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Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher's Son
Part Forty-two

by PJ Franklin

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Copyright on this story text belongs at all times to the original author only, whether stated explicitly in the text or not. The original date of posting to the MMSA was: 23 Jan 2018

Character summary and ages to date: Jesse McKensie-Wolcott is twenty-five years old and Randy McKensie-Wolcott is twenty-four. Their three adopted sons are now Chase and McKensie-Wolcott, both seventeen-years-old and the third is Cody McKensie-Wolcott, fifteen-years-old. Jaxon Hart, twenty-two, University of Nebraska Cornhusker social services graduate. Sammy Johnson, fifteen years-old and Kale Roth, sixteen are the new foster boys.

Jesse had taken all of our sons including Kale with him to our Bed and Breakfast property leaving me at our St. Regis ranch with only Sammy. They would be gone for a few hours and then return for lunch. After our hot little tryst of earlier, Sammy and I both got dressed.

I had business to attend at my small roll top desk in the front room, but didn’t want Sammy to feel like he was just standing about, Can you help by cleaning up the kitchen, doing the dishes and such? I suggested to him and he grinned his eager-to-help approval and quickly got to work.

He sought me out nearly an hour later, I’m done if you want to check, and of course I did. I stopped what I was doing, stood and walked into the kitchen to see what he had done for the hour. The kitchen seemed a lot more spic and span than was the usual, especially the floors. The countertops also showed evidence of being wiped down. Small kitchen utensils and such that never seemed to find a home or always out on counters were all put away.

I even got inside the refrigerator, he said so I opened it to look, Wow, Sammy. Looks great! I smiled as it seemed cleaner inside, Goodness, Sammy. Can I hire you to do this all the time? I teased with an approving smile. I was kidding, mostly that is. Sammy just shined from my praise and it made me wonder the boy never got a word of appreciation or thanks for a job well done even if it was just mundane house work, Just doing what I should, he countered a bit bashfully.

Maybe. But it’s my house and my kitchen and if I want to glory over your good work that’s my business young man. Yours is to enjoy my comments, OK? and he blushed, Yes sir! Thank you Mr. Wolcott, he replied and then he went to shuffling his feet a bit more briskly as if needing to ask me something, What is it Sammy? I asked,

I reckon them that asks around here, gets around here, he repeated our mantra, Are you gonna still be busy, Mr. Wolcott? he asked, hands so cutely jammed in his jeans back pockets, For a bit more yes, but that’s OK. I want to know so out with it boy, I smiled, I want ... that is ... could you go with me into your woodshed? Your boys told me what it’s for and all, and I chuckled having expected some curiosity about our special little building.

OK, what did they say it’s for? very curious of my boys’ impressions, Not sure I should say, Sammy replied. I could honor that. I didn’t want the boys to tattle or say things to Jesse or I that they wanted to keep secret between them as long as it was harmless, Oh come on. You’re dying to tell me. If you don’t, I’m gonna tickle you like Jesse tickled Cody this morning, I aggressively teased taking a step towards Sammy.

Sammy’s eyes widened. He took a step back, hands up, nervously smiling, I hate tickling! OK, I’ll tell. They said the woodshed was for two things. The first is to whip butt when somebody needs a serious punishment, and I nodded, That’s correct, I answered, And the other ... well, it’s when a guy wants a good hard using. A whipping and then a good long ass eating and then a hard corn-holing, Sammy said with a nice big blush.

I quickly recalled that Sammy had earlier said that he had used dildos on himself, but did not mention having had anal sex with a real penis. Not to mention I had already eaten the boy’s pussy out as well. He sure seemed to enjoy it and I sure would like to do it again.

I tried not to laugh out loud for his enthusiastic description of his interpretations of my boys’ impressions of the shed and barely succeeded by limiting my reaction to a big smirky grin, Correct again, Sammy. Seems like you got the right information. Except my sons are naughty and horny little devils and that’s the only two things they’re going to ever get inside the shed. You and Kale might be want to do something different if you like, I offered.

That seemed to only get Sammy’s wheels turning all the more, Nothing a lot different than we already done, Sammy said still in foot shuffling bashful mode. It was a good look for Sammy, one I was sure I would never or rarely see on Cody, Zane or Chase again.

It’s OK buddy, you can tell me, I softened my approach and then looked at his crotch. Whatever he was wanting was turning him on something fierce which made me smile a bit more enjoying his enthusiasm.

I ... well, when you used your tongue in my butt hole, I loved that. I want more please, he said looking up and down at me very anxiously. The idea of eating out Sammy again and maybe so in the woodshed as well made my cock stir up more than just a little bit,

Let me finish up my work and then we’ll check it out together and if you’re still in the mood for what you want, I’ll be happy to do that with you again, Sammy, and watched as Sammy’s eyes brightened up, Yes sir! Thank you Mr. Wolcott, he grinned.

You can stay with me or explore the property if you like, Sammy, and he nodded, Won’t I be underfoot if I stay with you, sir? he asked, No Sammy, I replied. Sammy nodded and followed me into where my desk was.

I set about with my boring work as Sammy perused our book collection on the other wall, sat and read quietly. It took me a lot longer than I wanted to finish my work, but finally I did and turned my head to look at him doubting that any of my boys would have sat so patiently for so long in the room, Sorry about that Sammy, I sighed, I’m finally done. Still up for checking out the woodshed? I turned my head.

