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My sales team
Part 2 – Russ gets it again

by TheBoss334

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My sales team PT 2 : Russ gets it again.


The following week at work was a little awkward to say the least. Neither Jake nor Russ made too much eye contact with each other or me for that matter. Finally by Wednesday I had had enough. I pulled them both into my office and closed the door.

Seriously guy’s what the fuck? I get that what happened Friday was unexpected and well a little fucked up to say the least, but we are all friends here and above that we are all professionals. And I expect you two to act like it.

They both looked down at the floor but then quickly back up and nodded their heads in agreement. Russ look scared and Jake looked disappointed. I didn’t want it to seem like I was coming down to harshly on them so I opened it up for discussion.

Look guys I totally understand where this is coming from. I have never been in a situation like this before either. If you guys wanna talk about it I’m cool with that. Let’s clear the air and get back to being friends and a great team.

Jake spoke up 1st. Sorry Trent, I won’t let what happened affect my performance. It has just been a little weird and I gotta be honest I am not sure how to act around you guys any more.

Me either. Russ said quietly. I mean I really had a great time, the whole night meant a lot to me. I guess I’m just scared that everyone else will see right through us and figure out what happened.

Same here. Jake chimed in with a look of genuine concern. I enjoyed it too but I don’t want everyone in the office knowing what happened.

Ok, I see where you guys are coming from. And I’m right there with ya. They finally both smiled with the realization that we were all in the same boat. Obviously there must be some ground rules here. Let’s face it the 1st rule of fight club is you don’t talk about fight club. They both laughed. Everyone around here is used to seeing us joke around and act like frat boys around each other. So the only way they will know something is up is if we keep acting weird. They both nodded in agreement.

So get up, shake it off, hug it out, and let’s finish the week out strong and get our heads out of our asses... OK? One big group hug and the air was cleared. We went on to have a great rest of the week and a pretty productive one at that.

Friday night rolled around and I was on my way to Jakes to pick him up to go to Russ’s place. Since Jake was on the way we usually carpooled. We hit the liquor store and grabbed some beer and a bottle of wild turkey to do some shots with. When we arrived at Russ’s place we realized that we had barely spoken the whole way there. As we were walking to his door Jake said confidently I can’t wait to get that guy naked and bent over again.

I kept stride and replied back I didn’t realize that was going to be an every week type thing.

Well why not? I mean you heard him he loved it. And I had a blast. It sure looked like you enjoyed yourself.

I did, I definitely did. I just wanna make sure that the team comes first and that we aren’t wrecking a great thing professionally just so that we can get each other off. I know the company seems small now but I know that there a LOT of plans for expansion and IF we all play our cards right we’ll be running this company in a few years.

OK, we don’t have to play any more. Jake sounded so disappointed as the words left his mouth.

I slapped him on the back and said with a grin. I NEVER SAID THAT. I just wanna make sure we can all handle it. That’s all.

Jake smiled and got an energy to his step as we hit the door. Russ opened the door with a nervous smile as I’m sure he had no idea what to expect. Jake held up the bottle of wild turkey and said one word, and one word only. SHOTS! And with that the ice was broken.

Russ brought over 3 shot glasses to the kitchen table and put them in front of us for Jake to pour. As soon as the glasses hit the table Russ exclaimed Whew. I was half expecting to hear you guys tell me to bend over something when you walked in. I’m glad that’s not happening again.

Jake laughed and shot back. Oh it’s happening Russ. We just need to do some shots 1st.

Russ looked horrified. Guys seriously my ass is FINALLY back to normal. You two really did a number on it last week. I can’t take that again.

I looked at Russ and asked slyly. So you didn’t even consider that we would be playing quarters again? I used air quotes around the words playing quarters to emphasize my point.

No, not at all. Guys please I really can’t take that again. Russ was now slowly backing away from the table.

I pointed to a small basket in the middle of the table that contained some folded napkins, a salt and pepper shaker, a tiny vase with a fake rose in it, and 1 shot glass with a quarter in it. So what’s that doing in there?

A look of horror and confusion swept over Russ’s face. He knew he was busted and was desperately trying to think of a way to talk his way out of this.

You son of a bitch, Barked Jake. What the fuck is that doing in there?

Russ was back peddling and starting to stutter but no actual words were coming out.

Jake picked up the shot glass and held it up in front of him for Russ to see. You’ve been practicing all week haven’t you?

