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by Southern Justice

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It's funny how something that you never give a second thought too, suddenly happens and you are amazed and in awe.

When I was a little, I use to sit on my Dad's lap and talk about all the things that I wanted in life. Most of those things were pure fantasy. One of those things was I was around 8 or 9 when Dad got hurt on a house fire and was in the hospital for a few days. I was terrified that he would not come home. I was scared and alone and had to stay with a foster family sponsored by the fire department. They were nice enough and did everything they could to assure me that Dad would be OK and home in a few days. But it was not enough.

A long time ago, Dad had told me that if I ever got really scared, that I should go to a safe place in my mind, where I felt safe. I created this imaginary place and it turned out to be my ideal of heaven on earth. A solid, cave, high up on a rock cliff, behind a waterfall. I would imagine that I was cocooned in a sleeping bag in that cave and nothing could get at me and no one could find me.

I had told Dad about it once and then it completely fell off my radar. Dad did recover and come home and all was well. Life went back to normal.

When I turned 14, dad told me that we were going to go on a special trip and I was not ask any questions. This special trip turned out to be off the Islands of Fiji. How he was able to make that happen, I will never know, but there we were, our toes in the hot, white sand of a tropical island. And WE WERE ALL ALONE. Perfect.

I could not figure out what this was for,but Dad had been tight lipped. He had only said that we were here for the 3-day weekend and that he had a surprise for me. I could not imagine what more of a surprise there could be.

We got in a little dinghy and oars in hand, rowed out into the vast blue of the South Pacific. Dad seemed to know where we were going, so I listened to his navigation instructions and rowed my heart out. He did keep me a little off kilter when he mentioned that the boat oars we were using would make a damn fine paddle if it were shortened. I did not think I needed to encourage that. It would only result in my ass being paddled by one eventually.

We rowed to a remote little island that looked like something out of Fantasy Island on TV. We unpacked our miniscule supplies and set up camp for the night, just off the beach. I was intrigued and curious beyond all thought, but was able to get some good sleep that night.

When I awoke the next morning, Dad was making breakfast over a campfire. We ate and then he pointed in the directions of the tree line and we packed our stuff onto our backs and off we went. We walked for almost half the day I figured and finally broke through a clearing around 2 PM.

I was dumbstruck at way lay before me. I was staring at a lagoon with a beautiful waterfall that made the most wonderous sound. I was giddy, thinking that this was my surprise, we were going to camp around this private lagoon for the weekend. Dad did nothing to dispel this thought as we shirked off packs and clothes and went skinny dipping in the lagoon.

For a long while I simply stood under the waterfall and let it wash over me. It was the most serene experience I had ever felt. Dad and I horsed around in the water most of the afternoon. We splashed about and he dunked me a few times and would smack my ass every chance he got. He kept eyeing a willow bush off to the side and I certainly did not want him to get any ideas about that.....

He got out of the water and headed straight for that damn bush. He broke off two moderate size limbs and motioned me to join him. My stomach churned. He chuckled as I got close and told me that I worried too much. With another smack of his hand on my ass, he pointed off to a almost invisible trail to the left of the waterfall.

We walked towards it and the curiosity was upon me again. The trail climbed up into the rocks and so did we. It was bit slippery with the spray from the water, but Dad said there was a reason for this climb. The man was still holding both of those limbs, so I did not argue.

The trail took a sharp turn and when I made that turn, I stopped dead in my tracks, my mouth gaping open and I was not able to make a sound. I was THERE. I was standing at the entrance to a cave behind a waterfall!!

I turned and looked at my father who was beaming from ear to ear. I started to ask how and he waved his hand and told me not to worry about that. This was my safe place and he had been determined that he would take me there at least once in my life.

It was just as I had imagined it. It was damp and cool, but solid and clean. Behind the torrent of the waterfall it would be almost soundproof and no one would ever think to look there. Dad retreated back down to get out stuff and we set up living in my cave. We ate and just sat and listened to the nature around us. When I finally got sleepy, I crawled into the sleeping bag, nestled up to my dad and fell fast asleep.

When I awoke the next morning, Dad sent me to find some coconut for breakfast. I did and we ate and spent the day exploring our own little island. It was a beauty with all the scenic wonders that one would expect. Dad had decreed that we were to be like Tarzan and Boy for this adventure, so both of us only wore a leather jock.

As the sun began to dip into the water, we returned to the cave and Dad had me bring him his small bag. From within it, he retireved my white hairbrush and a canvas bag that held poker chips of red blue and white.

He peeled off my jock and motioned me over his knee. He gave me a playful spanking with my brush , but it did sting quite a bit. Then he traded places and I did the same to him. After a while, he said it was time to turn up the heat.

He took the canvas bag of poker chips and explained that there were only 1 of each color. We were going to shake the bag in turns and take out one chip. The color of the chip determined the number of licks that we would get with willow switches that he had cut earlier. One for me and one for him. He told me that these licks would be moderate ones and would sting quite a bit, but we were behind a waterfall so I can make as much noise as I wanted.

We first drew to see who would go first, the one who pulled out the blue chip would be it. Of course, I pulled out the blue chip first thing. It was back into the bag and Dad defined that the white chip was 5 strokes, the blue was 15 and the red was 30.

I reached in and pulled out the blue again. 15 stripes were laid across my tender ass and I cried out half in pain, half in laughter. This was kind of fun. 7 rounds we went, 7 rounds I pulled out that damn blue chip every time. Dad got 3 whites, and 3 blues and 1 red. His butt looked like a net when I was done with the only set of red. He howled as loud as I did, but we kept at it. Finally, we decided to see who could hold out the longest and take the most licks of sets of 30.

Eventhough it hurt more than I care to admit too, I was able to take 90 licks with the switch. I was on the verge of tears when I called mercy. Dad took his turn as well and bested me by taking 120. We both slept on our stomachs that night.

We were still sore the next day and moved slowly, but we had experienced something that we would never forget. The row back to the mainland to catch our place home was tough on both of us. I was amazed and in awe that my father had been able to do this for me. I would never forget it.

We got home late Sunday night, just in time for me to go to school Monday morning. As I walked out the door, Dad stopped me and had me show him my butt. It was still striped and swollen. He chuckled and mischeviously reminded me that tonight would be maintenace night because he was going to work a 48 the next two days.....

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