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A Randy Wolcott Adventure
Cedar Creek Military Academy - Chapter 22

by PJ Franklin

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Cadet Private Keith Foreman ...

I hadn’t meant for Richard Wolcott, Randy’s dad, to be able to pry out of me all that I had ended up saying to him about Randy’s school life, meaning all of the under-the-sheet stuff as well. It just came out that way.

He seemed genuinely interested and wanted to know how Randy was doing and all and especially how he was getting along at school from my point of view. Remember, I’m Randy’s age, fifteen. Maybe a few months older; but this happens to me now and again.

I’m a lot taller and bigger than most fifteen year olds and Randy is a little younger looking than many fifteen year olds. So adults end up treating me like a fellow adult sometimes. And I encourage it, I admit. Take advantage sometimes too, but never to hurt anyone.

So despite my age, my big body size kind of led to the moments in the car between myself and Randy’s dad as Randy napped behind us while Richard drove us from CCMA to the Wolcott home for spring break. My dad and I are not close. It’s OK. It’s not a problem. Well sometimes it is, but I can handle it. My father is a good man, but he’s pretty hands-off as a dad. I cope.

In a way talking to an involved father like Richard Wolcott was helpful to me. I actually got a dad’s point of view of his son. I gave him feedback too about Randy and one thing led to another. After it was all out, I felt like Rich Wolcott knew more about his son than Randy thought he did. Especially his sexuality.

Anyway, Randy found out that his dad was on to him, but in a good way. I was very envious actually of that. Otherwise I hold my own with Randy in my own way. I have to. He’s a good guy and he deserves to be treated respectfully, but not too respectfully. I love giving him shit. Love taking him in hand physically and sexually, too.

I think he thinks me like a big brother or at least he sure does drink up my potentially demeaning head ruffles like a little brother who likes having a big brother. And the way he looks at me when he thinks I’m not looking. He’s not trying to be my boyfriend like he is with Jon. That’s all different and will stay that way for my money.

I liked it as Randy had hooked his bare foot and ankle about mine as we sat across from Mr. and Mrs. Wolcott at their home’s backyard picnic table. After months of CCMA food, as good as it generally is, nothing could beat this truly spectacular barbecue meal. Nothing.

I felt like a pig wolfing it down aided by Mrs. Wolcott who kept filling my plate back up which she did frequently. See? Not my fault. Randy did a pretty good job too sitting up on that pillow. I have to admit. I enjoyed hiding his hot, sexy ass. A pretend real punishment too because he wanted it. See? He just turns me on that way the little fucker. We didn’t have time for good sex after, so that still is going to happen, guaranteed.

So, Keith. Tell us about your family, Mrs. Wolcott had asked and so I did. Boring to me, but no biggie. Then afterwards Randy and I helped to clear the table and do the dishes. Surprisingly both Mr. and Mrs. Wolcott were also in the kitchen. I never saw my dad cook or do one dish after a meal. Ever.

Randy was kind of quiet. I think I knew why. It was me who told him that his dad knew what went on at CCMA. He had not talked to his dad directly. He looked preoccupied, but maybe not about that, Hey butthead. You haven’t been this quiet since you ended up at Langston Hall on your first day, I commented.

Can’t a guy be quiet for a change without getting shit for it? he retorted in a way that I knew he was unhappy, You gonna talk to your dad? I diagnosed the problem. He looked at me, Yea. I need to. I’m glad you told him stuff, but it’s not the same. Thanks by the way. I owe you, he said kind of flatly.

For what? I already beat your ass once, but I can do it again if you like, and he looks at me, Maybe later, he said a bit sarcastically. I understood, Dad, can we talk? Randy asked his father after the kitchen was done, Sure, sport. I’ll be in my study, Richard said and then he and Randy’s mom left the room.

I’ll go back to our room. Unpack and stuff, I said, No. That can wait. Come on. You’re going with me, Randy said. I blinked. To be truthful, I kind of wanted to. But neither did I want to horn in on dad and son time and especially not for what was likely to be talked about. Kind of personal you know.

You sure? I asked, Yea. You already know that he knows, bla, bla, bla. Just come with me, Randy said a bit grumpy. I understood how he might feel. I never had to tell my dad shit. He really would not care one way or the other. Probably a good thing.

I followed Randy down the hallway and inside the small warmly lit room. Mr. Wolcott’s study was like a mini-library. Dark wood. Lots of books all arranged on shelves. An old brass telescope perched up on an old wooden tripod and a world globe sitting on top of its own wooden pedestal. It was very dad-like. Big dark wood desk too, Richard sitting behind it with his feet propped up on the top casually.

What’s up champ? Have a seat you two, Richard said pointing to the black leather looking couch to the side. We sat. Randy’s chin resting on his balled up fists, Dad, you and Keith talked. I’m glad you did, but some things need to be said anyway, Randy started dropping his hands to his lap, OK, son. Shoot, Richard said.

I’m gay and will not be giving you and mom grandkids, he said as if he was reporting the ten o’clock news. Just like that. I looked at Richard whose feet quickly came off of the desk top. He leaned far forward onto his desk top now, OK. I won’t ask you if you’re sure. I’m certain you’ve thought this out very well and by what Keith says, you’re happy with it, Richard said looking and sounding like it was no big deal.

Randy looked at him, You’re not upset? Angry? Will mom be upset? Randy asked. OK, now Randy looked more than a little concerned, No. Your mom and I know. We’ve known for a while, Richard said. Randy shrugged, OK. So I guess that’s it. I just wanted to be sure, and Randy stood, Come on Keith. Let’s go back to our room, Randy said not looking at his dad, but he still looked unhappy.

Richard stood, A moment young man. Come here please, Richard said. Then I saw Randy’s red eyes. I felt a little chagrin for witnessing as Randy walked over to Richard head down and as soon as he landed in Richard’s hug, Randy started to sob and cry on his father’s shoulder.

