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The Sordid Tale of the Prank and the Highlighter

by Christophorus Volkov

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The sound jolted me out of a deep sleep. It was a loud but tight sound — air being pressed through a tight opening. Quickly a pungent smell of ass wafted into my nostrils and I woke to see a puckered asshole inches from my face.

I fell asleep on the couch in a college apartment full of other guys. Of course, I should have expected this kind of treatment.

My friend, Ryan, had pulled down his pants, placed his ass in my face and pushed a fart through his tight hole. It smelled awful, and I was pissed. I don’t think he expected what was going to happen next.

When I am suddenly awakened, I see rage, and I don’t think rationally. I grabbed the highlighter I’d been studying with the night before and plunged it into Ryan’s rectum. I didn’t even expect it to go in, and it went in way deep. As tight as his hole was, it sucked the highlighter right up inside his hole.

SHIT! yelled Ryan.

That’s what you get, you fucker, I answered.

Get it out, man! Get it out! I can feel it going up in me! Ryan yelped.

I was always much bigger than Ryan, so I grabbed him and through him quickly over my lap. I slapped my hands on his cheeks and pushed them apart revealing the inside of his crack. Ryan was naturally hairless, and there was only thin layer of hair around his hole. His hole opened slightly, but I couldn’t really see anything in there.

What are you doing? Ryan asked.

I’m trying to see if I can see it.

Well, can you? Ryan said in desperation.

I looked carefully at his exposed hole. The ring of muscle looked irritated from the unwanted invader. I spread him wide, and I could see the yellow plastic just inside him.

Are you looking for oil? Come on! Do something! yelled Ryan.

I slapped him hard on his right cheek. Instantly, a red handprint began to appear on his creamy white, hairless glute. His ass jiggled a little.

OW Man! protested Ryan.

Shut up. I can’t think, I snapped back.

I can’t shut up. Should we call 911?

I thought for a moment. If we did call 911, this would be awfully tough to explain, and I thought I could probably get it out of him.

Do you want to explain this to some doctor in the ER? I asked.

No! I’d be the laughingstock of this campus, answered Ryan, meekly. I should have probably mentioned that Ryan was a wide receiver on the football team. Since our college was small, almost everyone knew everyone else. If Ryan wanted to keep this quiet, we’d have to drive 50 miles to the big city for medical attention or I could just try to fish it out.

We could drive up to City General, I said. That’s about a 50-mile ride, and you’d be sitting on that thing the whole way. There’s no way you can lay down in my two-seater.

Can you please try to pull it out? asked Ryan in desperation. If you can’t get it out, I guess we’ll have to go to the hospital.

His face cheeks were red with embarrassment. I bet he wished he didn’t do this silly prank to me at 3:30 am.

Every time I would try to open his cheeks, he would start asking questions again. They were stupid questions.

How did it go inside? Ryan asked.

I shook my head and answered, I have no idea. I guess you kind of sat down while I was pushing it towards you, and it went in really deep.

Can you see it?


What are you going to do?

I had enough. I slapped his ass five quick times in succession as hard as I could.


Ryan fell off my lap onto the floor. WHAT THE FUCK MAN? he asked.

If you’re going to ask these stupid questions, I’m not going to help you.

Well, you’re the fucker that put me in this situation! yelled Ryan in anger.

Watch your tone, bitch, or you’re going to have that highlighter up your poop chute until it falls out.

Ryan stood up. He tucked his half hard cock into his underwear. I had seen it before, but I had never seen him hard. It was a bigger and thicker cock than I imagined it would be. He pulled up his pants and began awkwardly walking towards the bathroom. I guess I’ll try to do this myself.

Ryan retreated to the bathroom. I turned on the TV and started watching some get rich quick infomercial. I could hear Ryan yelling in frustration every few minutes or so.

He came out of the bathroom with his pants completely off. I tried to get it out, but it won’t come out. You’ll have to do it.

He put his face into the pillow. I decided that if I was going to do this, I had better do it right. I went into the bathroom, and I got the biggest set of tweezers I could find. I put them in some alcohol and grabbed the petroleum jelly. I went into the utility closet and got some plastic that we had used when we painted the walls last year. I also grabbed some tape.

Ryan was still on the couch watching television with his perky ass in the air. I sneaked up behind him and taped his wrists together. What are you doing? asked a surprised Ryan.

Shut up! I said as I taped his mouth shut. Now, he wouldn’t bother me while I worked. I spread out the plastic on the floor and I carefully rolled him onto it. I lifted his shirt and placed him on his side. I placed his knees on his chest. He was done struggling. Carefully, I ran tape around his hamstrings and his back giving me full access to his hole. It was as open as I could get it. I pulled the reading light onto the floor and illuminated his ass. It was like we were in a hospital operating room.

I slapped him hard on the ass!


MMMMMH! he yelled.



I know he didn’t know the method to my madness, but I knew that when he got smacked, he would bear down. I was hoping that if he did that enough and wasn’t thinking about it, that I could snag the highlighter with the tweezers.

Carefully, I lubed his hole with the petroleum jelly. Again, I think Ryan had just decided to go with the flow at this point. He was silent.

I went down the hall, and I grabbed my old fraternity paddle off the wall. I had pledged a frat, but I had left it my junior year. As I walked back into the living room where Ryan was on the floor, I could see his eyes open wide.


He yelled, but I didn’t care. I raised the paddle in the air like I was playing golf, and I let him have it.

POP! The paddle cracked across his bare butt. A purplish bruise instantly began to appear. I looked at his hole, and it seemed to be opening a little wider. I decided to pop him again.


MMMMMAAAAHHHHMMMMMPPHHH! Ryan responded rocking in his restraints.


Two more in tight succession. His little tight hole was opening. He was relaxing.





On the last pop, Ryan let out a grunt and a scream that I will never forget. For whatever reason, I could finally see the highlighter at the entrance to Ryan’s ass.

I tried to reach it with the tweezers, but they were just a little too small to wrap around the highlighter.

I decided to pop him one more time with the paddle.



The marker was now visible in his anal opening. I grabbed a pair of latex gloves I’d found in the drawer in the bathroom from my pocket, and I carefully placed my fingers to the left and right of the highlighter. I spread open his hole.


No doubt Ryan had never been stretched open like this. Now, he was no Thanksgiving turkey, but his hole was open enough that I could see a little bit into it. I turned my fingers and started to put pressure on the highlighter backing it slowly out of his asshole.

When it was nearly out, I stopped. I took off my gloves and tossed them beside him. I left him tied up and lying there on the floor. It was 5:30 in the morning, and I had to get to bed.

I playfully slapped his ass. If you can get yourself loose, I think you can take it from here, I said. Goodnight.

I placed the reading light back up on the table and switched it off. I turned off the television, and I walked down the hall into my bedroom. I closed the door, locked it and jumped in bed. I left him naked from the waist down and tied up on the floor. If he was still there in two hours, I’d help him.

The next morning, I woke up, and Ryan had placed a new highlighter on the floor outside my bedroom door. There was a note attached. I think your other one was unavoidably lost. Keep this one out of dark places.

I chuckled. He had just been spanked, paddled and ramrodded and still maintained his dark sense of humor. Ryan had a way of doing that.

Thankfully, I don’t know what happened to my old highlighter that ended up scoring a direct hit on Ryan’s asshole. It’s probably in some landfill somewhere. I hope no one finds it.

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