Sammy put down one of several books he had been checking out, Yes for sure! he grinned, Come on then cowboy, let’s go see, I popped up and Sammy came right over to me as I strode from the room. I walked briskly out of the house, Sammy right at my hip all the way across the yard to the woodshed door.

Sammy but cautiously entered into the small space sort of like he was going to explore a magical cave or something. I admired it anew for myself after closing the door behind as my family had not had much time to use the space as intended.

Sammy’s eyes wandered about the small space and then seemed to settle on the sawhorse first. He slowly walked over to it. He reached out and ran his hand over the horse’s top cross piece sort of like he was touching something sacred, his respect showing through.

Sammy then turned and looked closely at the two well-oiled antique leather strops hanging up on their hooks on one shed wall, the other implements on shelves besides, Go ahead and handle each one if you like, and he nodded, but winced a little at the strops,

I don’t think I’m ready to play around with them, yet. They look painful, and I nodded, They can be yes, I replied. Sammy skipped touching either strop and then turned his attention instead over to the other spanking implements on the small shelves beside the strops.

He but glanced at me, his expression solemn before picking up both of the hairbrushes for brief inspections turning each over from the bristle sides to the business sides though he did run his palm quickly over each bristle side. He set the brush down back into his place and then picked up one of the paddles by its handle.

He turned it over and back briefly, running his palm up and down the long smooth surfaces and then fingered the two row of holes, Gosh. I think I seen one just like this in the school principal’s office once. Holes and all. Why do they put holes in it Mr. Wolcott? he asked me,

They say it’s to cut down on air resistance I think, Sammy. Make better contact and all, I conjectured because I truly did not really know why the holes were there. Sammy nodded his understanding as he carefully put the paddle back in its place.

Then Sammy’s eyes settled on our smaller leather implements including a nice short strap and especially on the two stout belts, brown and black. He zeroed in on the black colored beauty, a favorite of Jesse and me.

Then he really started to chew his lips carefully looking at that black belt, its length and even gently fingered its pristine smooth and unblemished edges, I reckon this here can tan a boy’s bare behind like there’s no tomorrow, he said and then tried to double it up I suspect in the way that his mind imagined it being used that way.

It was an awkward attempt to say the least and he looked a little vexed of it. I walked to his side, Let me show you, I said and he handed it to me. I quickly got it doubled up into a proper shape and then smacked my other palm with it, Like that, Sammy, and held it out back to him.

He looked at it in my hand and chewed a bit on his lips. We were only standing a few inches from each other, Thanks, but you keep it, Mr. Wolcott, as his palms instead reached back and started to slowly rub up and down his denim covered backside looking intently curious,

Reckon if a boy had to get his backside naked and then got a good whipping with that there belt and maybe a good tongue using on his butt hole. All that sure seems wonderful, he said with lip chewing reverence.

Soon as that boy gets them jeans off with his undies too, he can feel this belt licking some sizzle onto his butt and feel a tongue pleasuring his hole, I replied, Everything off? Sammy anxiously asked as his knees came right up and his hands removed both sneakers, Leave your T-shirt. It’s a little chilly in here, and it was.

Let me tell you, nothing much beats the sight of a boy’s naked erect penis jutting proudly out from under the front hem of his white T-shirt, the tip looking a bit wet from excitement. This was not even to mention the way that the back of the T-shirt hem must curve up barely covering the tops of that boy’s naked bubble bottom cheeks, You gonna use that saw horse, Mr. Wolcott, where naughty boys rightly belong in this nice woodshed?

I allowed myself a little smirk, Are you a naughty boy, Sammy? I teased him. His lightened blush deepened quickly, I got me dirty, indecent thoughts, Mr. Wolcott. Really dirty, he blurted, face winced up half with genuine worry, but the other half seemed to be devilish cheek, both making me smile.

I also gave Sammy credit for daring to voice his mind as he had, Dirty thoughts huh? OK out with them, boy, tell me, I dared him and then watched his eyes watch me smack the leather belt in the palm of my off hand for playful emphasis.

Sammy sighed kind of guiltily, Stuff Cody told me about what he does with his daddies, you and Mr. McKensie. Oh this should be good, All right Sammy, what dirty notions did my son put into your head? I asked.

He sighed again, shoulders slumping as if with resignation Oh ... he had to go and tell me how him and his brothers have lots of sex with you and your husband. He even said him, Zane and Chase eat out ... um ... eat out your butt holes and they even fuck you guys! and then Sammy’s eyes got big as if he just said something wrong (which he did not),

I mean he was all respectful and all, Sammy quickly added, He really likes it with you. Says you do too. I guess I can understand why, Sammy finished up his bashful speech, Can you? I asked him. He looked at me, Well ... well yes Mr. Wolcott. I mean I ... and he stopped himself short,

Go on. It’s OK, just say it, I encouraged him. He gulped, I thought about it some already. How it would be to do them things with you Mr. Wolcott. Your husband too! Just like Cody says.

Play your cards right, Sammy, and maybe you will, I teased, Now boy, you know what’s next? I said and smacked the belt onto my palm, Tanning and using? Sammy replied seeming more relaxed and very eager, That’s right. Go on over and straddle the saw horse.

His eyes widened and he nodded. I walked with him to the horse and Sammy got himself into position. His cock was hard as nails and jutted forward as he angled down his torso to the cross-piece. I quickly reached under his bare tummy and fisted up his erection with my free hand, Ohh, Sammy moaned as I gently masturbated him.