I teared up on my own a little, I’m sorry ... it’s just ... I don’t know! Randy sobbed a little more and then stopped, It’s OK Randy. Your mom cried too once we realized. She just wants for you to be happy. That’s all I ever wanted for you, son, and Randy nodded and then looked back over to me, Hey butthead. Group hug. You’re a part of this too, and motioned me over.

I am seldom lost for words or actions. Even my inactions are strong actions. This one had me by the balls, emotionally speaking that is, so I quickly went over feeling undeserved and a little unnerved as both Richard and Randy embraced me. Randy even pecked me on the cheek, He’s a big ol’ softie dad. Don’t let him fool you, Randy commented.

Keith does not fool me. Keith is genuine and a good person, Richard said, OK dad. You don’t have to get carried away just because he’s standing right here with us, and that landed Randy a smack on his seat from his dad and then one from me, Jeeze! Both of you? but he smiled as one hand rubbed his seat.

I should talk to mom too, Randy then said, Yes, you should. Cry all you like with her, too. She loves that sort of thing, Richard said very respectfully of his wife. This time I thought a mother and son should be alone and said so. Randy agreed and so did Richard. I excused myself and returned to the room above the garage and unpacked.

Randy showed up about a half hour later. Said his mother cried and carried on and said motherly things to her heart’s content and it all turned out fine, Xbox? Randy then asked, Bring it on! I smiled and that’s what we did for the next few hours, played video games.

* * * * *

Cadet Randy Wolcott ...

Well, just an ordinary night at home with the folks with a friend sleeping over. Just like in the good old days of grade school and junior high, right? Sitting on the floor hip-to-hip in front of the T.V. playing Xbox with a really good fellow gamer. Good times, baby!

Every guy invites a same-aged dude home with him whom he’s been having wild and crazy butt sex with him and his buddies at a boarding school. Getting our kinks in with boys older than us. Coming out as gay to daddy and mommy. Sure! Happens all the time across the land, doesn’t it?

I can’t ... no, not again! I blurted out after losing to Keith for the tenth Xbox game in a row, You suck, that’s why, he teased me with a self-satisfied chuckle, Shut up. I’m not in the mood, I said allowing my grump to come out and set the controller down and folded my arms up.

Keith’s arm and hand landed on my shoulder. I impulsively shrugged it off and then instantly regretted doing it, Hey, easy, he said and fortunately just put it back on where we both knew it belonged. I was glad. I didn’t want to be like this. I reached up and clutched at his wrist, I feel like ... I don’t know, I said and it was true, I didn’t really. Whoever does with something like this?

I like your folks. Think they’d adopt me? Keith smirked. I grinned and stared at the opening he had just given me and then jumped in, You’d have to get passed my vote too you know, I said, I doubt it. Two against one. Your folks would love me to death and you know it, Keith countered, Can’t have sex. Incest you know, I said, That’s the best sex stupid. Step-brother sex. Yes! Keith grinned. I sighed. He was right on that one.

Speaking of which, we have some unfinished business, I strongly hinted as I knew that sex with Keith would surely distract me from my still sour mood that losing multiple Xbox games to Keith had laid on me, OK, your bed or mine? Keith asked and I looked over at the two full size mattresses. More or less just like at school,

How about I hang off the chandelier and we have wild circus sex, I giggled. Keith looked up, Let’s see. No chandelier for starters and I don’t have sex with midget clowns, he teased, And why not? You’ve not complained until now! I replied trying not to acknowledge Keith’s admittedly incredibly good jibe as the hilarious image of me dressed up in a cheesy clown suit with a big bulbous red nose nearly making me lose my cool with laughter.

Because I want real man sex, his next retort. He guffawed and I rolled my eyes, Oh, very funny. Like you’re a real man. Fine. No sex for you midget clown bigot! I replied and suddenly his lips pressed to mine. And just as suddenly all thoughts of chandeliers, clowns (midget or otherwise) were gone and I was straddle-sitting in his lap, my arms wrapped around his neck and we were doing some very serious spelunking with our tongues in each other’s oral caves. I’ll say one thing. Kissing Keith is the best idea ever!

I couldn’t stand clothes any longer. I broke the kiss, sat back and started to strip naked without getting out of his lap. He helped me and then I helped him as if it was yet another Xbox competition only I won. I was naked first, but then he was and we got back on track, up-jutting erections nearly touching in the center, but our attentions focused on our mouths again.

His hands gently held me and mine? Mine were all over his to-die-for muscular body. Much like Cory Braverman’s body, just bigger in all the right places including down there between his muscled thighs. Without breaking the kiss I kind of rose up on my knees and pulled his hands around to my bare ass.

He automatically pawed at my ass, greedily too. Like he wanted to molest me. Well, he would have to beg me to not, I wanted it badly now and especially after all that had happened. My coming out to my parents. The ache in my soul that seemed to relieve even when I didn’t even really know that it had been there all raw and unkempt until tonight.

I felt the dry finger slip to my hole and poke at it, Fuck that shit, I kind of growled, got out of his lap and turned around and backed my ass to his knees, What does a guy have to do to get a good tongue bath for his pussy? I smirked. I found out about three seconds later.

Keith reached out and pulled my thighs and ass right up to his mouth, I mean like they were long lost buddies, his bull strong arms holding me up seemingly with little effort. I didn’t have to do anything but moan like a cheap male slut as his tongue licked at my junk and my taint, my hole and inside my hole like it was another delicious barbecue meal in our backyard.

It felt incredibly dirty doing this over dad’s garage. It felt needful and if he needed to fuck me all night long so that my pussy was torn up so that I waddled down to breakfast the next day then that would be fine with me. I was in that bad a shape.

But Dr. Keith knew the cure and then slowly without stopping his oral therapies laid himself and then us back into an obvious 69. Up came his hips and I made a position change and grabbed up his hips the best I could with my drop-and-give-me-twenty-push-up stronger arms and landed my mouth down onto Keith’s boy pussy.

Come to think on it, had we done this before? The big 69 like me and Jon did all the time at school? I couldn’t remember and besides, all sex in the past was like it never happened excepting, of course, you can’t say that you are a virgin any more. If I was anything, I was a slut and whore and butt pirate and proud of it. And ... my dad knew.