Again Russ tried to speak but nothing came out except for a stammering of incoherent babble. Jake and I each looked at each other then looked back at Russ. He knew he was busted. Now we had to bust him.

I decided to speak up. Russ one thing I won’t stand for on my team is lying.

Me either buddy boy. Said Jake with a look of anger mixed with disappointment. Just for that we’re going to skip the pretence of quarters and go straight to the spanking.

Russ put his hands up in protest. Guys please, I’ll do anything just please don’t spank me like that again.

Sorry Charlie, but you broke a major code by lying to us and this needs to be dealt with in a serious way. The words had barely left my mouth when Russ’s whole body just slumped. He was now limp putty waiting to be molded.

Jake grabbed one of the chairs from Russ’s table and moved it to the center of the room. Get your clothes off and get over to that chair Russ.

Russ hesitated for a second but then slowly started to undress. Once he was fully nude he moped over towards the chair and awaited further instructions.

Jake asked in a rhetorical manor. I don’t suppose you have a paddle?

NO, I told you guys I was never in a frat and this paddling stuff is all new to me. Russ’s snippy tone did not go unnoticed.

OK, well then we’ll just have to use something else. Said Jake as he walked into Russ’s bedroom. After a minute he re-appeared holding a leather belt that he must have grabbed from Russ’s closet. The belt was fairly wide and pretty thick. It was a belt for jeans and not a suit so it was a little more durable if you will. In a move that I’m sure Jake learned from his father he doubled the belt over and made it make a snapping sound to get Russ’s attention.

Russ about jumped out of his skin. No way! You’re not using that thing on me. Forget it

Before Jake could reply I chimed in. I really don’t think you have any say in the matter Russ.

Jake smiled. Exactly. Now bend over that chair so we can get started. For added effect he snapped the belt again to really make Russ quiver.

Russ stood behind the wooden chair and bent over the back of it. He placed his hands on the seat of it and got ready for what was to come. Jake walked up behind him and started to rub his ass gently in a teasing manor. He then looked at me and asked who should go first. I held up my hands in a way that suggested that Rock, Paper, Scissors should decide. After a quick 2 out of 3 Jake handed me the belt and walked over to be in front of Russ so he could get a good view.

I positioned myself behind Russ and a little to the left of him so I could maximize my swing. I started off slow and steady. I delivered several medium strength swats to Russ’s pert ass spaced out so that he could take a breath in between each hit. The crack of the belt had Russ’s attention from the 1st hit and he was squirming in no time.

I patted Russ on the back. Stop squirming or else I’ll make it worse. You earned this now man up and take it.

With a sniffle Russ squeaked out an acknowledgement and hunkered down for the rest of what I was about to dish out. I started back in with a series of swats that not only increased in intensity but I sped up the pace as well. I could tell these were getting his attention by the loud then louder whimpers and yelps each time the belt struck true. I covered his entire ass from the top part that was barely meaty all the way down to below the ass cheeks on the backs of his thighs and all the plump parts in between. Russ was now breathing very heavily and was almost about to completely break down. On my 50th swat I put a little extra on it then stepped back to admire my work.

All in all I had given Russ close to 80 licks. His ass was a bright red and there was so much heat radiating off of it you could feel it almost a foot away. I was truly proud of what I had just accomplished. I told Russ to stand up so that he could rest his back for a second before Jake started in. With tears rolling down his face he stood there slightly shaking waiting for Jake to deliver what was about to be a brutal assault on his already very sore ass.

I walked over to the table and poured 2 shots. Handing one to Jake I hoisted up my glass to toast a job well done. We clinked glasses, downed our shots and then returned our glasses to the table. Jake then walked around to position himself behind Russ. And since he was a lefty he went on the other side of where I had been to maximize his swing.

At first Jake was just warming up as I had. Medium intensity swats at a slower pace. The difference this time was that Russ had already endured my spanking and was very sensitive. He yelped and jumped with almost every strike Jake dished out.

Knock it off Russ. Hissed Jake. You keep jumping around like that and I’m going to tie you down to that chair so you can’t move. And if I have to do that I will start over and give you twice the beating that I was planning on.

Jake please. Was all Russ could get out in between sniffles and crying.

Please what Russ? Jake replied.

Unable to say anything back Jake jumped right back in. You did lie to us didn’t you Russ?