Tail nice and high now, Sammy, I said, Yessir, he said a little breathily as I continued to wank his hard peter. Sammy pushed his bare naked bottom up higher. Then raising the belt I smacked the center of his ass with it. Sammy grimaced, Hurts ... but not too much, he said swallowing hard, You said a tanning, I reminded him.

Yes. A hard tanning, he added, Look at me, I said and he did and his eyes looked far left and up as I raised the belt again and swooped it down ... WHAP! ... A searing, stinging swipe that reddened his inexperienced butt cheeks. His face grimaced again. Then I laid on four more, up and down his ass and upper thighs, I’m a naughty boy! Sammy whimpered quite loudly. I could see the belt licks having their intended effect, my fist having to work a little harder to keep his penis hard.

Yes you are, and gave him four more pretty nice licks before I stopped and masturbated his penis yet again, Oh the sting feels real good Mr. Wolcott, he said with a grimace, I’m glad. You took that well. Ten more, hard. Then I am going to eat you out, Sammy, I said, OK, he nodded.

I let go of Sammy’s penis this time, stood back some and then laid on the promised ten. Not terribly hard, nor especially soft. Just firm, each making a nice sharp, snapping sound. At the end he was biting down on his lower lip.

I quickly put the belt back and then moved to in back of Sammy’s red, welted bottom, his thighs nicely parted. His anus in full view. I moved in closely, opened my mouth and then carefully and slowly rimmed his anus with my tongue tip, Mr. Wolcott! he chirped, his hips angling up. I pressed my advantage and pierced his anus with my tongue and slowly moved it in and out deeply. Delicious!

Ohhmmm! Sammy moaned. I could feel his body shiver. I reached around and fisted up his cock, the tip frankly wet with pre-cum and slathered it on his shaft gaining more whimpers of pleasure as he humped his own cock in my fist a bit. Just then the shed door opened, Oh there you guys are, Jesse said. Sammy stopped humping.

I looked up and Sammy looked over as Jesse and Cody entered the shed. Sammy went to get up, No Sammy, it’s OK. Stay put, I reassured him. He did, Well this looks mighty fun! Cody smiled and came closer, Having fun with Daddy Randy? he asked Sammy, Sure am, Sammy said albeit a little disconcerted for the interruption.

Zane and Chase are taking Kale to town with them to get supplies before Jaxon arrives. I had Zane drop Cody and me off right at the highway. That’s why you didn’t hear anything. The woodshed is the last place we looked for you guys, Jesse explained as he sidled up to me, Cody squatting down to Sammy’s eye level.

You sure look nice on the horse, Cody grinned to Sammy, Thanks, Sammy said. I turned my head just in time to intercept Jesse’s lips with mine, Oh, oh. There they go, all kissing and stuff, Cody smirked his comment out loud behind our backs. There was a short pause, I think it’s hot and ... really wonderful, Sammy said I thought with sincerity.

I didn’t need to nor want to turn to look at Cody’s reaction to Sammy’s compliment. I could feel my son’s smiling agreement with Sammy. Besides, by now I had turned my body and was hugging Jesse into me and he was hugging me into him, We had fun with Kale. He seems to fit in nicely. How you been with Sammy? Jesse asked me after the kiss parted,

Been a good time. Sammy is a good boy, I replied and we turned to look at Sammy, still bent over on the horse and Cody squatted next to his head. The boys smiled back up at us. Then I felt Jesse’s hands slide down to my hips, and then his fingers curling around to my ass.

His lips came close to my ear, I been thinking about you the whole time I was at the B and B with the boys this morning, he hissed intently getting my attention, Oh? I replied a bit bashfully, Yea, been thinking I need to take my man in hand, treat his hot boy ass to some hot action. Now I shivered and felt a big blush coming on. I loved it when Jesse was in the mood to control the action between us.

Look at ’em, Sammy, Cody said taking our attention, Daddy Jesse is all riled up to get Daddy Randy over his knee, eat out his fine ass and then give him a big, hard ... Cody, mind your own business naughty boy! Jesse interrupted his mouthy son with a nice and mostly playful little fatherly scowl.

Cody was very used to his dads’ verbal chastisements and offered just a tiny, cute tongue wagging smirk back at Jesse, Not you Sammy, Jesse quickly added to make sure Sammy did not think that he was being inappropriate,

Baby, we interrupted you and Sammy. Cody and I can leave, Jesse then quickly offered to me. Gosh. I wanted my husband badly, but I didn’t want Sammy to be abandoned, Sammy? Is it OK if I turn your play time with me over to Cody? I asked looking at him.

Of course Mr. Wolcott. If it’s OK with Cody, Sammy replied, Oh, I’m good with it. Now let’s see. Daddy Randy was eating your sweet ass out. Wow. See, Chase, Zane and me ate out Kale today in the barn at the other place. Boy did he like it. Do you like it too? Cody asked Sammy, Sure do! Sammy replied looking quite pleased with Cody’s offer.

Jesse and I smiled at the boys as Cody moved to in back of Sammy’s still upturned ass and knelt behind, OK, you two are excused now, I’ll take care of Sammy, looking at his fathers with an unwise smug expression, Excused? Jesse renewed his fatherly smirk, Boy, I think you need more spanking time over your daddy Randy’s knee. Just not now. Your fathers will now take their leave. Have fun! Jesse said, clasped my hand hard into his and walked us out of the woodshed closing the door behind.