Anyway, Keith moaned as loud as I feasted my tongue all over his pretty nice fuck hole, Shit that feels good, Randy, He even paused to say and then went back to dining on my unmentionables. Not too long later he laid back, I can’t any more. My jaw. Shit, how do you last like that? He asked as I was just reaching my full stride giving his taint, balls, cock and butt hole the lickings of their lives.

My head raised up as did my right hand and arm in a glorious fist pump of victory. Finally, FINALLY I found something that evening that I did better than Keith, Just talented I guess, I said with smug satisfaction,

Let me get up. I want to do something, he said and I was ready for a rest. I watched his awesome body rise up like a mini-giant and walk to his duffle where I knew he kept the spanking implements that he had brought with him from CCMA. He drew out his belt. It was a mean sucker too.

If Keith wanted to beat me black and blue clear to Sunday, I was willing, able and ready. He walked back over to me and handed it down towards me, I need a beating. A hard one. You up for it? he asked. I about shit a brick though I should not have been surprised.

I stood up, fists clenched at my side nervously, Are you OK Keith? I asked, No, I’m not. You’re a great kid, Randy. You put up with a lot of shit. You came out to your folks tonight in front of me. You have no idea how brave you are. How fucking cool that was, he stared at me, nostrils flared.

Yes, I had done all that after Keith had done 90% of the heavy lifting. Brave? I run away from wafting dust bunnies swirling around my toes. And yet he was trying, successfully I might add, to make me feel worthy whether I liked it or not.

I took the belt, Over the end of the bed. Your dad ever belt you like this? he asked as I watched him lay down, bare ass up and ready, Yea, a couple times, I said licking my lips anew at his fucking gorgeous ass, all vulnerable for me.

I finally strode to his side, him laying his torso flat on the bed, head turned to the side and eyes closed and me wondering where the hell his mind was right now. What did what I had done that evening no matter its import and emotion have to do with him wanting a belting from me? Best not to ask. Just do as he wants. He deserves that much from me,

OK Mr. Foreman, I gathered my wits, You’re in for it, but good, I doubled up the belt. I saw a small smile on his face that I planned on trying to wipe. I swung and struck gold right at the center. I swung again and again and five more times up and down his ass. I could get used to this real fast.

Keith got up on his elbows now eyes open, That’s it Wolcott. Put your shoulder into it. Cause after you beat the shit outta me you’re going to fucking mess my pussy up, hard, he said, his eyes intense. And here I thought that it was my pussy that was going to get molested and messed up that night. Well, shit. What do I know? I’m always the last to know and then smiled because that is what Keith always says.

I didn’t say anything more. I just put on my best snarl, Get that ass up boy! You’re getting an ass using and you’re going to like it! and then I gave Keith Foreman one hell of a belt whipping. One hard lick followed by the next and enjoying it too!

I had never done anything like this before not even at school. I was triply thankful to my dad for the mini-apartment over the garage because even though I was out to him and mom and they knew their son was having sex with boys and likely with Keith, no parent should listen or overhear as their son talks like a sex-crazed kinky sailor to another boy while he whimpers and moans like a paid prostitute back to him, Harder! Fucking punish my fucking faggot ass, Wolcott, harder! Put some hurt on it! Keith growled at me.

Keith likes to say fucking faggot ass? about himself at times like this? So do I! I pushed myself and Keith to an edge of him screaming for me to stop and me having to stop just in time because Keith’s ass looked like I was using a chain saw rather than a belt, or that was at least how it felt to look at it.

I stood there in a heaving mess of emotions. He finished gritting his teeth, You whip ass good, Wolcott. Now mount my damn pussy from behind and don’t be kind about it. I want your animal, he said.

My animal? Shit. This was serious. My cock was hard, that was not at issue. He perched up his crimson, cherry red beaten ass and wiggled it like a slut at me. I felt this urge. I guess it was the animal thing. I moved behind him like a predator. I grabbed his hips, aimed my dick and then pushed it into him like I was in a hurry to explore his nasal sinuses.

Fucking shit! He yelped but did not move. I felt his ass muscles bitching both him and me out. I let them settle. I looked at Keith’s beet red, wet face. Hell, he was tearing. It wasn’t crying. There’s a difference. He was in pain, but he looked back up at me, That’s it. That’s the one, Wolcott you stud. Now ... let’s get to some hot gay fucking sex, he snarled at me using the G word and so we did.

I pounded Keith’s tight boy cunt with my magnificent member and he pounded my cock back with his strong pelvic replies. I slammed my rod into him again and again so that I knew that by morning we both might even sport bruises from our pelvic bones colliding like they were not meant to. He reached around and forced my hips to slam him harder. Jesus! This was like two Godzilla monsters colliding.

Don’t come in my ass. I want you to slam inside my mouth and mouth-fuck it in, he said. I nodded. That would be so super-hot so that when it was time I said, Got to be now Keith! and pulled out, Keith’s mouth was right there. I pushed it between his lips. He started to suck me to the root and then I exploded.

I screamed. He screamed too because he was fisting his own dick, had been the whole time and exploded with me. It all seemed to last into the next century before it was suddenly over. I was done in. He was done in. I just lay on top of him, wasted. I felt like a sweaty, slippery eel.

Keith turned over and pulled me to his face and we kissed and tongued. He hugged me. I hugged him. Finally it faded, Keith’s arms flapping out to the sides, You sure you don’t want your parents to adopt me? he asked,

I’ll have dad draw up the papers in the morning. You’re hired, and Keith started to laugh and I started to laugh only it hurt my tummy too much and I had to stop, Shower with me. Time to hit the sack you little pervert, he grinned,

Hey, I’m not the one having sex with midget clowns, now am I? I smirked jumping out of bed and then ran for the bathroom just ahead of his attempted smack to my ass, You missed sucker! I yelped. Hey, that was two wins in a row for moi!

* * * * *

Dr. John Mason ...