Yes, but I didn’t mean to. Russ replied hastily.

And therefore you deserve to be punished, don’t you Russ?

Again Russ cried out an answer. Yes.

Then quit whining and let me finish. Said Jake as he started swinging the belt again.

Hard and fast swats rained down on Russ’s bright red ass. Russ was now audibly crying and had tears rolling down his face. I wasn’t counting the number of licks that Jake was dishing out but I did glance at the clock and noticed that he had been whipping Russ like this for a good 10 minutes. Finally Jake took a step back and was finished with this round. He tossed the belt onto the couch and walked over to the table to pour some more shots for us.

Russ stayed bent over and crying for a few minutes before standing up. Once he did his enormous erection popped out. Given the position Russ was just in we couldn’t see that beast because it was poking into Russ’s chest.

There he is yelled Jake almost triumphantly. I knew he’d come out to play at some point.

Russ tried put his hands in front of his cock but obviously it didn’t help given the size. His foot long boner stood straight out and was throbbing as much as Russ’s freshly spanked ass.

What do you say boss, think we can get him to cum again if we keep spanking him?

The words had barely left Jakes mouth before Russ started begging for us not to continue. Please guys no more, seriously I can’t take it.

I walked over to Russ and ran my finger over the tip of his giant cock head. As I held up the finger to Russ’s face so that he could see the shimmering drop of pre-cum that was now evident.

Once again Russ, your mouth says no but your cock says YES! I whispered in his ear.

Jake and I positioned ourselves behind Russ on each side of him and bent him back over the chair. With my right hand I started spanking his left cheek while Jake using his left hand worked over the right one. Switch hitting in perfect harmony brought Russ back to tears in no time.

Every so often we would look down to check and see if Russ had cum yet. Every time we looked he hadn’t. So we kept spanking. Harder and faster the hits came until both of our hands were now hurting from the act. But yet Russ had nothing but tears and a rock hard cock to show for it.

After 20 minutes of this I suggested to Jake that we help Russ out. With my left hand I began to pump Russ’s shaft from the head to the base. While I was doing this Jake started fondling Russ’s balls with his right hand. All the while we didn’t miss a beat beating Russ’s now purple ass cheeks. After a minute or two Russ’s entire body started shaking. The buildup was so intense that both Jake and I could feel it in our entire body just being next to him. Finally it happened.

GUYS was all he said. As the word became audible he exploded. A massive shot of cum shot out of Russ’s huge cock and landed on the floor about 2 feet in front of him. No one stopped what they were doing. As we kept working him he kept cumming. Shot after shot fired out of Russ like water from a fire hose. It was a truly amazing site to see. He just kept cumming. Finally he let out a guttural yell and shot one more roping arc of jizz onto the floor in front of him and sank a little bit in posture. He was still shaking and cum was still leaking out of him so neither Jake nor I let up on our end. As more and more cum dripped out of him onto the chair Jake and I couldn’t believe our own eyes. Russ’s orgasm had lasted longer than a minute and we weren’t even sure if it was finally over. I stopped spanking him but kept pumping his cock until it started to go limp. Finally I gave his big cock one final squeeze and let go.

Russ stayed there motionless while Jake and I stepped back to marvel at what he had just seen. There was so much cum on the floor no one would believe that it came from just one guy. Russ was trembling and hyperventilating like a person going into shock after an accident. We stood him up and both came in for a group hug. He rested his head on jakes shoulder and finished out his crying while we held him and caressed his back. No one spoke during the embrace which lasted for several minutes. Finally Russ pulled his head up and we all took a step back. Russ looked down at the incredible load that he had shot all over the floor and his eyes almost popped out of his own head.

Did I do that? he gasped.

I put my hand on his shoulder and gave it a slight squeeze. You sure did Russ.

Jake joined in the conversation. I’ve never seen anything like it before. You just kept cumming and cumming. I wasn’t sure you were ever gonna stop.

I didn’t think I was going to. Russ replied. Everything was so intense and it seemed like time just slowed down. It felt like I was cumming for an eternity.

Your welcome. I said half jokingly

Jake looked at Russ. And to think, you didn’t want us to spank you again.

We all laughed for a bit at the absurdity of that statement. Russ wiped the tears from his face and chin. Ya, I guess that was pretty stupid.

Face it Russ, You have found your true calling. I proclaimed.