Jesse grabbed me into a tight hug again and we kissed with tongue right there standing as we were just outside of the woodshed door, my cock hard as nails and solidly pressed into my man’s body. His cock was the same and pressing back. Jesse gripped my arms tight, the kiss feeling unusually strong and passionate rivaling some of when we were love-crazy teenagers years before.

What’s got into you? I asked after the kiss parted, the question I knew, quite unnecessary, Shut up, Randy. Don’t want to hear anything from you right now except yes sir and no sir, his hot voice scolding up my lust meter very high!

Yes sir! I said feeling oh so nice and submissive now. His hands and fingers intently caressed my face, That’s better boy. As far as what’s got into me? I don’t know. I took a look around me at our boys and Kale today at the B and B. I thought to myself. I didn’t do this, Randy did. Randy brought all this love into my life. You, yourself. All of our boys and now more boys with Jaxon. How do you do it?

His question was rhetorical of course; but it was his praise that took my breath away. I felt bashful now. I didn’t do all that without Jesse. Impossible! He held me just a few short inches away from his reddish eyes, his emotions high and stilled,

Wasn’t just me, I finally had the nerve to reply, It’s us, Jesse. Us, I swallowed thickly. His eyes looked at me, I overheard my boys talking about us today. Almost made me cry. The love they feel, really feel from us, their dads. And boasted to Kale and were serious, he said and then resumed hugging me tightly and me him.

I sighed. Jesse sighed. We were in a not so much rare moment as one that didn’t happen quite this spontaneous is all, Which is why I promised myself to come back here and treat my man to what he likes, hot sex. A hot red bottom and a sore bottom hole, Jesse said. I felt my mouth break out into a huge grinning smile, Yes SIR! I said brightly and excitedly.

Then we heard giggling and some spanking sounds and more giggling coming from inside the woodshed. Jesse smiled at the door and then at me, Let’s leave them boys to their own things. Come on, you’re with me, took my hand and I followed at his hip headed for the barn.

Just inside the barn entrance, he stopped and turned me and put his big work roughened palms solid up on each of my shoulders, When was the last time I got after your sweet ass trussed up with rope or over a bale? he asked.

Or better yet roped over a saw horse, I turned my head and mumbled the words out the corner of my mouth trying to be cheeky to him, What did you say? he asked, his palms suddenly on my face making me look at him like I was a naughty child, Nothing, I cheeked back with a grin knowing for sure he heard what I said.

Then Jesse’s hand clamped onto my chin, Don’t you cheek me, boy. Say it, he smirked. My God, this was what I had done with Sammy a little while before and just as exciting. My heart was pounding with furious sexual electricity, lust and danger, No sir, I said, wanting to feed the danger.

Stubborn huh? I’m not afraid to take your pants down right here and spank your bare behind over my knee my naughty young man, Jesse’s words making my cock hard with need as he pressed his forehead into mine, his hands clutching at my sides. I could feel his hot, sexy breath on my face. Oh God I wanted him to do it so bad, just lord over me and make me red and sore however.

I said nothing, just stared at him. Adored him, You are so in for it. I know what you need and you’re gonna get it, he took my hand and suddenly we were headed out of the barn and straight for you know where, the Hickory tree, No! Not a switching, I said impulsively because that is what you say to really turn men like us on.

Oh yes. A good hard whipping is what you need, Jesse said, Please Jesse no. I’ll behave, I promise! I continued the play acting giving him just a little resistance, Too late mister, he smirked and started to walk faster. I made sure to catch up to him stride for stride the best I could, but it wasn’t so easy on account of my erection making me waddle some, but I said nothing more until we got to the tree.

Cut two, he said flatly pressing his pocket knife into my fist, but instead of standing back, he swiveled to hug me firm from behind to watch. I loved this, him hugging me from behind sharing this time and activity with him.

Loved having him right there as I reached up for the first good candidate, his fist pawing at my tented Wranglers in front. I quietly giggled my pleasure as I concentrated on preparing the fresh green limb, Hmm, yes, looks good. Has to be prefect for my perfect man, Jesse praised.

I blushed. More praise that I didn’t think I deserved, but accepted as his love for me, his husband. I reached for the next one, You are so getting a whipping and a lot more, he said as I started on the second one. I did not reply. I just enjoyed what he said, my dick did too! I finished it and he took it from me as he had the other one, Good. Excellent. Back to the barn, he said, nuzzled my neck with a kiss and then took my hand into his.

As we walked back I turned and looked at Jesse. So handsome and young looking still like when we were teenage boys together or maybe it was my mind playing tricks because this man would always be a young teen Adonis to me. He looked back at me, leaned over and pecked my nose tip, Such a handsome man, so young and vibrant, he said softly. Cue more blushing on my part.

We had nearly reached the barn door just as the door to the woodshed flew open and two boys rushed out laughing, Sammy chasing Cody towards the house and not even aware of our presence nearby, Come back here you little shit head! Sammy laughed and as they approached the house, Try and catch me booger brains! Cody replied just before they disappeared inside.

I just grinned, so did Jesse and then we were at the barn door again, You only got one choice, bale and overhead or saw horse, he said. I shuddered with lust. Both had their appeal, but the overhead with bale, wrists bound behind had my attention, Overhead and bale, I said with a shiver of hot lust.