Talk about curing the blues. Dr. Commandant did it for me. I knew that CCMA was in spring break mode and that most all the boys and many staff would be gone from the area for the week. Did that include Captain Fisher? It could. I would likely now have to renew my relationship with my right hand as likely neither he nor one of his wonderful boys would need to be examed for soundness until school resumed again.

So the phone call that early evening was more than welcomed. I had to stifle the urge to shout Hallelujah! into the phone at Art who invited me over to his place for the usual. But that was just part one surprise of the evening. Part two surprise was waiting for me after I knocked on his cottage door.

The door opened and guess who greeted me. Not Captain Fisher, no. It was Mark Streit, a CCMA cadet lieutenant of my recent acquaintance (in bed that is) and sexy as hell standing there naked. Then part three of the surprise. Standing there naked as a jay bird with Mark was the young cadet corporal, Cory Braverman. Holy Ke-rist!

Come on in John and join our new campus committee on community relations. The boys and I thought you might like to be our secretary or treasurer or something, he quipped as he appeared naked just like the boys. After my head finished bobbing up and down taking in the triply spectacular naked sights before me I whipped off my coat, Seems I’m a bit over-dressed, I gulped with a cheese-eating grin,

Yes you are. Boys? Make the saw bones here comfortable. I’ll be in the front room strategizing, and then disappeared from the door entryway. The boys sidled up to me, one on either side and all I had to do was to stand there and enjoy that my penis was perfectly hard by the time that the boys had me down to my birthday suit,

Much better, I smiled to my right at naked, hot sexy boy #1, Mark, and then to my left at naked, hot sexy boy #2, Cory, I’ll say, Mark gave me a sexy smile and then reaching over grabbed up my dick in his fist and we kissed a short moment on the lips, My turn. Hey doc. How’s business? Cory quipped, Business is ... pretty hard now-a-days, I quipped. He giggled a little and then we kissed. Oh boy. This young man had my attention.

They both did. The kiss broke and I reached for and slowly examined both of their erections for soundness and then grinned, Come lads. We should not keep Fearless Leader waiting, offering arms for each. They took them and we walked around the corner, a few steps to the front room portico and into Art’s presence.

Ah, the troops. You three look good together. I was going to have us all pair up. Now I’m not so sure I should not just direct a threesome, the good Captain smiled, But no. Let’s let chemistry choose for us. What will it be boys?

Don’t take this wrongly, but I felt most comfortable with either Mark or the Captain. Maybe I was just being an ignorant prude to get too intimate with younger Cory or maybe it just wasn’t my style.

Anyway, I was spared the decision as the Captain’s remark about chemistry seemed to indeed hit the mark. Mark’s hand went back to my ass and already he was fingering my anus, turning my face beet red with lust for him. But I did have to at least briefly pause as Braverman boldly left Mark and me behind and headed for the big Enchilada, Captain Fisher’s lap.

Yipes! But did that not look superhot what he just did plopping into Art’s lap and pressing his lips to Art’s like a pro? ... Whap! Spank! ... The two stinging palm blows to each of my buttocks grabbed my attention back as intended,

Care to go over my knee, doc? I’m in the mood to give you some hot spanking and sex tonight, Mark made the first strafing run over my pent-up libido, Which knee? I quipped back, My left one, Mark’s eyebrows flitted up and down. My dick made my decision for me as Mark took me by the hand to the other end of the couch and over I went.

* * * * *

Commandant Captain Arthur Fisher ...

Not all of my decisions are good ones. Some are spectacular, others mind-blowingly genius. I’m just kidding of course. Some of them suck. Not tonight, however. Tonight would suck all right, just in the best ways and positions possible.

The decision to Invite John over with me and the boys to start this year’s spring break week off with a bang or bangings as the case might be was already turning out to be an epic move on my part. I am also very difficult to surprise. Surprise birthday parties are easy to sniff out, but what happened next, even I didn’t see coming until it was there.

He, that is, was there straddling in my lap offering me his sweet-ass lips to kiss. Cadet Corporal Cory Braverman, that is. Now, I’m not a fool. I can also smell a cadet Gold-digger from ten miles away, the wind in the wrong direction. Trying to bed his way into my good graces.

Well, Mr. Braverman, bed yourself away. You’re in my good graces now. Good Lord, yes. As I opened my mouth, young Braverman boldly invaded my mouth with his juicy delicious tongue. He even had the presence of mind to bring my hands for me down to his ass, begging for exploration.

I accommodated the young man’s request quickly and greedily fingered around and finding his back door tickled it lightly at first. He moaned and wiggled his tail for more. I pressed my advantage and he stopped the kiss and shyly looked down, Sir, no holds barred please. Full on frontal assault, he kind of smiled.

I tilted his more than just cute chin up to look at me, A boy of your bold and adventurous style has my vote to make the moves. I want to see what you got corporal. Fire away, I said. Just then somebody else was firing spanks onto bare butt, Mark’s on John’s ass. Nobody knows better than I how much the good doctor enjoys a red ass. Mark apparently does.

Cory looked over with me at the fun distraction on the other end of the couch. He sighed, I’m such a sucker for a good, hard spanking over an older hot boy’s knee, and then looked at me, Or better. A hot man’s knee, he said.

I tilted my head, Are you trying to pander influence with your Commandant using sexy wiles mister? I pretended to chastise him, Yes sir! They teach initiative in command school, sir, he gave me a confident smile.

I nodded my approval, Pander away young man, do as you will, I said and he immediately scooted himself to across my lap facing Dr. Mason who was getting pretty well owned by the good cadet lieutenant, the spanking sounds filling my ears with dick hardening efficiency.

I looked down. Such an ass. John would say, What glutes! and indeed. Thank God for our strictly adhered to CCMA physical conditioning programs. Head to toe and ass muscles included. I then did my sworn duty and raising my palm, spanked the boy’s ass. Spanked it good and then the other side and then all over for a season of pure pleasure.

By the looks of it, Cory’s too. The boy’s head tilted back, eyes closed, right at the pain and pleasure juncture. I was in good rhythm when Mark called over to me, Sir! Let’s make them meet in the middle and kiss while we spank their bottoms beet red!

