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Chad's Boys
Part 36

by Brhmsj

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Chad’s Boys, Part 36

The next morning Eric’s shave was viewed by some of the other boys on the floor as they passed through the bathroom. Eric watched carefully to see reactions. A couple seemed not to notice at all, but they never looked anyhow; totally straight, though nice to look at even if they rarely showed all. Two others, who always looked when any of the exhibitionists had robes open or fully off, took a long look, trying futilely to seem nonchalant. Eric was amused and pleased. When Billy and Rob came in they gave him knowing looks. Eric just nodded and all understood that the story would come out in due time.

When Daniel came in it wasn’t until he was up to a sink and could see Eric in the mirror that he noticed. He stopped dead. Eric just smiled and said we’ll talk in a low tone that only his friends heard. Daniel nodded.

Daniel was pins and needles all day long in anticipation of hearing Eric’s story. One professor asked him after class if anything was wrong. Daniel said no, just one of those days, and it seemed that answer was accepted. He ate dinner with the other four and had to clamp down hard on himself not to betray his eagerness. All five went back to the dorm together. As they were breaking up to go to their rooms Eric whispered to Daniel to come by at ten-thirty when homework was done.

Right at ten-thirty they heard a tap at the door. Eric opened and let in Daniel. Daniel had been doing his homework naked, which he did now most nights. Terrence usually was at the library but Daniel had long since stopped having any concern with being naked around his roommate. So, being naked already he had put on his robe for the trip down the hall and dropped it as soon as the door was shut. Eric and Greg were naked already, as always.

They all sat down on Eric’s bed and Eric told Daniel the whole story, including getting hard during the shave. He added that the Professor stipulated that he remain shaved until at least Spring break. I think he hopes I’ll be embarrassed for Nick to see. In a way he’s right. I teased Nick a bit when I got hair and he was still smooth. Now it will be the other way around. I told him and he sounded like he was looking forward to it. We’ll see. He did smile at the thought. Whatever, it would be yet something else to share with his brother.

Wow! Daniel said when Eric was finished, then became thoughtful. So, I guess I’m next.

It’s still up to you, Eric said.

Daniel nodded, then said could I feel?

Of course, silly! Eric said with a laugh. He lay back against the pillow to give Daniel access. Daniel gently ran his hands all over Eric’s smooth pubic region, and down under his balls. All smooth! This was exciting. Feeling Eric smooth and imagining himself that way had Daniel hard. Eric had a semi in response to the fondling.

Did you jerk off when he was done?

No, not there. I don’t know if I ever will at his house. I hadn’t thought about that. Then hey! I haven’t cum since I got back! Daniel took that as a cue and started teasing Eric’s cock into a full erection. Greg handed him some lube and Daniel did a slow edging. Given that he hadn’t cum in over twenty-four hours, Eric was needy and shot a big load quickly.

Thanks! I needed that, he said. Daniel cleaned up his friend. He loved these times when he could play with Eric. Just as he was finishing he felt Greg’s hand on him and in short order another ejaculation went off. Eric now had recovered and soon Greg shot his load, too.

It’s late, Daniel said after a glance at the clock. See ya tomorrow.

Tuesday could not come soon enough for Daniel. The weekend was normal except for Eric telling Billy and Rob about his visit to Professor Dyer. They listened avidly, not sure quite what to make of it, but fascinated. They grilled Daniel for his feelings about getting shaved but all Daniel would say was I’m going back. We’ll find out.

At the appointed time on Tuesday he rang the Professor’s bell. The door opened immediately and he was let in. Good to see you, son. It is also good to see that you are still prompt, was his greeting from the Professor. Daniel handed over his jacket to be hung up and removed his boots. The Professor turned back and said firmly your clothes please. Daniel blushed a little. He knew his clothes would come off, but he thought it would be in the study. He silently obeyed, folding up each article of clothing before putting it in the Professor’s waiting hands.

When the last item was handed over the Professor led the way to the study. He told Daniel to get comfortable on the couch. The couch was very comfortable! Daniel watched as the Professor opened a drawer, put the clothes in, then closed and locked it, dropping the key into a desk drawer. Yes, you know where the key is. If ever there should be some sort of emergency you can get your clothes. Otherwise if you ever go after that key you will get a thrashing you won’t soon forget. Is that understood? All said in a very matter-of-fact tone.

Yes, sir, Daniel said with a somewhat dry mouth. He’d never been spoken to this way!

That done, the Professor pulled up what all his boys thought of as the spanking chair and joined Daniel. Your presence here means you do want to enter a course of work with me, and that you accept that before we start you will have to be shaved.

Yes, sir, Daniel replied again, now feeling a bit more confident. The Professor now started his gentle probe of Daniel’s needs and how a semester of weekly spankings would benefit him. Daniel, as so many boys before him, had trouble putting it all into words. He always had felt a need to take responsibility as the oldest child, which often felt uncomfortable or, at least, he wasn’t sure if he really was doing what he should. Because his siblings were so much younger they received a lot of parental attention which was part of why Daniel felt he needed to be the responsible older brother.

Would you like more fatherly attention? Professor Dyer asked.

I guess so, Daniel replied hesitantly.

Attention that a spanking in part can provide. Daniel nodded, not quite sure why. I know you’ve been spanked at home, and only a few years ago. Spankings after you reach puberty are quite different, as you know. Now, one other thing I’d like to know. Are you comfortable being naked? Daniel had shown no particular discomfort, but Professor Dyer asked every boy this question. Many boys found the nudity difficult at first, sometimes they never really got used to it. For them the nudity was a humiliation that was factored into the Professor’s approach to the lad. If there was no embarrassment he adjusted accordingly.