Come on, and took my hand. We quickly set up the overhead block and tackle over the bale slinging the rope over the barn’s high cross-beam above. I would strip naked, kneel on the crusty bale top and wrists bound behind, Jesse would truss me up all deliciously helpless to punish and use me like that.

Strip naked with me, baby, he said. We helped each other off of clothing, our pricks steel hard and drippy. Just looking at him, if he wanted to forget the rest, bend me over and fuck the shit out of me would be fine by me. But I wanted all of it so I climbed up on the bale, the gritty hay edges prickling the skin on my knees.

I put my wrists back to my lower spine just above my ass and Jesse bound them with rope nice and firm. Then he gently tugged on the other end of the rope pulling my arms and shoulders up, hobbling me like I liked. I leaned way over, torso down on the bale, my ass high up, thighs spread, dick and balls dangling. My ankles were just off the edge and my head carefully turned to the side so that it didn’t touch the bale proper.

I felt so vulnerable, even sexy; but I also felt safe and cared for. Jesse could do anything he wanted to me now and I liked, even loved the feeling of being his boy toy and sex object, Oh Jesus, so sweet and tasty looking. I have to do this some first! he said referring to my exposed boy pussy.

I felt Jesse lean down behind me and his wet, moist tongue started to lap at my taint, balls and then slowly rimmed around my pussy hole, Jesse! I moaned. Oh it felt so good. His hands pawed at my balls and masturbated my cock lightly as his tongue then started to penetrate.

In and out, so slowly, driving me insane with hot sexy feelings and erotic need. In and out. All I could do was close my eyes, be still and enjoy this oral-anal delight from my husband. He stopped. I figured he was fixing to take up a switch and start in with my whipping,

Get in here both of you, I heard Jesse’s reproving voice and caused me to crane my head around the best I could, Sorry daddy. We just wanted to watch some. We’ll go away if you want, Cody’s voice.

Randy? Jesse asked me. I kind of chuckled at him asking me for permission for the boys to stay, me all trussed up like a prisoner in front of them, Well, if they stay they have to help you, I grinned at my genius spur-of-the moment decision trying mostly successfully not to feel embarrassed in front of Sammy, I agree. You boys willing to help pleasure daddy Randy?

Yes sir! they both chirped. I was glad. It helped me to relax. This would be pie simple for Cody as usual, and a nice fun learning experience for Sammy, Oh man, Daddy Randy’s hole is delicious. You should try it, Sammy, Cody suggested. I smiled. I knew Sammy had wanted to do this and I had wanted it from him.

Suddenly I was surrounded by one naked husband and two naked teenage boys the same age of fifteen. Sammy sidled up to my rear end, his hands firmly alighting on my bare ass preparing to pleasure me with his tongue. Cody came to my front, leaned way over to my head level and then pressed his lips to mine for a hot sexy kiss.

Our mouths opened and tongues started to swirl. I could feel Jesse’s big hand molesting my balls and cock just right as well as tweaking my nipples so hotly. Then I felt Sammy’s hot breath for the first time, That’s it Sammy. Nice and slow. Take your time, Jesse’s encouragement.

Then I heard Sammy giggle a little and then I felt his moist tongue tip flirt with my hole just a little and then suddenly, a lot. Oh boy did he get into it, rimming my hole just like he had done it many times.

That’s it Sammy. You’re doing it perfect, go for it, Jesse urged him on, Oh yes sir, Mr. McKensie! Sammy paused and then did it. He rimmed me with confidence and that tongue tip of his then plunged right inside of my hole and deeply too, Sammy! Oh that feels so good, I paused my oral action with Cody, You’re doing great Sammy. Daddy Randy looks to be really enjoying it, Cody encouraged.

You’re so hot daddy. I just have to get my dick inside of that sweet boy hole of yours, Cody hissed into my ear, Sammy’s tongue driving me wild with need, Jesse’s fist edging my needy hard dick, I want you in me son, too, I replied kind of breathily, Every one stop now. Time for daddy Randy to get punished, Jesse’s voice commanding.

Don’t worry Sammy. It’s not real punishment, it’s just how we like to say things when we play, Cody explained to Sammy. Cody stood. No more tongue for me at least for a while, Oh God Sammy. Them switches looking mighty painful. Daddy switches us sometimes, really hurts good. Teaches a boy to behave, Cody said to Sammy.

Now don’t go scaring the boy, son, Jesse admonished Cody, Yes daddy, Cody said toning it down some, Stand the other side boys, Jesse said. I sighed. Here goes. A whipping for me ... memories of our Hickory tree back at the Burwell ranch in Nebraska flitting quickly across my mind.

Two young teens, fooling around with switches on each other’s young bare bottoms, Jesse and I. Sometimes those switches in Pa McKensie’s fist for real painful punishment making both of us very sorry. Pa knew how to lay down the law with those painful rods of discipline when required.

The searing pain across my bare ass just then brought me back to reality. Then four more peppered my ass. I gritted my teeth. I didn’t want to yell for fear of scaring Sammy. Then Jesse’s hand, smoothing over the welted sting, Sammy, come feel daddy Randy’s ass welts, Jesse instructed.

Sammy sidled up and I felt his hand softly touch them, Feel really warm, Sammy said, Now Sammy, you don’t have to, but this is when daddy Randy likes to have cock in his mouth. Want to try? Jesse asked Sammy. Oh Jesus yes. I so wanted Sammy’s cock filling my mouth.