Thank you likely next year’s CCMA Head Cadet, I mumbled to myself, Make it happen Mr. Streit, I said loudly and all quickly complied with Mark’s fine idea.

* * * * *

Dr. John Mason ...

What’s the saying? Fortune favors the foolish? Well, that’s actually not the real saying, but a movie derivative theme line that changed the original ancient text does it not? Star Trek if I’m not mistaken. A line spoken by Captain James T. Kirk prior to an audacious and foolish attempt to time travel. I never much paid attention to the saying until now that it was clear to me.

It was foolish of me to think that I would not enjoy to the max a fifteen year-old’s lips kissing mine, tongue and all. I did not make the decision. It was ordered not by Captain Kirk, but by Captain Fisher, the good lieutenant’s idea.

Mark spanked me as we kissed. Art spanked Cory, but it nearly was as if Mark and Art were pushed out of the frame. I felt like a pervert now. I felt like I should not be doing this with Cory. And yet the longer it lasted the dirtier my thoughts got. Real dirty. Raunchy dirty.

I wanted to whisk Braverman away and do all kinds of nasty kinky things to his body alone. Him begging me for them. Piss, semen. Ass whipping. Ass ... raping. Me taking the boy in a flurry of sexual aggression and him yelling at me to do it harder, longer.

You OK doctor? Cory asked me. I had worked myself into a mind-numbing sexual frenzy and apparently lost track of him and the palm crashing down on my ass from Mr. Streit, Oh, sorry, I blushed, What’s going on doc? You want to do something else? he asked and before I had a chance to say that we were not allowed,

If you boys want to pair up, I’m game. Lieutenant, shall we? Captain Fisher’s voice, Sure sir! I’m jonesing for a little action with you, he said. That meant I was to pair up with Braverman. Oh, shit.

John, take the young man to my office. Have at it you two. The bedroom is available as well. Mark and I will tarry on our own out here for the next round, Art said. I nodded. I swallowed hard, my dick betraying the fact that I was just half an inch away from making a fool of myself with Braverman. Suddenly I was Captain Kirk.

Hope you like to spank butt, finger and fuck it and anything else you want doc. I’m horny as hell, Cory was not making this easy at all, Um, sure! I stammered a little and then winced at myself thinking he might find me out. Turn me in. Make me rue the day that I even showed up tonight.

Cory actually took my hand down the hallway. Thank God we were passing the bathroom as many of my very kinky fantasies involved toilet seats. The seat down, getting hided in the bathroom with a brush over the knee. The toilet seat up. Well, I didn’t even want to think about that, not with a boy this young.

Wait, he said and then my eyes widened as he led us into the damn bathroom, Need to piss, doc? I do, he smiled, I’ll wait outside, I said, Ah doc. Come on. You’re a doctor. What’s the matter? he looked at me. How does a boy his age know things that he should not like this or that is what my perverse mind was flogging my senses with.

I nodded to try and fend off having to reveal myself to him and not so calmly walked inside with him. Cory lifted the toilet seat, Come on over doc. Hey. I won’t bite ... much, he grinned at me. Shit! I walked over as he handled up his limp penis or it was no more than half-hard and very big at that.

I made the mistake (or genius move if you like) of looking at his penis and licking my lips, I thought so doc. You’re a man of the world of medicine. Urine is clean is it not? I think you’d better get on your knees and get over yourself and get your mouth down in the bowl so you can drink my boy piss.

Maybe this was a movie set. Maybe the director would say cut and admonish the young actor to stop turning my serious film into your own personal porn flick, but no. The part that really irks me is that I could not stop myself. I walked over. I plopped down to my knees and looking helplessly up to him said,

Please Cory. Grip my hair and make me do it. I want you to, came flying out of my adult mouth and into his teenage ears. Maybe he would just laugh and say, Just kidding doc. Get the hell out of here, but he did not.

He gripped my hair, hard and painfully and I almost shot my balls off then, but did not, Open your fucking mouth you big pervert. You are going to drink piss and then you are going to get spanked over my knee with the brush. And then you are going to get anally raped by my young prick!

* * * * *

Cadet corporal Cory Braverman ...

You tell me, but this was way weird what I just said to Doctor Mason. He’s a good guy. A good doctor. He treats us boys with respect and yes, maybe he is on the kinky side of the street, but aren’t we all? Maybe Captain Fisher was right about chemistry.

When I got paired up with him, the Captain and lieutenant’s orders for us, suddenly it just clicked, the chemistry between us. I needed to top him sort of like I did my cadet privates in Langston. He needed me too maybe more than I needed. By the way, I hoped that all of my squad were all having as nice a time as me, but that would be hard to do.

I don’t know. Mason is a doctor. Doctors know about piss. It just seemed he was the type to want to drink piss and get off on it. If I was wrong I was sure I would get redirected or something. He did nothing other than as I wanted.

And the look on his face. Jesus. You’d think I just answered all of his dreams and wishes with the offer to kink it up with him with stupid dumb piss. What’s the big deal anyway? The big clue was him begging me to fist up his hair and make me do it. Perfect. I did and gave his ears a blue streak of lewd words just to be able to say that I said them to an adult who I thought might appreciate them.

He did. That is if his next begging went something like, Punish me Mr. Braverman. Have your way with me. Piss. Anything. Rape my perverted ass, hard. No mercy please, and gosh! Goodness! Talk about worked up. OK, then,

Shut up and open your mouth. I don’t want to hear another word. Less talk and more action DOCTOR Mason, and then he whimpered and then he did, open his mouth. Like a baby bird, tongue way out. I chuckled as I lined up my piss slit and cut loose.

My God. You know what he did just then? He lurched forward and sealed his lips around my cock head and gulped my piss. Yes, you heard that right. He gulped my urine down, his eyes wild. One hand was supporting my junk, his other was flogging his dick. I decided to let him. The man was gulping my piss for God’s fuck sake until he wasn’t.

Suddenly he spat my dick out and then his head disappeared down into the toilet bowl spitting and retching, coughing and gagging some. Hey, I was all for kink. Or at least a little. Had I gone too far and provoked him? I kneeled, Sorry doc, I didn’t mean to hurt you, I said concerned.

