every maintenance spanking was exactly the same. With Billy he varied the timing and intensity, responding as the spanker to Billy’s responses to being spanked. He knew when Billy had a proper sting and ceased. The combination of the sting and the emotional effect of the spanking was doing to Billy much the same as it had with Rob. Billy felt himself near to tears, but not from the discomfort of the spanking.

Good job, son. I’m proud of you. He let Billy up, stood up also and gave the boy a fatherly hug. Moving to the couch he indicated that Billy sit on his lap. For Jay this was a special moment in these sessions, in part because he knew it was a special moment for the boy. This was new to Billy, but he willingly took his place. Just as Rob – and many before him – had done, Billy dissolved into tears on Jay’s shoulder. Jay held him and let him work it out. Tears done, Jay let Billy calm down and, as so often happened, the boy showed signs of falling asleep. Before he did Jay quietly told him to go upstairs and lie down. Billy gratefully did as told, sleeping until dinner time.

His work with Billy done, Jay, still dressed, went out to the gazebo to get Rob. He was amused to see that Rob, in his boredom, had fallen asleep on the bench. Like any teenage boy, Rob had become hard in his sleep. Jay went up to him and lightly fondled Rob’s erection. Rob let out an mmmm in his sleep, then slowly woke up. Realizing what was happening he looked up at Jay with affection. Jay didn’t stop, but with various inducements with one finger worked Rob up to what proved to be a noisy climax. Good job, son, Jay said when Rob had emptied himself.

From a drawer under the bench Jay took out some paper towels and cleaned up his young friend, with the occasional kiss to the boy’s forehead. Other than those brief three words, neither had said anything. When Jay was done he leaned over Rob who, in turn, put his arms around Jay’s neck, pulled him down into a long kiss. That done, Jay said Billy is asleep and I suspect will be so until dinner time. Let’s go in. As Rob was standing up Jay surprised him by undressing completely. Finished, he looked on Rob fondly and together they returned to the house. In the living room Jay picked up a book he’d been reading and settled into a comfortable chair. Rob, too, had brought reading and the afternoon passed quietly as they enjoyed their books.

Checking the time Jay announced that it was time to start dinner. Stay here as you wish, Rob, he said. I’ll let you know if I need any help in the kitchen. If Billy isn’t down in a half hour you should go up and waken him. Rob said he would. Just as Rob was thinking he should go upstairs he heard Billy on the stairs. He moved to intercept his friend before he wandered into the kitchen. Jay could hear them, but said nothing, continuing with his dinner preparations.

In the dining room Rob asked Billy about the spanking. Sure enough their first maintenance spankings were much the same, though styled individually. Billy found it difficult to put into words, but did convey that his feelings were much as Rob’s had been some weeks earlier.

He really cares about us, doesn’t he, Billy said, with some tones of wonderment.

I know. It’s amazing, Rob said. They sat quietly for a few minutes, then Jay called from the kitchen that the food was ready. Billy noted that Jay now was naked, too, and read its meaning correctly. Dinner, yet again, was delicious. Rob still marveled at Jay’s expertise in the kitchen. The boys took care of getting dishes into the dishwasher, food packaged up for the refrigerator, and anything else needing it cleaned up. That done, Jay asked Rob if he would excuse him and Billy. Rob said of course he would and the two disappeared upstairs. Rob returned to the living room.

In Jay’s bedroom Jay drew Billy onto the bed. Tenderly he took Billy through the same as the previous night. After a while, though, he whispered in Billy’s ear it’s time for you to show me what you’ve learned. Billy felt himself get harder. His feelings for Jay had grown stronger in response to the spanking and he gladly did his best to give Jay the same pleasure Jay had given him last night. Billy found himself fully involved and now taking immense pleasure in Jay’s pleasure. When Jay did finally reach climax, Billy was gratified that he had done it all so well. He now had that same experience that Rob had talked about – satisfaction at this partner’s pleasure and unconcerned about himself.

Surprisingly, Billy was more tired than Jay when they were done. Jay let him slip off into sleep, then quietly left the room to find Rob.

Your friend is learning very well, Jay told Rob. Rob’s pride was evident. I think it’s time you got to bed, my boy, Jay said. Rob agreed. Jay took Rob’s hand and they went upstairs. Both quietly used the bathroom. Jay got into bed so that he would be between the boys again. Billy was quite heavily asleep. Jay and Rob kissed and hugged for a while, then fell asleep, too.

In the morning Jay had fun taking care of each boy. Not lovemaking this time, just taking care of the natural morning needs of teenage boys. When that was done the boys kept him in bed taking turns stroking him, taking their time before letting him have his own orgasm.

Jay showered and went downstairs to start breakfast. Rob and Billy got in the shower together, then joined their host. All three stayed naked until time to leave. Shortly after Jay delivered the boys to Rob’s house, Billy’s father arrived. The three adults chatted for a while, then Rob and Dad were alone. Dad was always good about not prying into Rob’s life.

College would start soon, but not before Rob did spend more time with Jay.

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