Yes sir! Love to! Sammy said. I smiled as Sammy came to my head. I turned as he approached my mouth with his erect cock head. I closed my eyes and opened my mouth. Sammy carefully pushed inside, slowly. I closed my lips around it and started to tongue around his head, Oh yea, Sammy’s voice smiled his pleasure, Now gently mouth-fuck him. Cody, you play with daddy Randy’s nips and keep his cock hard, Jesse instructed our youngest, Yes sir daddy Jesse, Cody replied.

There I was, all trussed up, shoulders aching a little, ass still stinging. My mouth was full of boy cock, Sammy gently fucking it in me, Cody’s fingers making me wince and smile all at the same time. And then that switch started to work again.

I groaned and yelped with my mouth full of cock as Jesse was giving me the dickens now. It hurt. It hurt so bad and then felt so good as the heat was getting into my butt hole and my dick. I lost count and almost spat out Sammy’s erection and then Jesse stopped again, Look at that hot hole between those punished cheeks. Who wants to eat daddy pussy? Jesse asked, I do! both boys said in unison and then laughed.

I didn’t laugh, but I sure could smile, Cody, you go first. I’m gonna be busy up at daddy Randy’s head, and there was Jesse’s mouth by my ear, You hot fucker. You are so going to be getting a lot of cock very soon, he said, Now kiss me, he said next and his lips found mine as my mind still reveled in the idea of three boy cocks all fucking my punished ass one after the other.

Boy, you sure can eat ass, Cody. I couldn’t last that long, Sammy commented after Cody stopped, Just takes time and practice. Your turn, Cody said behind me. Jesse finished the kiss, Not yet Sammy. This man needs more punishment. I want you Sammy to spank daddy Randy with your hand, Jesse instructed.

I took a deep breath. I wanted this badly for Sammy and for myself. I felt Sammy’s palm rubbing my welted ass softly and then the spanks came, That’s it. A bit harder! Jesse said, Oh this is so hot! Cody commented as Sammy’s palm easily started to sting and burn, OK, stop. You like doing that? Jesse asked Sammy, Yes sir. I hope it felt OK, Sammy wondered out loud, Just right Sammy. I liked it a lot, I said.

I think we need to get daddy Randy un-trussed. Bet his shoulders have had enough, and I nodded, Yea, I’m getting pretty uncomfortable, I admitted. The boys untied me and helped me to stand, the hay prickles having had their way with my knees as well, Come here Sammy. Group hug, Jesse said.

Four naked males hugged tightly together. Jesse facing me chest-to-chest. Sammy to my right, Cody to my left, arms all hugging. Lips kissing, Cody, kiss Sammy, I asked, Oh yes sir, and Jesse and I leaned back some as their two mouths came together as we watched, You taste good, Sammy told Cody, So do you. So does Kale, Cody commented and then they locked lips again.

Jesse motioned me with him to the side and let the youngers munch mouth on their own a bit, How’s your ass? Jesse asked me quietly, Could do with some more, I replied, I figured, he said and then turned his head, Cody. Sit on the bale. Daddy Randy is going across your knees. You know what to do. Sammy, you can help Cody. Just do what he tells you. I’ll watch, Jesse said, Now go enjoy husband, Jesse told me. I just nodded my appreciation for his efforts. I walked over, my prick upright and very happy with things.

I leaned over to kiss Cody and we kissed briefly. I looked at Sammy, You OK, Sammy? I asked, Yes sir Mr. Wolcott. But this is like a dream come true. Men having fun together. Nobody angry and yapping about sin and how boys should never be touched like this, Sammy commented. I nodded and then slipped myself across my youngest’s lap as we had done many times before.

I felt my son’s palms smooth up and down my skin as I distributed my body weight just right, Look at this hot switched ass, Sammy. Want to do anything with it? he asked, Oh yea. Need to eat some out again, Sammy said which made me smile, Daddy Jesse? Maybe put your cock in Daddy Randy’s mouth? Cody suggested.

I smiled and soon my mouth was full again, this time with my husband’s penis. Sammy ate me out again. Jesse mouth fucked me as Cody’s hands busied on my penis and squeezed my balls just right, OK, time for spanking, Cody advised and the other males backed off. I pushed my ass up high for him, See this ass Sammy? It begs for spanking, and I nodded my agreement, Can I take a turn after? Sammy dared to ask, Yes! I said and Jesse too and we laughed as we said it at the same time.

It was spanking time. Cody spanked me just right as he always does. Spanked and soothed. Spanked harder and longer and then soothed and played with my butt hole. More spanking and then he stopped and changed places with Sammy. I slipped myself across Sammy’s knees.

Being spanked by Sammy felt different. He was not confident, but who would be the first time? He did a great job. I enjoyed every smack. He even directed Cody to eat me out and Jesse mouth fucked me some as well.

OK everyone. Stand. Rest. Then it’s time for ass using with cock, Jesse said. Cody fetched us all water to slack our dry mouths. It was appreciated, You having fun, Sammy? Cody asked him, Sure am. Sure feels natural too. I’m going to love living at the other place with Jaxon and all, Sammy said.

I won’t say that having one horny husband and two horny fifteen-year-olds fucking my greedy man pussy is ordinary. It’s not ordinary, no matter what else. But in a way it is. Ass fucking takes no brains at all; but it sure feels good being fussed over like that. Cody went first, his usual enthusiastic ass-reaming confident and raptured inside of me, So good! he said as he finished and pulled out.