No, no. I’m OK. I just got a little overwrought is all, he said at near eye level with me and covered his mouth, My breath must be awful, he said. I proved him wrong or at least I knew to try and landed my lips on his. Yes, his breath was rank of my own piss, but it was tolerable.

He broke the kiss, Let’s ... not. Please. It’s me, and I nodded, You’re not getting out of your punishment and butt using doc, come on! I said and pressed forward ignoring what we had just done, Yes please! Oh God. What have I done? his voice kind of serious and worried as I closed the toilet seat, grabbed up the hairbrush into my fist and then sat,

No problem doc. Where I live, when a guy fucks up he gets an ass beating. Well, after some really boring push-ups. We’ll bypass the push-ups doc and go right to ass beating. Now get over my knee! I said to help him focus, Yes sir! Mason barked and flew over my lap.

I have to say, having never done this before, that having a full on doctor at my beckon call for an ass tanning just as I might with one of my boys was already a very eye opening experience. Funny that I now kind of demoted his ordinary position with me in real life in my mind.

Wasn’t it Doctor Mason that should be hiding me? Pissing in my mouth? Making me do things? Fuck that. Besides, if Mason stuck his pretty darn hot, sexy ass up any further his buttocks would be smothering my face. Speaking of which. I paused to pry his ass cheeks apart and then firmly rimmed his hole with a dry fingertip to see what he would say or do.

My boys whimper when I use them. Keith, Randy, Jon, Travis and Sammy all moan on command when they are properly stimulated in the correct places. Doctor Mason whimpered and moaned and in doing so made my boys seem like amateurs, Don’t stop please Mr. Braverman. I’ll do anything, anything, don’t stop! he said as by now it was my tongue torturing the poor man.

I sat back and chuckled, Doctor Mason. How are you ever going to face me again in the future sounding like that right now? I teased him. Mason’s face blushed. His forehead wrinkled up. I had made a good point and he knew it. His eyes begged me for an answer to my own question. Sorry doc, but there is no answer to that kind of question.

It was then that I thought that I had overstepped some with him, but it was too late. I fisted up the brush, Present, I said though with not quite as much aggression. He presented all right, like a slut, but a nice slut. I started to paddle him and not nicely. I paddled him like I was punishing his adult ass.

And he was taking it, looking back at me just without words, Thank you sir! More sir! Harder sir! his look said and I did and I was correct because for a while there, the harder I hided him, the more peaceful he looked. I finally had to stop. Wow, his ass was now hamburger, Get up doc, I said and helped him.

He gently felt his blasted cheeks with slow fingertip movements and craned his neck to see. He blew out his cheeks, That was a hiding worth having Mr. Braverman, thanks! he sighed, his face red and even wet from sweat-effort, You’re welcome ... sir, I added just to rub it in a little.

He smiled a little, Are we finished? he asked, his face already answered, On all fours doc. Let’s finish properly, and down he went, me too behind him. He wiggled his beet red beaten buttocks back at me, his hole looking up for it as they say.

I moved my hard meat directly into him without any niceties and the good doctor grimaced hard, Shit that hurts, he mumbled under his breath. I ignored him and just pounded the man, pounded him good. REAL good. He got into with me finally and slammed himself back. He fisted up his cock and when I raptured, he did as well. Job well done by both of us.

* * * * *

Cadet private Keith Foreman ...

Getting a good anal using from Randy was way different than getting it from the other guys and certainly not the same as from my cadet corporal. Cory fucks with intensity like a leader should. No nonsense. Get the fuck out of my room before I put you on quad duty.

When I have allowed for the other guys in my squad to get a rare piece of me, I’m still in charge. I had demanded tonight that Randy fuck me, so it was still similar feeling. As soon as he skittered away avoiding my swipe at his ass towards the bathroom I just watched him go a moment.

I could see the appeal for Jon. Jon was smart. He swooped Randy up for a boyfriend for himself nearly from the get go. I should have, but did not. But wasn’t this better? Me more like his big bro with benefits? Probably. I got up and followed him in and by then the hot, steamy yummy shower water was runny nicely.

I love showering with my squad guys. Lots and lots of familiar eye candy. I got in the shower, Hands up on the wall sport, I said commandingly. Randy smiled and did as told. I gelled him up, washed, fondled and fingered him. We both boned up of course. I even trapped him from behind and nestled my soapy-slippery erection between his to-die-for bubble bottom cheeks.

Oh boy. Temptation draweth nigh, a version of the Biblical saying, Randy sighed. I could feel his cheeks squeezing down on my member. Remember we had already exploded our balls pretty good just a few minutes before, Keep that up and you’ll get round two, I said just as his hands came back and pulled my hips into him.

It never stops does it? Guys who are into other guys and especially if you have a special relationship with them as we all now did at CCMA in the cadet corporal’s squad, What about Jon? I asked him just in case I was being stupid and all this with Randy during spring break might backfire.

His humpings stopped, It’s not like we’re getting married. You’re here. He is not. If Jon is fucking some boy right now wherever he is, then I can’t let him get ahead of me, Randy replied. Wow, good answer. A gamer’s answer actually.

But I wanted to be sure so I soaped up my largest, longest finger on my right hand, my middle finger, and deftly swooped it up Randy’s fuck hole. His face grimaced. Soap burns. I know. I’ve done that to myself so many times. Then I swooped it out, I’ll trade you one soapy finger for a nicely clean and well lubed dick back in bed, OK? Randy asked, Deal, I said. God I love this kid.

We hurriedly finished the shower and dried ourselves off. Note, I did not towel dry Wolcott, but I did try to towel snap his thigh. He did me too! We horse-played a bit. It was fun. He giggled. I nearly giggled but avoided it. I’m not the giggling type you know,

Come on butt head. Get the lube and let’s get busy. I’m kind of tired but I can’t let Jon get the drop on me, Randy said, Competitive much? I teased, Shut up, he smirked. Like I said, I love this guy.