No, sir. In fact, I try to be naked as much as possible. My roommate doesn’t ever, but he just ignores me when I am.

Very good. I will take that into consideration. Now, come with me.

They went to the bathroom where the same ritual that Eric went through was repeated with Daniel. The Professor had a box ready, was told Daniel’s full name, inscribed the box, and put the initial clippings in the box. Daniel needed to remember to talk to Eric about that. As with Eric, and so many other boys, Daniel quickly was hard and remained that way throughout the shave. The Professor preferred this as it did make the process easier. Daniel was concerned that he might inadvertently shoot as the Professor’s touch was stimulating him.

Before that went too far the job was done. Daniel was impressed when he looked down at his crotch and then when he saw himself in the mirror. While impressed, he was less thrilled about it than Eric was about his shave. He was grateful that Eric had been shaved first and not the other way around. Post-shave cleanup done, the Professor led him back to the study.

The Professor took the chair and told Daniel to get over his lap, which Daniel did, a bit more confident at how to do it than he’d been a week before. Apparently the shave had replaced the initial corner time. Somehow, though, Daniel thought he’d still spend time there today. The Professor looked down at the bottom over his lap. Daniel did not have what one would call a hairy bottom, but there was a nice dusting of red fur which would contrast nicely when his bottom was red, too. This would be shaved smooth next week.

Once in place, Daniel felt the first smacks. He wasn’t sure what he thought. From what he remembered, Dad had been harder than this, but Dad had been angry, too. Even compared to last week these didn’t seem so hard. No sooner had he thought that but the intensity increased. SMACK SMACK SMACK. No faster, but it seemed the swats were steadily becoming harder.

As the intensity increased Daniel’s legs started to kick a bit. Next he was letting out with ow ow ow as each swat landed. They weren’t getting any harder now, in fact it seemed the intensity was lessening. The steady rhythm did not change and the accumulating sting and pain were having their effect. As before, Daniel grabbed onto the chair’s legs to keep from putting a hand over his bottom. Suddenly, as he had last week, Daniel felt terrified that he’d start crying. He didn’t. He knew, though, that in the future there would be times when crying would be encouraged and expected. Professor Dyer’s years of experience made him expert at judging a boy’s reactions, even first timers. He knew he could push a bit further this week with Daniel and he did. Then, without warning, he stopped. Daniel was breathing hard as so often boys did when a spanking became intense. He was allowed to lie over the Professor’s lap and get his breathing back to normal.

Daniel now calm, he was helped to stand. Into the corner, son, and don’t touch your bottom.

Yes, sir. Daniel obediently went to the corner and waited, his mind racing in response to what had just happened. After what seemed a long time, though it was not, he was called over to where Professor Dyer was seated on the couch. The Professor told him where to stand, facing his spanker. As so often was the case with a freshly spanked boy, Daniel was semi hard when he left the corner, a sight that the Professor had seen countless times but always found satisfying. Because of his red pubic hairs, being smooth made more of a change in Daniel’s look than it did on most boys.

Daniel in place, the Professor encouraged him to express his feelings. He kindly helped the boy along as putting it into words was difficult. An almost universal reaction. They went on to discuss how spankings would work in the future and how they would be tailored to Daniel’s needs, both immediate and long term. Talking done, Daniel had a feeling of satisfaction as to what the future here would be, including spankings bringing tears.

He was offered a seat on the couch with the Professor. He sat gingerly. Conversation was now was about many topics, none of them corporal discipline. A glance at the clock told the Professor that he should send his young charge back to campus. In a moment clothes were retrieved and Daniel was told to make his way to the front hall. There he was allowed to dress. With a thank you and good bye he was off.

Daniel joined his friends for dinner. No one asked him anything although all knew that Tuesday was his day with the Professor. He and Eric exchanged knowing looks. After dinner Daniel settled in to do his homework, naked as he preferred to be. Daniel had long since stopped caring what, if anything, Terrence thought of him, so had no issue with being naked and shaved. Terrence, for his part, took little note of Daniel, so perhaps did not even notice the change.

Around ten-thirty, done with his work, Daniel put on his robe and went down the hall to Eric and Greg’s room. Eric let him in. Daniel dropped his robe and they compared shaves. Eric was going to do a touch-up before bed. They discussed how they’d keep themselves smooth until given permission to grow back their pubic hairs.

The guys are likely to think this is the new thing to do, said Eric. No one will suspect the real reason. Maybe even some other guys will shave.

That would be cool, said Daniel. Greg agreed.

Greg had had the fun of stroking smooth Eric and Eric now wanted to experience it with Daniel. Their combined excitement had Daniel letting go quickly. Daniel then tried Eric, to see how it felt, with much the same result. The shaved boys smiled at each other and both worked on Greg who was writhing with erotic pleasure under two sets of hands.

That done, they agreed it was time to wrap up for the night. Daniel went back to his room for his toiletries and soon joined Eric and Greg in the bathroom. Eric was tentatively running his razor over what little stubble he had. He found his balls the trickiest. This might prove more difficult that he thought! Daniel was watching and after a bit said, we can help each other. Eric flashed him a grateful smile. As the weeks went on they did become adept at keeping each other smooth, both enjoying getting and giving. At first they got some looks from others on the floor, but by now most of the guys on the floor just accepted that there were nudists (and exhibitionists) among them and did their best to ignore. Or enjoyed watching, as was true with some.

With a round of good night they parted. Eric and Greg were in bed together, as always. In his room Daniel was alone but expected Terrence any moment. He turned out the lights, got into bed and enjoyed feeling his smoothness for a while, then drifted off to sleep, never knowing when Terrence returned.

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