Russ tried to take a step but started to wobble so Jake and I grabbed him and moved him to the front of the chair so he could sit down for a second. As soon as his ass hit the chair he jumped back up and grabbed his ass. Holy shit!

As bad as I felt for him in that moment I couldn’t help but laugh a little. Jake laughed a lot.

Ya, bad idea. Our fault. he choked out in between laughs.

Russ was now dancing around the room grabbing his ass and tying to rub it. He walked into the bathroom and opened up his medicine cabinet. He grabbed a bottle of Aloe after sun and brought it out to us.

Will you guys rub this on my ass for me? It really helps with the pain and everything.

I reached out my hand and took the bottle. Of course man, bend back over.

I squirted some of the cooling aloe into my hands and began to massage it into Russ’s hot red ass. I covered his entire ass with a liberal amount of the gel so that it could really sink in. As I was doing this I noticed that Jake had taken his clothes off and sat down on Russ’s couch.

I looked over at him and asked Comfy?

He smiled but didn’t say anything. I looked over at Russ and he knew what was next. Without saying anything Russ walked over to Jake and got on all 4’s. He crawled up to Jake and took his rock hard cock in his mouth. I started to strip as Russ worked Jakes thick tool like a pro. Jake patted the cushion next to him and said Come on, take a seat. Let him work us both.

I was rock hard at the idea. As soon as I was naked I sat down right next to Jake. Our bodies were touching from our shoulders to our knees. Russ head was bobbing up and down on Jakes cock while Jake was rubbing the top of Russ’s head. Suddenly Russ popped up and shifted over and started sucking on my cock. Swirling his tongue all over the head and shaft Russ was really working it over. Instead of grabbing Russ’s head I reached over and started to rub Jakes cock and balls for him. He in turn reached over and started to rub my nipples for me.

Russ went back and forth licking, sucking, and fondling us both for about a half hour. Every time one of us got close he would switch to the other person. Jake and I kept touching each other as Russ worked his magic. It was so erotic and pleasurable all I wanted to do was cum. Russ was trying to deep throat Jake as best as he could but was still struggling because of Jakes incredible girth. He started to get up like he was going to switch over to me but Jake stopped him. He grabbed Russ by the back of the head and kept him in place.

Don’t stop I’m about to cum. He said.

I reached over and began to tweak his nipples as Russ sucked him with everything he had. Jake tilted his head back and let out a loud rebel yell and started spasming. Once again Russ didn’t gag or spill a drop. He expertly sucked all the cum right out of Jake like he had been doing this for years. And like last time he didn’t stop until Jake stopped him.

Breathing heavily Jake managed to let out an Oh My God then went back to breathing heavy.

Russ smiled and moved over so he could finish me off. Having just seen Jake cum and feeling his orgasm since our bodies were touching I knew I wouldn’t last long. Russ’s tongue and lips felt so good on my aching cock. I was torn. I wanted to cum but I didn’t want this to end.

Suddenly Jake leaned over and started licking my right nipple. He reached over and started rubbing my left one but continued to lick and nibble at my right one. This was all too much. Having both of my incredibly hot buddies doing their best to make me cum I couldn’t hold off any longer. I took a deep breath and held it in. The orgasm felt like it was coming directly from my soul. I thought my head was going to explode as I shot my wad into Russ’s hot mouth. Like Russ’s earlier my orgasm seemed to last much longer than normal. The intense feeling from being double teamed was more than words could describe. I finally exhaled and sank deep into the couch.

Russ was now up on his knees staring at both Jake and I with an ear to ear grin on his face. I really thought he was going to grow a tail and start wagging it. If he were a dog I surely would have given him a treat at this point. We were spent but not ready for bed as it was still early. And, we still had yet to open a single beer.

Russ grabbed a blanket from the closet and we all cuddled up on the couch and threw in a movie. We rotated getting up to grab the next round. When the movie ended we decided to do one more then call it a night. By the end of the 2nd movie I was on one end of the couch with one leg on the couch and one on the floor. Russ was in between my legs laying back up against me with Jake laying back up against him with the blanket kind of covering all of us. As I looked down at my beautiful boys I was so happy I just wanted to sleep right there.

But the movie ended and as we did last week we all went to the bedroom and crammed into the bed and slept. I now knew that this would become a weekly ritual and I was very ok with that. I went to sleep knowing that they were too.

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