* * * * *

Cadet private Jon Knowles ...

I really didn’t want to go home by myself for spring break without the company of one of my squad, preferably Randy. On the other hand, that might be too uncomfortable around my family who are OK with what they know about me as long as we don’t talk about it or there isn’t any visible sign of my tendencies, as my dad might say. Randy would blow that cover instantly of course. Fine. However, I have limits.

My parents just HAD to spend time with their fucking friends, the Chambers. Mr. and Mrs. are just OK. It’s their son, my age, dear Philip. What a dick. Thinks he’s God’s gift to girls and women. Once growing up I had to watch as he ogled some girls on the playground, went over. Said something entirely inappropriate and then bitched to me shortly later when two of them slapped his face and told him to, Get bent!

That was rich. Girls that young telling Philip to get bent, and ironic. I was bent, but not about to let Philip The Rejected know that way back then. Or now. Now I had to endure Philip’s endless questions of me about being, how did he put it? Oh yes, A toy soldier on a fake battlefield, as he characterized CCMA. What a turd. What a fuck face.

I blushed and hated that he saw it, You guys fuck each other much or all the time? Do your teachers bend you over and fuck your asses? Do you beg them for it? Queer bastards.

That was the last two words that I recall, consciously that is, before I felt and heard my dad’s voice as well as Mr. Chambers’ as they pulled me off from on top of dear Philip after I had kicked his ass and bloodied his fucking nose,

Jon! That is enough! What are you thinking? Look at Philip! You should know better! You’re bigger and stronger than he is! God damn it! my dad yelling at me, He’s a fucking queer! I know it. He wanted to fuck me. He threatened to kill me if I told on him!

What ... a ... dick, That’s ridiculous Philip. Just shut up, Mr. Chambers chastised his son who apparently was not entirely ignorant of his son’s less than Christian ways and verbal subterfuge. Dad took me and mom home. I got sent to my room. I knew what was going to happen and it was so worth it.

Dad came into my room a bit later, belt in hand. I got a pretty hard bare butt whipping over the end of my bed that I deserved, again, worth it. He left me alone after that, no hugs or nothing. God I missed Randy. I missed Cory. I missed CCMA right then. I jacked off. It helped sort of. I just didn’t want to go through all this again with moron Philip during spring break, but guess what?

Yes, hardly two days later I would be cooped up with dear Philip again this time in my own God-damned bedroom admonished to get along, but he had had his ears turned red by his dad as well over the last time. Wow, talk about tense boredom. Me and him in my room after what had happened last time.

I was a CMMA cadet. I had poise under fire. I could do this until Philip opened his fucking pie hole, So, did you want to fuck me? Philip asked, Shut up. Why do you have to start? I got in trouble. So did you. Just shut up! I glared at him, but he was not wrong. I so wanted to bend his stupid ass over and ream him out.

I sighed, closed my eyes and put my hand over them wishing I could open them and there would be my cadet corporal ordering me to march the quad for an hour, shower and then prepare for a good hard paddling and then ass-fucking. That I could cope with, nicely too! But not this torture called Philip Chambers in MY room!

I opened my eyes and about vomited. There stood Philip nearly buck naked already, What the hell are you doing? as he tried to hand me the belt from his jeans, Beat my ass. Then fuck me Jon, please, he said. I stood and backed away from him, Nice try ass hole, but then I realized that his dick was hard. What the hell was this? Junior Womanizer, Philip Chambers, has a secret faggot fetish?

I still did not trust him, Fine. Ask your dad’s permission to get a whipping and for me to fuck you while HE watches and I’ll do it! congratulating myself that I slammed that ridiculous door shut, You know I can’t do that. My dad would kill me Jon. You know that. You get off easy. Your dad may not like it, but he still approves of you. My dad doesn’t me, and this was getting serious.

I still just stared at him incredulous at his bravado, and nerve. That his dad was a dick to him was so not my problem either and I felt not one sorry bone for him. He proffered out the belt again, Do you think I really am going to tell my folks that you fucked me? After I asked you to whip my ass? And especially that I asked you to punish me? This is not a trap Jon. I swear it, and I finally snatched the belt from him.

I was not worried about Philip being a bigger dick than usual and then him saying something to his folks. That’s not what boys our age do and besides, his father could be as big a dick to his son as not and would just tell him to stop making things up.

Anyway, I was now willing to see just how far this might go between him and me, Over the end of the bed. No swearing. You just present your ass and you’ll be lucky if you have one after I’m done.

Neither was I worried that somebody might walk past the door, hear, open the door, tell me to stop and me end up getting my ass tanned again. Like I said. I can take punishment and knew nothing else would come of it. This was going to be so satisfying.

Oh Jesus and Mary did I whip his ass. Whipped it hard. Whipped it good. Real good. He had no erection by the end and that was for sure. I finished, Get up. We’re done, I barked. He slowly got up, You don’t want to fuck me? he asked, Sure I do! But you’re not ... you’ve never done that Philip. Anal sex is painful, I rolled my eyes, How do you know what I’ve done before or not? he asked as he craned his neck around and gently felt of his tanned hind end.

I chuckled, You? God’s gift to women? I chided admitting to myself that his ass would be fun to fuck and especially now all red from ass whipping, Can’t I have both? he asked. Good point. I sighed, Fine! I will fuck you Philip, but after that I don’t want any more fucking whining about it!

He got this little smirk on his face, Good. How do you want me? he asked. Oh fucking shit. What a baby. Has to be told every God-damned thing. No wonder his dad doesn’t give him the time of day, On your back like a whore so I can see the expression on your face when I treat you like you treat girls, I barked hoping that it would scare him off.

I was hoping for that, he blurted and the next thing I knew he got a tube of lube, slathered my dick and his hole and then he was on his back at the edge of the bed putting his ankles up on my shoulders. He was serious!

All I could do was look down on him and wish he were Randy. God. Once I got back to CCMA and with Randy I would treat him like Royalty and especially after this new fresh Hell called Philip Chambers. I ended up going easy on him. I think he wanted to pretend that he was now God’s gift to gay anal sex and he was so not. He was more like a good advertisement for avoiding a guy’s anus.