Sammy went next. I was perched back up on the hay bale on all fours, cock in my mouth at all times. Cody’s at this point. Sammy’s effort was a bit stilted, but this was his first time fucking another male. I felt honored. He seemed to finally get into it and when he peaked, he screamed like a banshee and then apologized after. We just laughed.

My turn, Jesse said next, You boys kiss daddy Randy. Keep his attention up there, Jesse said. The boys’ heads appeared down at eye level, Both you boys are wonderful. Sammy, you done great! I praised him and then winced, Jesus!

Jesse had just pushed inside of me without any niceties at all, That’s it daddy, take that cock, Cody said, Kiss him, Sammy, Cody directed. Jesse started to pound my pussy hard and fast as Sammy’s lips met mine. His hand wrapped about my head and neck and he really put effort into this end of things as Jesse was slamming his cock in and out of me, Oh God in Heaven I love you Randy! Jesse blurted and then he raptured.

Jesse finished and pulled out and I turned and flopped down onto my back never mind the hay bale prickling my back, Go down on your dad, Cody, Jesse told our son, Can I try too? Sammy asked, Of course, Jesse smiled his answer.

So I had two young lads taking turns preparing to pull semen out of my balls. I used my hands just to run fingers through their sweat-wet mops of hair, Sammy’s and Cody’s. Those little fuckers if they didn’t turn it into a circus, fingers poking into my sore hole some, mouths on my prick and soon enough I was the one screaming like a little girl, my rapture the ride of my life.

On the walk (or waddle in my case) back to the house, Cody and Sammy rushing ahead to get hot, cleansing showers first I had my husband’s hand locked into mine, fingers intertwined, Not bad, I said and he grinned, You’re full of shit. That was the best ever and you know it, he said proudly of his efforts, Next time in the shed, he added, Yea well. You’re getting it good in the shed as soon as I have a mind, I said.

Jesse blushed. It was time to return to our normal, my sexual battery fully re-charged, Thank you baby. Including the boys was so nice, and we pecked kisses and got inside the house. As soon as we did, the phone rang. Jesse picked up and listened saying little, Oh shit, he scowled, We’ll be over in a bit. Thank you Cal, and hung up.

Cal? Cal Hanson was the main Mineral County sheriff. My heart went to pounding and not in a good way, Boys are in a bit of trouble. Them stupid red-necks set off Chase. Everyone is OK, nobody hurt, Jesse said looking very unhappy.

I rushed over and we hugged, It’s fine baby. We’ll go to town and get it figured out. Not like it hasn’t happened before, and it had. The verbal abuse our boys sometimes took from local young ruffians. As always, it brought back the uncomfortable feelings from times now long past at the Burwell, Nebraska ranch before Tommy King and us all became the best of friends.

* * * * *

The mood in the truck on our drive to St. Regis and the Sheriff’s office was a bit grim, overly so. It wasn’t like anyone had died or was seriously ill or like that. Still. Cody’s lips and face were tense. Sammy looked worried more for Kale and that was easy to understand even after Jesse reassured him that Kale had not been involved, thank God.

I drove and parked the truck in the small lot across the street from the Mineral County Sheriff’s office. We all got out and crossing the street entered the office. Ms. Francine Banes, the receptionist, greeted us, Hey Randy, Jesse. Boys are in back. They’re OK. Cal is with them. Go on back, she pointed.

I nodded, Thank you Francine, and led the way down the hallway to the open door. There stood Cal, our boys seated around the table. As soon as I appeared in the doorway they stood. All three looked shaken, Kale not too much.

Randy, Jesse, Cal extended his hand and we shook, This is our other guest, Sammy, I introduced Sammy to Cal, Son, Cal said with a smile as the boys all lined up for hugs, saying nothing. The tension was very high.

Look. Don’t want to make a bigger deal out of this than required. The usual group of idiots accosted your boys on the street down a few blocks. There were witnesses and all that said your boys did the right thing until one of the idiots hurled a rock. Chase here took after them and started a fist fight or that seemed the intent. Nobody got hurt on either side, Cal explained.

I turned to face Chase, both proud of him and pissed off at him, I couldn’t help it daddy, he said head down and started to sob. I rushed to him and hugged him. He kind of cried a moment before stopping, It’s OK boy, I said huskily and then turned. Cody was in tears and in Jesse’s arms.

Zane shuffled his feet and wiped his eyes. Kale looked sheepish, Sammy as well, No charges from either side. Best it end that way. I already told Chase to always leave things alone and come to us here at the office if there’s trouble, Cal said. I let go of Chase and nodded, Thank you Cal. It’s much appreciated, I shook hands with him again, Need us for anything else? I asked Cal, No sir. Take your handsome brood home Randy. Thanks for coming down, he said.

I waited to get back out to the sidewalk before I spoke next, Jesse? Could you please drive yourself and all but Chase back to the ranch. I want to drive alone with Chase, I asked and it was done right quick that way and soon enough I was sitting in the driver’s seat, my eldest son sitting next to me, head down and fingers fiddling.

I sighed, I know I’m in trouble, he said hang-dog, Yes you are, I said, I don’t blame you for feeling the need to retaliate son. I do blame you for giving in. You can’t do that, I said, I know it, but did not say the stupid sorry word that Jesse and I hated at times like this. I started the truck up and pulled onto the road.