He bitched and complained the entire time. He wanted to kiss. NO FUCKING WAY! But I didn’t say that. I said, Too late! and it was. I shot my load as fast as I could inside of him and came out, That’s it? he said after, Yea. What did you think? I was going to ask your dad for his son’s hand in marriage? I scowled.

OK, OK, he said and then asked, Hey, can I stay over and you can show me other hot stuff? he asked. I stared at him, No, you cannot! Final answer! I said and meant it. Could my life get any more bizarre?

* * * * *

Cadet Corporal Cory Braverman ...

Before we all parted for the evening from the Commandant’s cottage after our early spring break CCMA orgy, Dr. Mason politely asked if we could get together into the future. Captain Fisher was standing there with Mark at the time and told me that it was up to me. I nodded, Yes sir. I would like that, I said and I was serious. Dr. Mason departed. I departed from the Captain’s cottage with Mark.

Mark headed the other way so I went back to my empty dorm room feeling lonely from the get-go. I paced and paced and paced and swore and paced some more. I could not stop thinking about him and no, not Dr. Mason. I was riveted on Captain Fisher. The man is sexy. I don’t think I’d realized it before or not quite like this. Fuck it. I needed more. I left the dorm, ran down the steps leading down from Langston Hall on a bee-line for the Captain’s cottage not giving a shit.

* * * * *

Commandant Captain Arthur Fisher...

It took my lithe mind merely two swift seconds to conjure that after a year with cadet lieutenant Mark Streit at the helm as CCMA Head Cadet that my most likely Head Cadet candidate the year after that would be the boy who just, after I opened my front door, entered (or barged in if you like) and asked Permission to get a hard paddling over that thing in your office and then a harder ass using ... Sir!

I pointed, Get to it cadet Braverman, on the double! I responded without having to think, Sir, yes SIR! he replied and strode purposely down the hallway my dick hardening as I followed. I did not know, nor did I much care just what exactly had gotten under that winsome fifteen-year-old studly cadet-of-mine’s skin. I was focused on his bold request and bolder attitude and stellar initiative.

By the time I reached the doorway there he was. Naked. Bent over my spanking frame. Pretty, even. God, what an ass! I walked in, took off my robe and walked around him to get my paddle. He didn’t even look up, just lay there in position, How many? I asked, Ten sir. Ten good ones, he said. I smiled and nodded.

I made sure that each paddle lick was a thing of beauty for the ears and eyes. Our ears, my eyes. The way his head flipped back with each hard lick. The way his throat groaned. The louder yelps later. The way his beaten flesh quivered, but were stolidly perched up high. The way his cadet fuck hole winked up at me after it was done and his buttocks fairly burnished into a deep crimson.

The way I knelt in back of him, and even kind of roughly parted his beaten cheeks and then treated myself and him to a very long and thorough hind end oral-anal rectal cleaning during which he begged me to, how did he put it? Please fuck my fucking faggot ass, SIR! he asked with firm tones.

Language, corporal, language, I teased him and then did as he wished. I leaned over his still jack-knifed body and entered him, slowly I thought and then pounded his young boy pussy hard and thoroughly during which I watched the expression on his face morph into that place that I’ve seen on only a few boys that I’ve lain with. Something between pure pain and pure ecstasy.

* * * * *

CCMA Cadet Corporal Cory Braverman ...

Now it was OK to be alone in my dorm floor’s large bathroom and bathing facility using up all of the hot, steamy shower water to my heart’s content reliving my recent moments with Commandant Fisher. What a man. I got what I went there for. Attention from THE man. He paddled me raw and then entered me raw with his Commandant’s hard cock.

He had towered over my punished ass, fucked me. Filled me up and then pulled out, Time’s up cadet. I need to get my beauty rest, he said and then helped me up. He did not hug me. I knew not to ask and I was very happy with that, Thank you sir, I said now dressed and at his door, Any time corporal. Don’t be a stranger and say hello to the good doctor when you next encounter him, was the last thing out the door.

I showered and hit the sack. I missed my boys a lot, but at least I had two adult males who could pass the time for spring break. And Mr. Streit as well. What a stud he is. The next CCMA Head Cadet if I were a betting guy. Sleep is welcome now. Nite all!

* * * * *

CCMA cadet private Randy Wolcott ...

My ass had the used feeling now as I cuddled back into Keith’s big, strong arms. Kind of sore and slutty feeling like I liked. I still missed Jon though and wondered how bored he might be back home without me to give him shit.

I fell to sleep. How do I know? Because the next moment I was on my tummy, drool out the corner of my mouth. Keith was on his back next to me. I glanced at the clock. Four fucking AM. It’s spring break. Go back to bed, stupid. Sleep in for God’s sake!

All well and fine until I saw something more fun. Keith’s limp dick. I smiled. Might he be pleased to be awoken with another boy sucking his dick? Let’s find out, so I did. His gentle moan told me all I needed to know as I straddled facing his feet, bent over sucking his soft dick into hardness.

I felt his hands on my hips, Lower your ass. I’m hungry, he said. I did without missing a beat and felt tongue at my back door, the one that he had used a few hours before. Shit. It makes me want to whore my hole out to him again. What will the children think? (Ha!)

His hand roughed up my balls and cock. I moaned, loudly, I want to sleep in. If you need cock, get on your tummy and let’s do it, Wolcott, he said. That’s Keith! Yes sir, I said and did as told. I got on my tummy and he was on me in a flash, Jesus Wolcott, you’re insatiable, he chided me even as his dick pushed inside of me,

Just shut up and fuck. I want to sleep in too, I countered. He chuckled and wiped my self-satisfied grin off my mouth just after. God he fucks hard! I got what I wanted. He did too and me with him shortly later. Sweet sleep-in slumber. The kind that lasts until well after the sun comes up for another lazy spring break day.

A Randy Wolcott Adventure-Cedar Creek Military Academy-Chapter 22, © Copyright PJ Franklin, January 16, 2018

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