On the drive home Chase quietly rested his head on my shoulder, my free arm and hand cuddling him a little. We said nothing until I drove the truck off the highway and onto our long dirt and gravel driveway. I parked, Inside. I want you to take a shower, get clean and wait for me naked in your bedroom, alone, I said tersely because I hated to have to do what I and he knew I had to, Yes sir, he said and left the truck.

We had many hairbrushes for play. They hurt great and were sexy to use. But we had one particular bath brush styled implement that was saved for real punishment. Hurt like the devil and did its job all too well. I finally walked into the house and was greeted by a bunch of sheepish, feet shuffling boys and one husband standing in a small group. Jesse was really not all that sheepish, but was still very solemn befitting the occasion.

I sighed, said nothing and walked past them, Randy? Jesse’s voice. I stopped and turned. He walked up and pecked my cheek, Want me there? he asked. See, I was still the boys’ main disciplinarian, something Jesse never wanted to do, Want to be there? I asked back. I could tell he did not, No, he said.

I smiled a little and pecked his cheek, It’s OK! Better just me and him, OK baby? I reassured him. He nodded, I love you Randy. You’re our rock you know, he said. I nodded at him and at the four other boys who looked very uncomfortable knowing Chase was in for a hiding that they wanted no part of.

I first found the hateful bath brush and then walked down the long hallway to the boys’ bedroom. I did not knock. Chase was sitting on his bedside. I took note that his penis was very soft. Good. So was mine. This was not sexy. This was stressful as it should be. He stood, hands clasped in front, head down.

Conflicting emotions welled up inside of me the likes of which kind of scared me. I felt so angry with those boys in town provoking my son as they had; but I felt angrier at Chase for giving into them. Yes, they could have seriously harmed one of my boys or Kale with that rock. Still, they had not. I got it. I did, but you cannot ever give in. Chase knew that in spades.

I walked up to my son and gently brought his ear to my mouth, I am very unhappy with you. I hate having to spank you like this, Chase. This is not fun, I said softly as he stood stiffly, hands at his sides as he ought, I’m only sorry that I put you through this daddy. I deserve a tanning, he replied.

Let’s get this over with, I said huskily with dread. Real dread. I sat and canted my left knee out. Chase sniffled back some snot. He was already half-way to tears. My eyes were red. He got over my knee. I wrapped my free arm firmly about him. He perched his ass up. He knew to keep it there or else.

When I have to really punish any of my sons I don’t fool about. I beat ass hard and fast from the beginning both to make my serious point, but also to get the damn thing over with. If a boy screams or yells without obscenity it’s OK as long as they keep their backside up and available. They can kick and wiggle some, that’s OK. Trying to get away, well, nobody ever tried that.

Chase was difficult to break down. Very stoic. Very strong too. Just not this time. This time I was afraid that I might break that brush over his ass. I think I almost did. I got Chase’s ass beet red and then crimson and then near to black and blue. I was not fooling around and neither did he. No more stoic Chase. He kicked, flailed his arms, bawled, yelled, begged for it to stop and when it did not, he just went limp and took a real good ass whipping of major proportions with that brush.

By the end of the nearly ten minutes of ass tanning he was all rung out. I was too. Hot, sweaty and his face a mess of red, snot and tears. After I just let him lay there panting and heaving. Not moving yet. Me either. It was always like this. I let the boys determine when they were ready to get up.

Finally, Chase moved. Right into my lap and hugged me and broke down again, Daddy! he wailed and shook a little again as I held and rocked him, tears flowing from me finally as he clung onto me, I love you son, I said, Oh God daddy! I love you so much! I’m so sorry I made you have to do that! he replied. I nodded and hugged him a bit tighter.

Then I heard noise by the door. It was inevitable, Get up, Chase. You know they are all at the door, and he nodded and stood up. Chase walked to the door and opened it. There was Jesse, Zane, Cody, Sammy and Kale craning their heads to look past the others.

What you all standing there gawking like this is a peep show? Chase growled a little. Cody flew into his arms with a few small sobs of his own, Careful! My ass is done in. Hurts! Chase winced, Sorry, and then Chase turned to show it off.

Holy shit, Sammy said, Yea, Kale said. I caught Jesse’s eye. He nodded and mouthed, Good job husband, and then Zane came in and hugged his brother, Wasn’t worth that, Zane commented on Chase’s beaten ass, No, it wasn’t. Daddy got me good, Chase said craning his neck around.

Kale, Sammy. Both you come look close. This is what happens to boys in our family and now with you if you screw up major with Jaxon like I did. Be warned, Chase said instructively as Jesse came to my side and put his arm about my waist. We smiled as Chase let Sammy and Kale look and feel the consequences of misbehavior in our territory.

You be angry with me? I let us all listen. I got turned on, Jesse whispered in my ear. I didn’t change the expression on my face for the boys’ sake and whispered back, I am so going to beat your butt you little fucker, I hissed, reached down and pinched his ass very hard. Jesse winced and said nothing. Didn’t have to.

The look of sheepish chagrin on his face just then said all that needed to be said, Yes sir, he did finally say most respectfully and I nodded and without saying the words, You best better say sir you little turd, I still got my point across and he well knew it and I set about to look forward to my good job of keeping my husband happy and satisfied later that day just as he had pleased me.

Jesse: The Nebraska Rancher’s Son – Part Forty-two, © Copyright PJ Franklin, January 10, 2018.

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